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My family and I adopted Casey from Georgia Lab Rescue in July of 2002. They told us he had contracted parvo and had narrowly escaped death as a 5 month old puppy. Casey grew into a beautiful dog with some behavioral issues (particulary getting into the trash). I contacted Julie in hopes of understanding his behavior a little better, but I definitely got more out of it than I had bargained for!! Without going into detail, Casey was apparently having trouble letting go of his past life and was feeling some longing for what he once had. My poor baby!! Well, needless to say, this garbage hound has improved significantly and seems to be a much happier and much more mature boy since our talk with Aunt Julie! Casey has had to make noteworthy efforts to show me that he's changed, and I've definitely recognized them!! He's made me such a proud mom, and I think he recognizes this! He still gets into the trash, but even this has begun to fade a little. I feel so much closer to Casey than I did before (and I was already pretty well bonded with him)! I love my boy, he is definitely the light of my life and I can't thank Julie enough!!
~ Emily M, GA

Remember when I told Darius to be more affectionate, sleep next to me, etc... Ever since our last call I have woken up every morning with him pretty much wrapped around my head. He has been very loving and sweet.. he follows me everywhere and is very affectionate.. What a sweetheart!! The best kitten ever! Thanks for everything! :)
~ J. O. in IL, 2007

Although I have friends who had "readings" done with their dogs, this was my first experience with a pet communication session. Naturally, I was somewhat skeptical about the situation, but did not know what to expect of it either. The fact that it was long distance and over the phone, raised an even bigger flag for me. But, I decided "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and I was impressed with the professionalism of Julie's website and our communication thus far.
Where I have multiple dogs, I wasn't sure where to start and she was a great help in guiding me in the right direction. Actually, I had a feeling she was going to tell me to start with Morrgan, not so much because he had problems or issues or that I would have even started with him, but, because there was this nagging sensation that he needed it first. Sure enough, after giving Julie the run-down on the gang, she came back with Morrgan. So, Morrgan it was!
After working between our schedules and setting up a mutually acceptable time, I found that as the day grew closer, I was really looking forward to it. Morrgan will be 8 next month and I compete him in obedience and other events. He can be pushy and a hard head, but there has always been a part of him so devoted to me, and wanting just to work for me. So, at times, it has been difficult for me to try to figure him out, and to understand what I needed to do so we worked best as a team both in the ring, and in our day to day lives.
He can be such a funny and silly dog (and he knows it), but at the same time, there is little gray with him. I have to keep things relatively black and white with very definite boundaries. Given his grandmother is pretty much the same way, I had least had his number! But, I still had barriers to overcome.
So, when our session arrived, even though Julie did not need him right there, I did. We got on the phone and I wasn't even sure if I should put him in speaker phone! She laughed and said it wasn't necessary. As she began talking, what was so amazing were Morrgan's actions. I was on the handset, sitting on the bed with him next to me. He's generally a pretty busy boy and even bedtime can be interesting just getting him to lie down next to me and settle down. But, a strange calm came over him I have rarely seen. At one point, he even got off the bed and laid on the dog bed at my feet which is something he never does! Some of the other dogs use it, but when I'm on the bed, so is Morrgan. This was very strange indeed!
Julie continued and it was as if a barrier was crumbling down between the two of us and I started to feel more relaxed and a better sense of understanding about him. I might not have understood all Morrgan was "telling" Julie, but that is probably expected as he still sees the world from a dog point of view and I as a human. But, that is part of what makes these relationships so endearing at times.
That weekend, Morrgan and I had obedience trials in which to compete. At the level in which his is currently entered, he is not very seasoned and where he loves to do things like kiss the judges, it can be an interesting experience and very nerve wracking for me at times. Kissing and hugging the judge at this level, really isn't acceptable, although he might get a snicker or two, which will naturally egg him on. Since the dog is completely off leash, and the handler cannot take the dog by the collar, if he starts acting the ham, refocusing his attention can be quite a challenge. We've been working on our ring etiquette and as a team, in general, but that weekend, I walked into the ring with a whole difference sense of Morrgan and a totally different attitude. In fact, for the most part, I even forgot to stress when he started looking at the judge like he might want to give him a big slurp (he did get a very tiny one in though--Morrgan is still Morrgan). I really felt as though we had made major strides with one another.
