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Thank you sooo much for the communication today. It was very insightful and heart warming to know what Kali was thinking. Though we get along great already its reassuring to know that she feels just as much in love with me as I am with her. I feel I can better understand her and what she is doing and thinking now. Everything you, Kali, and I discussed was so true and real. I want to let everyone know that its real! You know your pet and see its reactions and experience the interactions yourself, but its great to have Julie's insight into their world and confirm what you feel. Actually, I think some of the best part of the communications is learning their deep thoughts! They are complex, smart, and talkative with lots to say! I was referred to Julie and will definately refer her to others as well :) Thank you again, it was a lot of fun and very exciting too!
~ Anna, January 2010

Thank you for the great phone session we had last Sunday, you, me and Koal. I went to work immediately to implement some changes to the way I/ we were working with Koal's separation issues.
He communicated his head felt heavy and matted down and of the queasy stomach. And he did not like us being too happy when we left the house.
A couple of hours after our call, I went out for about 45 minutes. I did NOT give him Xanax.
I did explain to him before I left where I was going, that it would be a short trip, and I knew it was hard for him when I left the house. I told him I would miss him and bring the dogs treats from the store.
I returned home to just a minor bit of chewed off bedding. He was excited and I also showed him how happy I was to be home with him and the other dogs. They got their treats and all went well. During the week on 3 other occasions I did the same departures with no Xanax. On the last trip, I returned to no damage of the bedding.
Although he is still on Prozac, I think the Xanax was too much and may have caused him the 'heaviness' in his head. He also conveyed he didn't know 'what was going on here'. I forgot to mention before our call, I moved his crate to the corner position from under the window a few days before we brought home our foster dog. He sometimes went into the foster's crate as if that should be his crate. Well, I put the crates back in the original placement, and he seems to prefer being back to the position he had before.
This certainly proves that our pets have their own thoughts and feelings. Just like humans, sometimes the 'recommended fix' just does not work. And, yes, after our call, he was more tired than a usual day. And, we do have more eye contact now.
Thanks again.
~ CD in IN June 2010
This is by the way a great example of a pet owner ACTUALLY LISTENING TO and following and applying what they heard from their pet - to a good result. It matters! Don't poo-poo what your pet says! They MEAN it. They're trying, same as you! I was very proud of this particular pet owner (by the way), they went RIGHT to work on it. Life is dynamic and nothing's unchanging, Koal may need a little more work here and there and so on and all that but hey do you really GET the significance of some of the changes there? We should ALL benefit so rapdily from a good conversation ;-)  ~ Julie
NOTE! I emailed the owner with the link the above so they could see it on my site. They responded wit the following email, which blew me away:
Julie, That is really nice! We have continued with our prior to departure talk and our happiness upon return (the opposite of the recommended procedure for separation anxiety), and he continues to do little to no chewing of his bedding!  He is far more relaxed when we leave, and he actually is less wound up when we return! I will be speaking with his vet this week about weaning him off the Prozac.
I believe I am having some wonderful communication with Koal. He is about 4 weeks into an advanced obedience class, and sometimes he is tired or a bit lazy about practicing.  I decided to explain to him that our practice would be short, and his 'teacher' wants us to practice. Guess what, Mr. I'm Too Tired - went through practice without a single mistake.
I also told him how much I love him and how important he is to me and Daddy. I told him he is my partner. He looked me straight in the eye as I spoke. When I finished, he put his paw on my forearm. I think he was telling me that he is my partner, as well.
I know we always are changing, and sometimes have different needs or new issues to air.
So we will likely speak to each other again at some point, through you.
I told our trainer about his improvement following your communication with him. I was somewhat prepared that she might brush it off as a coincidence. Nope, she nodded and said that often a good communicator can get through to the issues, and since that has happened she agreed it may be time to wean off the Prozac. She also is a vet tech.
Thank you so very much!

I have to thank you so much for your help. Lucas was having a difficult time go potty. He would hide and shake. It was so sad to watch. I decided to call you and thank God I did. Through our conversation I decided to take him to his vet. They were able to determine that my poor baby had a bruised peanut. By giving him some pain killers he has been fine ever since. I can see the relief in his face.
I also have to thank you again for your help when my baby Maxwell died. I thought losing him would be devastating to deal with. Since I was able to talk to him I think I helped him adjust to losing his body. It also helped me greatly to know he was ok and didn't blame me for making the decision to let him go when they couldn't save him. Your abilities are so amazing that I have to keep you on my cell to call so I can have help in working out whatever I need to with my furbabies.
I have to say that my relationship with them is incredible. I have never had a connection with them as I do since you allowed me to talk with them. I know they understand me when I talk to them myself, and it is even better when you are a part of the conversation because they can talk back and tell me what they need. What an amazing gift you have. I feel so close to each of my 5 furkids thanks to you and your gift.
~ Deb D., July 2009

I have to say....I think Grio and I have made a great new friend.
My reading was unbelievable.... I learned some interesting things that go on in Grio's mind that I thought were amazing. He told Julie some things that I was doing that he was bothered by...lol and he didn't hold back.
There is no way she could have been so specific with his message without him telling her exactly what was occurring.
I was shocked. I thought it was only me who I was annoying with some of my habits, no one else is home during the day.
However Grio told on me. LOL
He had as much to say to me as I did to him....The conversation was not general...I was not pumped for information prior.
This was organic conversation that just went from one thing to the next. SO be prepared that your pet may have a few choice words for you to hear...I could not get over how Grio told her things NO ONE would know!
I have to say we look at each other in a different light and I now know that he is very aware of my faults as I am his.
Some of his message was connected to "thoughts" Things I have been thinking heavily about. I haven't spoken to anyone about. He was very aware of these thoughts and expressed concerns....My own Husband doesn't even know the things he was picking up just in my thoughts!!!!
He told Julie some actions I do that bother him. Again Very specific! This has strengthened my relationship with Grio beyond belief. If I did not speak to Julie I would have never known the things that bothered him about my actions. It never occurred to me he paid attention to these things...I was contacting her about his behavior thinking it would be about his toys, the dogs barking and so on.
I'm scheduling reading for my other pets as well. I can't wait to hear their messages.
So thanks Julie from the bottom of our hearts!
~ Darla C., Sept 2009
Aunt Julie's note: A MAJOR reason Darla contacted me was that Grio was "going at it" to some degree with his feathers. As a matter of fact, sometimes he would wait for her to come by, look right at her and make sure she SAW him do so - so there! Now, tugging, breaking etc one's feathers isnt' necessarily uncommon with pet birds and has a variety of reasons which are, in the main, variations on a few themes (upset, bored, itchy or other similar conditions, etc.) but Darla was smart to take the time to ask HIM what his reason was. Grio was confident and insistent that this habit was not borne of anything physical but was occurring for very specific upsets, which were voiced and addressed and a few days later, Darla mentioned in an email, "Grio is letting his feathers come back! :-)"  NICE!

Second testimonial I am writing (Grio) was first! Let me start by saying I am so glad that I found a trusting caring friend that can help me understand my animal babies! I live on a ranch...I have a lot of pets. I have now completed my second reading for my oldest and first baby..Parker is almost 15 and he is a cocker spaniel that is getting on in age and I wanted to know his thoughts on his future and passing. I have to say I didn't think I could get even through the questions to Julie. I was in tears scheduling the reading...and cried every time I thought about it and how Parker may feel.
Parker was a bit nervous to come forward too at first..But he just sent the message to Julie he was ready. He first talked a bit about how he was feeling physically. As I had not talked to Julie about my concerns of his body and being in pain at this point, he sent her a message telling her of some discomfort in his lower back and right hind leg.
This was not mentioned to her prior....He sometimes will be walking and his hind legs give out. He is walks with a limp some days.
I was going to ask her those questions after we had talked about his passing....What pain he may be in now. Parker told her before the discussion.
I knew he was clearly letting me know he was understanding the need for the conversation and validating that he was indeed telling Julie some key points to let me know he was there and participating. Julie kept us both at ease as we worked through the questions and the future plans. I was pleased with his wishes at this point, I will check back in the future to see if he has any changes. I no longer feel devastated thinking about the future we can work through it together.
Thanks Aunt Julie!
