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(1) I'm not a here goes: DISCLAIMER: Julie Rich is not a Veterinarian or Medical Physician.  Animal communication does not replace veterinary care and is intended as a tool to provide information about the animal, directly from the animal, that may be of benefit regarding the animal's care. Any service(s) provided by Julie Rich does not replace the care of a veterinarian or physician and is intended only as a tool for information that may be of benefit in relation to veterinary or medical care and is specifically designed to relay, interpret and/or improve communication between the client and another person(s) or animal(s).  Any information received is not intended for, and should not be considered a diagnosis.  Please consult your veterinarian or physician before making changes regarding the care of any person(s) or animal(s), or when seeking a diagnosis. Julie Rich shall not and will not be held responsible for failure of any person(s) to consult a physician or veterinarian regarding the care or diagnosis of any person(s) or animal(s).
More than once an animal has told me very explicitly "where it hurts" and when the owner has taken them to the vet, it has proven out and I mean to the 1/8 of an inch worth of direction. This is not "healing" or "diagnosing". They passed along the info as best they could, I relayed it, the owner listened and checked it out. What occurred past that point has varied from client to client: the animal, died, they lived, they whatever ~ the benefit was that the vet knew just where to look.
I'm not kidding, by the way. This really has happened.
I do NOT offer nor promise "healing" or diagnoses, recovery of a lost, stolen or missing animal, nor your comprehension of the explanations or minutiae the animal may offer up as "data".
(2) All services are non-refundable. There are two things I will not do: Lost/Missing Pets (please see my page on this!) and ask your pet about Past Lives (if they bring it up, I will pass it along like any other comm, but I won't ask; see my FAQ about this!). Other than that, green light. Now, if I truly feel I cannot help the animal for whatever odd reason, I simply will not accept the payment you have sent in the first place, and will send it right back via PayPal.  When you pay and I take on the case, the service will be performed and you will be part of the process and as such part of the occurrence and outcome. Their comm is their comm, same as any conversation you  have with anyone. I always want follow-up from you as to how things are going now, that you got the clarification you needed, how the animal is now behaving, and the like. Some things take a little time, some changes are instantaneous, some things "never change" ~ it all depends on the circumstances. Testimonials, success write-ups and referrals (as well as using my services again for new scenarios and/or other pets) are always appreciated and as you can well imagine, a great sign of success!  I appreciate the fact that there have been a lot of abuses in the name of help, spiritual matters, telepathy and the like.  And if your cat does not like your new hair color, this is not my fault. If your ferret tells me that he lost one of his legs in a car wreck and this is not the case, well then this is what he told me, and that's that. I don't make this stuff up, and I'm not delusory. Most points "prove out" upon inspection, if that's what you're "into", although that's not why I serve as the translator between you and your pet. It matters naught to me if it "proves out" or not.. there's always a reason, that's for sure! and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at some of the clarifications they give you when we talk. If something doesn't make sense at first blush, you should let me know - don't just be confused, skpetical or even upset! - and we'll sort out what's up with your dog, horse etc....for all we know it was a very bad nightmare that's somehow very real for him. I'll tell you that that's what he wanted to say. If it seems incorrect, we can certainly continue on to work with him to try and sort things out for you (if it doesn't get into an "invalidation-fest" for him). If your gopher snake thinks she's really the Queen of Sheeba, fine, that's what she thinks and she has the right to say so.  
Your aveage domesticated pet is like a 5 year old child, and if you could slice right into the thought processes of a 5 year old child as he is playing Cowboys and Indians, asking him, Who Are You? you'd get a kid who would exclaim, and truly believe at that moment in time, "I'm Geronnnnnnnnnnnnnimo!!" They say what they say, and they don't lie. What's real for them is real for them, and hopefully that's what you want to hear in order to understand them better! Know that animals can be coy or evasive just as anyone can, but basically they want things to ultimately be put right, just as anyone would, so it doesn't hurt to ask - if it's THAT important to you, for reals.
This brings up another point.  In the examples above, you would have then paid me because you trusted me, regardless of whether the animals' answers seemed "true" for you (which they surely should - I've been told that I haven't been wrong yet...). So if you already "know" you don't trust me, also don't waste our time in the first place. If this is our first time working together, though, and if you're uncertain - and this is natural! - that's different, so let's give it a try and see what happens. If you're then dissatisfied, no hard feelings and we don't need to continue to do business, that's fine too. I understand. But know that I will have taken the information sent me, contacted that animal, and what they told me will have been real and true for them and passed along to you.