Now, when I find him staring at me around the house, I might not know what he's thinking or projecting, as I don't have Julie's gift, but I understand Morrgan, as Morrgan better. So, in a sense, I guess I do kind of know what might be going on in that fantastic brain of his. We have been having fun at a level we never did before as I can see his goofiness from a whole different perspective, and his quiet, more serene moments as well (what few we get). We have more unspoken moments where we just "are" and I don't have to say much, or even raise my voice as often, in order, get my point across whereas many times we seemed to butt heads in the past, or I was at least made to where instead of asking him to do something, I had to be more stern and tell him.
I look at this as a launching point for our relationship. Something I need to continue to grow, develop, nourish and encourage so that we both get the most out of it both in our day to day lives, and as a team in the ring. He's still the pushy, goober of a boy I've known since birth, and sometimes too smart for his own good (and mine). That will never change. But learning to understand all of that, and be part of it, is a wonderful gift Julie has given us.
A week later, I wanted to look at some property. So, I had taken Morrgan and pulled him out of the car to walk the property with me which was about 160 acres. It was an old farmhouse which had a barn, attached to a shop. I wanted to go inside the buildings to see what the were like inside structurally. The door was open on the old shop so Morrgan and I went in. No one had been there for ages, except maybe to store tools or yard equipment. As I went around the corner, near the connecting corridor to the barn, I saw an old, what looked like, walk in freezer door. I opened the door and started to go in but as I looked up, I saw that the rafters had collapsed some and there had been a fire at some point. I started to back out of the room since it didn't look safe and told Morrgan I wanted to go look in the barn. All of a sudden he started whimpering, crying, spinning, headed to the door out, came back and jumped up on me, then cried some more. It was a very dramatic change. I had been looking up at the rafters outside of that room, to make sure they looked okay to walk under for the barn but as I was closing the old freezer door, Morrgan jumped on me again, and I looked down at him. As I did this, I also noticed that 2 steps later, I would have fallen through the collapsed barn floor!!!
I really feel that I would Morrgan would not have been able to communicate with me so easily, had we not had our little chat with Aunt Julie. She has helped us grow closer and me to see my "Mad Dog Morrgan" in a way I never could, previously.
~ C. Young, ME
My husband had been needling me about getting a pet, cat or dog, he didn't care, he just always had had pets growing up and wanted our two boys to have the same. I didn't really want a cat, and I didn't think we had time for a puppy as we both work full time outside of the home. A friend of mine volunteers for S.A.F.E.* Society of Florida and was working on talking me into looking at the animals they rescue as I could probably find an adult dog that was already housebroken. I was unsure of this idea simply because the history of such an animal can be uncertain. When a friend of mine told me about Julie, I thought that if we found a dog that could be good for us, we could at least check it out through her. A few days later, we met Molly, a black labrador retriever, through this rescue group. It took about 10 seconds to decide that we were taking her. She was so beautiful, gentle, calm and sweet that I could hardly believe the story that she was picked up as a stray somewhere in Pinellas (County) and no one had come to the pound to claim her. I contacted Julie immediately and my impression of Molly was confirmed as to what a very special animal she was.
This initial call to Julie was supposed to be just an inquiry about how Julie worked. I didn't know of her website at the time. (I was referred by a mutual friend.) I was quickly impressed with Julie. Rather than go right into the business of her services, she started telling me the communications she was getting from Molly. I could see that Julie really loved her work and was all about just doing it, and the money will follow. She told me to go to her website and take it from there, which I did that evening.
Whenever we embark on things that can't be verified clearly, there is always quite a bit of trust required. The thing that hooked me most during our initial Consult was that Julie, in "Molly-speak ", described my two boys' personalities exactly. (Needless to say, Julie does not know my children at all.) About my six year old, Molly said, "The young pup, the baby, well, he's not a baby but he's more like a baby...I'll be with him and help him until college." About my seven year old, Molly said, "He's the typical strong football player type that has the world by a string. But, he's too damn smart and too damn bored. He needs inspiration in his life." Both of these statements are right on the money.