~ Darla C., Sept 2009
First, let me explain that I am an Animal Communicator myself. But when it comes to communicating with my own animals, I have great difficulty. When I communicate I must have a clear and open mind in order to receive any information from them. But like every other pet owner, I have pre-conceived ideas and feelings about my pets. So that makes having a completely open mind impossible.
I checked into other Communicators and came across Julie's web site. I went there and decided that I wanted her to contact my Basenji, Tiki, about a couple of problems we were having with him.
First, he has a Luxating Patella (his knee cap slides in and out of place) that was causing a lot of pain and we were considering having his knee operated on. So we asked her to explain to him what would happen to him and about the long, painful recovery period, and asked what he wanted us to do--have the surgery done, or just wait and see how it goes without surgery.
He told her how fearful he is about surgery and why: residual trauma from earlier surgery as well as another recent incident involving being anesthetized for x-rays.  His fears included the drugs, the unconsciousness, the groggy waking up, the feeling of being abandoned the feeling of being abandoned & alone when unconscious, fear of the alcohol prep smell, etc. He said that he did not want to have the surgery done. He said the pain is not constant, that it comes and goes, and right now he would prefer to live with that. So we did not have the surgery.
Second, he has always been a nippy, grabby, aloof and snobby, nasty dispositioned dog since we adopted him from Basenji Rescue 5 years ago. He's the only dog we had ever had that didn't want to be hugged, kissed and smooched. And recently he had bitten my husband and me 3 times in 3 weeks. This gave us much concern as to whether or not there was anything we could do to change this behavior, or would he have to be put down. He was turning into a biter. We sure didn't want to do that. We love him too much.
During his communication with Julie he opened up to her about how he felt about his life in general and what he wanted from Bob and me. He explained why he felt the way he did. Julie was able to find out from him some things that we could do to make him feel more secure and better about himself and his life ~ things he wished we would do and feel about him. Julie relayed all of his thoughts and feelings to us with some good advice. We took everything very seriously and have been doing the things he asked for.  There is a difference in him and some in his attitude. He is slowly coming around to being a friendlier dog.  I can fill up a whole long write-up just about what we are doing and what he is doing, but just know that little by little he is becoming more friendly and lovable, with less attitude and arrogance. He is showing more love and happiness at being here. As a matter of fact, he now sleeps on the bed at night with me several nights a week. This tough, arrogant, hard-headed Basenji boy is turning into a mellow, funny, loving sweetie pie.
He was already very different from every other dog we'd ever had in our 47 years of marriage and 10 yrs of fostering about 100 dogs. Not being with us for the first year-and-a-half of his life, we hadn't raised him so didn't know what his life was like then or what kind of owner he had. We had a feeling that he didn't get much attention back then, and that he wasn't socialized at all and that might be why he is so "distant" and not cuddly or lovey dovey. We've loved him no matter what, but now it's a lot better because we also know that he loves us. He is making a big effort on his part to help us, too.
In essence, Aunt Julie saved him from a painful surgery and recovery that he didn't want and was very fearful of, AND possibly his life because he is becoming a much friendlier fella who hasn't bitten us since talking with her. I can't thank her enough for all her help.
As a fellow Animal Communicator, I know that Julie is very dedicated to the animals and their owners, and is a talented, wonderful lady.
Lois Schneider, Palmyra, VA
P.S. I gave him a couple of hugs and kisses and told him they were from Auntie Julie. He looked me straight in the eye. He recognized her name!!!!!! That's NEAT!!!!
Today this guy has been unbelievable. Of course I don't expect this kind of day all the time, but I am beside myself with love and pride with this boy. All I have to do is look at him or just say something nice to him and he comes over to me to be petted and talked to (praise, naturally!). He has also been looking at me a LOT today. Bob noticed it first. He kept saying "he's looking at you again". But what's really gotten to me is the expression on his little face and in his eyes. It's hard to describe. Almost like he's just getting to know me for the first time and likes what he sees. I don't know---a look of love, friendliness, appreciation---I don't know the right word to use. I do know that he is showing that he has decided that he is MY dog!! And it sure is OK with me!! (and with Bob, too) I can't tell you how much I love this guy, and how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate his efforts to be good and in leaving (our other dog) Beag alone. He hasn't even gone near her for anything so far today!!!!!! That's a miracle in itself! I've been telling him over and over that I am so happy with the changes he has made and the effort he is giving and how proud I am of him and what he has accomplished and that I appreciate EVERYTHING he has done. "Good boys" all day for him. I swear he's going to get sick and tired of hearing it.
I cannot get over the changes in him (and maybe in me, too) this past week. Today will be day number FIVE. doG bless him.
And may doG bless you too, Antie Julie!!! I can't believe what I'm seeing and feeling. I love him SO SO SO much!!!! And I'm beginning to see that he loves me (us) too!!
You can use anything I write.  I write only the truth.  I won't lie, so what I say is what it is.  If someone wants to email me to ask questions about communication and your value to me, feel free to send them to me.  I'll tell 'em!!  This change in Tiki has only come about AFTER you communicated with him, so it HAS to be what you said to him AND what you said to me (and Bob) that has brought this change about.  And I'll tell anyone and everyone who wants to know about it.
And YES!!!  My ship HAS come in!!  In the form of a more loving dog who is willing to leave a 17 yr old dwarf Beagle alone instead of attacking and wanting to grab her neck, and is willing to show friendship and love where before, he kept it all to himself.  All we needed was someone to intercede for us to let each other know what we needed in our lives to bring us closer together.  I can't tell you how I feel this day to accurately describe it.  It's just wonderful.  I've always loved this Basenji boy with my heart and soul, but had become so discouraged when he bit us those 3 times, I was thinking we'd have to put him down.  But now, it's a whole new lease on life for all of us. It's horrible to think you might have to put down the dog you love because he had become a biter. It would have been heartbreak of the worse kind.  But now----those thoughts are GONE!!
Do you realize, Miss Julie, that you have SAVED my baby's LIFE????

I took Max to the groomers Saturday. He was soooo goood!! I was so surprised how good he was. The conversation really made a difference. Wow!! I am so excited about the conversations. I can definitely say you have me as a customer for life. Every animal I have will need conversation. It makes such a difference. I am now also talking to Max and the cats regularly like I would a person. I have come to realize they know a lot more of what I am saying than I could have imagined. Max really responds to it but the cats seem to want the mystery kept up. I can definitely say that I am so much closer to my babies.
~ Deb D, Dec 2006
I have been now talking to Aunt Julie for about 8 years now and she never ceases to amaze me. I am currently owner of 4 dogs and 2 cats so love animals and would like to hear their voice or let them have their say and Julie does that for us. She is the go between and I am just so thankful I found her. There is so many people out there that say they can communicate and lots are legit but lots aren't but I guarantee if you call Julie, you will find out that she knows things about your household and pets that will make your mouth drop, just by talking to your furry friends!
My latest call is about my French Bulldog, LuLu ,she is now a year old and seems to be doing well in her new household and getting along with the rest but I did want to check in with her and Julie found out that LuLu was feeling out of sorts and not feeling a total balance in our house so gave me ideas on helping LuLu get more adjusted which I am in process of doing and it seems to be working!! She is starting to calm down when I tell what certain things are or explain to her. I also wanted to check as we are thinking about breeding her on her next heat. Julie was communicating with my other dogs and finding out that LuLu could be quite a pistol at times but in one reference one of our dogs was referring to her and saying LuLuuuuuuu and Julie kept saying, he is not calling her just LuLu, he is putting more emphasis on the second Lu when saying her name and then Julie proceeded to try to mimic her name the way our other dog said it and I flat out couldn't believe it!! That is exactly how we pronounce her name at times when she is not doing as she as told so we say LuLuuuuuuu kinda like with an attitude haha So that truly did astonish me and I knew she had actually been talking directly to our Jiggs about LuLu!!
Also, we had a cat that previously passed and I wanted to make sure she was ok and doing well and Julie was talking to her and said she is right there in your house in a front more formal room with a hole in the wall. haha Well, that all totally clicked because we do have a formal living room at the very front of our house with a fireplace and that explains the hole.
