or ... What are the winning Lottery numbers?!

Quick note before you start:
My FAQs can seem a bit extensive. Sometimes you click on one and it leads to a lengthly write-up or perhaps even a whole other page on the website. I've worked hard to make this site comprehensive and sometimes it's been necessary to repeat points and concepts at different places throughout in order to plug them in to varied contexts so that they make more sense to the reader when you're done reading up on the subject.
I don't want you to get lost navigating around, trust me! - so be aware of the navigation links, where you are going, and how to get back. Perhaps read over the links (top of the page) real quickly to see how the site's set up.  
I do want you to have a full understanding of things. Try to take the time to take in, absorb, and understand as many of the relevant or curiosity points in these FAQs as you can, at least your first time reading over my site. Return to the site as frequently as you'd like to refresh your ideas and see what else is there to discover!


What's the purpose of this site? How can it benefit me and my animal companion(s)?
What are pets?
Do you only talk to "pets"?
What is a Pet Communicator, anyway? Are you a Pet Psychic? In fact, who are YOU?
What is a being?
What does "telepathy" mean? "Psychic"?
Explain it so it makes sense!
What do you mean when you say you "touch over their way"?
Do you read people too?
What is a Consultation? Why do you call it that?
Is barking (meowing, etc.) "talking"? What's the relationship between their body language and their communication?
What language does my pet speak? and Do they really understand anything I say?
I already communicate just fine with my pets!
What is an animal's "thinking process" like?
What services does "Aunt" Julie offer?
You communicate with animals via email?!
How do you find the right animal being for the Consultation? also Where do dead pets go?
What does "Passed Over" mean?
What do you mean by "Transitional"? (including Will I see "signs" that it's the original Fifi?)?
Why do they think they're dead when they're not? Alive when they're not?
Is my pet upset with me for having him "put down"?
What types of things do people generally ask Aunt Julie to check out?
I'm going away. How do I handle telling them?
What's the best way to handle a Hurricane (Katrina etc.) victim or surviving pet? Including: one you've lost. One you've rescued. One who's passed over.
What's a Pet Consultation like?
What kinds of things will I find out?
What about right afterwards?
Why do you ask so many questions? (with a note on Past Lives)
How do you feel about being "tested"?
Why isn't your phone number on this site?
Why is it helpful for me to send you a picture of my pet?
What can I expect from a Pet Consultation? How long does it take?
What are they like after the Consultation?
Tell them to stop doing that! (or ~ Aunt Julie's Magic Psychic Wand)
What is your highest concern or main focus when doing a Pet Consultation?
What do you expect from me?
When is it time for a "Follow-up"?
Can/will my pet let Aunt Julie or you know when it's time for a Follow-up?
How are multiple pet households handled? (includes stables of horses etc.)
Peeing! Pooping! Eating poop! Yuckie!
How do you handle conflicts between animals?
What's the deal with animals and pain? What is "stoic"? 
Do you have a special rate for "foster" and/or "rescue" folks?
Why do you charge for your services?
Did you have a recent rate increase?
Do animals have their own names or do they know themselves by the names they are called by their owners? Do they know the names they had in the past?
Can you help me with a lost, missing or stolen animal?
I think I'm "communicating" with my animal but he's just staring at the wall.  What's up with this!? How do I know if he's listening, let alone understanding me?
What do animals care about / think about all day?
Do animals watch TV?
Am I "Mommy" ("Daddy") to them?
I kinda mistreated my animal - what do we do now?
Yeah, I know you're not a vet...so why really won't you "diagnose"?
What do people have to say about Aunt Julie's services and results?
If I write up a "Testimonial" or Success Story, is my personal info private? Is it private anyway?
How can I get my pet's picture up on your site?
Who is Fox Mulder Rich? Danny Doodle? Mom?
If you're so psychic, why haven't you won the Lottery?
What's the purpose of this site? How can it benefit me and/or my animal companion(s)?
The purpose of this web site is to hook you and I up in order to enable you to communicate better with an animal (or animals), using my help as a Pet Communicator and Translator when needed. This can include your pet, your friend or neighbor's pet, or any animal(s) that you'd like to know better.
Top of FAQs
What are pets? 
Sounds like a stupid question. Nonetheless, here goes.
A "pet" is: a domesticated animal. An animal who a human being has interjected into a humanly-altered environment. That is, it's all the same world, but we took the existing land, earth, water, trees, fields, randomness and wildness, and built sturdy structures on top of, inside of, adjacent to it all, in order to better inhabit and survive the elements and factors of living on this planet. We exist here, and the Animal and Plant Kingdoms exist here as well. Those Kingdoms are all over the place, as are we. For whatever reason, ignoring all spiritual, philosophical and other ideas for the sake of this FAQ question, we in a fashion, "rule" things. That is, we have the highest and most flexible and variable mental and analytical reasoning power. Aniamls and plants survive because they naturally adapt and their genetics can keep up with the pace needed to evolve based on the adaptations needed in each successive generation of thier own species. This occurs as well with humans bodies and our genetic lines, but we also add in our own variations, strains and alterations as we see fit. That is, slowly changing air temperature or humidity levels, or migration patterns of wildlife, might force plant life to evolve over time to become sturdier against those changes, in some fashion. We, on the other hand, might perhaps re-route a waterway, or build highrises which block natural wind flows, or whatever, and the plants die off as they cannot adapt fast enough.....but we sure can! Now we can better survive the elements and placement of our "tribes".
You get the idea.
So humans take an animal who would, for the most part, like nothing better than to mosey along in their own natural habitat and act like they're genetically programmed to do and basically eat, drink and be merry - or predatorial - or mischievious - or rascally - or hunt, mate, scavenge, romp, kill, bottom feed or whatever it is they do as their natural part of the balance out there, and we interject this animal into our "world" which is in all actuality their world (all of our world) with things stuck on top of it. Take a field, put a shack on it, it's "real estate". Pipes, electrical lines, pavement, landscaping, fertilizer, fences...there's your Property. But underneath all of that...remove all of that...it's a field and will go back to being a field, sooner or later, if we leave it all alone for some reason. As Joni Mitchell sang, They paved Paradise ~ put up a parking lot.
A pet is not your possession and in fact is not even the same as your human roomate. Your roomate, husband, wife, family, whoever, does this by choice and there are human-esque agreements that go with it (social codes). They don't pick their nose in front of you, nor leave their dirty laundry strewn all over the living room. They don't have sex with someone in the kitchen while you're trying to cook eggs, and you split the food bills (money, shopping, whatever) or some other type of agreements that works for you.
Enter one animal. They do what they feel is right for them in this big box called a "house" or "apartment" or "This is your HOME now!" whatever The Human asserts to them that this now is for them. Many, many instincts do involve co-survival and co-habitation and co-operation....cats do gravitate right to the litter box, dogs look for a place to hunker down when they hear thunder, etc. But think about it for a second...they don't go, "Oh, Mommy paid X number of dollars for this at PetSmart and spent 25 minutes at Albertsons picking what she thought would be the best kitty litter" and blah blah. No, they "go" there because it's the closest thing to what they'd find outside...a patch of ground to "go" on. They're not thinking of you. The "roomate think" is not necessarily first in their mind, nor should it be, if one wants to allow them to have their basic nature intact. But since there IS a being there who can be flexible and thinking underneath their animal nature, humans and animals have been able to develop a wonderful mutual relationship over countless thousands of years.
Side note: Many folks oppose to the use of the word "owner" and prefer "guardian" or similar. I actually just use "owner" because pretty much every single animal relates in or with those concepts. They know what's "up" with the world, and some love to be "owned" and to "have an owner" and want things worded that way. They're fine with it and prefer being an animal, and in fact a domesticated animal, "owned" by Sally and Joe, than not. They like the sense of security it affords. Often "safety" and many times "family" are concepts they appreciate as well, but security's about top of the list.
Wait, touchy one! It's no biggie - you're still loved, adored, revered and worshipped...just like you thought you were! But they know you're a human and they're an animal.
(I also keep using "owner" as I'm very opposed to anything that smacks of "politically correct" and there is far too much stock put in how everything's "offensive".nowadays. Since the animals don't mind, or they'd tell me so and don't think for a minute they don't speak up when they don't like something, that's the word I use. I can't keep track of who's got what problem with what wording nor am I interested in doing so. So if I say, "Ok, so now then, Murphy had 2 owners before coming to live with you, right?", remember that the purpose of words is to communicate concepts, and you know what I meant by that wording. )
Your dog is your pet, your cat, ferret, bird, snake etc. is your pet. Many horses are "pets". Many zoo animals who take a liking to a particular visitor would like to be their pet...to be taken home and taken care of and owned by some human they've encountered. It's just that way. And more power to 'em! They want to co-exist with us and do all the loving and compromises that entails.
A pet is a domesticated animal. He is still an animal and as such, answers to stimulus-response and reactive "reasoning" over analytical reasoning. He is among us and amid us and part of us and he, the being, by his own choice or not, will take us on as "family" as well.
Do you only talk to "pets"? 
Nope. I talk to any animal at all, any species. Fish, cat, dog, tiger, whale, llama, coyote, ostrich, lizard.... a being is a being, and if there's a being there running that body, I can comm with that being.  
What is a Pet Communicator, anyway? Are you a Pet Psychic? In fact, who are YOU? 
My name is Julie Rich, also known to local pets (and their owners) as "Aunt Julie".  For quite some time I have been able to have very good communication with animals and have gained a reputation as being the local "Pet Communicator", "Pet Psychic" or "Animal Communicator". Some have heard or used the terms "Pet Translator" or "Pet Intuitive"; all of these terms are pretty interchangeable, but many are unsure what they really mean. "Whisperer" is another one that's been floating around a lot ever since the term was popularized by the movie from the book The Horse Whisperer. I have seen "dog whisperers" who are actually excellent dog trainers, that is, dog training skills combined with good instincts and powers of observation about dogs. Cesar Milan is a perfect example! If you watch tv you may have seen the occasional "pet psychics" on talk shows, reality shows or local news, who you'll see if you really pay attention, simply human-ize animal's behaviors and species quirks to make them sound like something we can relate to, and then leave it at that. (Sonya Fitzpatrick aside; she's an actual Communicator. Her Animal Planet tv show The Pet Psychic popularized that term; ironically, suddenly there were tens of thousands of listing for "pet psychics" all over the place. I'm sure a lot of them are fine, I just don't keep up with who can do what. I know what I can do, and I do that well so I feel good about helping YOU with YOUR pets! So a Pet Communicator is pretty synonymous with Pet Psychic, Pet Translator or Pet Intuitive. Pet Communicators can communicate with "animal beings" (beings with an animal body, compare "human being" who is you and I, a being with a human body). They tell you what the animal has to say and in the course of this have to translate this into terminology humans can relate to.  I am most comfortable with the title Pet Communicator as this is what I literally do. I also work very hard to translate their concepts into human wording and common human logical thought. They may not say the words, "The jury's still out as to whether or not I'll stop yowling every night," but sometimes that's the only way I can communicate their concept of considering it, being still indecisive and also being a little impish. (You will see more how this works as we progress through the Pet Consultation.)
You can read more about this and inter-species communication on the Aunt Julie Rich Pet Communicator - HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? page.
What is a Being?
In short, You. Me. Rover or Fluffy. The one running the body and using the mind. In your case, that's, well, YOU. In your pet's case, that's "the guy behind the eyes" that you know and love. You know who I mean.
Please take a minute to read the How Does It All Work? page (then come back to this page). Also, you know what a Human Being is. When the term Animal Being is used on my site, think in terms of the same thing: "being plus body" but that body is an animal species body instead of human species. You wake up tomorrow morning somehow being in a dog's body. You're the being but one would refer to you as an "animal", whereas now they refer to you as a "human being"; it sounds odd, but this is the distinction I'm making.
A movie which kind of demonstrates this is Fluke. Worth a rental.
What does "telepathy" mean? "Psychic"?
Telepathy is the communication of thoughts, feelings, or knowledge from one being to another without the use of the senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch. An example of telepathy would be if one person thought of something specific and another person stated or wrote the thought correctly.  (From Greek tele- at or to a distance + Gk pathos emotion, feelings)
Psychic: of, relating to, or influenced by the mind .  A person with demonstrable "psychic abilities" can do or perceive any one (or more) of a variety of things, occurrences, thoughts etc but not through conventional usage of "the 5 Senses".  (From Greek psyche soul)
A person who has good telepathic abilities is one form of a psychic. They can "get", pick up, receive (and send) or transfer pictures, words, feelings or thoughts to and from another being. Not to be confused with someone wandering down the street aimlessly or eating wallpaper because "the voices" have told them to. J
I have yet to meet someone who is not "psychic" in some area. Some are more tuned in to one area than another, and so can perform or perceive in a way that is considered remarkable or "unattainable" by others. Be that as it may, one will find Pet or Animal Psychics (who can communicate with animals), those who can predict future events, who can pick up an object and know something about the owner and so on, all the way to prodigies and those every-day unnamed types who just have that "knack" or natural instinct for understanding certain types of machinery that no one else will ever figure out because they irritatingly seem to defy the laws of nature! The word "psychic" gets thrown around liberally and often has strange and offbeat rites and practices connected to it, and often people don't think one is truly psychic unless they have a Jamaican accent, burn incense and tell you your boyfriend is cheating on you.  And then, these folks seem almost a caricature of themselves and lose their own credibility - even to me and I'm used to "psychic" things!
I recall reading a translated letter Nostradamus had written to his son way back when, explaining how he did what he did. It was a brilliant work, his abilities were astounding and he was comfortable with them, yet he seemed to not be able to realize that he himself just had these abilities. He had to burn certain candles and the moon or stars had to be a certain way and particular things had to be said...this is "how" he did it. This surprised me as I thought he of all people would simply state, "This is the way it is - I know what I know, take it or leave it". Well, so be it, but I have found the philosophy that works for me is that one can perceive what they can perceive; additionally, it's better to just acknowledge and respect the ability than to tout, flaunt or misuse it. I don't know "everything". I know what the animal tells me. 
Not all "psychics" can do everything that every other psychic can do. If you ask me, "If you're so psychic, why haven't you won the Lottery?", my answer is - I've yet to meet an animal (or human) who can tell me the correct numbers!
See, I listen to what the animals say, and that's what I'm good at. Someone else who is good at predicting the future can perhaps tell you which Lottery balls will blow upwards, that's your call if you'd like to try. What I can do is establish a line of communication focus in with a being who is an animal being.  They, being quite naturally versed with and dependent upon telepathy, communicate in this fashion and I happen to be able to "get" what they are communicating. This is not predicting the future or bending spoons using intention alone, or picking up on something that's happening to a guy in New Jersey. I can do some of that - or I can't. And to any who can do that, more power to them. I do not profess to be someone with any more abilities than I do have (read: shysters, quacks and the like), nor am I interested in being lumped in with those who can do these other abilities as that opens the door to a variety of tangents many would like me to go off onto. No, I did not know who killed JFK and I don't know the winning Lottery numbers this or any upcoming week (sigh).  
What I excel at is Animal Communication and that is what I am offering you.
Being primarily telepathic, animals can often convey to me what someone else around them is thinking. This happens quite frequently, for example, when they are relating some influential incident that happened to them in the past. An example might be a big dog was being taken for a walk with his owner. The owner stops to chat with someone about the sale at the market. A woman passes by who looks at the dog and thinks about how much she despises big dogs and they should all be put to sleep. The dog has to stand there, humiliated and frightened. Worse, he has no one to tell. Eventually he and his owner move on, he forgets about it, but from that point on when this dog sees a similar woman, he, feeling threatened for no rational reason, pees around the house in a frightened attempt to assert himself. The owner is beside themself and goes back and forth between pleading and punishing. When I eventually talk to the dog, he perhaps tells me that, well in fact he did start feeling like peeing all around his "home turf" because he felt threatened and angry at the owner for not understanding this. He may tell me about the incident and how upset he was. In the course of this, he realizes that his owner will now know this because it's going across to them (via my telling the owner as we go along), he finds himself gushing with forgiveness for their "error" in not knowing what had happened, and he wants to rejoin the family unit as a new and improved Rover and stop peeing everywhere!
Remember that in the middle of this common Pet Consultation scenario was the animal picking up on someone else's thoughts. They don't tell me this to "impress me" any more than I tell you any of the above to impress you. It just happened and they relate it to me as a matter of course and in the most matter-of-fact way.
You can read a bit more on telepathy on the Aunt Julie Rich Pet Communicator - HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? page.
Do you read people too?
As Fletch would say, Not as far as you know! (Joke).
Seriously, I just do animals. If you are interested in a bit of explanation on this, read the FAQ above regarding Telephathy and what are Psychics, etc.
People? Please don't ask, OK?
(Oh - "Fletch" is the title character of one of my all-time favorites comedies, stars Chevy Chase.)
What is a Consultation? Why do you call it that? 
 An Aunt Julie CONSULTATION is what some call a "Communication" or perhaps "Session" or "Reading". It is the time you and I spend together talking with your pet.
A "Communication" or a "Comm" (being used as a noun) sounds a bit vague to me sometimes, although it does (pardon the pun) communicate.
A "Session" is easily confused with certain practices that I am not doing.
A "Reading" can seem to imply that I am reading, pulling out of their space, somehow-knowing, picking up on what's going on with an animal being. Whether or not I can do that, to what degree, etc., is not what I am here for. I get their Communication - the communication they wish to send to me (and you via me). There is a difference. There also may be an overlap.
Is barking (meowing, etc.) "talking"? What's the relationship between their body language and their communication?
Yes and No. It's communicating, for sure. Confused? Read this part of my How Does It All Work? page: "Remember animals do not normally ever..." Note also that when an animal is trying to tell you something telepathically, often he will (canine example) bark and bark right to your face and look at you quite intently. This is on the order of someone raising their voice when talking, changing the lilt or intonation of mid-sentence, raising an eyebrow as emphasis, etc. The intention is to get and keep your attention and focus on them so that hopefully you will "get" what they're trying to tell you telepathically.
What language does my pet speak?
I did a separate write-up on this, on the page How Does It All Work? Best to read that page in its entirety, but you can certainly just read the specific writeup on that. Here's the link to the page itself, and you can scroll down to the appropriate part, or just read the whole page. When done, you can always go back to the navigation links at the top or to the left side of that page and use them to come back to this FAQs page.
I already communicate just fine with my pets! 
I believe you. I KNOW you do. You also have to be able and willing to experience that there will be things, aspects and/or nuances which you do NOT get, perceive, pick up on or "get correctly". This is the same in HUMAN communication as well. It just is. That's not to say I "get" human comm better than others, or that I'm some know-it-all. What I AM saying is it's very easy to get distracted by the physical apects of things and when someone happens to have a telepathic ability which is honed and in my case quite receptive to animal beings, they're a good candidate for being a "pet Communicator" and they can tell you waht your animal's "saying" which you can't necessarily otherwise fully get. You can be very, very intuitive and also not get their comm, and vice versa. Hey - more than once Mom's been over and we're haning out in the living room yakking and Fox started fussing and Mom said, I think he needs to go out, and I went, Naw.. and sure 'nuf, after I'd gone Fox? D'you want some food? Are you upset that Danny the kitty did blah-blah? (etc down the checklist) and then, disgusted, he walks over and stands by the door - rare for him. I'm like..Whoops! as I got sucked into dealing with the physical instead of just getting his original concept. It can be hard to do as he like so many of them don't repeat things, he'll just have the idea it's time to go out, if Mommy doesnt' somehow magically "pick up on this" (because Mommy's busy yakking with her Mommy...) then he gets frustrated and growls. By the time I hear the growl, he's done talkin' to Mommy - he's aleady in phase 2 of Let's Go Oout! which is the grumbling part. Not to be confused with the same grumbling part regarding I'm hungry! You're not paying enough attention to me! and other Big Issues.
Same as with a kid. And we all speak and hear just fine with them but sometimes don't "get" what they're trying to get across.
In my case, really it'd be more non-attention. In someone else's case it'd be lack of honed ability to do so telepathically, BUT quite often you can get it just as well or even better in the ways that you and your furry family member already have well worked out between you. There ain't nothing wrong with body language! It augments, adds to, the comm they're trying to get across: it works pretty darned well in most cases!!
However, the nuances, the answers to questions, the life and death issues, the philosophical issues, the mental ideas, the recalls and memories, the subjective fears, these are all usually more the territory of this Pet Communicator.
Your comm with your animal is fine. Good. Great. Awesome. Or somewhere in between. Talking with your pet via Aunt Julie will quite often improve that because your perceptions are validated - you knew that exact thing all along!! Or "that expression" she always makes, now you know what it means! That makes sense!   type of thing.  Then, after the Consult, you avoid doing the "thing" your dog doesn't like that was behind "that expression" and things really change for the better.
Hey - you may not "have" the "ability" re: the telepathy but you have incredible comm with your pet and in ways I never will, you have your own living breathing relationship AND you know and perceive many things about and from them. If/when something opens up even more (such as after a talk with them), you're aware of that change as well and it validates what you're already doing as well as improving it somehow (but then again, it's still YOU doing the "improving".) Be proud of yourself and don't let anything I do here invalidate what you're already doing, and do not let your own pride get in the way of noticing improvements beCAUSE of our talks.
What's their "thinking process" like?
Two main points: Think in terms of a 5 year old child, and, they compute rather than think, most of the time.
Think 5 year old child. This is the best way I have come up with to describe it. They can come up with the most brilliant and philosophical concepts, and they also put info together very simplistically, "clunkily", naively, innocently. This all happens in Pet Consultations. Your dog will be taken to be spayed. Later on Aunt Julie meets her for the first time. She remembers that one day she took a ride in the scary car, some scary stuff happened that she doesn't quite recall, something was sharp and owie in her leg, she woke up and something or other was "gone" down there and from that point on her impulses to have puppies seemed to be unfulfillable but she couldn't quite "get" why. Aunt Julie has to get across to her basically what occurred (and try explaining why to the dog who still wants puppies - sigh!). OK. Then 5 minutes later this same dog volunteers a dissertation about their owner and how this person has such integrity and has always felt blah blah about loyalties and there was this time that some boss back in 1985 tried to get them to do yak yak with the books and the owner wouldn't do that and this dog is - now - aware of it as they picked up on this incident from the owner's mind and is very proud of their owner and really respects them and.....these are real. These things occur.
We're talking with the being himself. (Herself, himself, whatever - that's a matter of the body's gender. I'll just say "himself" here for ease.) Their mind impinges on them and their body - their species and breed, even - impinges on them as well, giving them random  thoughts, impulses, responses to stimuli, "animal ideas", whatever. Then when Aunt Julie and Mommy or Daddy comes along to communicate with them, they have to reconcile all these varying factors. (Yes, this applies to Passed Over pets as well as they were last being an animal and still find themselves thinking like animals.) They suddenly have to focus, think straight, and talk about things, same as a rational conversation you would have with someone. But their mind interjects a couple of thisses and thats, just as ours do, but theirs is canine thought process and impulses. Feline. Equine. Etc.
What you need to understanding, basically, is that we'll be talking with being (you, me, an "animal" - all the same, a being is a being). This bypasses the whole species thing, that's why they can understand and respond to regular concepts. BUT....they also have their species-body (or with Passed Over's, that's generally the last association they have of themselves is your Rover or Fluffy).
It's no different than you or I. You are at your "best" at this time and kinda sleepy, stupid feeling or not quite as bright at other times. And often this is due to not enough sleep, alcohol, drugs and/or medicines, body influences such as headaches or PMS, this type of thing. We know we're the same person but if we took a test in school we might not do as well. Someone talking with us might notice we weren't as sharp. We might not remember incidents as well as we normally would. Well, when we talk with your pet, figure the same thing(s) can come into play - their body shoves different sleeping and resting and energy spurt time frames at them, varying impulses and sensations at them, so respect that. Know that they're not used to "thinking straight" and are more prone to thining life is all about running around barking and sniffing. That's all they usually ever do! so if they falter or their thinking process seems odd at first, just go with the flow with them.
So be prepared for a variety of concepts, random thought processes, and the like. A cat's a cat - sorry! So if you and he get into a discussion about the morals of murder, likelihood is he'll still be very happy to guiltlessly go out and pounce on the nearest mouse. OR with guilt - but will do it anyway. This type of thing.
The average animal "computes" rather than "thinks", most of the time, anyway. Example: The back door opens means your teenage son's coming back from school in the afternoon, and Rover will get fun time outside = when the back door opens any time of day or night, Rover gets all excited. Doesn't occur to him that your son only comes home from school once a day and it's located south of your house and that's why he comes in that door blah blah. Nope - that door opening = Play Time! Where's Steve??
Example: my own dog Fox Mulder wears his harness 24/7. It's always on.  It's got his tags, it's quite comfortable, he's used to it, and he was raised with it. That's me, we've all got different ways we do things with our pets, but that's what I do. Okay. Now, it means nothing to him one way or the other, it's just a part of life, and turns out that being raised this way created an interesting phenomonon: to Fox, it's part of his body. He doesn't "differentiate" and think deeply about what's man-made construction vs what the body grows (skin, hair) etc. It just - is.
I didn't know this at first. Now, sometimes I take it off just for a Fun Time Reward - he gets scratchies. Ooooh! He loves it! Sometimes I take the blue one off and put the red one on, so I can launder the blue one. In any case, when I would take it off, I noticed he got this instant slightly worried look in his eyes and would try to lick it. I let him as I could tell it meant a lot to him, and then tried to get in comm with him about it. There were no particular thoughts on it forthcoming, he just would act a certain way when it was removed. I observed him a bit after that. Sure enough, whenever I would take it off, it rattled him just a bit. I discovered that I needed to "peel" it off slowly and gently and then lay it down in front of him. He'd proceed to lick it very lovingly with glazed eyes, just for a little bit, then when he was satisfied all was well, he'd "release it to Mommy's care" and watch Mommy pick it up lovingly and put it wherever it was going (such as laundry basket).
Again, from observation, I learned that I have to take it off verrry slowly and gently. If not, he gets that alarmed look in his eyes. I was like - what's UP with this? yet he had no conscious thought about it. Nothing "occurred" to him, it was just what was done, because this was part of his body that Mommy was removing to tend to, and to remove it fast was a shock to his system, even though there was no actual "removal" pain or sensation. From my end, I learned how to even better treat him (cater to his animal instincts and quirks) but further, I realized that this was yet another example of something just "happening", with its resultant reaction; again, there was no "thinking" involved about what it all meant and that it happened before blah blah - something was just the way it was.
There's no judgement here as to wrong or right. We humans do this type of thing as well. Something presents itself, we don't understand, so we make "conclusions", correct or incorrect. Sure, it's incorrect that the harness is part of Fox's body. His body didn't grow it. It's not attached. It doesn't hurt when removed. But that doesn't matter to him. It smells like his body, it's contoured around his body, it has a mutual "relationship with his body, it resides about his body, it's a comfort zone and a "given", to him. He concludes that it's part of his body, and must be treated as such when removed.
Ironically, it's not like he gets upset when it's off, either, such as for grooming or the-heck-of-it-time. He's like Oh, okay, guess this is some sort of Special Occasion, since something Different is happening! And then when I go to put another harness on, he gets all excited because "Mommy's putting the harness on!" It's not like he thinking I'm putting his removed foot back on or anything! It's just - time for a harness to be put onto his body by Mommy.
They do this when they pick up on things, too, by the way. That is, you can get an idea and they can get it Just That Fast. You think about ice cream and they suddenly decide to show up with an inquisitive look on their face. Well, no reason it can't go a bit deeper. You're thinking about losing your job and the ramifications of that. Next thing, we talk to them and they're worried about Relocating. You're not planning on moving! But they could have snatched an entire concept of, like, Well, if I lose my job, we may have to blah blah with the mortgage and that reminds me of the time I had to move when I was x years old and I'd vowed I'd never do that again under those circumstances and where would we go, anyway? Heck, I always wanted to live in Colorado (grinning to self) What a nice fantasy, we'll all pack up and go to Colorado. Maybe we'll have some disaster (grinning) and we'll be "forced" to! Wow. Bring it ON!" (etc)  Well, your animal being can get an entire package-of-concept at once and 1. it not being, well, their own idependently developed train of thought, and 2. their not being sophisticated, necessarily, and/or not active member of society, they can be just as a human child would be about such matters: naive and simplistic, and just get out of it simple things that they can relate to on a "survival vs not survival" basis, Stimulus-Response, this type of thing ..... OMG, DenMommy's Moving The Nest?!?!
It may be hard to get what I mean here, so just reflect on it for a bit...or observe your pet(s). See how they "think about", ponder, some things and try to make sense of them etc., and, how other things they just kind of go click-click-click Okay! This occurred = that's the way it is! almost robotically. Very responsive to stimuli, very instinct driven. Very take-for-granted.
Heck, being instinct driven is what has let the Animal Kingdom develop and survive all these eons.
But it can come off as "odd" out of the blue if/when your pet says some "illogical" thing mid-Consult. Just take it all from their point of view, lack of "education", and lack of entertaining the human-oriented concepts we so relish.
Animals are like 5 year old kids, mentality-wise. The being is wise but the "package", the "pet" you see, quite often isn't that sophisticated. Things "Just Happen". They "Just Are". They do things...Because They Did It. It occurred.