If I am unable to communicate with the animal (which has never happened, but is mentioned just in case, as this is "The Fine Print"), then no service has been performed so I would in this case send the money back. I'll know right away.
(3) Deceit: Finally, I don't lie or mislead in the name of communication - it's a pretty cardinal sin and I don't even have it in me! So if you tell me that your dog Rover has something to say to you, and a being responds who says he is Rover and wants me to tell you Hello - and you do not have a dog named Rover, this is your deceit and not my attempt to defraud. Initially, I don't know "your" Rover from any other "Rover".  It's no different than if I didn't know you and you and I met for the first time in the market and there's a young man with you and you tell me this is your nephew Joe. I take this at face value, it's no matter to me if it's your nephew Joe or your son Moe. So in animal communication, if you pull the "Rover" stunt and I find someone who agrees that they're Rover, know that someone has stepped in who wishes to respond to your communication who also is called Rover, or who would like to be called Rover, or who has something to say so is saying he is Rover.
Why? Because everyone has something to say, and everyone wants to be heard. This being is doing so in order to take full advantage of this opportunity to talk to someone who he knows can hear him. Your intention to deceive will have no effect on the fact that beings can do this, by the way, so it's better that you take your fun and games elsewhere. There is nothing to be gained from this beyond being quite the irritant for me, and further degradation for you.  (And as for the "Rover" being who said Hello...well, that's another story.  I'll converse with them to their satisfaction, I get communications from animals all the time on the street etc and they love being heard.)
The point is, please don't waste my time or yours with bogus requests and inquiries ~ there are others who would like to benefit from bettered communication with animals. I truly can get communication telepathically from other beings when they choose to send it my way, and I get what they wish to tell me and want me to know. I pass it along as best I can in "human words" for the client (you) to understand. I am not here to perform (pardon the pun) "dog and pony shows" for someone's amusement or attempts to be "important" by thinking they're debunking telepathy. Those who attempt to do this simply have something to hide, by the way, and that's their problem and not mine. I'm not interested. Get over yourself. (NOTE if this seems stern, remember that only the very, very few that would be interested in doing this would deserve to be spoken to this sternly. If you are not like this, you know that there is life, love and communication between species and this last would not apply to you! J
(4) And as if that weren't enough:  I deal with living beings and it does not functionally matter if the animal is "alive" or not, as a being is always alive. Example:  Your pet has passed over. I can contact them and give you any message they choose to pass along (and vice versa). We are dealing with the physical body being dead and not of course the being, so they will still say to me what they wish to say.  
If there is any medical attention needed for an animal, please see to it NOW.
You can read this later.
Please note also the following information, from the ASPCA News Alert, a weekly e-mail newsletter from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:
Keeping informed just became easier, thanks to the ASPCA's new online
outlines of animal welfare laws in all 50 states. Perfect as handy
reference guides, these wallet-sized printouts are available to
download at
And should you see a violation of any of your state's animal cruelty laws,
you can contact your local police, SPCA or humane society--contact
numbers and addresses can be found at our website
(5) Do not use me as a testing ground to see if Rover tells of your animal abuse. If I am told of this by your animal "He kicks me whenever I bark" and he is quite fearful of my telling you, I will not pass this along to you, as that psychotic who abuses an animal will surely take it out on the animal further if they feel the animal has told, just as abusive parents and other bullies will do. I will handle things diplomatically with you and end off with you as a client. I will also expect that you will apply these Abuse section points.
Fortunately, this hasn't come up yet - ever. The "abuse" I've detected is more emotional, and you already know how you treat your babies.
If you feel the urge to "test" your animal or me or any other Animal Communicator regarding the subject of your abuse, do the following instead: simply give the animal over to someone who will care for them properly, and do not continue to be a pet owner. Simply put: Knock it off.
If you wish to tell of your abuse, there are other channels and agencies you can communicate this to.
You should read as well  Megan's Testimonial (but please do return to this section when done). 