I could go on and on about so many incidents with Aunt Julie and how wonderful she is talking to my pets (friends) and letting me know if they were having problems chewing or had a tooth hurting and needed to go to the vet,,,,and after a vet visit finding out she was totally right!!! One of my dogs is about 9 and starting to have a touch of arthritis and told Julie that maybe he needed something to ease his discomfort so I did get a supplement at the pet store for arthritis and you tell by the way he walks that it is helping...
I wish everyone would call her because believe or not, our little friends that are so loyal and are good friends and companions have much to say and its wonderful being able to hear them!!!
~ SM/Texas Nov 2008
A FISH TALE - from Aunt Julie!
Had a nice win yesterday at my doctor's office. He's got a couple of large fish tanks in the waiting area and while waiting for an appointment, my mom, who was with me, and I, were watching one of the fish in one of the tanks and he had some "thing" about some other fish in there. Some problem. I just spent a lot of time observing. I could see (so to speak) the interchange between them, the large bronze looking one was sending evil "vibes" to the blue guy. Bronzie had his corner on the right and was behind some plants, whereas Blue-y was on the other end. His plants were up against the back glass so he couldn't hide so well.
Blue-y would occasionally and mildly go over to Bronzie's corner and try to swim behind his plants (where no humans could see him). Bronze-y wouldn't "do" anything but you could feel the vibes "turn on" and Blue-y would kind of er um .. swim back to his end. Hmmm. Then I got called for my appointment. During the visit I mentioned to the doctor that the blue fish seemed to "have a problem with" the bronze one. He asked which tank I was referring to and when I told him which one, he said, "Yeah, they don't like each other too much". (I love my doctor! but it's funny how folks will notice something like this and not remedy it for these helpless little guys, stuck with each other for their entire lives in such a small space. What the heck, they're just fish - right?)
After the appointment, Mom and I went in there for a spell and just sat with them to see what was what. We kind of introduced ourselves, at a nice, light gradient, not too scary, and then got in communication with them. I got what was going on with each.
Bronzie was VERY upset because HE belonged in "the ocean" (his exact concept, ocean. I wonder if they're salt water fish! I don't actually know...) and this tank thing was beneath him, being "on display" and not being able to hide properly and then this inferior blue guy comin' into HIS safe-space. So he'd get all huffy and scary at the blue guy, as a defensive and repelling mechanism, but really, he was just a caved in kind of guy. Now as I mentined Blue guy had plants on his side too but they were against the back glass so he couldn't tuck behind them and was always "on display". No privacy, no sense of "own" turf. So he'd "nicely" er um creep over there and try to share the Safe Space feeling that Bronzie guy had. It was really bloody SAD to see these guys in this predicament. It's a relatively large tank, but they're large fish and there are 2-3 others in there as well, none small. MAN. I couldn't think of anything to do to help them past listening. The blue one kept reaching out to Mom over and over. I mentioned this, he had this "thing" about her, wanted me to talk to HER for him, really wanted her recognition and attention, her eyes on him and her knowing what he had to say It was very strong!  Turns out the last time we were there, while in the waiting area, she had been over there talking to that fish! I had been ignoring things, I was off in some other la-la land about something. He remembered her! specifically! I guess it makes total sense since who else talks to the fish? I mean really talks to them, says Hi, validates them, praises them? and, well, knows anyone's "there" in the 1st place?! So that was sweet. But anyway they were both in a pickle. I felt really badly for both of them. So I decided to try and give them a job to be responsible for with pride, something they could do to feel causative while stuck in their stupid gilded cage, lookin' pretty for the humans. I let the bronze one know that his Important Job was to be pretty and handsome and entertaining for the humans who were sick patients waiting for Their Doctor and he could thereby make them feel better! and the blue one wasn't really interested, so I just let him know how we both really GOT what was going on with him, and that we understood that he was trying to also have a Little Safe Space somewhere in the tank, too!, and he - they - should just try to get along a little better since they're both in the same predicament - just understand each other a bit better .. that the bronze one wasn't really antipathetic to him, it was just his own pain and trauma from being stuck where he didn't feel he had his own Safe Space without him, the blue one, invading it. So both were suffering and I made sure they both knew that the other one was as well as themself.
Blue-y responded with a big "yawn" motion with his mouth - showing us a physical manifestation, basically, an acknowledgement He was already very expressive with his eyes - watchin' us like a hawk as I talked with him, but this jaw gaping was the ONLY other thing else he had done. Bronze-y's response was to relax a bit - no more vibes happenin'.. it was like he even looked "looser" in a subtle way..... and he swam forward a bit, away from.. out of.. his "safe space", closer to Blue-y.
Mom and I were needless to say kinda... choked up. Our little poopie and doopie guys, needing to be heard, needing some respect. And now trying so hard.
Just wanted to pass this along for my readers.
~ Aunt Julie, Sept 2008
Hi everybody, my name is Cynthia and I'm a retired Sergeant from our local Sheriff's Office. In 1992 I married and also adopted a wonderful Shepherd mix named Winston. He stayed with us for over 14+ years, then he stroked out. I cried for months and still do. We adopted a friend for Winston, but lost him to incapable veterinarian care in 2007. So we went to the SPCA one day and I was captured by a little dog (?) named Dana. Julie helped me to see that she wanted everyone to know her name was DaYna, and she responds so well to it. Julie said she had never communicated with such a happy little spirit before. And Dayna has been the happiest little girl we have had in this house. Julie heard another male spirit coming through, but it wasn't our big boy Roscoe who had just passed away, she felt it was my Winston. So now I'm going to talk to Julie again, as things are rather hurtful inside now.
People, if any of you know cops, we need proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and I trust Julie's abilities. Thank you, Julie!!!
~ CR in LA, February 2008

I always knew that my 3 cats liked me and liked the affection they received from me, but it wasn't until Aunt Julie communicated with them, that I found out how deeply they love me. Knowing that has brought us much closer. I really feel like I have a family to come home to now.
~SS in NY

Dear Julie,
You have a wonderful amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it with us! Since talking to you and Robert and Rudy -we understand them much better. You got their personalities - on the dot! And now instead of being aggravated at Robert for barking so much, we know that it's his way of protecting our house and trying to be a valuable part of the family!! I did what you suggested - I thanked him for barking at the dogs outside and congratulated him for protecting us and you should have seen how he looked back at me - he gleamed of pride and satisfaction - he looked a little surprised also!!! But he was so happy!! It was priceless to see him like that! Rudy on the other hand has stopped provoking and teasing Robert so much! They don't get into fights anymore and since you conveyed to him that I get worried about the bites - that sometime it causes some bleeding - he hasn't done it since!!
Once again - thank you from all of us - from the bottom of our hearts!! We will be sure to contact you to check in with our boys on a regular basis - In the meantime, I'm going to tell everyone I know who has pets all about you! I think that it's the best thing I've ever done for them and I can't wait to hear other stories! Please never stop doing what you do!
~ E.V. in Laguna Beach, CA
(Also see her Testimonial for passed over Cruzer)

I had my Consultation with Aunt Julie fairly soon after I adopted my kitty, Professor Blueberry. Although I believed  that she was legit from the beginning, it really clicked for me when I asked her if Professor liked his nicknames like Hunnybun, etc., and she said yes, but he really likes Pooperschnooper! I hadn't mentioned that name and she knew I called him that, wow. She filled in a lot of his history, about why he had his canine teeth missing, for instance. I felt much closer to him after our session and now I am so grateful that he came into my life; he is such a sweet and wonderful soul. In my perspective Aunt Julie has a gift and I'm grateful she's using it, thank you!
~ Meaganne McC., CA
About a year ago my mother met a woman named Fran (same name as my mom!).
The other day I received this email (excertpt):
Your mom and I sat together at the restaurant, we got to talking and she told me about you and gave me your card. I was totally into what you do, and have respect for it. At the time my animals two pugs male and female and an African gray were all healthy and happy, so I put your card aside after reading through your web site.