You'll see more how this goes, and how to best work with it in your interactions with them, when you do the Initial Consultation.
What services does Aunt Julie offer?
I offer Consultations done over the telephone. There is the Initial Consultation and subsequent Follow-Ups (same animal) for future issues. Refer Available Services / Order Here page for all info, prices, how-to, etc.
Areas of interest and concern taken up are covered on this page as well as below. (You pretty much know what you want to ask, though!) Common areas are What is my pet really thinking? How do they feel? What's in their past? What do they wish to tell me? and Passed Over, and Passing Over, pets. Behavior. Mischief. Problems. Imminent travel, moving, divorce, relocating and the like.
Note that I do NOT offer nor promise "healing" or diagnoses.
YES I do fish, ferrets, wild squirrels, dolphins, you name it.
Can you help me with a lost, missing or stolen animal? 
The BOTTOM LINE IS, I do not do Lost / Missing Pets.  There is an entire page on my site where I go in to more detail about this. The page which has some hopefully helpful ideas, insights, tips and even a GPS visual (drawing) on how animals walk around! Please feel free to go to that page and read up on it if your pet is lost or missing or if someone you know's pet is lost or missing. If you need me for any other Aunt Julie services, I am here and available for this.
I no longer not do the ongoing checking with them, checking on them, trying to track them, trying to nail down any one single "valuable" thing from them. I'm one of the few who have even been willing to take them on, and have now discontinued taking on any new cases (except if you are an existing client and one of your pets goes missing and I won't necessarily take this circumstance on, either). But definitely no new clients, that is, no one just starting with Aunt Julie with the first client-pet being a missing pet).
I know this is an upsetting and desperate time, so do check the page on my site about the subject in case it's of value to you.
Know that the above all comes from countless hours of doing this kind of communication and reasons pretty much too numerous to delineate (but again, I did create that page entirely devoted to the subject, which covers a lot of ground and even some tips which may help you get your pet back. Worth a shot.)
Please do contact me for comm with your pet (living or passed over) for any other basis than finding or recovering a lost or missing pet.
You communicate with animals via email?!
Nope...though some folks used to get confused about this, back when I did have an "email version" of a Consultation. In that version, you would email me with what you wanted to know, I'd contact the animal telepathically, get the answers and feedback, and email you back. Well I'm not currently doing that version due to back disk-owie problems from years of sitting in front of the computer. No worries! With the Phone version, you and I can talk on the phone and the animal will tune right in - it's actually truly interactive - and you and I converse about things directly to and with them. It's three-way, that is, you and I are on the phone and in comm with the animal; human-wise, it's like a three-way phone call but I do the talking for the pet as well.
I also now do International calling. I mean, I did anyway, but now I've got an inexpensive calling plan I can use so this saves both of us heaps of money!
My "old salts" who do ongoing animal communication are getting rather hooked on the Phone version.
On occasion, I'll be writing to you and discussing something about your pet and out of the blue they'll shove some "input" right in there! IF this happens, I don't cut them off, and will pass along what they're communicating. I don't encourage this in them as it's "off the record" i.e. you're not right there to have comm with them like you would with a regularly scheduled Consult, and I'm not "dealing with" them nor conversing. I get what they wish to get across, make sure they're praised and acknowledged for communicating, and I let you know what it was about.
What does Passed Over mean? 
See this write-up; return to this FAQ when done.
What do you mean by "Transitional"? 
When a pet passes and wishes to return to the owner as another pet, this transition is simple to accomplish though not always easy. Some coordinating is generally entailed and it is important to ensure that the animal being is prepared for the ramifications as well as his new life, and that the owner knows how to conduct themselves at the initial states of this transition.
Let's say your cat Princess has cancer and euthanasia is imminent. In the course of the Preparatory Consultation, she says she would love to come back as another cat for you! Or a dog, or a bird. Or she will "send a cat by" for you, and you'll "know it's her". All seems fine, but...after the euthanasia, what about your day-to-day life? If a stray cat wanders by, is that Princess? If your neighbor suddenly tells you that her dog is about to give birth, is this a "sign"?
When is it "too late" for Princess to take a new body? What if you aren't sure you want another dog, cat, bird or pet at all? Do you keep Princess' same toys? Bed? Cat food? What will she be like? Should you call her Princess, or - ?
Is this even for real!?
Yes, it's for real and it happens all the time, but rather randomly. It's not generally structured or monitored, and no, chances are you won't trust your instincts well enough to know what to do. There is no guarantee that your pet will come back to you if they are uncertain about things. Princess may not even know what to do, whether the time is right for you, whether you still want her, what effects seeing her old toys may have on her, etc.
We will address if necessary any and all of the above as well as their preferences as to species, breed and coloring, and your lifestyle and preferences. Ways to get this "exact" animal with the age range necessary for success are discussed (I personally will not participate in kicking another being out of their body). Perhaps there is a kitten waiting right around the corner for you and you can't wait - but Princess wants to be a dog. Perhaps you wish to wait 4 months until you're done changing jobs and relocating. All this needs to be taken into account.
There is an exact way to "take in" your "new" pet, too. Certain subjects need to be carefully avoided (vocally and in your thoughts). There is no "Fifi! You don't like kibble? Princess loved it!". There is an indoctrination which must occur - this is a new body for them and is fresh, ailment-free, has new and strong sensations, its own taste preferences, genetic background, etc. They also need to be able to forget or remember as they so choose, learn potty training and tricks once again, tour their "new" home and generally be the New Baby.
She is Fifi, not Princess.
Most owners instinctly sense this but need a little help in the area. I've just talked to enough animal beings to know the effects created if this is not implemented at the outset.
I will see them through their assumption of the new body and their initial settling-in period (such as their first night home). This can be right after their passing, or you can take the time you need and then get back to me and we'll do the Transitional Service when you're ready.
NOTE: Also, do not expect them to have the "same personality" or to automaticaly get along with the same household pets they knew before. Sometimes they're a little bit touchy about being the "newbie" once again and the others are a little bit touchy about the "new pet" showing up etc. It takes time. Sometimes.
Occasionally the pet will come up with a name for himself in his new (upcoming) body (lifetime) which carries a bit of a tribute to his just-finished lifetime. I do NOT advise this coming from the pet owner (or the suggestion of it had better be reeeeal "light" but if the animal comes up with it, so be it, as long as it's a clean decision, he's all morose and glomm-y sentimental about it. A head-held-high tribute "vibe" is great!
Actual examples that the pets themselves came up with : Cassidy Quinn, a Ducorp's Cockatoo that passed over (died), came up with Quinn "Baby" McFee  (he wanted the quotes (concept) for whatever reason, and didn't even have to be called Baby - he just wanted that name exactly that way) and a passed over cat Goldman came up with Benny Goldman.
P.S. The above is not available nor does it apply to animal beings who would state that they would like to or are going to go on to being human beings. Once we've done the Pre- and/or Post- and/or when I hear it mid-way, my involvement with them is done. I don't touch that.
Example of Transitional in Testimonial form.
Will I see "signs" that it's the original Fifi?
This varies. Here is a real-life example of someone who IS seeing this (email excerpt used with her permission). Michael is the cat who passed over Sept 2009; Gino is a new addition to the household, male kitten.... same being. Backstory is not relevant; I am giving you what the owner observes. "They" refers to the fact that they got two kittens, Gino and another boy, Joey.
"They're growing fast. We marvel at how much Gino is like Michael - so many things: his attitude, they way he grooms himself - he licks really loudly and slurps a lot; it's kinda gross, just like Michael - how intensely he insists on his way, the way he lays on top of Joey (he used to do the same thing with Binky). It's a long list of stuff, more every day. Joey is learning to stand his own, otherwise Gino would completely run over him."  
Later she added, "I'm amazed at how much of Gino is Michael. Like the slurping thing. I would expect that to stay with the old Michael body. And maybe it's just coincidental, but none of the other cats do it, and Gino does it EXACTLY like Michael did - which is loud and gross. I mean, I'm sitting at my computer, writing, concentrating, and Gino gets real close and starts slurping loudly. And he won't stop and he won't go away. It's real distinctive.
Or how they cuddle - that's definitely a part of personality from my experience - something else I would expect to be tied to a particular body. But that's how I recognized Binky at first when he came back. Michael had this very distinctive way of completely overwhelming Binky. Binky would be curled up, peacefully asleep on a chair, and Michael would get up on the chair and crawl ON TOP of Binky and walk around in circles until he plopped down on top of Binky, completely smothering him. Binky would sort of wait for Michael to give him room to breathe, and then would have to push him off. Gino does that exact thing to Joey now. It's like the other cat is a just a pillow to adjust himself on. He doesn't just cuddle, he overwhelms."
"I just gave both of them their first pills (worming them). Joey took it pretty bravely, first shot. Gino, of course, took three times, and he's really upset right now. When I wormed him with liquid meds for roundworm, he literally staggered out of the room. Michael was like that with medicine too."
She ended the email saying there was more but she had to get back to what she'd been working on.
The list goes on and on with a few pet owners, things only they would notice. Some never mention a thing, and I don't just ask for it out of the blue. If it comes up as a subject, no problem.
In this person's case, she doesn't call Gino Michael, she doesn't dwell on it. This is NOT good for transitioned pets - you can imagine! One of her two kids wants to call him Michael and she has to work to stop that from going on; the other knows better and leaves it alone. But... from what I understand, with the one who keeps wanting to call him Michael, Gino acts a specific way to her as well, actions and reactions reserved just for that one person ("from before").
With others, I get no mention of it to me in emails or just the occasional. Again, I don't solicit it, but in any case, I do want you to know that it does go on, it does occur.. but with some, not all (or it goes unnoticed or it simply doesn't matter to them, which is also a safe approach). The Consults I do with the "new" Fifi are simply with Maxie. Their puppy they got a couple-a-months ago etc blah blah.. we do a Consult with HIM to go over house rules and what the "vet visit" tomorrow will be and Whatta GOOD BOY he is and so on. He's addressed as HIM, NOW.
Cuz that's who he is.
How do you locate the animal being for the Consultation? 
and also ~ Where do Dead Pets go?
You'll find that both are covered in this same write-up. It's a bit long but should prove informative.
What I've found regarding "dead" animals directly relates to how I do what I do in the first place. How does one find that being in the first place, to communicate with them? You email me about your dog Rover, want me to ask him what foods he likes etc. How do I find Rover? YOUR Rover, in fact?
Let's break it down, back it up a bit and walk down the logic trail.
As discussed elsewhere on this site, animals are quite telepathic - they do this naturally. The "barks" and "meows" are what their bodies' sounds are literally physically capable of and are unto themselves one way an animal communicates. They utilize sound waves just as we do, but a dog can't "speak" as we do. Nor can a dolphin roar like a lion. The bodies simply aren't designed with the right equipment!
Again, this is a physical form of communication that ranks along side with their other obvious physical communications (such as tail wagging). But they are very, very telepathic, so when attention is directed their way - specifically their way - they tune right in. It's instantaneous, slowed perhaps only by the occasional inattention, distraction or their being caught off guard ("Huh? Who's that!?") which WE also might do if we were laying in the sun snoozing - listening to music - caught in our own thoughts - or simply just not expecting somebody we don't know to go knock-knock on our mental door! But as soon as they realize what's going on, they're excited and I get a lot of "Well, Hi!" type of concept. They don't think twice about this telepathic contact coming their way, past the initial occasional being slightly startled by being interrupted from whatever they happened to be into that moment. It's we humans that would think we were "crazy" or something if this happened to us; we've got it so trained out of us that it seems unnatural, when it's actually not only quite natural, it's also what we're doing all the time too! The thought/concept come first; the subsequent decision to say something (with our mouths, tongues & voices) follow as we know that's the only way the other guy will "get" what we're communicating.
(Some do get it, but they're so pooh-pooh'd at, invalidated, Oh Come ON!, laughed at and drilled into "social" behavior etc that they soon forget they could do it and in fact lose the ability. They "grew up", or they lost friends. Stories such as Peter Pan and Dr. Doolittle have an element of truth running through them, despite the fantasy spun around it!)
Anyway, the animal being is very easy to contact. You and I are human beings - a being (YOU, the one who lays in bed thinking at night, the one who wonders what 24 x 4 is, the one who uses their arm to scratch their itching leg) plus a human species body. They are an animal being because they are a being plus an animal species body.
The bodies influence the beings a lot. If you had a cat body which was highly stimulated by little running things as they equated base-line survival (something to catch and eat), you'd also have no qualms about bringing your "kill" to your master as that, too, is part of something that aids survival. We on the other hand, being "civilized" humans and capable of finding a meal at any fast food place, would find a dead mouse on our doorstep rather repulsive. Yet both your cat and you are beings, and both are thinking and doing and computing decisions as we see fit and correct.
So there is a being there, and this being is uniquely himself (per se, they have no literal gender, the body does - though just as we do, they often define themselves as male or female because their body is male or female). And that's who I find when I "reach out" and look for your Rover. And he's right there to receive my "connection" and so the conversing starts.
One of the reasons it makes it easier for me to have some basic key details about the animal you want contacted and it can really help to have a picture of them to hand is that it's a good "ice breaker" - I can visualize them in their complete form (for lack of better wording) which is how they view themselves. They ARE a kitty and they are fluffy white and so big and such and such and their name is Cassie and they love big plush pillows. If I have this concept in mind it helps me link up to and with the correct being out there. There are a lot of animals, a lot of cats, many named Cassie and so on.
Compare if a friend took you to a train station, pointed to all of the people and said "Ok, who am I here looking for?" You might at least wish them to narrow it down to male or female; once you know it's a male, it'd be nice if your friend told you it's her nephew. Gives you an age range...perhaps some physical attributes. It can be difficult to "fly blind". It's not "cheating" - we're talking about a living being here and each individual, whether animal or human, is different and unique than all others. I need some prompts to accurately locate your animal friend. And when I've got him, I've got him.
When an animal's body dies, he's still contactable. There have been many times where I found a being and had no idea if they were "dead" or "alive" because I was conversing with a living being anyway! and they also had no idea. This was wild at first, believe me! They'd have recorded a mental picture of their body laying there dead, so I'd see this picture and conclude that Yes, they had been killed, for example, and they, not particularly caring or knowing that this had any importance one way or the other, would simply go, Huh. Well, OK. So to the humans, I'm "dead". (Some, not all. Like human beings, they have varying ideas about what it all means.)
They do of course often miss the physical contact, the huggies and stroking, the warmth, the closeness with their owners and so on. They also get quite upset at the owner's upset, grief and loss. They know of no way to comfort the owner as the owner can't "hear" them. They can be right THERE and no one knows it! Heck, the only reason that that isn't as upsetting as it could be is that frankly, they got used to that long ago simply by virtue of the fact that they were around humans who couldn't understand them their entire lives!
Some take over new bodies (puppies, kittens) and when they have done so they are influenced by this new body, it's hunger, its growing sensations, its sleepiness, its freshness at being so young and new and so on, their new owners call them by a different name, they're in a new house, new smells, a new kid around throwing a ball which distracts them right into their new current environment which is so fun! and.....you get the idea. They are no longer Tiffany the 15 year old sick cat, they are now Rex the baby German Shepherd.
But they are always accessible as it's the being that's being contacted. A couple of specific examples: go to my Testimonials page and click on the picture on the left hand side of Tuppence the cat, or the Sophie/Denny pictures (the Australian Shepherd Sophie, not the Golden Retriever).
Locating and identifying the correct being? It's almost like those movies and classically, soap operas, where someone disappears and comes back a long time later post-plastic surgery and their spouse doesn't know it's their husband or wife!? Yeah, right - I don't think so. You'd know if it was them or not. You know the actual person: the being!
Well, it's that same "knowing". Some people just happen to have a more honed ability in the area than others.
What does it "feel" like? Mmmm....it's not, but is similar to, a pinpoint location of emanation. It feels like ~ "life".
A joke received recently over the net:
A woman was worried whether or not her dead husband made it to heaven, so she decided to try to contact his spirit by having a seance.
Sure enough, after the usual mumbo-jumbo of calling to the spirits, her husband's voice was heard answering, "Hello Margaret, this is meeee..."
"Fred," she answered. "I just have to know if you're happy there in the afterlife. What's it like there?"
"Ooooooh, it's much more beautiful here than I ever imagined," Fred answered. "The sky is bluer, the air is cleaner, and the pastures are much more lush and green than I ever expected. And the only thing we do, all day long, are eat and sleep, eat and sleep, over and over."
"Thank God, you made it to heaven!" his wife cried.
"Heaven?" he answered. "What heaven? I'm a buffalo in Montana."
Where do the passed-over animals go? They're between bodies hanging out by a rock or tree or the left side of your bedroom wall or they have new bodies. They're your next door neighbor's frog or they're a newborn lion in Africa or they're hanging out around Philadelphia because they think it's cool to now be unhindered like they were when they were being an iguana in a cage.
This doesn't fly into the teeth of any religion or philosophy. Whether or not they are subsequently swooped up by a Supreme Being could still be up the line and is not discounted here, nor are Heaven or Hell for those who believe; Karma applies here for those who believe; reincarnation applies here for those who believe - etc etc etc. In fact, the only thing this flies in the teeth of are those who are certain that we are all molecules, only. Our bodies are, yep, but I think you already know better about the rest of this discussion.
So the point is that what's true holds up under inspection, and when you've conversed with a being, there's no turning back. You know what you know, and you know it as surely as you know your name. I'm sure you've had some experience in your life that couldn't be explained YET no one could shake you that it had happened. Something that was a "things that go boomp in the night". A feeling that someone really was in the room that night...you both wanted to eat the same thing for dinner and rent the same movie...the time the phone rang and you knew who it was (yeah, maybe later you decided that it was just a good guess...riiiiiight. You knew and that's that).
Why do they think they're dead when they're not / alive when they're not? 
It's more like they assume, or they conclude, this. They don't lie, really - they just don't know in some cases.
Sometimes it's simply a matter of them not knowing what hit them. Literally. A hard-hitting example was a lost pet (one of the reasons I no longer do "lost pets" by the way); she had been gone a week. I got in comm with her and she recalled distinctly trotting down the side of the windy moutainous shoulderless hill-side road, and visiting various houses along the way, working her way through the forest la-de-dah. We kept checking on her and the sites she'd seen. Then one day someone read one of the flyers and contacted the owner and told them how he had hit their dog with his truck and so on, anyway, it was confirmed that she was dead and had been since the first evening she had left. I had to gently get concept across to her. She was like..Huh? At first it was like, okay..... so .. what does that mean? Nothing had changed for her, far as she knew! She was still "alive and well"! We went over the basic concepts again. She was like...Oh. She did then recall something about some sort of impact which did not hurt, she had been happily trotting along the side of the road, heard an engine, this did not spook her, she was in a Great Mood! and some sort of "bam" and she was "out" and then kind of, well, the equivalent of almost comically "shaking herself off" and continued on as though nothing had happened. Except this part was in her mind. She had the sensations (of walking and so on) all intact, mentally (not dissimilar to an amputee's "arm" itching). NO this is not the case with all of them! but it does happen, and does contribute to them thinking they're  alive when they're not, depending.    (Plus on the "alive when they're not", you've got the added factor of them being a living being.) Also, they've got the same array of confused ideas as we. You're assuming they're "in Heaven" or "at The Bridge" ("RaInbow Bridge") (go to the top of that page - for some reason this link only takes you to the bottom) or "with angels" or "with your deceased dad" or "with Scruffy their passed over cat friend". Perhaps they are, or are not. Perhaps "being in Heaven" for them is hanging out at the top of a tree they could never access before. But your concept of Heaven and their reality of Heaven would then differ, right? I had a client upset because her passed over dog cheerfully reported that she was now happiily a similar type male dog in another state. The client said You can't believe in reincarnation and also in the Bible!! and was quite upset. I'm no theologian and told her so. That's what the dog told me, so that's what I passed along. I did recall that on occasion, if a passed over pet had mentioned the idea of being another animal, that pet's owner would comment, Oh! Well, I guess God (or Jesus) has more for them to do / has more work for them on Earth first / before calling them to Heaven / similar.  Over the years, quite a few folks have had that spontaneous comment. This was what was real for THEM. This one lady? Not so. She had a different upbringing or indoctrination or belief system.
And the pets, those beings, can pick up on your ideas, hear you talking about it, etc. They try to interact with you, can't. They try to tell you that they're in the spare bedroom by the left corner of the bed looking out the window, or, they're by your right cheek trying to warm it up so you feel the sensation. They try to send you their questions about What happened to them!?, perhaps. They go more and more into despair, figuring, well, where, who or what are they, then? since they're obviously not "dead" since you have the above-definitions of "dead" (and being ever-obedient, they go by what you think) and since that does not apply to them, so they must not be dead, therefore....um....???? (THINK 5 year old child mentality.).
This is by the way part of why I fell into specializing in Passed Over Consults: I am HAPPY to just let them be who they are, have whatever reality THEY have about things, etc. NO pre-ordained ideas about things. I do not project "Julie-ology" onto them or anyone else's "-ologies". They are as they are and are allowed to be as they are. If they are hanging out in a bush staring at a river, that's what they're doing. If they're up in the clouds - literally - with other beings doing performances with a top hat on, that's what they're doing. And more power to 'em! Just - whatever they say is fine with me, and this is very comfortable (and comforting) to them.
There is more information about all this on the Passed Over ordering page and from reading some of the Passed Over
Testimonials (as well as about how it all works). See those pages as well.
Is my pet upset with me for having him "put down"?
To date, the passed-over ones I contact are never angry at the owners for having them "put down" or "put to sleep".
The owners are generally beside themselves with anguish, guilt, uncertainty as to whether it was the right decision, regret (if they're not sure it was) and completely understandable grief. Often I hear that they have not gotten over it for many, many years.
You should know going in that occasionally the animal being will spew out some ire, some upset, some curse words, mid-stream. It happens. It goes away and they get to express all sorts of things they needed and/or wanted to say that they have previously been unable to! Passed over pets understand a LOT more than the owners think and also forgive a lot. They're generally already used to the fact that it's, well, happened and done with. They are also aware of being (literally) alive and aware, and cognizant of the fact that their owners aren't aware that this animal being is still (literally) alive and aware and has been all along.
It's not hard on them to be contacted after they have passed over; they usually "flip out" at the re-connection. It blows them away, they're so happy and grateful! We cannot therefore be greedy and worry about ourselves, our feelings. Our beloved pets can finally say and/or ask what they have been wanting to. They are very moved by the fact that the owner cared and reached towards them enough that one more time - and got through, using a Pet Communicator. There are often no words to express their feelings.
It's almost like - why deny this joy to them? And IF the passed-over animal is mad.....it allows them to vent. Allows them to get things off of their chest. They'll feel better - they always do. I've gotten maybe 2 or 3 "Arrrgh! You murderer!" which blows over in about a minute or less. (YOU just have to buck up and listen - let them say it. They don't blame you, they're just lashing out. YOU blame you. But...you're rising above that to whatever degree or you wouldn't be using the time and money to have a talk with them to put things right in your or their estimation!),the point being, you can do it.
Side note: If you know passing is imminent, you are welcome to have a Consultation for just this situation. Yes, it's appropriate: preparing our pet for what's coming. Don't think they don't know, nor have their own questions and concerns (often just about how the owners are going to be!!) Sometimes they want to know what to expect afterwards. Sometimes they want to know if it will hurt. Some they want to be carried there in their favorite blanket, some not. Sometimes they have specifc requests as to who is to go with them and who is not.  I have had remarkable success with helping out in these types of delicate situations: before and after, as one "Consultation" and one "Follow-Up". Example (actual email excerpt from my helping someone with this exact circumstance): "I can't say 'thank you' enough. You've been a complete blessing through this whole thing. I'm sure God blesses you for your kindness, compassion, and for the help you give to humans and animals. Thanks for everything. I don't know how we would have made it without you."
There is a page on this site devoted to Passed Over and Passing Over Pets; also, please feel free to contact me about your ideas or plans if this applies to your situation. If at all possible, give it a little lead time such as if you're now considering it, as, once you are...they are.
What types of things do people generally ask Aunt Julie to check out?
Animals, especially pets, can't wait to share their opinions, feedback and personal thoughts with you.  Here are some of the types of questions, concerns and curiosities many owners want me to ask about in the initial Consultation. When ordering the Consult, you will be using the Available Services / Order Here guidelines which will give you ideas as well. NOTE: I will ask about whatever you wish* - you don't just get "one question"! So please do feel free to be detailed and comprehensive in your request when ordering the Consult   *except Past Lives.
Persistent and/or "illogical" barking
Repeated spraying, peeing, etc.
Introduction of new pet
Loss of fellow pet
Loss of friend, your significant other, someone else close with animal
Moving / relocating (the pet himself or your home altogether)
How they feel (physically, emotionally, mentally)
Do they like their name? Nickname?
Confusions or something they've always wondered about or wanted to say
Behavior issues
Odor, color, texture preferences & problems (their bed, your hairspray, cleaning solutions)
Training assistance
General "how are you doing?" and "anything you would like to tell Mommy/Daddy?"
Food feedback
Check out my page on Why Doesn't He Improve? for notes on behavior, fear issues, etc.
Note: This may offend some people, but...tough. I do not appreciate irritations and/or intolerances disguised as "concerns" such as "Why can't he just cooperate when I try to clip his nails?" Well, why do you look away or squeeze someone's hand when you get a blood test? Why do you jump when the hairdresser catches the comb in your hair? Why are you irritated if someone pulls your hair from behind? My attitude (generally) regarding the nail cutting and so on question is...if you can't figure that one out, then ... ? (I think you get the idea.)
(Back to Clarification of the type of info needed when Ordering on Available Services / Order Form if as applicable.)
What's the best way to handle a Hurricane Katrina victim or surviving pet? Including one you've rescued, and/or one who's passed over.
Bluntly put, at the outset, there were huge quantities of hysterical pets in quite a variance of "living environments", on the move, trapped, transported, approached, and generally mentally all over the place, who didn't not only did not know where they were, but also why was the house gone and why were all the familiar smells gone and where did this big body of water come from and what was that horrible set of sounds and winds, and why was there a dead person floating by and and and and and......it was beyond, like, garden variety, already-upsetting "missing animal Consultations" or something like that. We muddled through as we could, and there was benefit in and from the communication itself (as is always the case).
Now that the dust has settled (so to speak), the best way to utilize me as a Pet Communicator is for us to get in comm with the animal and just - let them talk. Ones who have been rescued...have ended up on your doorstep, you've taken them in (fostering them, boarding them, adopted them), THOSE should definitely get a chance to talk, to vent, to cry, to ask questions about their new families - and to talk about things from before IF they want to or can face the past.
NOTE - now that Katrina is, with regards to the above, old news, all that I wrote still applies as needed and certainly for any similar re-location, evacuation, disaster areas and the like.
Ones who are passed over are addressed the same as any other passed over pet. Familiarize yourself with this site (look over the rest of the FAQ questions at the top, read some things, browse the site for other relevant information, and then go to the Passed Over & Passing Over Pet Consultations Order Here page on my site.
What's a Pet Consultation like? 
A three-way phone call. That's the best description of what it's like.
I call you. (Unless passed over) your pet's around, doing some normal thing (including snoozing). A long as they're not unduly distracted, it doesn't much matter what's happening at their end. If you'd like to, you have your spouse, daughter, friend, whoever, there with you for the Consult. They can use an extension phone or ifyou've got a speaker phone use that. Having someone else there is up to you but it should only be whoever you know the animal will be comfortable with, and who is also involved in your pet's life. Skip your neighbor who's just curious to see "how it all goes". Your pet deserves privacy!
I'll briefly go over with you how things work, but basically, I get the animal's concepts and I flesh them out so that they make sense in human, English words, and pass them along. You will or you will not see "correlating" actions or reactions with your pet. May as well not sit there staring at them; treat this a little bit more like a 3-way phone call and they're kind of...somewhere else, at the other end of the phone line. (YES, you can observe them, they're laying right there, it's not like you can't look at them! Just don't stare at them looking hungrily for What They're Saying Via Aunt Julie to "reflect" on their faces etc.)
I can talk pretty fast so can keep up with their thought processes.
They spew out this and that, they answer questions, they ask questions, they voice ideas. They send emotions, temperature sensations, focus points as to where there might be pain, etc.
I don't do any "healing". I am not there to "do" something to them or to their body. I am there to communicate for them, to you.
At your end, you basically listen and you talk with me (them). It sounds awkward and weird, but it isn't. Now, if you want to tell them you love them, you can say, "Rover, I love you" or you can say, "Tell Rover I love him". It's no matter. (Once agan, you don't have to be looking at them and so on to deliver the communication to them.)  
After a bit, all conversation, questions, issues, discussion points are exhausted and we're basically done. The average time is an hour, that's why I price by the hour. It just always seemed to work out that way, case by case - an hour or a little bit more. We end off smoothly; the animal should feel done, satisfied with how it went. His questions should be answered, his concerns addressed, and he should be left feeling that we feel he gave it his all - did his best - when it came to offering up information you requested of him.