(6) Assistance for Abused Animals: If you have mistreated an animal to any degree (minor or accidental all the way to intentional abuse, including but not limited to ridicule, invalidation, too much or uncalled-for pain or punishment) and truly wish to help the animal get over it, you need to, as above, (a) knock it off (and re-home the animal if this is called for - yes, YOU can do that) and (b) inform me that there is an animal who wishes to talk and you can perhaps mention that they might wish to feel better about being mistreated by someone. Supply me with the standard details required at my end (see Available Services/Order Here page) so that I can contact them, and I will do so, the same as any other animal.  I will listen to whatever's on their mind, and if there is something at their end to be addressed about being hurt, scared, abused etc., I will listen to what they have to say, and help them as I normally would. I am not a reporting agency and am here to help you and your animal, as stated in my Purpose write-up. I do not wish to get involved in your life beyond simple communication relays between you and the animal. I am not here to judge you - haven't you found you are your own harshest judge anyway?
Of course, sometimes an animal will mention or comment that the owner is too harsh on them, or the like. If it is accidental, resolvable, or the animal wants me to pass it along, you'll hear about it. If not, you won't. I will not have someone suffer for communicating. Don't worry - they might be upset about your changing their brand of kitty litter or the time you yelled at them because you had a headache and they were chirping too much that day ~ but that's not included in the above "abuses"! These things can often be resolved just as they can between two tense but loving humans. Trust is a two-way street and I am trusting that you are trying to offer them the best quality of life possible so would take such a message from them to heart and work with them about the kitty litter (as opposed to berating them for mentioning it, tsk tsk bad kitty etc..or worse).
I know that you would not be asking for my services if you didn't truly love and care about your "baby"! Each person's abilities to "pick up on" another being's communications is different. I do not choose to embellish or interpret. I pass along what is communicated, as it is communicated to me.  
And I am quite good at it.
If it makes you feel any better, there is something you should know: None of us is perfect and we have all mistreated someone at some point in time. If you are embarrassed or ashamed - now's the time to get over it to a degree sufficient enough to let your pet get things off of their chest. They forgive quite readily, and if you are a good animal Mommy or Daddy, things will only get better. OK, you screamed at Rex when your boyfriend broke up with you, and Rex has been slinking around and flinching ever since. OK you listened to some schmoe ("authority") who told you (reworded of course) that when your dog is having a great time playing with his built-in toy (i.e. his tail) he's being "Compulsive" or some such bull...and you drugged this fun-time away from your dog....well, yeah, figure the dog's not happy. Don't despair - Let's work on getting him through it so you can both go forward, with a stronger bond than before!
If it's another's animal who is being abused, you can utilize my services to help the animal, but only in the capacity that my services are offered. The rest is up to you.  Example: your next door neighbor keeps the dog chained up and screams at it a lot. You see the dog get kicked a few times. That's enough - time to stop it once and for all. You should report this to the authorities asap. You also can use me to communicate with the animal and help them in that fashion. You have the right to talk with them same as anyone else you'd like to talk with. Their "owner" doesn't own their communication.
As above, let me know that there's an animal who's being abused by someone, and you'd like me to help. Meanwhile, do your part by reporting the situation to the proper authorities. You are the witness and the one who's more responsible in society for this helpless being than its "owner". I am the animal's relief valve and your ally in this cause. We'll hit it from both angles for this dog and both help provide him with a better future, mentally if not physically!
This has come up ~ clients who know what I can do for an animal have bought Consultations for others' animals. And as usual, it's no one else's business.
If you have rescued and/or adopted a pet who you know has been abused or who seems to have been abused (flinchy, irrationally upset by certain types of people, nightmares, scarred, this type of thing) please feel free to use my services to talk about things with them. You are the CHAMP in this case!
They may or may not be able to confront discussing things; they will however know you are trying to help and that alone often goes a lot, lot farther than you'd imagine.
Anywho, I digress. Regarding abused animals, I have the right to refuse to work with anyone I feel is requesting my services for improper, abusive or deceitful reasons.
Yep, I'm a straight shooter when it comes to what I do! Why? Because I love what I do and I love the joyful results and wagging tails and thrilled owners and this is what it's all really about. I'm proud of my results and have heard in no uncertain terms that "she's never been wrong yet" so let's give it a whirl!

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