As I said this was a little over a year ago, about a week and a half ago my male pug Dexter (who is the youngest and the closest to me, my best friend loving me no matter what, happy just to touch me) he got very sick. The vet said it was a food allergy, gave him medicine and he got better but was not himself. He cried when I left the room and would howl, this is something he never did. He started walking in circles and walking into doors, I had to hire a sitter in able to be able to go to my 4 hour part time job.  He is howling as we speak because he is in the other room. I took him back to the vet. I was and still am besides myself. The vet said he had an inner ear infection , very bad and deep, they blew out his ears, had to pierce his ear drums; he screamed and I cried and had to be removed from the office. I cannot bear to see him like this or even think he is still in pain, it's breaking my heart. He is still on ear drops twice a day and pills twice a day, it has been 4 days and he still will howl when I leave the room, he still circles only not the entire house just around the dining room table but his right side of his face seems to drop and he loses his balance, and I think has lost sight in his right eye; most of the sight, not all. I would really like for you to see him if that was at all possible, without seeing how pitiful he is you would understand why I want you to actually see him. Please Aunt Julie I will pay you for your time, my husband and I beg you Please, Please helps us help him. We live in Clearwater and will come to you or you come to us whatever it takes. Please............................We want him back to the happy little boy he was.
I don't normally do any house calls due to my bad back and actually when I called Fran on the phone, I could have done the Consult that way, but Mister Perceptive Dexter picked up that there was a possiblity I could arrive (i.e. I didn't live in another state or even county) and he honed in on me very strongly and told me something in advance of the Consult which was very hard-hitting and which got me to say I'd come over. (I told the owners about it later on.)
I went to this family's home to do a Consult with them/him, and was greeted by their other pug, Dana, female. Harpo, the African Grey, was in his cage. The time there involved all three of them as well as the 2 humans. It was heavy, hard-hitting, enlightening. Their Mommy had also made sure that she told Dexter that this was his time, his chace to say anything and everything, and to not hold back.
He was very forthcoming. They all were.
Fran may or may not write something for my site, and the pictures are not yet here to upload, but after her first email the next day I asked if it was okay to use on my site and the second email is what she wrote. Both are included below.
The subject of (an adopted) baby was a very significant thing for Dexter (including his thinking that he should die before then...long story and personal to him, but suffice it to say that there was a lot going on there).
Fran had shown me and discussed a Lucky Ducks toy while I was there.
We were able to find out specifically what was occuring, from his point of view, as he would demonstrate indicators of pain, confusion, and the like, including the walking in circles.
Dana had some vital input for us and Harpo shed a lot of light on matters as well. Their individual Initial Consults will be happening as well, but suffice it to say that they were already an integral part of things and of Dexter's Consult.
The stress level for the family, past and current, from this and other issues, and Dexter's pain, howling and crying were also significant situations.
Dear Aunt Julie:
You are AMAZING! I think you coming here last night made all the difference in the world, we were all calm this morning and Dexter seems to understand that I need him here to help me with the baby when he comes. I and my husband see a big change in him since he said his piece and we said ours. I don't know if I'm right but he is much better. Today we bought him some new Lucky Ducks and he actually played with me and the ducks on the floor and he was jumping on the love seat trying to hide the duck. He has not been like this in so long that I can't remember. He is still in pain but it seems to come and go and he is more himself today and slept the whole nite through without crying. I and my husband thank you from our hearts truly you have made a difference. I will keep you posted and I am spreading the word of just how wonderful you are.
Love Always
Fran, Mike, Dexter, Dana and Harpo too!
Nov 2005
Dear Aunt Julie:
Yes by all means you may use whatever you wish of what I have written, and I shall continue to spread the word of your gift, it is truly AMAZING! Dexter is coming a long so wonderfully I can't believe he's the same dog. You have opened up a understanding to all of us (Dexter, Dana, Harpo, my husband and myself) that we would have never known existed. We can now truly understand our family of animals thanks to you.
We will keep in touch and you are one of the most beautiful people we have ever met, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is what we saw when we looked at you and that is honest and true. Keep doing what you do, you have know idea the doors you open for people and the beloved pets. I know what you have done for us. I have a greater respect for Harpo now than I ever had before, and my heart is at rest for knowing what my animals think and feel and that they understand the same of me.
I see the change in my wonderful Dexter who is part of me and even though he wanted to leave so he could stay longer I think he realizes that I need him more this way and I think but I could be wrong that he understands that and excepts it. And you were so on about Dana she is and always has been a Daddy's girl although he hasn't been there for them as I have in the past, but I do understand she loves him very much. And I have thanked Harpo for thanking you and told him just how wonderful I think he is for doing that. We'll talk soon!
God Keep you Safe for all of us who need you!
Much Love Always
Fran, Mike, Dana, Dexter and Harpo too!
P.S. I will work on some pictures for you this week.
Same afternoon:
Today we played ball in the living room and he would run and hide, I chased him on my hands and knees, it's been a long time since he's run and played like that, he's on his way back to me. Thank you again, I can't thank you enough.
I live in a household with four pets, A Standard Poodle, a Shih Tzu, a Conure (small parrot) and a Hamster. I love them all very much, and feel like they are happy and contented here in my family. Well, all that is except for Blue, my female Standard Poodle. We got her in February of 2003, and although we showered her with love and attention, I kept getting the feeling that something was "not right". She was doing okay here with us, but she didn't seem really happy. It bothered me, and I wished fervently that there was something I could do about it.
Fortunately for me, I found Aunt Julie's website. I contacted her and she was able to connect with Blue right away. Blue was a bit standoffish at first, but as Julie helped me get my thoughts and feelings over to Blue, Blue became more relaxed and we had some great conversations. Now Blue knows how much I love her and how important she is to me!
Whether you have a problem with your pet or not, I must tell you that having conversations with your pets through Aunt Julie is simply the best money you will ever spend.
Think about it ~ you live with your pets every day. Don't you wish you knew what they thought about ? They are not just animals who happen to live in our homes, they are part of our families, and they know about all that goes on in your life, and sometimes they have questions that they long to ask you, but we simply can't "pick up" their communication.
Aunt Julie can be the bridge that brings you and your pet together.
It is so satisfying and so rewarding, you will be able to bond with your pet
in a way you never knew was possible. It's a great feeling!
~ Jackie and Company in Illinois
"Anyone who asks you for a referral can just e-mail me ~ I know that you are for real!" jlaraschmidt@yahoo.com

Jackie is going to be writing and adding Testimonials here and there as we go along. Following are a couple right off the bat ~ Aunt Julie 
When is a hamster not just a hamster ?
When you learn that he's not just a cute little creature, but he is also a warm caring being who receives love from you and sends love back in return. I had a great experience today talking with my hamster, Hammy. Aunt Julie was even surprised by how much he had to say! It was great to know that he was happy here at home, but it was also nice to learn about how he felt about other members of our family and what concerns he had.
It's kind of overwhelming at times to think that even a creature as small as a hamster is a being with thoughts and feelings, but it makes your relationship with that creature so much more meaningful than just a regular pet / owner relationship.
Having Pet Consultations is really adding another dimension to my life. I can know my pet's thoughts and feel his feelings. It really enhances the bond between us.
~ Jackie & Her Happy Hamster, Hammy ~
I was indeed surprised by all he had to say. This "litle guy" was not only bright and chipper, but had a very strong purpose to help his Mommy, and was willing to sacrifice himself for his family if the need ever (he felt) arose. Our Consultation was at once uplifting and quite moving. ~ Aunt Julie
Later there was an unfortunate accident and Hammy was killed. Please see this Testimonial...
One of my pets is a Green-Cheeked Conure (a type of small parrot ) whose name is Aristotle. He is nicknamed "Weekie" because when he screeches, he says "Wee! Wee!" There are certain things that I felt I knew about him even before I was able to do the consult with Aunt Julie, but there were many more interesting things that I learned about him during our Consultation.
First of all, Weekie did not really know that his "official" name was Aristotle ~ he knew it was Ari-something, but he couldn't quite make out the second part. He also didn't know that he had beautiful blue and red tail feathers in addition to the green ones that cover his body. I was rather surprised that he didn't know about the other colors, but then why would he? They're always behind him! J
Aristotle is mostly my husband's pet. In our household full of pets, Weekie is my hsband's favorite pet and my husband is Weekie's favorite human.
Weekie wants to spend more time with "Daddy", and would like to do fun things with him. One of the things that Aristotle thought might be fun was White Water Rafting.
He thought that he and Daddy could really have fun doing that.