I found out so much about Molly during that Consult. I really feel so much more connected with her. Since I know her better, I understand her more, and I have a better communication line with her. I've come to realize how smart these animals are and how we, as humans, generally do not give them the credit they deserve. I am so looking forward to my follow-up Consult. I know that the more I know about Molly, the better I'll be able to understand and communicate with her and the happier we will all be together. Thank you so much, Julie, from both Molly and me!
~ Janice
S.A.F.E. = Savings Animals from Endangerment Society
I’m not really good at writing (like you are!!!), so I had nothing really profound to say, but our session was remarkable such that I owed it to you and to your new and old customers alike. J
It’s really in retrospect that I realize how much of what you and she (Kodi) talked about came to be. One of the specifics (while it may seem small, it was very intriguing to me) was that she said she was happiest when her legs would go up and down. She didn’t demonstrate that much in the 1st few months, but after settling down with us more, she does her “happy dance” A LOT now and that is the legs going up and down comment from our session. She’s just such a very happy girl, still very primitive-which just fascinates the heck out of us, and she’s our blessing in a fur-suit. J
~ CS in San Jose
Aunt Julie, Dec 2003: During NovemberI was asked by Ann Acuff, the Director of Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue, Inc., to help Megan. She had Megan until Megan's new owners were to fly out from the Seattle area to adopt her and take her to her new, safe and wonderful life in Seattle.
According to Megan's page on the Rescue organization's site, "She was brought in to a local shelter badly burned" and from the mail I received, "Megan came here from a local shelter. She had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her back. ...She was turned in to the shelter by her owner because 'she won't eat her food'. (She has never missed a meal!). The burns were thickly scarred over and it looked like bad mats. One burn popped open at my house and I realized she was badly injured."
That is, the person who turned her in withheld that Megan was burned and believe it or not, her hair actually covered the fact of it until weeks later! She suffered all this time and no one could properly help her until Ann discovered the truth. The photo I took from the Rescue organization's link to use on my site is the one which is easier to look at...
Megan and I tuned right in to each other while I read the initial mail about her! She could not wait for us to have an "official" Consultation to be able to say a few things. The Consult went very well and Megan had a lot of insightful things to pass along. It was not at all a venting-fest of "Look what they did to me!" as one might expect.
I checked with Megan before writing all of this, by the way. She liked the idea that I was writing about things, seeing it from the angle that it might help other dogs (yes, I could cry). With her permission granted I'm going to share just a little bit of it with our hopes that this sheds some light on ... well, just read on.
Megan was proud to pass along how smart she was. This was not boasting - she simply wanted us to be aware of this. One could easily pity an abused animal and overlook their intelligence and wits, being distracted by their scared and flinchy demeanor. She did not want this to occur with her.
She was very smart, and communication with her was open, rapid and clear as a bell. Her pride and dignity also made quite an impression. She was a very conscientious girl, going out of her way to carefully make sure that Ann and I understood a few things about her - I mean, really understood. There was a lot in her Consultation but I'm going to keep this write-up to just a few points. One thing I'd like to pass along had to do with Trust vs. Fear. This was very hard hitting.
As a Pet Communicator, sometimes I have to really go out of my way to distinguish subtle differences in concepts. This was one of those times. Megan, to the viewer, is one scared dog. A young dog with burns all over her back...? Don't ask. Megan, however, made quite a point of telling us how good of a judge of character she is with humans. She knows who can be trusted and who cannot. She used mental images to show me an example of how she would be able to do this. You kind of had to see it or been on the phone with me for her vivid description, but the scenario had people walking and one of them wasn't "ok" and she transmitted to me how she would be able to pick up on it even though the person in this scenario walked right by her, barely noticing her...and I could easily grasp what she was trying to say. Not only that, but she pushed the concept at me that the message was not only that she had the ability to do this, to pick up on who's "ok" and who's not, but also that one can know something like this and still not be able to control circumstances, such as had happened with her. The ability to know about people is separate than the fact that you cannot always be causative over them, and she wanted us to know that he knew the difference. This was a big pride point for her (and is in fact not an ability which everyone has!). She knew about people before, too, but they were able to harm her. Doesn't mean she had lost the ability to pick up on who was trustworthy and who was not.  Heck, she knew something was coming when The Woman held her by the tush to restrain her...yes, that Woman...but the fact that Megan knew it was coming did not stop it from coming. Yet here and now, she wanted us to understand that she knew these things, regarding those incidents and generally in life. And it was important to her that we knew to differentiate between this and her visible fear. The fear was (is) stimulus-response, not her, a protective mechanism and flinch-reflex her body and mind came up with to help counter the "forces" which had harmed her in the past, but she herself could analytically evaluate folks, and she herself could naturally and easily pick up on who was "ok" and who was not.