He should feel that his secrets are safe, that he has not hurt anyone's feelings, that you "got" his jokes, that you truly will tell the vet information X, that you do believe that he has picked up on and is concerned about the second child's reading ability, or your husband's worries about his job, or what the other cat has been thinking regarding his cat food....and so on.
Along these lines, during the course of the Consult sometimes the pet will come up with some this or that that's Very Important To Them! to have, see, do, experience, eat, whatever. Now, this is for real, at least at the time they say it. But I've had plenty of times the dog or cat really, really wants this or that and then later when they get it, they simply glance at it and are "done". The owners sometimes get a bit put off by that. "They said they wanted a dog-shaped squeaky toy that had to be light brown but also not look exactly like a dog because that would be too creepy! I went out and found just that - and they took one look at it and walked away!"
Ever seen a 5 year old child? They do that all the time. That does NOT mean they didn't want it in the first place nor does it mean they do not totally appreciate your getting it for them. They just don't (or can't) (or won't) show it.
I should mention that they can change their minds mid-stream on things. One minute they're very insistent that they do NOT wish to be cremated and they wish to be buried so that their remains will contribute to the eco-system of the soil. A few other subejects get discussed and they feel very good now and decide that they could care less and you could cremate them after all! They DO mean it. They are not being flightly. Or perhaps they are angry at the other dog for teasing them so much. Once they get this off their chest, they love this dog and always have. Each animal's different, just as we are. They can turn on a dime, as we can. Some will spring some changes on you, some won't. When it's a touchy matter (e.g. the cremation mentioned above) it can be difficult. Sometimes it's something more innocuous (they really want to go the the beach now now now! You say, Okay, as soon as we're done here I'll rearrange my day and blah blah. Fifteen minutes later the dog thinks it's a Nice Idea but it's really okay, Mommy, if we skip it!
Zip, zip, back and forth they go, mentally. It happens. They really DO mean what they say when they mean it. Just be prepared for some rapid changes and go with the flow.
Think "child". They DO want it; later, they happily bored with it in two seconds. This does not mean you should not do your best to get for them whatever they request. It is important that they feel listened to and when you follow through (or try to, genuinely try to), they know it, appreciate it, and feel that much more loved and empowered. And more power to 'em! They deserve it. Sometimes it kind of shocks them that you really listened, and cared to do just what they said. On occasion I hear that they had a physical reaction right in front of you that also happened to have matched what I told you they were communicating right that second. That's always very cool!
One cat wanted a particular picture on the wall. It had to be a still life that had a peach colored vase, some flowers, this type of thing. Another wanted an African art tribal mask. Another wanted a particular type of collar. Etc. When they got these things, they were like Oh. Okay! and then two seconds later....done. Part of it is circumstances. Of course you, the owner, can't just predict what they're going to say and suddenly produce whatever it is out of the blue. Just do the best you can. If the bird wants their cage moved to face a different direction, do it.
When feasible, do whatever it is right away. If they really want a treat, or a walk to get some space, or to go to the dog park NOW, or to watch tv with Daddy...whatever...they they really, really want it right THEN and right THEN is a fantastic time to just DO it, if you can.
That's about it! You've talked with them, they know you heard, and we should end off with some concept for them as to whether this is it, there is more (Consult time), could be more, etc. And you and I keep in touch about how they're doing and so on.
What kinds of things will I find out?
The following are some things I and many owners have found out which may surprise you, a few of which are also expanded upon on this and other pages on this site. What I have written applies to some or a lot of them, not necessarily all.
They don't always know if they've had babies or been neutered/spayed.
They don't always know their gender and/or have decided they are the other gender.
Big lumbering female animals can feel quite "girlie", pretty and feminine, and can be quite touchy about this.
Regarding Abuse, they get upset over the betrayal as much as the act itself, i.e. it's the fact that the person hit them, as much as the pain of the strike itself (which carries its own great and lasting damage and upset).
They've got a lot of fun fantasies, the most common being Fairy Princesses and Big Jungle Hunters. AND they also know these are fantasies.
A lot have different names and/or secret names (and not just the rescued ones whose earlier names are unknown). They also tend to prefer the name that the current owner has given them and what comes up a lot is that this is primarily because it gives the owner such pleasure, therefore it satisfies the pet's desire to please its owner.
Some do not feel "owned" at all, they "just live there" with you.
Some can very upset if they feel they do not have an "equal voice" in the household.
They can get affected mentally by your drug usage. Fortunately, I haven't yet found it to be permanent.
They have human Mommies and canine (feline, etc) Mommies, and Fathers. They know the difference and some feel that they have had two sets of parents. They less often, however, think of human children as siblings.
One little tiny undetected incident can change their personality, behavior and/or habits for life. They usually know exactly what it was, too.
They often feel that fellow same-species pets are siblings, all the while knowing in actuality that they are not. There can be a strong kinship and brotherhood there.
It is of high importance to most of them to feel an equal "voice" in a family unit - yet the "issues" are generally quite small to humans (such as they want their crate turned another direction and if the humans just knew that and did it, they'd be elated that someone thought enough of them to listen and comply!
They are highly and primarily telepathic and as such can pick up on what others all around them are thinking. Many also enjoy planting ideas into our mind!
They look at you as their "son" or "daughter" and are quite observant, protective and judgemental along that line.
They don't necessarily "change" after saying why they misbehave...often they have to "think about it for awhile" just as we do 
They take great pride in appearance, ability to do tricks, and/or being the largest, fastest, smartest, scariest etc of the bunch
They don't lie. Those that do, do it with great difficulty. They do offer up what they feel someone might wish to hear but it's obvious they're trying to be euphemistic or "helpful" as it's not in their nature to lie.
They yell & scream obscenities.
Cats are inherently very feline as dogs are very canine. Cats can also be very canine-ish and vice versa though it's much rarer with dogs.
Animals often have no idea that they have "died".
Some smell different "layers" or "levels" of air channels. They have described to me smelling the humans when their nose is at "this" height, the cooking food at another level a couple of inches higher, etc.
Pets boast and brag.
They when using their bodies to communicate (e.g. barking) are generally pushing just one point (as opposed to being conversational when being telepathic). E.g. They may keep trying to telepathically tell you all the logical reasons you should stop doing what you're doing let them outside, politely, with all of their ideas on this etc., and then when you don't "get" it, they'll just stand there and bark at you which is basically a stripped down, "I wanna go out! I wanna go out!" In short, they're yelling at you J.  
They generally pick a primary person they bond with, and this is often accompanied by a not unpleasant outlook of "I can take or leave" the other. Example: if they bond more with the wife, they may love the husband and have absolutely no problem with or about him, but their attitude seems to easily fall right into She's "the one" and He could come or go and it wouldn't affect the pet too much beyond how She might feel about it!
They do dog (species?) things and that's that. For example, why do they kick dirt after they pee? Because they're, some of them, genetically blueprinted to do so. Covering up the spoor, I guess, or the pee. Safety factor. This is disrelated to the fact that their aim's off most of the time. J And it's No Big Significant Thing to "investigate". We all do things stimulus-response, odd, quirky, for "no reason", for reasons that expired about one million years B.C. - etc. So do they.
They get offended by bad manners regarding the basic drill on how we introduce pets. This is Fifi! What your name? mean the other owner says their dog's name - type of thing. I should also already jknow their name before starting (I do as you tell me, but I'm just making a point) as I'm the one contacting them.
Some do not understand basic teminology. I had a cow ask me quite simply, "What is a 'cow'"? I went over Cow, Bovine, Species, Steer, Bull etc at a very basic level until she got it. She then felt quite "connected" with her species which she previously had not.  Remember, these are words she hears and the concepts are used by humans and not spoken to her, and get blurred since no one is "teaching" them to her, just saying and thinking them around her. Then when asked a question about her food, she said she liked Hay but faltered a bit as she wasn't sure about what "Hay" was, she just knew what she liked to eat and thought it was called by that word "Hay" but - ?? So I cleared up Hay and also Clover and Alfalfa as the definition said it could be from either, and this also confused her. When we were done, she knew that she likes Hay but is not sure if the hay she eats is from clover or alfalfa, as she does not know the "label" (word) which matches the flavor connected with the type she eats. (And why would she?)
Some New York / New Jersey area pets understood 9-11 but were not concerned beyond the fact that their owner was safe and sound and made it home that night.
Some wondered long afterwards if their owner / friend would ever "turn up" (some despite living in a new home). They just needed to "talk".
Many were proud of how well New York City did during the horrific days, first weeks and the months following the incident (they thought of themselves as "New Yorkers"! Yup, this stuff rubs off, same as with any "kid"!)
K9s and Search & Rescue dogs know exactly what they're doing and why, and do actually take the pride in their work that many humans imagine or hope that dogs can.
What about their "pasts"?
A real common question regarding a pet who was with another owner before and/or came from a Shelter, rescue group, off the street, etc., is What was there life like before coming to live with me? Were they abused? Happy? What can they tell me about this?
They don't always "out with it" on this type of stuff. Sometimes it takes an Initial Consultation and then a Follow-Up. I mean, it's not even necessarily the Consultation time logged - it's layers of the onion - the first time, they say this and that. About a week later (for example) we talk again and Boing! they keep on rollin'. They find that they've been feeling "inexplicably better / free-er" (etc) for about a week now and Boy! can they rap on NOW! etc etc. I just wanted you to know that I did have experience X and it was horrible and they bite me and blah blah! (whereas during the Initial Consult it was a lot of other material which touched on this but they'd just "shut down" when approached about the really "hot" stuff.)
Just an example of how these things go.
A common reaction is - Why do you want to know? Why do I need to dredge all of this up? My answer to them is basically: Mommy's just curious. She was wondering if there might be any leftover stuff you might wish to talk about. Just in case. (type of thing)
They sometimes remember disjointed things - the time The Lady with the 2 rings on her right hand picked me up. I was a puppy. She fed me liver treats. The carpeting was blue. Then I was in a car and then at the place with the cages. (We have to figure out from that something, such as, they went to the Shelter or vet).
Or - sometimes I get a reverse description. Well, I was in an apartment and I didn't bite the little baby with the brown eyes who cried and The Man didn't swat me 3 times with a newspaper. Nope, that's NOT why I was Taken Away. (And so we deduce from that that's exactly what did happen, type of thing. When in doubt, figure it's a layer of the onion and is just what the animal being can comfortably confront saying).
Just depends. There can be trauma, confusion, self-invalidation about how icky they must have been to deserve to have been Taken From Mommy, this type of thing.  
You'd be surprised how many of them can't just answer the question What's your name? Like, if I went to a Humane Society and someone brought out the stray they'd just found who had a collar (no name) and was obviously someone's dog etc, if I asked them their name or owner's name or did they live in a house with any kids or cats or blah blah, chances are excellent there'd be No answer, Wrong answers, Altered answers, Overwhelm, and so on. They simply aren't hardwired to "answer questions" and have spent their entire lifetime doing just that - not being responsible for, accountable for, conversing.
With injuries, I frequently get right/left and front/back being "off". You will tell me Their right front paw is injured and bandaged up. They will tell me point blank it's their left back or left front. They will stick to their guns on it. I just accept their data and go with it. Sooner or later things iron out, and, whatever they're trying to tell me (us) about the paw in the first place will be accurate.
Figure - if you don't need to know, and it gets boggy, drop it. As in...put yourself in their place. But they DO like to tell their stories, fess up, all sorts of relatings of incidents. It does happen and they do feel good after talking about things, usually, so there's no harm in asking.
As mentioned elsewhere, skip the Past Lives. I won't ask. If they volunteer about this though, no problem whatsoever.
What about right afterwards? 
Most of the time, they have a variety of observable reactions to or changes from an Initial Consultation - aside from regarding issues being addressed, I mean. If a focal point of the Consult was their peeing all over the place, whether or not they continue to pee all over the place is not the "change" (or not) I'm referring to.
Many times, they'll do that first Consult (and quite often, subsequent Consults, even every time for some of them) and either be all "heady" and/or cerebral, or run 'round 'round 'round, or be weird and morose with lonnnnnnng glances at Mommy / Daddy, or sit and stare, or sleep real heavily, or be all Mommy-Mommy and follow ya everywhere, or wake up the next day all Happeeeeee! type of thing. All this is normal right-after-we-first-talked activity for 'em.
(Note on "the cerebral": I call it that even though they don't think or compute with their brain , they use their mind for it, which is a different thing, but anyway you know what I mean.) So what you might see is them "lost in thought" or pondering a lot or watching the Other Pets a bit oddly as though suddenly re-thinking What It All Means, or whatever. Eh. Get 'em outside and playing, or doing some other DOGGIE thing. Or KITTY thing (Wiggle a string gently.). Or Ferret. If it's a goldfish, heck, gently put a little tiny plant sprig in there for them to timidly inspect, goldfish style. Something where this "animal" can just BE an animal. Be that species and that breed....something where this spiritual being who we have been talking with, can "got back to" being a DAWG - woof! They can get kind of grounded again. They can experience, revel in, enjoy, challenge with, win with, the life they are living as Your Dog or Your Kitty or even A Dog or Horse, if, say, you buy a Consult for a neighbor's horse (some do this type of thing), or they're a feral cat, whatever. Folks buy Consults to talk to a variety of animals (not just their own pets). Remember, the complete "package" is, yes, that being we talked to, with their mind, but also very much their body, with all its instincts and impulses and its taste buds and its nerve-and-muscle interactions saying, Jump, kitty! and so on...so let them enjoy!
I discovered this by the way from a lot of them needing and wanting this. They get "fried" (just as I can, or we all can, from such head-work.). They want you to Take them for a walk. Throw a ball. A lot of them want food, treats, rewards, etc., now now now like the second we get off the phone (and often a very specific type of food or treat).
A LOT of them have mentioned that they want you to, literally, get down on the floor with them (your bad back or not!) and just lay there, roll around, let them jump on you, wrestle, stare at you, whatever. Just get on down there and have at it! This can be very important to them.
So now I highly recommend it, pretty much wholesale (all the time, with all of them).
Also, remember to not discuss touchy, private, embarrasing, etc details with others either not at all or preferably not in front of them. Hi, Susie! Joan calling. Remember I told you I was going to have that Aunt Julie talk with Fluffy? I just got off the phone with her and let me tell you! Fluffy hisses at men because her last owner was a man and pulled her tail a lot and BOY was she upset about it! (so she needs it stirred up again?!)  or  Our puppy Rex thinks that when we take him to get fixed, the vet's going to chop his penis off! Isn't that hysterical?! (yup - this has been a real fear)  Or Casey secretly loves the dog even though he hisses at him every day. Thor craves wuv from Daddee. Quincy doesn't really like the neighbor dog because he thinks he's a bit wacky. Monty was a horse in an earlier life. Princess says she was human in another life - a man, who got in a car accident and got killed. You know our macaw? He says he knows what our son's going to grow up and do for a living!
Whatever. They have to feel it's safe to communicate their innermost thoughts.
Of course there will be things you need to bounce off of your hubby, or explain somehow to your pre-teen daughter, or will want to relate to your veterinarian or your best girlfriend. And yes, you may wish to pass along something odd, juicy or just plain eye-opening. Just be cautious. Think in terms of... they're like a child so what's a Big Deal to Them is 1. A BIG DEAL to them, and 2. not necessarily a big deal to you, but is still See Number 1! When you've established all that, the next thing you do is put yourself in their place. When you were a teen, pre-teen, child or young child (especially). What would you like to have Mommy repeat right in front of you? How cute it is that you got your first period? How you cried when little Susie rejected you at age 7?