It sounded cute, but I have to admit, it struck me as being quite silly ~ I mean Daddy? White Water Rafting?
We have always gone to the desert for hiking vacations. He has never indicated any interest in doing anything related to water. So that night, just for the heck of it, I asked my husband, in a casual way, if he had ever thought of going white water rafting on vacation. He looked at me with a slightly startled expression on his face, and then smiled this huge smile and said, "Ya know, that is something that I have always wanted to do. I think it would be great!"
I stood there with my jaw dropped open. I had to pause a moment to take in what my husband had just said to me. It blew me away!
I have known this man for 20 years and he has never mentioned this to me.
I can't believe it! But evidently it's true! It still makes me shake my head in wonderment when I think about it.
I mean, I figured Weekie and "Daddy" had a bond, but whoa!
And my husband is a guy who is not an easy person to get to know...
Pet Communication is truly possible, and I've learned some amazing things from my Pets.
 Oh, by the way, since my household has dogs and kids running all over the place, Weekie was a bit indignant and said, "With so much lunacy going on in this house, why is it that I'm the one in the cage ?!?!"
Yeah, this really was Weekie talking, no doubt about it!
~ Jackie & Mr. Aristotle "Weekie" the Conure
Gus is my one year old, male Shih Tzu. He has always entertained me with his antics and how cute he is, but recently I learned that there was much more to him than just his "cuteness"!
Aunt Julie got into contact with him and he shared lots of information with her.
I always wondered if he really got along with my son or not, and I got the answer "straight from the dog's mouth" ! I learned what he was doing before he came into my life and also, details of life with the first family who owned him. He answered questions I had about his relationship with the other pets in our family.
Best of all, he told me what jobs he was taking care of to help make my life easier.
He's really a very thoughtful dog!
Aunt Julie is great to talk to just on her own on a one-to-one basis, but when she helps humans and animals communicate, things can happen that will change your life!
Gratefully yours,
~ Jackie & Gus ~
Gus isn't into my sharing all his details, but suffice it to say he's on top of things in a big way...Julie
Last Friday when we had our Consult, Gus had mentioned that he was worried about the weather. He was concerned about me leaving the house because he felt that a storm might be approaching, and the air just didn't "seem right".
Well, right after I picked my daughter up from school, it began to hail!
We couldn't believe it ! It looked like it might rain a little, but hail?
That Gus is one fine little meteorologist, and he sure does look out for his Mommy.
~Jackie & Company~
One of the dogs in my neighborhood is Jappy the terrier.
He seems to be a friendly dog, but his family has mentioned to me that he can be territorial. Before I brought my two dogs over to play with him, I wanted to make sure that they would be welcome over in "his" yard.
Aunt Julie was able to contact Jappy and establish communication with him. He was surprised to hear from me via that route, but he reassured me that Blue and Gus were indeed welcome to come over and play with him. He's actually looking forward to having some friends come to visit, and I feel more at ease knowing that he won't mind my dogs coming onto "his turf".
~ Jackie & Company ~
Aunt Julie's note:
Jackie, Jackie. Modest as usual. The effect she's creating on the animals is a bit startling. She's done Consultations with all of her pets now and besides keeping in good comm with them, she's now taken on all of the neighborhood pets she knows. She's always intereseted in them and concerned about how their life is going. They are easy to get in comm with and are thrilled to hear from her. She cares like no one else!
With Jappy, this is a dog who got agressive with her when she stepped onto his turf - and she still got in comm with him! We found out what his ideas and feelings were on that subject, and that he's not guaranteeing that he won't be aggressive or bristly still...but now she knows and can understand his point of view and can know which "lines" to not cross, and why. Jappy's also excited about being allowed to hang out and play with Jackie's dogs and his life has been enhanced by Jackie's love and caring.  
Another follows:
Dusty is a dog who lives in my neighborhood and I have known her for 5 years.
She was always a playful and active dog, but recently she had been slowing down and she seemed unhappy to me. I thought that her unhappiness was due to the fact that her family had acquired a new pet, Mia, who was a young terrier. I was afraid that Dusty was feeling like she had been "replaced" and wasn't the favored family pet anymore.
I thought perhaps she might be resentful of Mia.
I contacted Aunt Julie, and as we had our conversation with Dusty I was very surprised to learn that Dusty really liked Mia very much, and was grateful to Mia for cheering her up ! It turns out that the reason Dusty was feeling out-of-sorts was because of some medication she had been taking for a health problem. Mia knows that Dusty is not feeling well and does her best to entertain Dusty and help get her mind off of her health problems.
What an unexpected ending ! Here I had been certain, all along, that the problem was that the dogs didn't like each other, and I could not have been more wrong!
This is what makes animal communication so valuable.
You find out how the pet really feels. Thanks, Aunt Julie, for giving Dusty the chance to talk with me. I feel much better now, knowing that my old friend is happy with her new "sister".
~Jackie & Company ~
This was a rewarding Consultation. Dusty was actually very appreciative of the other, younger dog's attempts to cheer her up! She was also noticeably brighter and happier the very next day (after the three of us talked), despite the drug she's on.
No one had ever taken the time to listen to her as Jackie had. ~ Julie
Note from Jackie ~ Your work doesn't just promote better communication between humans and animals. It can free these beings from all sorts of horrible memories from their pasts and help them get over it so that they can enjoy the new lives they have now.
Julie ~
Bogart, the Standard Poodle puppy has officially joined our family as of July 1.
The comm that we had with Rosie just before he arrived produced astounding results!
As you'll remember, I wanted to get a Standard Poodle to be a pet for my daughter, as Rosie the Shih Tzu is "Mom's dog".
Rosie has a tough-as-nails personality. She does not suffer fools gladly, and always hated other dogs. When I say she "hated" other dogs, I mean in a growling, snarling aggressive kind of way. She wouldn't even try to be civil.
So I had a dilemma ~ keep things in the family as they were ("perfect" as far as Rosie was concerned) or I could risk bringing a new dog into the house that she would violently reject. To anyone looking at the situation from a practical standpoint, the decision was obvious. Don't get another dog !!!
But still, my decision also had to take into account my daughter's feelings. She wanted this new dog so much, to be her friend and companion.
As you know, Julie, up until now Rosie has never had much to say in our comm sessions. She always kept it light and upbeat, just saying things like, "Hi, Mommy, I love you!" This time though, when I wanted to ask Rosie if she could accept another dog in the household, she became very philosophical and told me how she really felt. She felt that the family was perfect as it was, and she didn't agree that we needed another dog. After all, my daughter had her (Rosie) to play with. She said that she was not "Mom's dog" but that we were a family, with all of us caring about each other.
Rosie had already had her own preliminary comm with Bogart himself, and she found that he had a timid, gentle personality. She told me that if we were getting Bogart to be "my daughter's dog" she was against it. She said the only way she would accept the new puppy would be if we went into it with the attitude that we were "adding a new member to our family". I gave it a lot of thought. I realized that she was right. Finally, I told her that I genuinely wanted to get the new puppy to be part of our family. She agreed, and the next day the puppy was sent to us from his home in California.
When we brought him home from the airport, we were really nervous. I kept picturing her lunging at the puppy with flashing eyes and bared teeth, barking and snarling. I knew that would be devastating to the puppy, who was timid to begin with.
We all held our breath as we opened the front door. Rosie was sitting right there in the entryway. We each came walking in, with my daughter leading Bogart the puppy.
Rose sat there looking imperious, absolutely regal like a queen on her throne.
Bogart walked in, head bowed down, not in fear, but in respect towards Rosie.
Rosie didn't make a sound. We were awestruck. It was absolutely astounding!!!
With simply a look, Rosie acknowledged the puppy, as if to say, "You are entering my kingdom now. I allow you to enter". WOW !
We all breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was incredible! And you are the one who made this all possible.
Had it not been for you helping me communicate with Rosie beforehand, this NEVER would have gone so well ! I probably would have wound up sending the puppy back home to California, because all Rosie would do is intimidate him and fight with him.
YOU helped me communicate with my dog. You helped me to understand what she was thinking and feeling. You took a situation that could have been a disaster, and turned it into something wonderful! Rosie was able to accept the new puppy because of only one reason: She Was Heard. She was consulted first, and her feelings were respected.