This was a pride point for her. Mentally, spiritually, this being could hold her head up with the best of them. Physically, outwardly, she'd flinch and be terrified. But she was AWARE of this distinction and not all are and she wanted us to know this.
It made a huge (and actually life-changing) difference to her to know that we now knew.
Abused animals all have a lot going for them but seldom a chance to "shine" in their own right. The attention goes on what is wrong, what cannot be done, what is abnormal about them - and for good reason, we humans care deeply and wish to understand and help. Megan made a point of putting our focus on her plusses, things she wanted heard, understood and acknowledged.
And yes, she needed, craved and loved, the cuddles and hugs, warmth and empathy - and Mommy-Mommy time - that went with being with humans, being with Ann, but not only was it difficult to accept, she also did NOT want any more sympathy, any more talking by anyone around her about "Poor Megan. God, she's been through a lot," nor the unspoken, deep emotions that welled up for one who would see her or hear of her situation. She couldn't stand it anymore, couldn't listen to it anymore. There were things about her which were strong and sane, and she wanted these focused on.  She wanted Ann to know that she, Megan, did trust Ann, Ann's choice of her future forever-home owners, and that if and when she displayed fear, to look past that and always, always know that underneath it, she, Megan, was there, listening, and doing OK with her trust and appreciation.
She did not hate "all of Mankind" from what was done to her, also a sane distinction borne of her ability to differentiate who was "ok" and who was not.
She went out of her way to let us know how she needed to be treated for her best emotional recovery. A lot of this had to do with motion, very little motion, quiet motion, not a lot of motion. If it seemed like she wanted to play ball, one was not to go Whee! with a lot of hoopla and throw the ball excitedly. One was to roll or toss it gently and see what happened, type of thing. Megan was very insistent and descriptive about the subject of motion, approaches with other dogs, noises, quietness, being left to her own thoughts, what type of room she liked to hang out in, how to approach her, how not to leave her so she felt alone and lonely, etc. She truly wanted to get better and had quite the finger on the pulse on how to do this. If applied, her own tips will greatly improve her quality of life and perhaps one day we'll see a dog who seems outwardly "normal".
But after listening to her humbling conversation, I was reminded once again that what we see with an animal is not always what is truly there, and my respect went way up for even the "worst" animals, "manners" or demeanor-wise. Suffer the Silent Majority...
Megan was also very explicit about how she was to be generally handled, addressed, treated. She showed me vivid mental image creations of being safe in a "closet" and coming out to face the world. She had a very hard time with motion and went to great lengths to define what was too much motion, what was too little, etc. so that she could have a smoother transition to her new life, and so that she could generally have an easier time in life. This girl was very tuned in to herself and defined for us her limits and parameters so that she could excel within them.
I made sure that Megan knew that all that she said was not only understood by me and Ann (which she knew but hey, it doesn't hurt to reinforce these things) but would also be heard by her future owners with a tape of the Consult I am sending to Ann, and that what she had asked for would be heeded.
Towards the end of the Consultation Megan was a lot more cheerful than she'd been in the past, light-hearted and laughing a bit, and then volunteered that she'd like to have some egg after the Consult, could Mommy give her an egg? Ann agreed and we went about finishing up and got off the phone...
Ann emailed me later:
"I went to the store and bought her some eggs. I mixed half of a boiled egg in her food. When I went back to get her bowl (licked clean), she came out of the crate and made eye contact for the first time!!!!!"