Why do you ask so many questions?
How do I feel about being Tested?
with a note on Past Lives
You'll find both of these questions covered here.
Why do I ask so many questions? Good question, and one which seems seems to be coming up a lot these days.
Let me first address that fact unto itself. Why is this coming up so much?
Some people do training seminars to become Animal Communicators. I found out from someone who trained in a seminar that students are told NOT to accept any information from the owners before the communication. This is the way it is taught. All they are supposed to ask the owner is owner's name, what kind of animal it is, it's name, gender, age, and description or picture. Then what the questions are - that's it. The teacher said that makes for a better communication, and that's the way they all do it. This is actually straight from her email to me.
There has been a surge or resurgence of people's awareness of the fact that Animal Communication can and does occur. This was actually for the most part brought about a few years ago, interestingly enough, by the popularity and exposure of the Animal Planet show Sonya Fitzpatrick's The Pet Psychic. Once that was in full swing, I discovered that if you typed Pet Psychic into a search engine, you would get upwards of 98,000 internet links! To date there is a lot of "pet psychic-ing going on, a lot of training, "whisperers" and know-it-all's and good ones and bad ones and a lot of ideas being broadly disseminated around as "the" way to do it.
All I care about is the fact that you are entrusting your animal's "voice" to ME. I care about what I need in order to bond well with your animal and to be safe for them to communicate to me (us) about anything. Why do I want details? I have written a few examples of this in various places on my site, but basically, I find that the more information I have going in, the more in-depth answers I can get for you. That's just who I am, my "vibe" and particular rapport with animals. Nay-sayers can call it a limitation and admirers can call it a skill (and I actually could actually care less either way, if you take it in the way I mean that). My concern is your pet and their opportunity to fully say what they want to say and from any angle that comes up as relevant. This is not a bunch of fluff - those who have used me know that this is very, very true.
Imagine meeting someone for the first time. Your friend does the introductions. This new someone is also the one you are supposed to confide your innermost thoughts to. Do you want a "Susie, this is Mike. Start talkin' ".  I think not.
You may wish (or need) to read my write-up on What language does my animal speak? (You'll see why when you read it). You can find it here and you can always Back button back here (Back buttons are at the bottom of each page.)
So please do bother to mention that you split up with your girlfriend two days before Princess got very "inexplicably" moody and started peeing all over the apartment three months ago. It's not your "personal life" I'm interested in, it's what's influencing your pet. They may not make the connection, same as us. I don't evaluate for them and tell them what to think and so on, but having an arsenal of concepts relevant to their lives makes for some good suggestions and guiding along.
Another aspect has to do with guiding their attention along the path you would like it to go. In many cases, with our pet, it's all the same to them (whatever). You might want to read this little part in my write-up about "being stoic".
Received the other day: "Julie is unbelievable - things only my dog could know!!!" As they say in commercials, Results May Vary...but this is pretty routine. You can read this Testimonial for one example.
Now, I respect all who can communicate with "The Silent Majority" and realize that in this world, many are all struggling to find their own in a rather "random" field, as it were. I am in awe of those who can do what I cannot do, just as I receive emails routinely from animal owners as well as fellow Animal Communicators who "are in awe" of how I could do what they could not. Yet it isn't about the awe and accolades - it's about hearing the animals and talking with them, comfortably and with a good, in-depth understanding of their own private world. Often they don't offer up what they are not asked, if for no other reason, it wouldn't occur to them! They are very stimulus-response and half the time have no idea what triggered this or that unless oriented to time period which is suspect. They need help. There's no "fly by night" Consultation - how would you feel if you had something your were "doing wrong" or protesting about or whatever and you were allowed ONE conversation in your lifetime, and all it was was someone asking you why you did this one thing?
Received the other day: "I have used a few animal communicators before I found Julie. The other ones were good, but I found something exceptionally special about my Consults with Julie."
As a drill, observe people talking sometime, like teens in a mall. Just - talking about something. What "opens them up" on a subject? Gets them to laugh? When made uncomfortable, what happens right after that - does the subject get dropped? Evaded? Listen to how questions get reworded when an answer is sought.
I work to comfortably converse with your pet because I'm talking with someone ~ plain and simple. It's just a conversation with a being. The fact that it's a "cosmic" experience, paranormal, incredible, miraculous and all that is yes, acknowledged here (ok, that's done with! J When I'm doing a Consultation, though, how it is that I can do it, and what it all means to someone else, and the price of tea in China are likewise left outside a closed door. My attention is on your beloved animal friend, and I'm all devotion, love and ears for them. This is their time.
Being very protective of animals' emotional well being, I jealously guard my field in my own little quiet unspoken way - by just doing Animal Communication as cleanly, clearly, systematically and uncompromisingly as possible, using my own pesonal strong standards. However someone else does it is fine with me. One meditates, another uses a candle, another a spirit guide, another something else. Some do not want details, some do. As long as the net result is the same (communication being achieved) then they will have performed for you what you needed with your pet. I only ask of any owner and Animal Communicator regardless of indoctrimation the following: for the animal's sake, afford them the same dignity and careful "ear" as you would your friend, partner, lover, guy up the street who pumps gas, neighbor, child, yourself!
I'll admit I do get a little "crusade-ish" and protective about animals. they are "The Silent Majority". I hate to see them treated like objects or pawns in someone's "testing" game which leads me to my other favorite soap box: Testing.
Someone considering using me recently who read my site and emailed, sounding disappointed and skeptical, "I was hoping you would meet the animal and without any info about her except name you would be able to tell me about her past and what happened to her." Why? What does that have to do with her pet? Needless to say, she didn't use Aunt Julie, but I tried to explain the above and also guide her to someone else with whom she might be more comfortable with because they wouldn't want to know too much about her pet.  
Another commented after buying the Consultation, in response to some clarification I wanted on some points, "Wow you ask so much..." but answered my questions.  Comments after the Consultation included "There is no way in hell you could have known that I call him (XXX) and that's what he calls himself also unless he told you" and "Boy you're awesome".
CLASSIC: Asked if I could tell her what her passed-over dog's favorite toy looked like, before she would use me. This one was a trip! "Susie" and I had been corresponding a bit via email a bit already. I'm at my computer one day working on some graphics work, not thinking anything about any pets. Out of the blue, I got this wild flash of - something. I recall this distinctly. Something startled me but made me feel real good, bright. I thought, "Huh! Well I'm in a good mood all of a sudden!", smiled and went back to work. (OK, yes, I actually thought that J About 3 hours later this girl emails me, telling me that she had told her (passed over) pet to send me a picture of their favorite toy and if I could describe this, she'd feel more comfortable about using me. Although I don't normally do this, I figured "just this once". I contacted the pet (this being the first time) and asked what their favorite toy had looked like when they had been Susie's dog. I got a little bit of: being startled by this odd, lone question, and some mild upset and confusion as to why this would be all that Susie might want to say after all this time (as you can imagine, and if you can't, please re-read all of the above pertaining to the fact that I'm talking to an animal being).
I read her email and fished about for the picture. There was this lone picture of a toy just kind of floating around for view. It was hard to view and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't "get" it. Then the penny dropped - Susie had sent out her request hours ealier, the being had responded immediately, sent the picture my way (that's when I had that Huh? reaction); and it had just been kind of sitting there. I needed to have some real communication with this being. I needed to talk to them a bit.  In fact this being was holding back, detached, not wanting to tune in really at all.
What to say? Susie had put out her request, her former pet had done what she asked, and nothing happened for hours (no acknowledgement from me or Susie that I had seen this picture, gotten her communication, no Thank You). It came off as being actually quite rude, and it stung a bit. So I introduced myself, didn't bother to mention that I was being "tested" as this would have added further upset, patched the mild upset up (which I don't mind mentioning took some compassion and finesse, since I had been put in the position of being the rude one!) and the picture was clarified and renewed. I got the description. I emailed Susie and described what I saw. I bit my tongue on all of the rest...
She mailed back. I was "awesome"! She was convinced!! She volunteered details about the toy confirming what I had viewed, and the floor beneath which I had also described.
Never heard from her again.
(And probably neither did her passed-over pet, either.)
I think you get the idea.
I had an owner comment to me that (renowned Pet Psychic) Sonya Fitzpatrick surely didn't know as much as she said she does. Well, I know how to do Animal Communication and it's reeeeeal obvious to me that Sonya DOES know exactly what she's doing and what she gets from them, so I asked why. She said Oh, she can tell them blah blah but she doesn't know their name? The pet won't tell her their name?!
I explained to her what I've found, which is, in a nutshell: No, they don't. It's a form of introduction which is customarily done for them. They also aren't used to people just up and "talking" to them and that has to be worked though as well. It doesn't necessarily occur to them that this is supposed to be done. They have to get into good communication with whoever is "contacting" them and part of he social graces of that often includes the politeness of knowing their name, and introducing oneself.
When I'm walking my dog and we meet up with another owner/dog on the way, the usual interchange is the dogs do their introduction dance, I say to the dog, "Well, what's your name?" (the human social way of asking "What's your dog's name?"), the owner answers" "April! This is April!", I say "Fox, this is April!", and the dogs do the sniffy thing. April also looks up at me and does one of two things - either a double-take and then starts telling me everyithing under the sun, moon and stars, or she continues "being a dog" and has fun with Fox (my preference, as this is HIS fun time!). But it has never happened once where I have approached an animal and they blurt out, "Hi! My name is Sam!"
I know what their name is for a Consultation as the owner buys a "Consultation for Mimi". And I introduce myself and then we proceed. But if I am put in a position where I have to somehow "get it out of them" or their earlier name or their nickname, they are taken aback and get a bit shook up sometimes.They know what their nickname is - why is Mommy asking? They remember their earlier name, or they don't, or they choose not to. This type of thing.
Trust me, they'll volunteer their earlier name or their "secret name" if they so desire. You can ask, but...we'll see. I think skeptics would be the best people to consult for....
A client wrote (trying to be helpful): "I think skeptics would be the best people to consult for....Those types of people are then much more emphatic about supporting you when they find out that you are for real."
Whoops! Skeptics are the worst! Invariably they could care less about their animal's feelings or answers. They've got icky attitudes and it extends waaaaaaay beyond "animal communication". Their basic vibe is "challenge" and as such they are shut off from the fruits of actual observation in life in a broad array of ways. They're like "reporters" who don't really care what happens, they just want to be seen to be testing something, trying it out, etc. They're not active participants.
I need relevant input. Don't "forget" to tell me your pet's age when they passed over and then when we contact them, out of the blue, say to me, "Ask the how old they were when they died" because you don't "believe" in Aunt Julie. From their end, they'll be like....huh?! Why is Daddy asking me how old I was when I died? and they'll clam right up.
Now, I don't refer to you as someone who's just not sure or thinks it sounds kinda....quacky....I mean, card-carrying skeptics. Something's wrong with someone who has taken it upon themself to state, assert, that this is their "outlook". I know I sure wouldn't boast about something like that!
PLUS they will find a "discrepancy" (mauve is not purple) and not attribute it to how one person or being sees things one way and the other, another. A pet is not a living being same as them. A pet is a sentient blob that somehow exists and is a source of "the owner's viewpoint" which is to be vacuumed by a "psychic". When the psychic's mental vacuum cleaner is done, the psychic is somehow to "know" what the owner's viewpoint is on something and parrot it verbatim.
I won't talk to an animal on a testing basis. I will talk to him as him, and on the basis that there's someone who exists - whoever that is - who happens to care about him and what he thinks of things in this world. I can't "disguise" that that other version is some sort of "test". "Hi. Your owner wants to know if I'm full of s***. Can you answer this question?"
What's that you say? Your owner also might care about your health? You've been trying to tell him for 7 years about this incident from when you were a puppy? Yeah, that owner who Loves you.
So how does Aunt Julie feel about "Testing"?
In order of importance (Animals Always Come First!):
I have not yet come across a pet that does not get offended by my "testing" them er uh I mean by my being tested (as that's how they invariably take it). So...No.
I don't need to be tested. If I didn't get it from them, they didn't tell it to me.
If I didn't "interpret it" correctly, talk to me and I'll get it clairfied.
If you don't like their answer, I don't know you well enough to predict what you have apparently decided the animal was supposed to say. I repeat, what you have apparently decided the animal was supposed to say. Animal communication is a loving and wonderful thing. It's also about your pet and their "take" on things.
I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I actually don't, believe it or not.
Somebody has to trust someone sometime.
I'm a lot nicer than perhaps all of that just sounded J.The above just needs to be understood as I'm very protective of an animals' feelings, just as you are. That's why I caught the nickname "Aunt" Julie!
So...No. I don't "do" testing. And I do ask for details.
You may wish to check out the Testimonials, though, if you're looking to hear at least one "verification" that I can hear what they say. It may help for the genuinely interested. 
Note about Past Lives: I will NOT be on my own or by your request asking your pet about their Past Lives, earlier bodies, earlier existences, have they known you (or vice versa). If they volunteer something it is of course treated the same by me as any other communication and I don't bat an eye. (Example: Fido is telling me about how he likes cats and there was this one time he was a kitty back in 1963 and the whole household suddenly got upset about something on the "news" and what was that all about??) But it will not come from me. The reason is that this can be quite upsetting, evaluative, and can in fact spin them. I've had "earlier humans", earlier other species, former suicides, you name it. So I don't ask, though they are free to bring anything up at ALL they so wish. They are always made aware that any- and everything they say is important to me.
Further, this is regardless of any other dealings with anyone else where "it already came up and was fine". It's just too risky and I'm more interested in your animal being's mental health and well-being than in performing any performing parlor tricks (or even the most well-intentioned questions).  
So just don't ask.
Feel free to mention something about it which you may wish to say if you feel it is truly important. I am here for you, as well! Just skip the "Well one time we consulted a psychic who told me that I was married to Rover in 1704!" That's nice, but I'm not going to bring it up for "verification" or your titillation.
If it has come up in the past and you really consider it to be a factor for some reason in current events, you can bring it up with me. If I don't hear that that psychic also told you and Rover that that's "why he now barks all the time", forget it. And the only reason I would bring that up to them would be because it may now need to be addressed just in case it's wrong (as it often is) and they've been waiting around with that hanging over their heads ever since the psychic told them that that was why they bark. And still I wouldn't ask them point blank about it as in: "Were you really married to Mommy in 1704?". It'll be just be mentioned that Mommy told me that this had been said and since she's a bit unhappy about the barking still going on in the household, she's been wondering about that or any other reason Rover has to offer about the barking because she wants the barking problem resolved...and if Rover has any comment on the 1704 time period, trust me, he will say so.
Here's one example, without a lot of details. (Come back to this page when done.)
To make it more real: when I talk to the pets, I talk to them conversationally. OK. So how would you feel if someone conversationally said "Sue! I was your husband Steve who got killed in World War One!" Maybe this might be a "rush". Maybe not. But - maybe you weren't married to a Steve during this time period (gee, did it ever occur to anyone that someone could be wrong about these things?!? and shucks, how many Marilyn Monroes, Jesuses and Napoleons were there all walkin' around during each of their time periods?! Hmmm.). Maybe you were married and you died of cancer and it was a horrible death and...you start to feel a little queasy in the here and now, after hearing this "exciting" comment.
Maybe you were Steve. Or his cat. Or his next door neighbor.
And if this person told you that you were married to them during WW I, what if you are one of those people who chooses not to believe in past lives? Where does that conversation - and your inter-relations with this person - now go?
I know that right now, I'm Julie Rich. I'm not interested in hearing how my eyes are the same eyes as last lifetime (and gee, how'd that happen since I don't now have the same body...), or what the other person wants to "cross check", or what their opinion or evaluation is about what this or that means for me, or how I "knew them". (Maybe I had a reason that I won't feel like knowing them now, huh). Or my "actual" goals. What a wonderful person I am and here's why. The reason that I really like X.
And guess what - I've heard it when I can't stop them fast enough, and it ain't ever correct. Oops!
Has your cat been a cat before? Or a dog? Your dog a horse? Your horse a human? Hung out with you in a diner in New Jersey way back when? Died at Normandy Beach? Went to High School with you in the 1940's and you both got killed in a car accident? Broke bread together at Woodstock? Shot predators in the 1870's?
Yup! If they say so, is all. And even then, that's evaluating for YOU that that's what YOU were doing at that time and place.
Get the idea?
That's why I won't touch it. Not my territory, unless they mention it, and then it's listened to the same way as anything else they tell me.
P.S. When you want to know if your Passed-over kitty wants to come back to you as another kitty (or dog, or..) and they say Yes, and they do, how do you think they did that!? if there's no such thing. J