If I could convey just one thing to potential new clients, it would be this: Aunt Julie is totally and completely for real. Aunt Julie really understands the animal psyche, and knows how to work with animals. The consultation we had with Rosie was literally life-changing, for all of us! Thank You, Aunt Julie!
~ Jackie in IL
Julie's note:  All true. Once in awhile I talk with an animal who "doesn't have a lot to say". Hey - we all know someone that way! All's fine, things are la-la, no sweat, go with the flow, I'm me and I'm as I am, howyadoin. That's Rosie. Each pet of animal friend of Jackie's gets their Initial Consult and then they're "lumped in" to the mix of subsequent group Consults. It's an incredible thing....an hour with Jackie can men talking with her pets, dogs up the street, animals at the zoo, and any combination thereof. Or just one or two...just depends. Now, Rosie could have been real concern when it came to adding another dog to the household at this particular time in everyone's lives for a variety of reasons. Jackie had the foresight to consult with her first and BING still waters run deep! Just another example of how there's ALWAYS someone home there and it's just a matter of time, or circumstance. That maybe came out wrong. I don't care what they say or don't say. They don't have to be chatty for me, but, some folks get concerned if one particular pet doesn't say a lot. (Jackie knows better <g>). So here we went, Rosemary (who named herself by the way - nice name, no?) suddenly waxing quite philosophical and really pushing certain points she felt needed to be taken into account. She rose right out of "being a dog" and impressed upon Jackie certain things about the household which have more depth than discussed here. Suffice it to say she was right on and the above is the result.
My golden retriever, Lalka, and I were having problems with focusing during obedience training classes.  She was pulling terribly and wanted to socialize the entire class.  Small problem - for most - but when you are in training to be a therapy dog, this is a huge problem.  Thanks to Aunt Julie, Lalka and I have corrected that problem in just a matter of days.  I have notice such a change for being just "good" to being almost "perfect." It's scary!  Proof of this improvement was achieving second place in a recent testing.  What is even more important is that I now have the important background to help me understand and communicate with my "little doll."  I never realized how powerful this could be.  Now we have the tools and the confidence to continue on our path to receive our goal - Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog certification.
Progress Report 2 weeks later:
She was perfect!!!! (and) I have really noticed an extreme difference in Lalka since your reading. The more time goes by and I see the improvement in her focus, I can only attribute the change to the communication you've had with her. Thanks again, and again and again.
Progress Report over a month later:
She went for training last week and was the "star" again as usual. This time the instructor had my boyfriend walking between and over each dog. I was sure Lalka would want to get up when J- came close to her but Lalka didn't move--PERFECT. Since we were away and people hadn't seen Lalka in a while (before your reading), they really noticed the change in her. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made.
IB ~ Hilton, NY
Just to let you know that today was the day for the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog International certification test and Lalka made it with flying colors.
Wow, I couldn't sleep all night because of my excitement and anticipation! I have to tell you, this is the most incredible thing I've ever read, and I just cried my eyes out reading it. Not in a bad way, but because I've felt slightly disconnected from them and I don't feel that way any more. This is, by far, the best experience we've had with an Animal Communicator ~ all the others were fine, but this hit the nail on the head. I am so utterly astonished, I can't even come close to expressing it.
Thank you so much for speaking to Zua until everything was said...I feel like the giantest cloud has been lifted from my sky.
FYI...I call them the "apples of my eye" ALL the time! That wasn't just a random phrase that came up!
Thank you so very, very much. WOW, again, is all I can say. Boy did I cry my eyes out or what. I finally feel that black cloud of hell has lifted...floated away...I feel a different energy in the house right now. WOW. It feels so good to have the sun shining on all of us; it's amazing.
I always had the feeling that Austin was searching for his soul. Well, he's finally there! You got him there, and I can't thank you enough.
You must be exhausted after all this! Thank you so very much for your energy and your help. This is definitely one of the best things we've EVER done. WOW. I wish I had found you years ago!!!
This same client's Testimonial for others: 
I have used a few Animal Communicators before I found Julie. The other ones were good, but I found something exceptionally special about my Consults with Julie. I felt so good about her conversations with them, and I immediately noticed how much more relaxed and playful they were the very next day. I learned exactly what I wanted to, got all of the answers I was searching for, and also learned a whole lot that I wasn't expecting! It was fascinating, educational, fun, and the best money I've spent on my dogs!
The detail was excellent! My dogs sounded exactly like I expected them to, and their individual personalities shined through!
The only issue is that I wish I had found Julie years ago! I am looking forward to our Follow-up appointments. I will be a life-long client.
NB ~ Ann Arbor, MI
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Over the years, I tried many animal communicators, and was happy when I finally found Aunt Julie. I used to talk to my now crossed-over babies, Zua and Austin, all the time through Aunt Julie. I had them for many, many years, and they were the apples of my eye. When they passed, which was about a month apart, my heart literally broke. Aunt Julie helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life--she made it easier, and gave me great peace.
About a year before they passed, I got another Standard Poodle, Lizzie. Lizzie was very attached to them, especially Zua. After the boys crossed over, Lizzie became very sad. Talking to her with Aunt Julie lifted that and helped us both through a very hard time.
Lizzie and I really like talking to Aunt Julie--I have learned so much about Lizzie that I wouldn't have known otherwise, and it's really deepened our bond. I've had to do a lot of desensitization work with Lizzie for phobias (thunderstorms, loud noises, etc) and general anxiety, and talking with Aunt Julie has made this a lot easier. These days, Lizzie seems calmer and more centered, and I know if I ever need to check in with her, she's just a phone call away. It's nice to have that peace of mind!
NB ~ Ann Arbor, MI, April 2007

I love that she talks to you I think it's one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Initially I thought, "what the hell" I'll give this thing a shot, but Julie, you knew things about me that there is no WAY you could have known if you had not been told by Aggie. I'm really quite impressed by the whole thing and it's made things so much better since I'm not second-guessing my decisions, I get her input from you. It truly is wonderful.
~ Michael Moyer; Seattle, WA
See also this Testimonial from Aggie's passing...
Take a neutered grown male Rottie with renal insufficiency add a grown male Rottie who is intact with self-esteem problems and then mix in a 9 year old spayed female  Rottie rescue whose family has been accidentally killed and expect them to be a "family". Impossible? Not for Aunt Julie.
The boys had visited with another communicator who has retired and Aunt Julie was recommended by her, with wonderful results.
My boy with renal insuffciency needed to let me catch urine samples. He would run every time I tried to do this. With Aunt Julie's help, I found out he considered it humiliating and shameful and we were able to come to an agreement on another way to monitor his health. Julie caught his personality perfectly--the way she related to me that he visited with her was "him". He has been so happy since his visit with Julie and he doesn't have the issue of the urine catches hovering over him. He was also peripherally involved in the visits with the other two and the relationships between all three of them have been much enhanced and smoothed.
Poor girl--she was present when her family was killed in an accident. After Julie took a huge amount of time help her deal with the loss and turn it around enough to make it bearable for her, she has been much more relaxed and at ease. I have been able to let her know that she is safe with me and will be with me as long as she lives. From my girl, I found out what she likes to be called, what she doesn't like to be called (bitch is a no-no!!) and how she perceives her health and well-being. I also found out that the connection that I felt when I met her was mutual.
Just being able to talk with someone about their concerns, issues they may have and solutions they would propose has been so valuable to me. Julie was able to help stop the bad dreams that she was having about the accident that took her former family and my girl now sleeps so peacefully.
My youngest boy had a lot of really bad baggage. He was so morose and grumpy all the time, but I didn't know why. I had helped deliver him and I knew that he'd not been abused or mistreated. Well--the baggage that he had was dropped on Julie and I and it was very significant. Of course, he worried that it would affect our relationship as well as being somewhat ashamed. After Julie helped him work through the baggage and I assured him that my love for him was unending--he's a whole new boy. He's happy, he's not grumpy and hateful to his "brother" and "sister" and he was able, with Julie's help, to both find a whole new perspective on life and find joy in living.