Animal, pet and dog owners will know and appreciate what a breakthrough this is.
Anyone who has worked with, had or helped an abused animal will know what a breakthrough this is.
This is just the beginning for Megan. We are all working for more....

I received this email a couple of days later: "Last night I took her in the den and sat with her there for an hour. Julie, it's the first time I have held her that she didn't tremble! She seemed really interested in watching my dogs play." and then I received right after that, "She is just unbelievable. With every meal, she has stayed in her crate till I left the room. Tonight, she came out and stood by her bowl and looked at me. I think she was telling me "You can leave now". ~ Ann
Email the next day: "I stayed in the room with her, and she ate her breakfast!!!!!!! A real big first. These babysteps are coming at whirlwind speed. Just as you said, Julie, she's a survivor." ~ Ann
Then a few days later... "Meg went sound asleep in my lap for the first time!!!!!" ~ Ann
Then: "K- came today to meet Megan..I realized then that she really does know me and trust me in her own way. She was turning her head away from K- (removing her from sight made her disappear?) and relaxed when I held her." ~ Ann
"I have her loose in the house right now. Every few minutes, she comes in to check on me. This is a room she has never gone in unless I'm in here. She has even folded her ears back in a show of sheltie affection! As time grows near to send her on her way to her forever home, I'm both sad that she will leave, but thrilled that she will be with such loving people." ~ Ann
"Tonight, I was putting the three dogs who eat in the bedroom in their cages. Megan ran out, barking! as loud as she could. That voice will never scare off a burglar, but I've never heard more beautiful music. Then, wonder of wonders, she wagged her tail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I'd get to see that. What a gift she has given me." ~ Ann
Another client who read her story writes: "Megan's story is very inspiring. She's one strong Sheltie, and she taught me that animals don't necessarily want to be pitied."
What happened to Megan?
She went to her new and forever home just the other day. She had a GoodBye Consult - a Gift Certificate from one of my clients! - and expressed many things about how things had gone, how she needed things to be, her appreciation and gratitude, her pride and excitement, etc. Then this big girlflew on the plane right by her new Mommy.
And she's got more time with Aunt Julie, also secured by a Gift Certificate from that same supportive client, for a FollowUp she herself is requesting for after she settles in for a bit...  
Within the last few days I can see that Brandy is acting much braver. She is definitely more attentive to me.
For anyone who has a pet with abuse or rough treatment in their past, you know that the above succinct statement says a lot. ~ Aunt Julie
I had read on Aunt Julie's website that people should prepare their pets before they leave home for vacations. Honestly, I thought her travel tips were a bit over the top, so when I was getting ready to take a trip with my dogs over the holidays, I didn't bother to prep my cats as per her instructions. All I did was say goodbye to my cats as I walked out the door to leave. When I came back from the trip, neither cat greeted me at the door and it took a couple weeks before either of them warmed up to me. I didn't think anything about until I had to take a business trip several months later. I thought maybe this time I would try talking to the cats beforehand and let them know I'd be back soon and that my friend would be coming by to feed them. When I got home from the trip both cats were a little warmer towards me compared to the holiday trip, but it wasn't the usual warm greeting I get from them. Several months later I took another vacation with my dogs, and this time I went into detail with my cats about where I was going, when I'd be back, that they were to watch the house while I was gone and that my friend would come by to feed them. This time I talked to them as if I were talking to a friend, giving out all the details. When I got home from this trip, it was as if I never left. Both cats were very warm to me and we all slipped back into our day-to-day life like nothing ever happened. They greeted me the same way they greet me when I come home from work every day. The bottom line is, Aunt Julie's travel tips are for real! Talking to your pets before you leave prepares them for your absence and makes for a smoother transition when you get back home. Pets do want to be involved with their owners, and it's been my experience that they are more than happy to show me that they can take care of the house while I am away.