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Why isn't your phone number on this site?
That's right, my phone number isn't on this site. If it were, I would simply be bombarded with phone calls 24/7. Everyone says "Yes, I know, I understand, I woudn't do that, you need to sleep sometime!, you do sensitive work and need your down time....." but guess what.
I learned from experience.
I don't know you so...No, I don't know your cat and No, I have no idea why he's yowling, crying, spitting up, you-name-it, at 3 a.m. my time when you call me out of the blue, nor will I get in communication with him in my drooling stupor to find out for you for free, on no notice, with no info or picture, when I'm asleep and have scheduled clients for the next day who need Aunt Julie to be coherent. Eekl! Um yes, by the way, I do know that your cat's the most special and important cat in the world - same as my scheduled client's cat. No, I don't know why your horse is kicking in the stall. No, I don't know why two out of your four dogs won't eat wet food nor if they really like your girlfriend. I don't know if they were abused nor do I care right now. YES of course I love animals. Good night!
Look. People I do know call me at all times of day/night. "Are you sleeping? Yes. Oh...OK...hmmm...yeah well anyway, Rover's upset about something. Can you ask him what it is?" 25 minutes of discussions and sort-outs later, they're all happy and my sleep's blown, I have no notes for the file, and you can bet I have to be a "bad guy" and email or call them later to remind them about payment - no matter how thrilled they are!
And don't think that I'm unsympathetic in times of your (and your pet's) stress. Those people who know me, know this and what a pushover er um I mean caring person I am! No matter what I say, I still kind of fall over myself to help your bay-bee with Communication, I hate to leave them in a lurch or sick or worried, and so find myself doing Consults when it's late (and I'm fried), odd-hour emergencies, and skipping my pool time, meals, naps, appointments, etc. So just - please try not to take advantage of things!
Once we're going to do a Consultation, of course you'll have my phone number and I'll have yours..as we'll be set up for communication beyond emails. Usually after our first Consult, I'll send you a few business cards and a wallet calendar with my phone numbers on there and a few without that you can use for referrals or whatever.
Nuf said on that.
Why is it helpful for me to send you a picture of my pet?
I have found it to be just as true for animals as it is for humans that one's body is a very, very important part of one's "self-identification" so it makes the transmit of ideas (from them to me) much more honed from their end if they detect that I "identify" them fully, that is, see or otherwise detect their physical form. I don't know how else to explain it - it's just that way. (Plus most of them love that I can see what they look like - they're very proud and self-conscious, just as we are, so my having their picture to hand is a great ice breaker.)
What can I expect from a Pet Consultation? How long does it take?
The average Initial Consult takes an hour. That's why I price them by the hour. It came from experience - they can "handle" up to an hour, or an hour, or a few minutes more and that's (generally, with exception of course) about it. They get "fried" and can no longer do "the mental thing".
I had one recently with a dog with minimal "issues" and it still went 2 hours. But that's not necessarily the "norm". She just had a LOT LOT to say to her Mommy. I talked with an abused dog recently who one would assume would have needed 2 hours. She was an hour and about 10 minutes. She also needed a Follow-Up later on, but this hour and 10 minutes was what she could do this first time.
I review what you have emailed me, and have your baby's picture handy. I locate the animal, make a stable connection with him and establish who I am and why I'm "tapping on their door".  We get started and the first few minutes are usually the animal prattling away excitedly about the fact that this is even going on (Thank you! Wow! My name is Rex but you knew that! Did you know I really like to be called Schnookie! My Mommy loves me! I like rabbits but I want to eat one! I love my Daddy! I'm the biggest cat of all four! I'm a good watchdog! Yes, I am handsome - don't you love that picture of me? I hate my cage, didja know?? and so on). We banter a bit, and I can easily intuit an opening approach (such as they like that someone notices they're very feminine, they want me to be a little "cocky" with them, this type of thing).
Once through that, things get a bit more...question and answer.
If it seems bit disjointed, think "thought processes" and it tracks easier. We are tapping directly into someone's mind while simultaneously conversing with them.  
The sense of "speaking" fluctuates from child-like to very wise and aged - same pet. They'll convey the deepest philosophical statement and then the next thing out of their mouth - if they're trying to send me concepts of "human words", even - is "wan Mommy take mall" which means that the time you took your daughter to the mall to run in and shop while you waitied with Proodles out in the car, Proodles wanted that favorite toy in the car with her! Don't worry, I translate it all. Just don't be thrown by it. Happens all the time.
Sometimes the pet uses profanity.  I only censor on the phone for propriety's sake; if you don't care, I don't care and simply pass along what they say. It's all the same to me, "offensive" or not - it's simply what this being wishes to say, and how they wish to voice it. It'll either be the actual word and they know it as such, or it'll be the very closest equivalent word in English that I know to communicate the concept + emotion combo that they're trying to get across.
Your pet may be upset you for something you didn't even know about! "Didn't Mommy know that the bad man yelled at me!?" Hang in there. We get through it all. I don't like to end off any Consultation without the animal being fine, and being fine on the fact that it's ending. In fact, when they're really blown out, they sometimes will end it themselves to go enjoy themselves with a sudden BIG BRIGHT SMILE emotion and a quick "Bye!" to me.
They on their own censor "intimate" images - they always do, and they are aware as well that I do not wish to see anything which, well, their owner would not want me to see. The respect for privacy is dignity runs deep in your pet. So if any sensitive subjects are discussed with them, no worries on that.
Pets volunteer all sorts of things during Consultations and generally only "clam up" if something is touchy or seems controversial in their estimation.
On occasion an animal will feel an overwhelming rush of love and appreciation for you or some other similar outburst. Just believe me when I tell you about the emotions they're sending me to convey to you. They're really doing it, I really get it, and sometimes you will feel it as well.
Sometimes they get moody, distracted, start following you everywhere, snake around your legs, twitch in their sleep, etc. during a Pet Consultation. Go with the flow and let them be.
You should figure to allocate an hour or two, I mean, the payment for the Initial Consultation covers that hour (give or take a few minutse, no biggie), but if it goes to like 1/2 hour to an hour over, then it carries over into the "additional hour" hourly rate.
Again, the average Initial Consult is an hour.
I had one today with a dog with minimal "issues" and it still went 2 hours. But that's not necessarily the "norm". She just had a LOT LOT to say to her Mommy. And I had an abused one last week who for whatever reason was only an hour and about 10 minutes. She just knew what she wanted to say and was very Bam Bam Bam about it.
Money Issues (Yours or mine?) 
It's difficult for me to just stop mid-stream and go CaChink! Hour's up! so know going in that if we go over enough, yes, you'll have to cover the extra time. If this concerns you, please say so before we start! I won't get upset! Don't "rush" things as time moves along, the animals pick up on this and get upset. Just- let's just talk about it before we start, if need be. I had an owner one time start to interject quietly and irritatingly, "Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh" with increasing frequency and I couldn't figure out why. This served as a distraction to me and cut my comm line to the pet BAM. On a hunch I looked at the clock and saw that there were like ? 4 minutes left to the top of the next hour, and the owner was getting real nervous about time. I got in comm with her about things and she calmed right down and we agreed to finish up what we were on and smoothly wrap up. This included letting the dog know what was "up" here and why, and getting their agreement on wrapping up in short order.
Always trust in and remember that I don't "gouge" anyone. I don't skimp on what the animal is saying nor my attempts to get it across, either, but I will never, ever try to "pad" anything for more money.  
What are they like after the Consultation? 
Sometimes the animal's a bit "fried" and communicates that they just want to Be A Dog (or cat, etc). They just want to "do doggie things". They MEAN it. They just want to sniff and fetch the ball and roll around and moof and woof, and that's it. No More Mental Work!  You should honor this and help make this happen. Laze around with them and skip discussing anything from the Consult with them (unless there's something they specifically want addressed, but you'll know about that already, if so).
If displayed, the most common outwardly changes you may initially see are that your animal will either seem more relaxed than usual, or perhaps more affectionate, pushy, inquisitive, or insistent. These little "signs" usually occur right away (during or soon after the Consultation, or the next morning after they've "slept on things"). You can expect sometimes for an animal to be a little "odd" for the first 24-72 hours: they follow you around everywhre; they feel cocky and "all that" and are live wires and assertive and growly and "alive!!" for the first time in a long time; they bounce off the walls (and yes, even sometimes pee everywhere more - but then suddenly just stop and are done with that "for good now"; they "snap to" and simply stop whatever that "problem area" was you wanted addressed. They get more loving and cuddly overall and are simply happier. Your "take" on them, your percepton of this, is usually voiced as "They just seem calmer somehow" or "I don't know if it's from your talk, but they just seem happier for days now - ?". Well, since I hear that rather routinely, it is from our talk.  See this Testimonial...  And you can see this one having to do with sometimes they're kind of pooped out (right at the end of the write-up). Usually it's mentioned in an email; this person happened to write it in their Testimonial. The pet is wiped out, intense, over-happy, irritating (LOL) - etc. It just generally occurs the first 24-48 hours, if it shows up.
Except as mentioned, these changes stand alone, that is, they seem to happen regardless of any behavioral "issues" we may or may not have been discussing. It's a natural progression stemming from feeling good after being able to really "talk", and also appreciation of and interest in you as being the one who initiated the whole thing. And don't think they don't know that, too! Some will try to "solicit" new Consultations from their owner via me. This is NOT me "making it up". It really isn't! They don't all volunteer this, but if yours does, trust me - it was their idea and not a "sales gimmick" J
Please feel free and in fact remember to keep me posted on their progress and changes. It's important to me!
Remember: A real, actual Pet Communication is NOT about whether or not they prefer Alpo or Iams. It's about who they are and what they're about...or AUNT JULIE didn't do it! 