With Julie's aid, my dogs have formed into a family. There is very little grumbling and hassling each other. They now are that wonderful "one for all and all for one" pack that I thought was impossible. In my opinion, a visit with Aunt Julie every six months or so is just as, or perhaps more important, than the annual visit to the veterinarian. The veterinarian tends to their physical well-being and Aunt Julie tends to their emotional well-being. My life with my dogs has been enriched beyond description by Aunt Julie's unique abilities.
These brave babies "played ball" on this and they made it happen for themselves and for their family. They did all the work. They each had some uniquely different difficult and touchy things to confront. And when I worked with one, the other 2 respectfully stepped back, all the while "keeping an eye on things" and how their "sibling" was progressing.
The Consultations were a bit intense and their individual traumas were nakedly exposed and open to view and gotten through. When I finished the third dog, they all kind of looked at each other and went ... Hmmm...and their tolerance and understanding of each other as friends, co-habiters and "family members" went gracefully right in. I could feel it when it happened, and I can feel it still.
I should note that their owner is quite understanding, tolerant and compassionate, and was a major factor in this from beginning to end. They would have not fared so well had she not been there for them, for comfort, blind faith and true innate understanding. ~ Aunt Julie
Sidney is my mother's big beautiful basset hound and my mother was wanting to communicate with her. I contacted Aunt Julie to set up an appointment and what she shared with us about Sidney was a delight. It seems Sidney thinks that she is just the cat's meow - and of course she is! She is very well adjusted and told Julie she loves how beautiful her face is and she should even be put on calendars! Julie has done readings on other of my animals and some of them do have their excess baggage that needs to be addressed but it was really great to have a reading on Sidney knowing she is so well adjusted and just very very happy!! This made my mom so happy and we would both like to thank you Julie for another great reading!
~ Sally, Angleton, TX
The past couple of weeks I had been watching the Animal Channel and saw the Pet Psychic and was amazed that this could be done. I started searching on internet and found Aunt Julie's website and emailed her that day. We had gotten our minature pinscher at the SPCA and at the time Maddie was 3 yrs old and we have had her now 2 years. There was many things I wanted to know about her and her past also. Aunt Julie was terrific and could pick up all kinds of things about Maddie that helped us tremendously. It was so weird that Aunt Julie knew things about Maddie that she just wouldn't know unless she lived in our house or was a true pet psychic. I would recommend her highly to anyone and in fact after the reading, I called my mom and told her she has to get a reading on her dogs!
~ SM from Texas
I contacted Aunt Julie to find out what my dog named Hannah would like to tell me or so we could actually communicate. Hannah is a wonderful dog and she is with me at all times. We are very close and Aunt Julie picked up on that and also what Hannah's likes and dislikes were. We have a house on a lake and she knew Hannah loved to go there and swim in the lake and also how she interacted with our other animals. Anyone that is wanting to talk to their pets should definitely get a reading with Aunt Julie. I think you will be nothing but totally happy you had this experience.
~ SM from Texas
This owner (Susan T in Glen Burnie, MD) has two cats and decided to do Punkin first. From the Initial Consultation Order Form:
Any other pets in the home? How do they get along?
There is a seven year-old orange tiger cat named Goldman in the house. They fight! They fought from the day he came into the house.
Later it was Goldman's turn for his Consultation. The owner followed the same info format as she had for Punkin...
Any other pets in the home? How do they get along?
Punkin, of course.  They are getting along very well now, thanks to you! J
~ Need I say more? - Aunt Julie
Update! Please read more about these cats here. It'll knock your socks off.
A select few people on this earth have been blessed with a gift, and even fewer of those choose to share it with others. Aunt Julie Rich is one of those people. Even the most jaded skeptic will likely come away from a few sessions with Julie with a new appreciation and understanding of their beloved pet. Julie gives 110% to her clients. Her ability to communicate with pets, and to relate that information to owners is uncanny, and I would encourage anyone who doubts her sincerity to open your mind and give it a try. You will be astounded.
- Sherry & Frank

Sometimes I like to go to the pond to sit and watch the wildlife around it. On many occasions I have met Aunt Julie and her dog Fox Mulder there. In the pond there are resident alligators. We have watched the alligators for a couple of years. Last year we saw one of them teaching their babies how to swim. This year we see how some of them have grown up. Sometimes it appears that there is nothing in the water and Aunt Julie will ask them where they are and within a short time they will show themselves to us. They come within a short distance of us and actually come up above the waterline to show us how big they are getting. Aunt Julie will tell them they are getting so big and strong and they seem to know what she is saying to them because they come up above the water even more when she is talking to them. They even show off their backs and spikes to impress us, which is rare!
What a wonderful lady she is and I am glad to have met her. She has such a good connection and understanding of all the animals she comes in contact with and she has been able to help many.
L. M. N.
I asked Aunt Julie to have a chat with a cat, Muffin, that I had just adopted, and also with my longtime companion Kitty. I was amazed at how closely Julie hit the nail on the head with Kitty -- she really captured her personality and spirit and I was greatly comforted by the things she communicated to me. Being able to hear and believe what was on my cat's mind was a truly remarkable and moving experience. Julie was also a great help with Muffin, who had been a bit unsure of her new living situation. Muffin calmed down and adjusted almost immediately after Julie contacted her. She's now very much at home and secure in her new setting!
KI in NY
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THE MIRACLE CHILD! (with Case Notes & Then Some!)
Sphinx came to me at the age of 1 month old and she was dying. She could not breathe very well and her entire body caved in on itself with every breath. Her eyes were matted shut and her nose was crusted shut. She was open-mouth breathing and I saw no hope in saving her. Within a matter of hours of "adopting" Sphinx, I contacted Julie for help. I was so unsure as to what I should do. I was terrified of fighting to save her life if she did not want to live or of having her put to sleep if she really wanted to live. I needed Julie's gift of communication to help me find out what Sphinx really wanted. Julie realized that this was truly an Emergency and immediately began communicating with Sphinx.
I'd love to give all of the details regarding the communications between Julie, myself and Sphinx. However, to date there have been over 75 e-mails and at least 3 phone calls. Let me just tell you that Sphinx did want to die in the very beginning of Julie's communication with her. After continuing to "talk" to her, it was realized that Sphinx had a change of heart and wanted to live. It was made very clear to Sphinx that living was not guaranteed if her body was not up to that challenge. BUT, that it would be necessary to give her lots of injections (antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids) in order to attempt to save her life. She readily agreed to these stipulations and I began feverishly treating her accordingly. She was unable to eat due to a severe soreness in her throat area and I was having to force-feed her as well.
I have now had Sphinx for 1 week and I am VERY happy to report that not only is she still alive...She is MUCH better!! She still is unable to eat, but I think that's because she is unable to smell yet. She is no longer on antibiotics and is down to 1 subcutaneous fluid shot a day instead of 1 shot every 4 hours. She has begun PLAYING within the past 2 days and even PURRED once!! She is VERY calm and content. I may have been the one who administered the medications and treatments to try to save Sphinx, and Sphinx may have been the one who fought to survive. BUT, I give ALL of the credit to Julie. Had she not taken immediate action to communicate with Sphinx when I e-mailed her in a panic, I would have had Sphinx put to sleep the next morning. So, on behalf of myself and Sphinx...THANK YOU AUNT JULIE!! WE LOVE YOU!!!
~ Jodi Olesen, San Angelo, TX
This was pretty intense.
I didn't even know it at first, but the kitten's mother had deposited her off at someone's house: "you take her", plain and simple. Mama had sensed something about her as she seemed fine at first, then got suddenly quite ill. The woman gave Sphinx to Jodi to take care of her as Jodi's well versed in kitten care and helps vets out all the time. This pathetic little baby was just as Jodi described her above and then some. She was a runt (half the size of her siblings) and they can have underdeveloped systems, organs -  who knows? She also had been flea infested to boot, the antibiotics didn't seem to be working, she was scrawny, and when Jodi tried to put anything down her throat or put the drops into her little sealed up eyes, she'd scream from pain. There was a good chance she was going to be blind. ETC.
So the email traffic started off with elements like this...". I truly don't 'feel' like Sphinx will survive the night."
I contacted Sphinx; from the very beginning of the Consult (cleared with the kitty to publish): "Her instant was that - she wants to die. Said this twice. Real simple statement of fact." and "She is close to dying, she says, will do so at a 'moment's notice' if she has to. ('Has to' means - if cannot take it anymore, or, if determines, ascertains, that the body c.annot go any further or will not in fact improve) Has gone out of the body a bit here and there and is at times just above it and not even in it. Doesn't know if she even wants it...