~ NJ in CA
Aunt Julie's Travel Tips
I had never heard of a Pet Communicator before when my step daughter had this amazing story to tell about how Aunt Julie had helped her with a bird problem she was having. I became intrigued with the idea and decided to have her talk with my male Jack Russell Terrier Toby. Though we have four dogs and a bird I selected Toby because he tends to have personality issues the other dogs do not have. Julie explained that usually people tell her the reason for the communication but in our case we had not done that. If I had she would have had more information about his personality but instead she just started talking. Julie was describing my dog, EXACTLY. The main issue I had wanted to deal with about Toby was his overly aggressive attitude with strangers. She was able to explain to me that Toby feels I am vulnerable and too trusting and it is his job to protect me. He also feels it is very important to have a job and he doesn't just want to be another cute family dog. Since the communication things have been so much better. He agreed to try not to be so aggressive with people at the door and I learned that I need to praise him for helping any time I can. I have noticed a marked difference in his attitude when people come up. He is way more relaxed. And I praise Toby for helping me Keep the floor clean when he eats scraps I throw to him and things like that. I also learned a lot of interesting things about Toby like how he feels about the other dogs in the family and the other family members. And also how he feels about the neighbor dog. It was fascinating and definitely on target. Julie is sincere and has a beautiful spirit. She truly loves animals and is doing a wonderful service. I have decided to go ahead and do my pet lovebird next.
Thanks Julie,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
~ Diane in Land O' Lakes
A note from Diane about a month later:
I tell everyone about you and the change in Toby since the Consult.  Julie, he completely stopped that nipping and charging behavior.  Now he just runs around and barks with the rest of the pack. It's truly amazing!
A client had amongst other pets a Betta fish. When I would be in comm with one of her pets, I'd feel this "pushing". This happened with a few of her animals and is a rare occurrence ("other pets" usually are polite about Consultations) so I brought it up. Turns out she had a Betta fish at her office~ Joe. He was very insistent that he get his own Consult, so we scheduled one for the following week.
He continued interjecting here and there, even when I was emailing the client. Actual excerpt from an email from me to her ~ I was merely calmly discussing scheduling his Consult and he came right in: "OH!! OH!! WOAH!! BIG COMM FROM HIM!!!!! Eek! He wants a plant by him! Does he have one? He wants a plant to talk with! Ohmigod he's like YELLING this at me!! He wants a plant that' one of those where you have a glass jar (vase), not colored glass but see-thru, and the plant's roots are just shoved in there (i.e. one of those houseplants you put in water, not soil). Do you have one of these by him or that you could move by him?"
The client emailed back, "OH MY GOSH, JOE!!! Just yesterday we threw out his plant that was in the top of his bowl-vase! Two weeks ago, Joe was looking kind of ill and when we checked him out, there were all these white specks floating around in his bowl. A patient of mine told me it was called "ick", some kind of fungus. We took the plant out, cleaned the bowl and he started to come around. I put the plant back in this past Monday, but by Wed. there was the ick starting again. I felt terrible for what I did to Joe, so the plant got the ax! (Just when you think this pet comm stuff is a little hokey...!)"
Yes, he was an insistent bugger. I really took to him. And so we did the Consult....we both learned a lot about the history and realities of Bettas from this guy!. Now, during the Consult, he "mentioned" but in no uncertain terms that he did not want to be flushed down the toilet.
Just a comment?
Owner wrote....
"So, Joe died Friday. I can't believe it. Just 1-1/2 days after we talked. I did not flush him down the toilet as promised, but I'm not sure what to do with his body. Right now, he's on ice in the freezer at my office. I figured a little cryogenics wouldn't hurt. We did get another Betta right away. His name is Pretty Boy. He's one of those special Bettas that have sort of fluffy fins. He's very cool, too. So, what do I do with Joe's body?"
Man! What a surprise! He hadn't "let on" but then he didn't necessarily "know" consciously that he was about to die. He instead had the frantic sense that he had to talk and NOW.
The owner was ok, not upset. She said that Bettas live a year and Joe had been given to her many months before and she had no idea how old he was at that time.
We got in communication with him and he let us know that he didn't want to be buried as it would "take too long to decompose and he thought that was kind of yucky". He didn't want to be she asked how about her putting his body into the ocean? He liked this, said he wanted to be fed to another fish (food chain concept). Turns out this had been the owner's first idea, to boot.