Tell them to stop doing that! (or - Aunt Julie's Magic Psychic Wand) 
Many folks expect Aunt Julie to wave her magic psychic wand and make all the bad behaviors go away. They ask, with a bit of despair in their voice, "Can you just ask her to stop rolling in poopie?" "Can't you just tell him to stop barking so much, doesn't he know I don't need all that protection?"
The owner requests, "Can you ask Rover why he rolls in poop?" OK, Aunt Julie asks that. They answer it.  "I like to." "It smells good." Whatever. Done deal.
OK, so the owner says, Can you them to Stop it?!
OK. Done.
Mmmmm......now that woo-WOOOO! Psychic Aunt Julie has Spoken, Rover Will Never Do It Again. woo-WOOOO!
I think not.
I also get Can you tell him to stop it? Let him know I don't like it!
Guess what? The fact that Rover continues to roll in it has NOTHING to do with Lack of Knowledge That Owner Does Not Like It. GET IT GET IT and GET IT.
The first time you went Eeuuu!, Rover heard you and got it. Yup, he knows, and has all along! He's continuing to do it because......of whatever his reason is. (And that's not always because he's being ornery, believe it or not.) Finding out what that is, for Rover, involves talking with Rover. What you and Rover resolve remains to be seen. But it's not up to Aunt Julie to Tell Him What To Do.
Here's a rather harsh example offered up only to make a point:
You are able to commnicate to and with fellow human beings. You have this ability.
You meet up with a robber in an alley. You communicate with him. He robs you anyway.
(Get the point?)
YES, conceivably, you could communicate with him and change his mind. That's not the point here. The point is only that just because I, Julie, Aunt Julie have the ability to communicate with the animal does not necessarily mean that what I - you and I - say to him will "change his mind" or "change his behavior". Yeah, it happens all the time. But sometimes it takes more than one, two or three Consults. Sometimes it takes Mommy doing "odd" things like telling Queenie stories every night or placing Mittens' kitty treats in a row with a flower laying at the end or Daddy not lifting his arms too rapidly when he walks up to Rover, or some such. They have their requests and fun and fears and needs and fantasies and tolerance levels as well!
That's what Aunt Julie is here for. Not to dictate what your pet can and/or can not do.
What is your highest concern or main focus when doing a Pet Consultation? 
That your pet feels it is safe to communicate to me. It is, but they need to know this, feel this, believe this and trust this implicitly.
As stated elsewhere, how the animals feel is what matters to me. Do they feel that they were afforded an opportunity to say what they wanted to say?  Did it feel safe to say so? Did I get it right? Did I translate and transmit their concepts correctly to their human? Did I leave them in a "good place" and/or as best as could be expected, depending?
Feeling that it is safe to communicate to me:  I protect this like a mother hawk. Don't mess with my bay-bees!
Rather, what do I expect from you, the "owner", the"client"? 
New at this Pet Communication thing?
1. Listen to what they said. Really, really GET it.
The sense of "speaking" flucturates from child-like to very wise and aged - same pet. They'll say the deepest philosophical statement and then the next thing out of their mouth is "but I wanned Mommy to take toy mall" which means that the time you took them in the car with your daughter to the mall so she could run in and shop, Star wanted that favorite toy in the car with her!
Ask me for clarification if you don't get the gist of something.
2. If they have a request, DO it, if/when at all possible. If they want you to find Grandma's old bonnet up in the attic and lay it on the fourth chair in the living room for 3 days, just do it. It means something to them; not only that, but for compassion's sake, remember, you and I can fulfill all our "silly notions". You could easily go get that bonnet for yourself if you wanted to; they can't. And when you do something, don't (necessarily) look for that "special recognition" from them. That is, you do it - they may fall all over you for doing so  (common occurrence). They also may not. They may sniff at it, glance at you, and trot away. Trust me, they know exactly what you did for them and why, and they're just being "personalities". You will have made an impression on them which they will never forget. Some pets are coy and that's just them.
3. Never, ever berate them, tease them, make them feel stupid or less ~ especially about what they say, or any other communication. What they say is what they say. Don't turn to them after reading my Consult email or after getting off the phone from a Phone Consult say, "Oh, so you think you're getting a new cage, huh?" or "Honey, Sugar told Aunt Julie the Pet Communicator she wants to wear a pink bandana. Isn't that cuuuuuute!?" (snicker), or "Princess told the Pet Psychic that she really is a Princess! Can you imagine - a CAT thinking that?" or "I didn't know you were upset about the earlier owner....isn't Mommy good enough for you now? Don't you know I love you? How could you still be upset? Don't you know I know you? Huh? Huh?" etc. Just keep it safe for them, sometimes it's the first time they feel they've ever been heard. And mark my words, they'll love YOU the more for it!
4. If they have a secret which they have told me so that I can divulge it to you, don't use this to "lord over" them. It ain't cute. You will upset, humiliate or even devastate them. They confided, got it off of their chest, and that's the end of it.
5.  Try not to nit-pick every single thing they have said. What's real for them is what's real for them. Who cares if you remember their favorite toy as blue and they remember it as red? For all we know, something red was their favorite "toy" and you were unaware of that fact. Which brings to mind a BIG misconception: What you think is their "favorite toy", ain't. Well, a lot of the time, anyway. Yes, they love this toy and play or played with it all the time, but that does NOT mean it's their favorite toy. You'd be surprised. Often they go a bit blank when asked by me what their favorite toy is, and wonder which one they're "supposed" to say it is or was. Sorry! It's simply no different than one decides that your favorite TV show is NYPD Blue because they happen to know that you never miss an episode, but to you, it's The Nanny and you have to work to catch the re-runs when on. Or you have no "favorite" show but one could consider that you did as, again, they know that you always tune in some particular show.
Also, sometimes you will ask about an issue. By the time we're done talking, your pet will have covered it and changed their mind or feel's it's a dead subject, but it may not have gone the way you expected. If it's genuinely not important, don't beat it to death. When it's done for them, it's done. They are generally willing to go over it again because that's what you wanted ~ they really are! But I try not to dredge up things unnecessarily. (You'll get a better feel for this as the Consultation progesses along.)
6. Get in comm with me right away if something seems "off", even if it's just a nagging feeling you have. It's either time for a FollowUp (can come at any time), or something was misinterpreted from the Initial Consultation. I have no problem clearing things up and often can quickly "flesh out" the concept which was given to me at the time of the Consultation as long as I can remember it!
7. Don't forget about your pet! How would you like to be "allowed" to only have one conversation per lifetime? Do some Follow-Ups with them, if only just to listen. Especially to "just" listen. They LOVE when Mommy buys an hour Follow-Up, Aunt Julie contacts them, and they hear Mommy say, "I just wanted to know what Sasha's thinin' about these days. Is she having fun with the kitty still? Would she like to go to the Dog Park this weekend or the beach? Tell her I just want to hear her "voice" and hear about anything she wants to say! Oh! Make sure you tell her I'm SO proud of her for not peeing on the carpet anymore since the last Consult. Only one 'mistake' and I don't even care. She's such a good girl! OK - what does she want to talk about?"
"Your work doesn't just promote better communication between humans and animals. It can free these beings from all sorts of horrible memories from their pasts and help them get over it so that they can enjoy the new lives they have now." ~ JS


When is it time for a "Follow-up"? 
The Initial Consultation generally takes care of initial needs and also paves the way for a smoother relationship, resolved issues, etc. You're more confident on how to proceed, your animal has a new "take" on things, and the like.  Then life carries on and something else may crop up, perhaps related to the initial subject(s), perhaps not...you may wish or need to follow up with some more communication, update or the like. This is a Follow-Up as the animal and I will already have established a communication "line" and rapport between us, and things should progress quite rapidly. This service is generally most applicable when something later changes that you can't put your finger on and it won't resolve (such as a marked behavior change that doesn't ease off after a few days), or you want to have an ongoing communication line with your pet(s). Cost-wise, figure this should run you one Follow-Up hour, or $60. Please note that this has a one-hour minimum. When paying, you pay using the Follow-Up link on the Available Services / Order Here page and just enter the number of Follow-Up hours for "quantity" at the PayPal site.
Sometimes folks wait until something "happens". That's not always wise, by the way; I have learned this from countless times of talking with an animal and in passing they mention "When I was about 4, incident X happened and I've been upset about that ever since" and on occasion, that Incident X is the beginning of their demise over a 5 year span which led to them getting ill and so on and so forth - I think you get the idea - some of my "regulars" who from time to time simply check in with their pet(s). Just - it's been 2 months, I want to buy a Follow-Up hour and talk to the babies, check if there's anything they want to say - with Rover, I do want to ask him why he was so upset at the black dog 2 days ago at the dog park (note that three years from now, this'd be old news and the recall of it could be compromised with regards to what makes sense to the owner), and with Princess Kitty, I want to see if she's upset over the growling fest she got into with Fido last night. Blah blah. The only point being, they can get stuff off their minds which could be or not be pivotal later on. Or just trivial. Oh, heck, it just keeps 'em happy. Once they've got a taste of it, they do like to catch up here and there. They don't necessarily want to yak all the time, believe it or not, but certainly here and there.
 Explain it so it makes sense!
I'll try!
There's a write-up on another page. Click here to read that, it should help. (Then return to the FAQs.)

What do you mean you "touch over their way"? 
Can/will my pet let Aunt Julie or you know when it's time for a Follow-up?
You'll find both of these questions covered here.
Once I've established a communication line with the pet, it's "there". So when I want to grab her or "access" her as it were, I just kind of mentally touch over there. Almost like a gentle tap - even gentler. I have something in mind and put something on that comm line, a concept. Maybe I read an email you sent and you're concerned because she seems to be whining more than usual since her surgery. My attention goes over to her; this concept rides right along with it sa I read your mail. It's that fast / simultaneous. (Sort of. It's hard to explain, but this is the gist of it.) She gets the concept and doesn't have to "answer", I get her response concept anyway, and to a greater or lessor some degree, and she knows she's been "accessed". She'll say something to me or she won't, but she does make accessible the "answer" or response or the info.
This isn't really the "two-way" communication you and I do with her during the Consult. It is, but it's more on the order of me just tossing a concept over there without a question about it, just...."the idea of her whining more since her surgery" and she's, let's say, idly zomming around staring at the wall thinking doggie thoughts about flowers and trees and chasing kitties, and zzzzzz...mixed in there she gets the idea of "I had surgery" (or whatever her concept is of what occurred that day in the vet's office) and her attention might drifffffffft gently but instantaneously onto how she feels about that. In comes strongly a feeling like Mommy's going to leave her with the big insect person! (visuals included) and suddenly she feels whiny.
What happened? I touched over her way regarding this, it created a tiny zzzzzt reaction or thought process, I got that, I can let you know that she understood (or did not) what surgery is and what her sugery was, and, while frightened at that time (or at some point in time she made this association), she saw the scary veterinarian person as a huge bulbous-headed insect and she was scared when you left her at that (surgery) time, and so is feeling this scaredness once again, right now.
A lot can be learned in an instant.
She could also want to vent, discharge her emotions and thoughts, and so on , immediately and simultaneously, so I have to be deft (conscientious and in control) about how I do this or, as I say, "they'll start talkin'". This is NOT what I want to occur at this time - that's for you and I to do with her during the Consult time.
Like I said, can be reading an email and the concepts go over to her the same way, and I get a response of sorts.  Some of it's "association". Like... if I say "swimming!" and you're deathly afraid of swimming you might get a mental picture of pool water and a stomach twinge and a metallic taste in your mouth and some slight anger when reminded of how your boyfriend still laughs at you when you won't jump into the pool with him because he really doesn't get it. You're waling along one day and out of the blue someone walks up and says, "swimming". You get this instant mixed bag of things come in at once. IF someone were doing this "mentally", simply tossing the concept of "swimming" your way and could for whatever reason "get" what you "got" as that bag-of-reactions, they'd go, Oh, okay, I touched over Sally's way and sent her the concept of "swimming". What I got back was a stomach twinge to the point of "upset stomach",some thought about tooth brushing, some fear-like emotion, some visual on blue water, kind of light like, oh, perhaps a swimming pool, and a feeling of wanting to angrily cry - something like frustration? - regarding some guy who's "close" to her.
If I don't know Susie, this would be about it. With Animal Communication, the owner can pretty much figure out what this might all mean. And if I did know Susie, I could then interpret it to some degree, like I might know it's her boyfriend, or that she hated pools specifically. But other than that, really, I don't interpret or do so as little as possible! I just get their concepts and pass them along. You the pet owner can fill in the blanks, and certainly discuss it with me/your pet as we go along, if it matters.
Often times, this happens when I first find out about your pet. You have emailed me about them (the "info write-up"), perhaps just an inquiry. When the Consultation becomes imminent, that is, you have sent payment, emailed the pictures and info etc and we're just in the back and forth stage of coordinating our schedules, the animal sometimes will get very excited! They've already picked up on me, on your ideas on it, you've told them about Aunt Julie (which is fine!!), they know something is imminent (as my concept of them literally has expanded to include "scheduling"), etc. They can't wait! I get their comm, their impulses, their excitement each time I read an email about them. It's almost dangerous for me to think about them! J   (Back to Horses Testimonials)
As a result, I'll occasionally get this type of email (actual mail):
"B- is quite anxious to chat with you. She's just been a bit different over the last few days... approaching me a lot, wagging her tail (kind of unusual for her), looking into my eyes frequently. As I said before, I'm pretty jazzed about this!"
So yes, once I've established a communication line with the pet, it's "there". Once we're done with the Initial Consultation, will they then let me know when it's time to another actual "talk"? Well, yes and no. I can't be on "receive" 24/7 or I'll never sleep! I mean, it's the same as any incoming communication. Just because I can hear doesn't mean I want to hear all the time. Just because you can hear people talk, doesn't mean you want every person talking to you randomly, at any time day or night. It's no different. Every so often someone I'm working with "zings" me like when I'm in the car or in the loo or trying to sleep or typing and email...and my attention goes out of the blue on some particular animal being. I'm into something else and not "paying attention" so I don't get the actual comm, but I do know that they've sent something my way. The "zing" is like - I suddenly get something tossed into my head, so to speak, and then I "get" who it is. Princess in Ohio. Bailey in Portland. Scruffy whose Mommy is Jenna. This type of thing. I'll know who it is.
Whatever I'm into, I generally acknowledge them and continue on - I have to get things done or your pet won't get attended to - and if warranted, I'll email the owner, but this is pretty rare as almost invariably, the owner emails me that Rover seems off, or odd, or this or that happened, or they're sick, or they had this great breakthrough in ----, or that they simply think it's time for a Follow-Up!
Don't "depend" on me to let you now when it's time for your pet to have the Follow-Up, even if it seems a logical way to go because my comm with them is so good. As soon as I'm done with that conversation for the day, I've got to turn my attention completely elsewhere or the next guy suffers when I'm in comm with him! This is ongoing i.e. I've got tons of pet comm lines.
If it still doesn't make sense, think of it this way: I could right now be trying to do the Consutltation on your pet, all the while hearing "Hello" from a cat I talked to in December, "Mommy is angry at me for barking today but not for peeing yesterday"! from a dog from April, "The dog's a creep after all" from a bird from March, "I want to talk! How are you??" from a cat from last week, "I think I have cancer now cuz my tummy hurts" from a dog from June - you get the idea. All in...like 2 minutes.
If nothing else, when you think it's time, believe me, it's time.
If you get the idea that that's time's coming - ditto.

