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You communicate to animals using email!?
Am I Mommy (or Daddy) to them?
What do animals care about / think about all day?

I'm Verrrry Scary!

What's all this "telepathy" stuff?!?


"Your work doesn't just promote better communication between humans and animals. It can free these beings from all sorts of horrible memories from their pasts and help them get over it so that they can enjoy the new lives they have now."

"The last day or so she's changed! Is more alert, attentive, not so sulky, comes out to see me, more interactive, more playful.  Just more out of her shell.  I don't know what you said but something happened with her as she's a totally good girl and attentive and loving and cuddly! I mean, she is normally but she's more so.  She's different is all I can say. Thanks!"

"Do you realize, Miss Julie, that you have SAVED my baby's LIFE????"

"BELIEVE me, there is no way that Julie could have known about this stuff, I didn't tell her."
I have adjusted to Bandit's passing to the point I can think of memories of him without getting depressed and tearful. His memories make me happy.

Jake and I owe you so much. He is soooo happy now. Very proud of himself. I love my boy.
Would love to have you check with him again soon.

Thanks Julie for another great reading!! You really make me feel good and I have learned so much about animals since talking to you and I would like to thank you. You just have this awesome gift and also of touching people and animals lives that I know you will just keep going with this amazing work. Wow...I would give up anything to be able to do what you can do. I can't even imagine what it would it be like to communicate with my animals on a daily basis. Thanks again and can't wait until our next reading!!