He, too, was fine and had basically wanted to be heard. He was one of the most insistent pets regarding Wanting His Consult NOW, and we finally understood why - this franticness was borne of the simple fear that he'd never get heard (well, as a living Betta fish, anyway) and His Voice was IMPORTANT! This was his personality, and it shone through 100%.
Fish are really, really fun and interesting to do. I've learned a lot from them!
Jenny's owner contacted me to see about a few issues. Here is an excerpt covering some of the problems Jenny was having:
Was in a puppy mill
Foster mom was horrified at her condition: skin rash, loss of hair, prolapsed rectum and prolapsed uterus
Taking hormone meds since spaying to help stop excessive peeing
Cowed behavior including: "If I'm moving around in the house, she'll usually start after me then run away as soon as I look at her. She hides behind a large couch. I cannot pet her or cuddle with her.  I have to corner her to catch her for any reason (clockwise circles around the kitchen table). I've finally begun putting a long leash on her when she goes out, so I can get her back in."
You get the idea.
Jenny did very well and had a lot to say.
Some of the things written below need no particular explanation.
As I have found many times with abused dogs, she had a pretty darned good handle on what she needed from Mommy to help her through things. How to treat her, how to address certain things, how to move, how to speak, etc. She used great detail.
Mommy took this to heart and....
Ok, for 2 or 3 days I wondered if this was really going to work. Then (you were right) on about the 3rd day I began to notice changes. Yesterday I made lists of what I've done and what she does now. I'll abridge my list and give you all of hers. You know it hasn't even been a full week yet?!!!!
What I've Changed
I read that email to her where I was telling her foster why I wanted her.
I've told about everybody I see how well she's doing. With a couple I gushed so much you could tell that they wanted me to just shut up!
I stopped the hormone pills.
I leave her alone when she's behind the couch, unless I need to encourage her to go outside. I ask others to do the same, as well as 'squat and reach' rather than loom over her.
What She's Done
Became easier to encourage from behind couch & into kitchen. "Ring around the kitchen table" is not a common thing now. I can call her from the back door and she'll come so I can put a leash on her and let her out.
We have a very short touching session just before she goes out into the backyard. She doesn't cower and I get to pet her just a little.
She definitely looks at me more straight-on instead of 'head-down-looking-up". Even visitors have noticed that, and that she's braver.
I think she's just about stopped urinating in the house.
Twice now, due to my forgetfulness and brain burps, she's escaped to the backyard without the leash attached that I use to get her back in. She has (eventually!) come all the way back in on her own without my using any tricks (which I can only use twice anyway before she knows what they are). Gets a little cold now to leave the back door open for her! <g>
She's picked up on this really cute thing when she comes in from the backyard. She'll come in and go just up the steps, then stop and look at me over her left shoulder until I unhook the leash.
Something I feel is that we are not so wary of each other now, facing each other, watching, waiting, ready to react. Now it's more like we're together facing outward, and working on things as partners.
~ Carol F in WI
Occasionally Aunt Julie gets to relay comm from a pet which is....touchy at best. Sprite was not the first who did not wish to be a show dog. Following are the descriptions of what she was like prior to our 3-way Consultation (she, her owner Rosemary and Aunt Julie), and two subsequent emails. What was the problem? She did NOT wish to be a show dog. This was not easy for her to fess up to, for obvious reasons. What owner wishes to hear this? especially after all the work, planning, training, time, expense, etc. Rosemary also has 3 other dogs and they seemed to do fine with showing, so....
Sprite also was able to tell of some of her fears and some of her pictures and emotions from earlier incidents which would kick heavily in on her when she went to "show" (including a fear of being in the ring because it reminded her of a time when she was in a circus, and when she went to show, it looked like "the tents" to her, and so on)...This was just part of what was going on, but reference is made to it in an email below - Julie
My problem girl is little Sprite. All of my dogs are outgoing, loving and sweet and gentle, but Sprite has some worrisome quirks.