How are multiple pet households handled? 
Multiple pet households involve and encompass ongoing consulting, help or monitoring; regular "checkups" and the like. Each animal has his Initial Consultation. From that point on, we can "go around the room", that is, you buy a Follow-Up hour and we talk to as many as we can or would like to during that Follow-Up hour.
Each pet/animal is its own being, its own self. It is not uncommon, however, for me to receive an email inquiry about doing 2 (or more) animals in the first Initial Consultation, usually because the owner "only has a few questions for each".  They are either novices at Animal Communication, are trying to save money, don't "get" that there's anyone really "home" with their pet, I mean not really, or think that I can somehow "handle" something simply by asking a question about it (thereby shortening the time necessary for their pet. Long or short, each animal needs his/her own time.).
For reasons written all over this site, Quickie Questions don't fly too well with animals, so Aunt Julie won't do that.  So yes, each animal needs their own time. Initially, they've got a lot to say and/or ask. Usually you do, too.
When there are two or more tangling, each needs to be heard separately, at least initially.
When there are a lot who are even getting along, they all still need their own chunk of time, at least initially.
AFTER all have had their own Initial Consult, time with one is his or her Follow-Up.  Many can speak within an hour or perhaps two, using Follow-Up hourly rates. But the first time for each is its own Initial Consultation.
NOTE: things can really change and it can really rock the "status quo" of the family unit.  Invest the time and yes, money, to cover all of 'em, one by one. DO it. Don't just do the trouble child, or your favorite one, or the one you have nagging questions for, ignoring the happy, quiet, calm, settled ones. They, too, have their "say".
Things are going to get stirred up in the household. It varies with their personalities. You start with Dog #1 Rover. He gets a lot off his chest. Dog #2 Simon and Cat #1 Wally act normal but are a bit warier because Rover seems.....different somehow. Rover gets more feisty and ain't gonna take it anymore from Wally. They spar. Now, Cat #2 Kip has been jealous all along because How come Mommy started with Rover? Kip picked up about Aunt Julie and has Important things to say to her! Oblivious, you have Wallybe the second pet you do a Consult with. OK. Kip is now beside himself with jealousy. Rover, seeing that Mommy really is following through, now feels like the Old Salt, after all, HE got to "go first", so he can lord over 'em all! But when we next do a quick check with him, he owns up that he's secretly thrilled that they're all going to get their turn. He also volunteers that Kip should go next because Kip is reeeeeal upset these days. Wally the cat has nothing big going on but is thrilled to be able to tell her Mommy that she loves to sniff the lawn when outside, and that she is secretly a Princess and did Mommy know that? Dog #1 Rover interjects with an Eye Rolling emotion...Yes, Mommy and Aunt Julie crack up at that, but remind Rover that it's Kip's time right now. Rover backs right off, respectfully. Kip the kitty now loves him to death because he did that and Wow! he's never been so nice to her before!
Yes, I can keep track of it all. But if I didn't get to know them first individually, and if they didn't get to get their initial stuff off of their chests, that first Consult would be nuts!
There are many successes, but here are two Testimonials you can read which tell a bit of what it can be like in real life:  Testimonial One, Testimonial Two, Testimonial Three.  
About a week later, or perhaps a month and a half, or.....Mommy emails Aunt Julie with comments along the line of "You should see my household now!" "We're finally a family!" "I thought I was going to have to get rid of our latest adoption Rover because they all were shunning him, now he seems to be more...accepted." "I can't put my finger on how things have changed but I tell you, Aunt Julie, there's a new harmony amongst my pets that I never thought was possible." "I thought Spooky was never going to come out of her shell, but I saw her out of the corner of my eye last night, slinking out of her favorite kitty hiding place. She actually sat by one of the puppies! And she hates anything Dog!" "Scooter tolerates the kitties now!" "They don't snarl at each other anymore!"
Hey, even if it's just a little better for a little bit, it's a start...something to build on.
It's worth a try.  
Here's one more recent Testimonial....
Here's a Testimonial which will show how this dynamic can apply to a group of other "pets" such as, well in this case, horses.

I always knew that my 3 cats liked me and liked the affection they received from me, but it wasn't until Aunt Julie communicated with them that I found out how deeply they love me. Knowing that has brought us much closer. I really feel like I have a family to come home to now. ~ SS

How do you handle conflicts between animals? 
I don't. They do. You do. You all do. We all kind of do.
The following is another one of my hate/love to tell ya dissertations.
They are BEINGS and are in many ways just like you and I.
Ladies - remember Junior High? You were in this group and they were in that one. You would tell Sally how you didn't like Sloan. And you didn't!
Did telling Sally this make you like Sloan?
I think not.
Rover tells me (us, during the Consult) how he hates how Fluffy swats at him every single time he walks by. Done, over and out, comm delivered. Chances are excellent he will still hate it two seconds later and will keep growling and the conflicts will go on.
The commonality between my 2 examples is:  there's an upset, disagreement, conflict, whatever. Someone voices it. That does not necessarily handle it. (Sometimes it does! but that's another story.)
And Aunt Julie didn't "do" anything about, either. I'm the in-human-terms "voice" for them. I'm the Translator you see on tv shows when the cops or the doctor or the UN or whoever has someone from another country who doesn't speak English. That translator works hard to not alter the intended concepts the originator is trying to get across to the other person. That's me.
Ultimately, it's these guys who will sort things out (or not), no different than you or I. If it's intolerable to you, make sure it's not just your tolerance level and they're actually fine, for starters. If there's an actual problem to address, we'll attack it, no problem.
Now, there are 2 sides to each story and many facets to each side. Rover will often times tell you he loves Fluffy madly and she's his favorite fellow household pet! Fluffy will tell you in a separate Consult that she thinks of him as one of her errant kittens...and where did they all go? They all just up and disappeared one day! so she has to take it out on him because he's Too Darned Frisky for her and he needs to damp down that motion and fast! Bad kitty!
You may think they're both kind of cutely nuts....but you will understand. Yup! your dog growls at her, snaps at her and chases her, all because she swats at him and scares him newly each time - but he loves her dearly and wouldn't have it any other way. Yup, she goes out of her way to swat at him for No Good Reason cuz...it works! and YES she refers to him as a kitten when he's actually a dog. Well, to her, he's a kitten and that's literally what she sees. Ask a kid Who he is when he's in the throes of Cowboys & Indians and he'll scream out I'm Wild Bill! or I'm Running Bear the Wild Warrior Whoop-whoop! and honey, he'll beLIEVE it.
You see a contented kitty who likes to sun herself and purr and head-butt you when you come by. That's nice, and that's feline nature, and is actual love and affection from her, yes. But guess what? Your kitty's got more to her than that. There are 24 hours in a day. She's actually overall bored stiff and feels that she needs to be chased by the big lunk. Another thing that comes up a lot from cats...Part of her extreme pleasure from this game (which you thought was a conflict between them) is the thrill of just knowwwwwwing someone's chasing her Whee! Just like her primal in-the-wild fleeing instinct Vibrant! Alive! Scary! Run! Run! Run! And guess who's the Number One candidate to charge up every time? He falls for it all the time, the ol' dawg. Stupid, lovey dog. He's the greatest and dontcha dare tell him I said so!
Sound a bit ridiculous or "made up" for this FAQ? Hate to tell ya, but I hear variations of this quite frequently. Now, it may come off like "there's nothing you can do" about the situation. But guess what?
MOST of you will find changes occur right away. Once Rover has voiced his beefs and his viewpoints, you do Fluffy's Consult, maybe, oh, the next day. You hear her innermost thoughts and her ideas and her by-the-way here's what I think about Mr. Rover the big evil icky dawg.  You are more aware of things and you start to watch the little tiny nuanced signs and indicators (as they will have divulged other things as well about what they have their attention on, what they like and dislike, etc.). You'll find that 1. what you thought was a "problem" you needed to contact Aunt Julie about wasn't in fact a problem at all (for them) but rather either your fear that it was (and rationally so, since there's swatting and growling going on), or 2. it was your insufficient tolerance level for hearing these kind of goings-on. Too rowdy when you're trying to work! or something like that.
You may find that you catch kitty gently nosing Rover's side one time. Did she do that before and you missed it? Is she now suddenly doing it? Who knows? It's happening now, or, at least happened that one time.
Stay tuned. With more talks, you'll find sooner or later...if not right away, then after, oh, 3 or 4 talks, some tweaking, some listening to them about their issues and their desires, that things settle down a bit and the games aren't so violent, bothersome, charged up, or whatever. Or they'll get spunkier still but you'll see that they're having the time of their lives and you just missed it somehow.
If it continues and is still a bad thing or gets out of hand too frequently or whatever, we'll know soon enough and we can keep working on it. What that means to you and/or to them will unfold for you as we do the first and second "sessions" of this communication. Like I've said in other places on this site, things make more sense as they roll along. Everyone is different.
Do you have a special rate for "foster" and/or "rescue" folks?
People who donate their time, energies and money to rescuing animals and/or fostering animals are definitely in need of Aunt Julie's services, but their expenses "per animal" sometimes do not easily allow for this. Depending on the structure of their organization, they are operating or dependent on donations and their own monies to finance their operation. They spend money on traps, microchips, vet visits, medicines, cages, blankets, laundry, food, clean water, travel expenses, phones calls, spreading the word about the pets, etc. ~ and often for many pets per week or month. I invite them to take advantage of a reduced rate for my services.
Now, this is not for someone who adopted their dog (or pets) at the Humane Society as opposed to buying one (or more), and this is not for someone who has a dog that they fostered once and decided to keep, or is fostering a dog for the first time and may or may not continue doing this. This is for the person who does this type of thing routintely as a regular activity. You know who you are! J
Take advantage of this alternative way for paying for Aunt Julie's services only if it's the best plan for you.  The savings will be for those who do a lot of Initial Consultations and not so much of the Follow-Up hours. That is, you get 4-5 animals through a week. You do Initial Consult with 2 or 3 of them. One you do another hour with, that week. The other gets adopted and you do a Follow-Up hour with them a month later to make sure they're happy. This cycle repeats pretty much weekly. You would want to use the Foster/Rescuer rates, as you primarily do Initial Consultations, and with Foster/Rescuers rate, these would be $55 each. So would the Follow-Up hours, they'd also be $55 each, but you wouldn't have that many.
If you do Fostering or Rescuing and you have quite a few animals at your place and need or like to keep in comm with them, you'd have more Follow-Up hours per animal. Opt for the "regular" pricing schedule as although the first hour would be $90, the subsequent ones would be $60/per.
Actual examples of rescuer/fosterer groups:
Why do you charge for your services?
Well, why do you charge for yours?
Yes, you. That includes anyone who: works at a gas station, does massage, walks dogs for others, waits tables, drives a bus, does nursing, inputs data into a computer, does phone sales, fights fires, DJs at parties - you name it.
If that doesn't answer the question as to Why I charge for my services....
Ya want a long list or a short list? ..
Why does anyone charge for anything? Money is the oil which lubes society's gears, occurrences, exchanges of goods and services, etc. I can't eat goodwill, nor can you work your workweek on a volunteer basis. Even if you're retired and have an income source, you did something for that income source. In essence, it's not "found money"...you charged for your services at some point in time.
Yes, this is what I "do" and is all that I do for a "living".
If I cease to charge and have to go do something else, let's just say Julie won't be able to be Aunt Julie for all the bay-bees out there (nor for yours). I have back injuries and need to be home anyway, so I have to "do" something that I can do here at home while being pretty much laid up.
It takes believe it or not about three times the amount of time you are aware of for me to produce one Consultation...NOT the communication, that's just done "live", but to find you or have you find me, to handle scheduling (with different time zones), logistics, juggling, those who forget the scheduled time, etc., web site maintenance, extensive emails, indoctrination before and chatting and suggestions after the paid-for part of our conversation, good records and paperwork so that I hopefully refer and see that you have the live cat named Simba and not the passed-over bird named Samba that I talked to three years ago or the friendly dog in Seattle named Simba, and the like. So yes, I need to charge for my time and services. Hey - as if this were bad enough, all my bills and utilities increased due to living in Florida and our being barraged with hurricanes and the expenses to the State these incurred. I had one price increase on the 1st of September last year which was an already-planned increase, determined prior to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina which herself resulted in higher costs all around slowly creeping into my and your life (groceries went higher because of fuel costs and alternate import routes, rising insurance rates, etc.).There was no way around it. I wish there were, and for those of you who know me, you know I held off as long as I could.
I hear that I'm good and that I'm worth much more. You don't necessarily have to feel that way but know that I've heard that enough times that I feel I can charge for my services. The fact that I undercharge is an entirely different story.
If Animal Communication isn't valuable to you, then why are you reading over my site and considering using my services? J

Did you have a recent rate increase? 
Time flies! There was a Cost of Living price increase Sept 1st ('05). I sent out an email announcement to my clients to this effect well in advance. NOTE the only rates not affected were for Fosterers/Rescuers; their rates remained at the same lesser price.
The payment links on my ordering pages (regular order and Passed Over) now of course reflect the new rates.
My own bills and expenses have been increasing with increased frequency and have hiked substantially twice since the last time I eeked up my Aunt Julie prices so I simply have to, to "keep up". I made the determination and announcement prior to Hurricane Katrina, and prior to the gas price increase, too (sigh) - and found out that at the beginning of '06 three or four of my utilities have or are going to substantially increase - again. Fun.
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Thank you for your understanding and support so that Aunt Julie can continue to operate as, well, Aunt Julie!
Do animals have their own names or do they know themselves by the names they are called by their owners? Do they know the names they had in the past?
Yes, yes and yes.
Then don't always like to talk about it...
Sometimes they have put it out of their mind and do not wish to recall it...
In any case, an owner asked me those questions recently and I realized it was time to do a little write-up for my site.
Pets have their names as you know them (you named them that or an earlier owner did and you knew the name and also kept it), they often have their "own", sometimes "secret" name, and rescued animals of course have earlier names of which you would normally never know. When going to new homes, getting rescued and the like, I've found that they love their new names as it's part of their new, fresh start, their new identities, as it were.
I consulted a cat recently who had a "secret name". She had come up with this however she had come up with it, and she liked the sound of it. No one knew about this name, and that was fine with her - except she got a little thrill passing it along to her Pet Communicator, and also knowing that her owner would find out as soon as the communications were passed along.  
She wasn't interested in being called by this name and in fact this would have upset her as then it was no longer a "secret name". It was the sweet innocence of a child: she knew her Mommy would now know, but as long as Mommy never mentioned it to her, it could still be her private fun. She wanted her Mommy to know this more than she wanted it kept a secret.
(If she had told me that she now wanted to be called by this other name, I would have passed that along as well.)
They only occasionally harbor these secret names. They LOVE secrets, love to have their secrets, and the secrets are always real cute & innocent by human standards...though of course very special and important to them. It's not malicious "I've got something over on Mommy", it's more like - everyone likes to have, needs to have, something private, something that's their very own, something they can cherish in the privacy of their own mind. I'm not referring to the bad, embarrassing or whatever type of stuff. I'm referring to one's own ideas about things. People just tend to think of "secrets" as bad or unsavory things, but I've found with animals, it's not that way, it's a cute, pure and fun thing. Imps!
Funny, I've never had to "withhold" from an owner. The pets really, really want their owners to have free access to their thoughts and ideas - they're all so "clean" and caring & their only trepidation seems to be fear of reprisal or hurting feelings or being looked at differently from that point on, etc.
But I will let the owner know to make sure that they don't use the name, under circumstances such as above. I think, I hope, they understand and respect the animal's wishes. It can be very unstabilizing to the animal to have these things thrown back at them, very introverting and scary.
Another cat had 3 names, that is, her name was X but owner also called her Y and Z, you know, cute pet names. Y seemed right when I was consulting her for "some" reason and the cat also mentioned in passing that she preferred this name. She was fine on the owner using the other ones, but really she wanted the Y name to be her "real" name. I put that in the mail. The owner next day commented that Y seemed like a much better fit. (Funny how that works.) From that point on, Y's what she was going to be called.
Some pets name themselves, that is, the owner gets a new baby and wants to know what the pet would like to be named. They kick around ideas it's not just about what the pet wants, Mommy and Daddy need to like it, too! Occasionally an animal who's been rescued, say literally off the streets, has an opportunity to pick a name. One client names the cats she is regularly rescuing. One of them decided that she was not "Ella" but was in fact "Emma" and furthermore, "Emma Roland". That was that. Emma Roland, Emma Ro and sometimes Emma. She loved the sound of my client's voice when she called her Emma Ro. I mean...she just loved it! When the cat got a new permanent home, she got to keep her name. We still check on her here and there and she's still very puffy-proud about her Emma Roland name. Where'd she come up with that? Who knows? Who cares? It was and is her name, and she loves it. Omitting last names, another self-named kitty is Daria Belle, a bird came up with Quinn "Baby" McFee  (he wanted the quotes) and a passed over bird who went on to be a chihuahua came up Tommy James.