My 4 little girls are all very outgoing, trained show dogs, who seem to love traveling to the shows to see all their doggie friends. They have wonderful personalities and really seem to enjoy getting out and about with me. The other 3 prance around like real winners and perform beautifully in the ring. Sprite is perhaps the most beautiful and flashy of all of them with real potential to do some big winning. At handling class, she is always the star. But, get her in a show ring, and she starts to act weird. She sometimes refuses to walk, she sits down and drags her rear. Sometimes she starts to drag one hind leg or the other or limp. Other times, she rolls over on her back and won't get up. Sometimes she arches her back with her tail tucked under like she has stomach cramps. Other times, she just sits down and keeps scratching her ears. I have tried 3 different handlers with her to see if they can make her behave, but she is even worse with them. Before going in the ring, she will walk all over the show grounds looking fabulous, and will do the same thing the minute she gets out of the ring. On very rare occasions, she actually does show well, but you never know what she will do, and usually it isn't what is expected. I would love to know why she does this and what we can do to get her to behave in the ring. Otherwise, she is so sweet, loving, adores praise, and seems to want to please me. I have taken her to the vet and even a chiropractor to see if there is something physically wrong with her, but they all say she is in great health. So, what is happening here?
~ Rosemary
Needless to say, we found out what was happening there.....Julie
I just want you to know that the "girls" and I had a wonderful time at the dog shows this past weekend. We went up in my RV a day ahead of time and I walked the girls all around and let them play in the rings and socialize with their doggie friends. Willow and Whisper were entered the first two days, and I let Sprite go to watch them do their big winning. Those two really enjoy showing, and I think Sprite was surprised to see how much fun they were having. Yesterday, Sprite was the only one entered. I wanted her to have her special day. I told her it would really make me happy if she would have some fun and behave in the ring. Well, she sailed into the ring with the head up and the tail wagging to beat the band. She really looked happy, like she was having fun! She was gorgeous! The judge pulled her right out to the front of the line, and everyone cheered and clapped for her. A famous handler with a well-known dog finally beat us to the points, but Sprite got the honor of winning "Reserve Winner's bitch", which was quite something with some of the top dogs and handlers competing in the ring. Everyone cheered when she got her ribbon, and I yelped: "Oh, Spritey, you are so wonderful!" She leaped into my arms and covered my face with kisses, with the tail just wagging itself practically off. Honestly, I really think she enjoyed herself! And she did not act a bit afraid of all the huge tents (I never realized how much it looks like a circus until this show. No wonder she was afraid.) But, it did not seem to bother her this time!
Anyway, she really seemed to have a good time the whole time we were at the shows. We did a lot of fun stuff and I made sure she had plenty of time to play with her little doggie friends. She just seemed so happy!
I want to thank you for helping us understand each other. We had such a good time these past couple of days...all 4 "girls" and myself.
~ Rosemary
I asked Rosemary if I could use what she wrote for this site...Julie
Nice to hear from you and glad you share my delight with the progress. Sure, you can use Sprite's story and picture on your web site if you want. I just talked to her about it and she kept wagging her tail and gazing in my eyes when I gave her your message about how proud you are of her, so, I guess we really are communicating.
Last night after we went to bed, little Sprite was all snuggled down in my arms, and I talked to her about how happy I was that she seemed to have fun at the show. I told her I want her to have fun and she does not have to be a show dog all her life, I just want her to go in the ring once in a while until she finishes her championship. Her little tail just wagged and wagged. Lying there holding her, I had a strong feeling that she was trying to tell me that she was willing to do this but only under her conditions: She needs a day or two to walk around the whole show site and check out all the tents and rings until she feels comfortable with them, She will not even consider going into the ring with a handler, (like my other girls) it has to be only me, and she wants me to hold her, not put her in a crate while we wait at ringside to go in. And she needs lots of time to play with her friends every day like we did this time. These thoughts were just so clear to me as we were lying there. After I feel asleep, I dreamed of her prancing around the ring all gorgeous, with her tail wagging, all happy! Like, am I crazy or what? I really did feel this.
~ Rosemary L in FL
Aunt Julie also loved that last because, NO, you're not crazy when you pick up on communication from your animal. None of you are. We do it all the time, and sometimes it just takes a Consultation or two with Aunt Julie and your pet to realize how simple, light and real it really is. - Julie
Ever since we had our Consultation with Max - she has not once rolled in stink!!!!
~ Kim W., GA

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