Most pets like their names and with many of them their primary concern is how the owner feels about it. Names are an important part of their identities and they often think it's "cool" or fulfilling that their name gives their owner pleasure, such as a name with sentimental value or which represents a character from a TV show. My own dog had a name which no human ever named him.  I'm aware of it but I do not mention to him or anyone else. I had tried it on for size way back when...but then he and I decided together on his Fox Mulder name (a story unto itself) and I never mention that other name around him nor pass it along to others - or even think about it, really. It'd spin the little guy. He is who he is and names are an important part of our identities. He wants to only be known as Fox, Mulder, or Fox Mulder if Mommy's, well, using his "full name"
Do they remember earlier names? Again, that varies from being to being. I've found that  once again, they're like kids in that what's "real" to them is what's in front of their face. You can tell the kid 100 times "Don't go into the street" and they "get" it...but when the ball bounces out there, off they go after it! That was then, this is now! type of thing. Also kids adjust - an analogy might be found in the movies where the family has to run off in the Witness Protection Program and little Susie has to get used to being little Josie. Well, after months, she'd be like...what an animal is, that is, used to it, can remember the earlier name but can go with the flow either way and it's still fun to "play" the new name, and she also knows it's important to maintain the new name & it makes Mommy happy. And after years, she'd just be Josie.
The animals know, they just get used to the new name and identify themselves, their homes, their environ, their new families, with that new name. It's safe, it's unabrasive, it makes Mommy happy (a BIG BIG BIG BIG point with lots of them), and the earlier times can be fond, bad or null memories - they're just in the past.
(And just like us or any other beings, sometimes they don't remember. Heck, sometimes I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday!)
What do animals care about / think about all day?
The same things we do, believe it or not! That's not to say they worry about the economy, what celebrities are wearing, which Sopranos character will get killed off this season, the price of mascara or tax returns. They focus primarily on two basic things: contented leisure, consisting of things like waiting for the owner to come home, gazing out the window, having a full belly, cuddling with their kittens, playing with other pets or toys etc., and "challenges" such as attacking their toy, tug-of-wars with the other dog, chasing this or that, waiting anxiously for the owner to appear in the window, figuring out how to get that one piece of bird seed they just have to have, etc. They tend to concentrate on personal survival (food and water), the survival of any of their offspring, and your survival.
They do, however, harbor the most surprising array of thoughts, concerns and issues! If you are worried about a potential war in Iraq, they never went to school so perhaps can't quite identify what this "Iraq" is, but they will still worry with you that this "bad thing" will happen. If you are irritated from a hard day at work, they may fuss a bit each morning when you say the name of the company in the course of telling your wife that you're on your way to work. They worry about fellow animals' health and recovery, about the futures of their puppies, your health and odors reflective of poor health, whether or not "the move to the new house" will entail them losing their perch in their cage, and whether or not they are "fat" or otherwise "funny-looking" or amusing to humans. They can retain angry or nervous feelings for years on end as they have no way to "get things off their chest". Territory is important and remember, their bed is their bed so they may continually nest, arrange and re-arrange and perfect their personal space - just as we do. Pets fuss about their responsibility for, or lack of control over, the safety and security of the home. They wonder if they are truly equals in the household, and if the "superior" humans are all they are supposed to be. The list goes on.
When asked about specific points, they have very direct and honest answers. They do not lie; in fact, it's almost not even in their nature. I've never had one even come close. They may balk at discussing something for fear of reprisal but when assured it's safe to communicate, they'll generally "out with it" straightaway.
And if nothing else, a good lazy nap will pass the time quite nicely!
I think I'm "communicating" with my animal but he's just staring at the wall.  What's up with this!? How do I know if he's listening, let alone understanding me?
He is. Unless he isn't.
It's the same as with human beings. They're paying attention, or they're not.
You can't always tell because you're used to humans who look at you, occasionally offer a "Um-hmm" or laugh, who talk with human vocal chords and tongue so the words sound like, well, words, etc. It doesn't necessarily occur to a ferret that he's supposed to have eye contact when you're talking to him about his little play blanket. He can listen just fine while nibbling on his tail, thank you!
And yes, animals understand what you're saying. Degree, depth and sophistication of comprehension varies from animal to animal and of course from subject to subject. The animals get your concepts (telepathically) and from those, glean what they need or want to know. Their primary concerns in life are defined above, so they realize they do not need to comprehend calculus or why you need to re-schedule your dental appointment. As a result, like any other student of life, they will not necessarily retain "learned data" about things common to us in life. Think Greystoke (Tarzan) - nothing wrong IQ-wise, just such a contrast in exposure to our "data" that one could think of them as not understanding or as being capable of understanding.
Example: you're thinking about opening a can of cat food and talking about work with your best friend. Kitty has been hearing off and on for days now about the crazy deadline you have at work, and is idly half-listening to see if there's anything juicy she'll hear today.  "Work" means where you are daily, and she has a concept of things based on the familiar smells you come back with daily, your mood and attitude, the recurring word and phrases she hears about the subject, and so on. It's not real important to her, so - so what. (Same as with a child, "work" is somewhere Daddy goes every day, no biggie. They don't have to understand what your deadlines are about!)
In short, she could probably care less about work as it's not something directly related to her or to the subjects listed above as things animals normally think about. She does, however, pick up on up your cat food intention and so all your other concepts, voiced or not, now mean nothing to her. Kitty knows her food is imminent! You didn't have to say a thing about it, either. Her stomach twinges sharply, her taste buds come to life, and she's all over you in two seconds, meowling away.
Their vocabulary improves with continued exposure to human language, just as a human child's will. Their depth of comprehension of "adult" (read: human) issues will not increase as time goes on unless attention is paid to this, but do not underestimate the degree of stimulus-response these animals function under the weight of. Food and water and base survival are very, very instinctively key to them and will override all concerns. Information, words and concepts not directly related to their survival are rapidly discarded.
Don't mess with this too much. Once in awhile I'll catch an animal knowing exactly what I'm talking about. When they suddenly pick up that I know, they usually freeze up and stare at me, alarmed. I just find a way to comfortably acknowledge it and then immediately get them onto some sort of pet game (throw a ball, etc). LET THEM BE WHO THEY ARE. This is more important than I can say. They are an animal because they are an animal. Let it be, and never undermine their chosen purpose and place in life. No head games allowed!

Do Animals Watch TV?
Yes and No. Read the two points below:
1. My neighbor has a dog who completely and literally will watch TV in the same fashion as we. He can watch a movie from start to finish. Certain things set him off, excite him, or upset him.  Controversy, kissing, shooting, this type of thing gets him very agitated - too much emotion involved in what he's seeing. He may not understand the "electronics" of it (who does?!) so sometimes he'll bark hysterically and run to the back of the TV set looking for the "horses" he sees onscreen, but one can sit there and covertly watch his eyes following every onscreen character's move. You may have a similar pet or know of one.
This is the exception rather than the norm. Most pets are not that way. They don't have a clue nor could they care less. They may notice a thing or two...my own dog Fox only occasionally glances up, and only seemed to be affected by certain melodramatic musical scores (so I just change the station as he'll glance at me, worried).  Also, their eyeballs are not structured.....no, let me better phrase this. We have developed television to be compatible with our eyeballs and our optic functions, not canine's or feline's optical capacities. (To say it another way always makes it sound like they're somehow limited or handicapped.)
Events of major import on tv can catch their attention, though. I recall, for example, my dog Fox was tense about "the war" though oblivious to what it was actually about. We were up watching the later much-repeated footage of a long line of spread out surrendering uniformed Iraqi soldiers walking with their hands on their heads. He was chewing on a treat and suddenly looked up - ears perked - eyes riveted onscreen: a very, very rare thing for him to do.  My instant perception on this was a: "they're surrendering, they're surrendering" concept.  Knowing what I know (and doing what I do), I knew this wasn't "Gee, my dog's reacting to flashing lights and he can't understand the images". I know better. I tuned in to Fox, a bit on the sly so as not to interrupt him. I was curious what my baby thought of all this war stuff! As the soldier in "front" got slowly closer and closer to the camera, Fox watched him....watched him....and when he was a bit "too close" Fox started this low growl. I didn't make a sound - I just observed...then I crept a little into his mind to see what was up - the concept was RIGHT ON from a "opponents - war" point of view. The man was "the other side" who was also "ok" (i.e. not now a threat) but not totally to be entirely trusted (he could conceivably have something "bad" hidden) and also this one wasn't really that bad for some reason (a lot of these guys are forced into military service) and he was, after all, "surrendering". Fox had the whole picture! And Fox was like "taking control", being the "overseer", and it was now time to maintain a low growl to "keep the guy in his place". My dog was making sure this Iraqi soldier remained in the "surrender mode" and that the site was secure. Not dissimilar to the "herding" instinct: a job he needed to do to fulfill his instincts for a sense of safety and good order in his world.
I offer no pro nor con on the war issue. I am simply stating what mode Fox instinctly moved into.
The prompt? TV.
You'll catch this in varying degrees with your own pets.
2. Despite what I said above about pets: "They don't have a clue nor could they care less," guess what?  About every fourth or fifth Consultation I do, a pet will spew out some phrase or concept straight from TV. There's a being there taking it alllllll in or potentially so. In other words, they don't really care, get hooked on serial shows and the like, as we do, but there's a definite influence there. And some are really into it!
When I do a Consultation, often times the animal likes to exclaim things out of the blue, and this often inludes blurting out "I watch a lot of TV!" (this exact wording is very common). I have had dogs and cats who can name movie names they've watched, actor's and actresses names, why they don't like Bette Davis but do like Alec Baldwin, etc. Quite often when trying to get a concept across to me, they will send it to me using an image from a recent movie or from TV. People laying in hospital beds is pretty common, too. I'm not talking about sheer imagination, past-life recall, or pictures they have snatched from other beings' minds. An example is a cat describing feeling "ill". I may "hear" the words "I feel..." and then am sent a mental picture of some soap opera  generic female actress laying there, tubes in her nose, looking very sad and melodramatic, her husband/boyfriend/lover sitting in a chair by the bed, head down, her hand enclosed in his. Her hair and makeup are of course perfect and the pillow looks real comfy! And this is the cat's way of showing me "illness" and their emotion and concept of what that means to them. Note - it's really a soap opera, too, as I can tell by the video film mode. It's wild!
I had a dog superimpose themself into a particular scene of Gone With the Wind. There's no horse in that scene, but suddenly I could see that scene (and I've seen the movie and know that exact scene) and "off to the left"....voila! A horse! That was the pet, telling me how they wanted to be, well, a horse.
A dog recently venting some upsets about someone stopped himself mid-rant. He was saying This! and This! and This! and one of the Thisses sounded a little "contrived". HE stopped suddenly and asked me if what he had just said was "from a movie" as he had gotten so caught up and passionate that he forgot himself! Yes, this really happened. It was at once amusing and eye-opening.
From a recent email: "I was also really blown away by the '6 Feet Under' references. We watch it every week." During the Consultation, the dog had described how someone felt about his owner, saying "Like guy on "6 Feet Under", sending me full and accurate conceptual - and visual - descriptions of an exact character on that show.
NOTE: Be cautious about what they are exposed to. They do not "learn" the same way we do; rather TV tends to confuse and sometimes upset them. Animal Planet can be fun, but it, too, has the Animal Police, Emergency Vet and similar shows with lots of drama, trauma, bleeding wounds and crying pets.
Am I "Mommy" ("Daddy") to them?
This varies from animal to animal and can even fluctuates mid-conversation!
Some animals when telling me about their past think of their natural mother as their "canine mother" (whatever species) and their current human owner as "Mommy". Some miss their animal mother, some don't, or don't remember her. Some are quite aware that the human owner is definitely not their real parent, even to the point of detachment or resentment towards the human. This comes up here and there in Consults but to date has always resolved quite nicely. And I recall one recently who had a very distinct differentiation between their canine Mommy and their human Mommy. Both were dear to them, and each played an important role in the animal's life.
When communicating to me, animals will generally send me the Mommy (Daddy) concept when referring to their primary human owner. They also think of certain animal friends as siblings - one cat will be another's "sister" (when they are not, in truth) while others are not, but rather a "friend", companion, or someone they're stuck living with.
This is not a light matter for some animals, this subject of Who's my parent?, as the parent for domesticated animals now encompasses the Den Leader, pack leader, food gatherer, shelter provider and so on, and as pets are very much at the mercy of humans, they need to feel secure, loved and consistently nurtured.
Sometimes they'll change their "wording" of this mid-Consult. Daddy is suddenly "Billy" when they're a bitttttttttt ...... not-too-happy about something Daddy said or did, then 5 minutes later he's "Daddy!" again.
I kinda mistreated my animal - what do we do now?
Hang in there - if you're reading this, chances are you're not the type of person to whom I'll refuse service. Please immediately read the points about Abuse on my site, points 6 and 7 of the page The Fine Print, and do exactly what's appropriate for the situation. (And if you're reading this and trying to fix things, you sound more like a Point #7 than #6. Read them and you'll see.)
Yeah, I know you're not a vet...so why really won't you "diagnose"?
Because I'm not a vet. No - really! Besides the fact that it would be illegal, it's also unethical - I don't profess to know animal anatomy, pathology and the like. Their body chemistry, instincts and so on are not human. There are similarities and differences.
Diagnose? Can you imagine if your pet was limping because of a tumor but told me that his foot felt like "that one time...." which turns out to be some time you identify as "When his foot was mildly sprained"? After I pass along what he says and you make your conclusion, you decide that you just need to do what you did last time with the Ace bandage or splint or no running or whatever it is. Your dog subsequently dies from the tumor.
No, what I do is consult the animal about what he has to say about where he is hurting or uncomfortable, how he is feeling, when it started and the like, and try to provide information which may save you and/or your vet valuable time in searching for problem areas and therefore solutions. Remember, the animal isn't a vet, either, so they won't necessarily say, "I've got diabetes" or "Sounds like classic hip dysplacia to me!" They'll just get across to me how it feels to them, and I'll tell you what they say. Possibly the information is something that neither you nor your vet would necessarily know, such as an internal sensation, a strange taste, a ringing in the ears, stomach in knots, etc. Those again are not diagnoses but they certainly can be clues to helping the animal; their input about the situation can finally be voiced!
And yes, it has happened. Owners have told me that I have saved their pet's life. Whether that is true is a matter of opinion, and the above is what I have to say on the matter.
More on this on the I'm Not A Vet, But... page.


What do people say about Aunt Julie's Consultations? Results? The effect(s) on their animals?  
The Testimonials tell it best. Look, not everyone says the following but many do, with different degrees or differing time frames:
"Immediately after the Consultation with Julie, I saw positive changes in both dogs behavior, mood, and interaction with me and the family."
I have on occasion heard - and these are volunteered complments and comments, mind you - that I am The Best. The only one they would trust with their pet. As good as Sonya Fitzpatrick / "The Pet Psychic". The real thing.
I mention this because it comes up and might wish to know that some others have felt this way. I'm actually a lot more humble than that-all made me sound.
How the animals feel is what matters to me. I mean, Yes, how you feel matters! but you know what I mean. Do they feel that they were afforded an opportunity to say what they wanted to say?  Did it feel safe to say so? Did I get it right? Did I translate and transmit their concepts correctly to their human? Did I leave them in a "good place" and/or as best as could be expected, depending?
Try this Testimonial on for size, for a first-hand description of what one "gets" from a Consultation from Aunt Julie!

A real, actual Pet Communication is NOT about whether or not they prefer Alpo or Iams. It's about who they are and what they're about...or AUNT JULIE didn't do it!


If I write up a "Testimonial" or Success Story, is my personal info private? Is it private anyway? 
Of course! Your info's no more anyone else's business than the earlier customers' were your business when you read their Testimonials! If you want to use your full name, you're of course welcome to, but that's your call just as it was theirs. I post in the fashion they come in:  J.R. in Topeka, Susie Smith in NYC and here's my email address; Carrie in FL - this type of thing.
As a matter of fact, I don't sell or give away your info. It's none of anyone's business and I would shun them if they asked. Don't you ask, either.
That's also another reason I use PayPal for payment purposes, it's all run through their secure site.
Regarding the content of the Consult, I am willing to tape the Consults. No guarantees that nothing will happen them en route to you but in many years, only 2 or 3 have ever arrived "blank". I don't mind sending you a tape of our Consult if you like; usually the sound quality's good enough for a decent listen. They're microcassettes and No I don't use nor will I switch to regular sized cassettes. (You can get a player for the microcassettes at any Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc. I know because I've burned through plenty of them, despite doing the recommended cleaning maintenance and so on). Oh - if the sound's too fast or too slow, just use the little switch on the side to change the speed, that may handle it.
Anyway, I used to always do it but now I pretty much only do it upon request.

How can I get my pet's picture up on your site?
Mommy wrote a Testimonial about my talk with Aunt Julie! - Muffin

We got to talk with Aunt Julie! - Sassy Girl and Boogie Boy
(Case History)

Who is Fox Mulder Rich? Danny Doodle?
OK, so I'm an imp too. Fox is my dog and the mascot of my site. He looks like a fox and when I got him, I was in the throes of the winding-down seasons of the X-Files TV show (for those who didn't follow it, the male character on the show, played by David Duchovny, was named Fox Mulder). What can I say?
Fox also has his own web site (nope, no link here - I'm not going to distract you now!) and I submit pictures of him any- and everywhere I see sites which have "Send your pet's picture to us and we'll post it!" offers. His birthday is Feb 27th, 2000. You'll see pix of him here and there on my site.
More importantly, Fox is also a great source of occasional examples of Pet Communication, for this site and during the occasional talk you and I might have where we're comparing notes about how we deal with animal issues. I don't live with you and in most cases, don't know you personally, so I can't describe day-by-day interactions which you may want to phase in with your pet after you receive feedback from your them. That's fine and in one respect preferable - you two need to work it out, once you have the info. But sometimes I can suggest a way to apply what your animal has passed along to your life, based on something similar I "got" from my dog and how I used it. And sometimes Fox was just a great real-life example face of some concept I'm trying to get across.
The most recent addition to the family is my domestic short-haired cat Daniel, birthday Sept 8, 2003. We adopted him from the Humane Society as a Thanksgiving present to Fox. We took Fox with us - none of that "Surprise! Here's your new brother!" to contend with. He was part of the process picking his "new brother"- works like a charm. I recommend this approach whenever possible.
Anywho, while the "kitten room" of the Humane Society, I watched this particular kitten size up our family very carefully (me, Mom and Fox). The humans took 3-4 minutes, the dog a few minutes longer. It was fascinating to slyly watch Kitten busily observing, watching, thinking. Then it was Um Hmm and when we took him out, we decided in short order that he was the one. He endeared not only us but Fox to him. Fox, trying to be all "cool" and aloof, was helpless - he knew who his "little brother" was. He agreed that this was the one, and home he came. He named himself, and later added William as his middle name. Daniel William Rich. He on occasion will volunteer nicknames he wishes to be called (such as Willie-Wills), and once or twice I needed to change his name for about an hour (until he was "done with that" and wanted to go back to Danny). Horace-Horatio...yup, just like it's written. Horace-Horatio. It varies as time goes on.
Danny keeps us on our toes by making sure that he's a kind, patient and wise soul, coming by to help when things aren't perfect, snuggling and kissing just because, this type of thing - and also being a complete holy terror of whirlwind fun. Do cats fly? I think so...he's Mister Non-Stop Action!
He - SIIIIIIGH - suffers and endures seemingly endless brotherly abuse from Fox. Then he gets 'im!
He has brought such joy to the household that it's hard to imagine life before he was here.
Here's a pic....  
Daniel "Danny" or "Danny Doodle" Rich, Fox Mulder Rich, and a shot of both of them:

MOM (Frances)
That's Mom! Isn't she cute?
She helps me in a zillion ways.. keeps my head together, does my mailings and writes my cards and so on..... animals LOVE her, too. They're "drawn to" her. It's very cool to see.

"Other people may claim to be 'pet communicators' but they don't have the skills to receive real comm. I would have done as well by consulting one of those 'Magic 8 Ball' toys. 'All signs point to yes.' 'The answer is unclear'." ~ JS

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