It's so pretty. It's sooo cute. She's very upset that - you might have kept her. You might have loved her - no - that she could have loved YOU. Her instinct tells her that to love you would have been the 'survival' thing to do, to 'make you happy' and you would then take care of her. This is what kittens are 'supposed' to do...
Says if she had a reason to pull through, she would.
Would like you to decide. Decide if she should live or die, and simply, frankly, tell her."
This was who I was starting with. She couldn't even wrap her mind around loving some just to love them; nothing seemed worth it. But between Jodi and I burning the daily and midnight oil more than a few times, and Jodi's persistence and loving hands-on gutsy care, facing the horribleness of a screaming, basically dying kitten on little sleep herself, we pulled it off. She's not out of the woods yet but is really, really close. This girl felt unwanted and unacceptable, from her feline mother on forward. She despised the "prettiness" of her own little body because what good had it done her? And the pain? Numbingly horrible.
At one point during the Consult she was suddenly a lot more relaxed and fell to sleeping rather than labored groggy-unconsciousness so I emailed Jodi to find out why - what just happened!? Jodi had "simply" been stroking her telling her she loved her and how proud of her she was. Her love opened the door and was a major turning point for Sphinx. She was noticeably more relaxed the next morning...and yet...the mystery ailment lingered on and Jodi and the vet still didn't know what was wrong, and Jodi was facing perhaps days of the same shared agony with this little girl...she was torn as to whether or not this kitten who was literally suffering 24/7 should be allowed to contine to suffer.Yet no one wanted to make "the call" - not even Sphinx!
We worked furiously via email to keep Sphinx bolstered, to find out and handle each and every single upset about anything we could find. then one night I picked up from something said about how her blood felt to her, just a subtle something I sensed from it, that despite Sphinx's developing desire to persist in trying to live, that it was going to end that night. Well, not on my watch! Not without some final sort-outs here!  It was time to get on the phone. We sorted things out and then some. Then it came down to we all 3 agreeing that fateful night that it was truly, actually, genuinely ok if she passed over during that night. It was her call, and every angle and factor of life, death, emotions and ideas had been covered. There was nothing left to say. It was an emotional time. No one wanted her to, but we had to make it "ok" and safe, and she felt the same way. She had some things to mull over. Heck, no one even knew what was wrong with her yet (vet included) so she had a lot to consider, this little one.
Jodi forced herself to go sleep. Next morning she woke up to find Sphinx not only alive, but a littttttle bit different. And bit by bit, she showed improvement in every trouble area. And continues to.
As of this writing, it's been a week. ~Aunt Julie, 14 May 03
Progress Reports follow...
A Client Who Read This Wrote..Oh dear precious Lord, AWESOME, is the only word I can come up with. I got tears rolling down my face. Auntie Julie, you are such a true gift from God. What a treasure to be able to help these sweet innocent creatures in such a hard time of need. What a wonderful thing to know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Thank you for being there and being stubborn enough to help this kitten be what she is supposed to be. I am very proud of you and for you and Sphinx. You are the LIFESAVER....
Another: Wow. Wow. Words cannot come close to saying what I felt when I read that. I can only imagine the roller coaster emotions that all of you, kitty included, went through with each passing moment. That is one great story. Flat out just great. I imagine you and the owner are proud of your work and little kitty is starting out life as a star! That's great stuff. God, that's really what it's all about...caring. I'm blown away over here...kinda got a lump in my throat and I'm trying to see what I'm writing but it's like looking through a window while it's raining! I love people who care about others to the point where they're willing to do whatever it takes. That's one hell of a heartwarming good feeling hair stand up on my arms kind of story. Welcome to the world little kitty! ~ Nancy Johns, CA
The power of Love and Communication...
Progress Reports on the Miracle Child
May 15th ~ Today Sphinx got into mischief! Got behind the refrigerator and had to be "rescued"!
May 16th ~ "I took Sphinx to the Vet a little bit ago. She has gained the 2 ounces she had lost earlier and is now back up to 8 ounces. She is very well hydrated and I haven't done the sub q fluids for a couple of days. So, the feedings I am forcing are doing enough to keep her hydrated. Her eyes look pretty sore. But, they have improved. I am going back to using the ointment instead of the drops and hope to see some significant improvements in the next day or so. The Vet congratulated me on doing so wellwith her."
May 17th ~ "Just wanted to let you know that Sphinx still isn't eating on her own yet. BUT, she is eagerly sucking on the syringe as I feed her now."
May 17th ~ "YEEHAWWWW!!! Sphinx just now started drinking from a bottle!! and "She seems to be so content and I think she feels completely healthy. What a relief!! I am sooo proud of her. She truly is a miracle child."
May 17th ~ Sphinx just ate AGAIN!! Mom said that while I was on the phone with you, Sphinx came sauntering out of my room and headed to the kitchen (must be obsessed with the refrigerator???) and Mom picked her up and realized that she was probably hungry. She said Sphinx drank almost an entire bottle!! ACK!! I see a very FAT cat in my future!!! Anyway, I just fed her again and now she's sleeping.
May 31st ~ It's been a roller coaster of touch-and-go. She'd be better then sick. She'd eat then not. She came this close to having one eye surgically removed. She kept her resolve t hroughout, and it wasn't until that started to get shaken up that we had another hefty "talk" with her. This time her attidude was much more positive and she just needed a little hand-holding and some things newly "looked at". Worked like a charm and she's doing much better. She's turning out to be a tiny bit tummy-chubby, and definitely gritty - well on her way to being "fat and sassy"!
The voyage continues....
I am not one to hand out compliments or say overly nice things to people. But, I have to take this opportunity to truly and sincerely thank you for being who you are and for sharing your God given gift of Communicating with Animals with the rest of the World. I often think about things like when you say "I checked in with Sphinx and told her this or that..." You've gone out of your way to help me and her and I just want you to know that it is appreciated more than you can probably realize. ~ Jodi, June 1st
What happened to Sphinx?
The original owner decided she wanted her back...we checked with Sphinx, this was fine, and Jodi let her go back to her and carried on rescuing more kittens!
Dear Aunt Julie,
Thank you so much for your help. I was truly amazed how when I told you the problem my dog was having, barking at what seemed like the wind at 12 midnight and at 3 Ė 4 am, for the last 3 nights. This was driving my crazy, not to mention affecting my sleep, and I was beginning to get very aggravated with my dog Snoopy.
My dog wasnít with me, I told you what was going on and you knew exactly what his upset was and told me. I could now understand what and why he was barking. I love my dog again, and he didnít bark last night, I slept great, and we were all happy. Thank you for being so in tune with animals and understanding them, and being able to translate what their upset is to us human animals.
Thank you,
Linda P Ė Clearwater, FL
Sept 2002
Dear Aunt Julie,
Me and my dog Snoopy have given you a new name, Dr. Doo Rich.
This is the third time Dr. Doo Rich has helped Snoopy. At just the mention of your name, Snoopy gets wiggly and giggly and so excited.
Snoopy wants to tell you his successes this time:
Sometimes Mommy understands me, but still doesnít get all that Iím thinking or knows what I need or want. Doc sure does. I want to give her lots of doggy kisses and licks if she were here.
I wanted to tell you all how she helped me. My mommy bought a house in Jun í02. Boy I thought this was fun at first. New places to sniff and check out and she told me this is our new home. Yeah, I got to stay inside more than out now. This was great.
Mommy would throw the ball and I run and get it. This is my favorite game in the world. One day Mommy threw the ball into her office. There is a step down from the kitchen to the office and there is tile flooring in the office, which I wasnít used to.
Well I went running after the ball and slid in her office and fell down on my side and lost control, and it took me a couple of seconds to get up and orient myself to where I was. It was really scary to me. My mommyís office became a dangerous place for me and the rest of the house wasnít as fun as it used to be anymore.
For months my mommy would work in her home-office and leave me alone while in the house, no attention except for the occasional play time in the morning and night. I wanted to go into her office, and I know she wanted me to come into her office because she would call my name many times, but I was afraid to go. I couldnít even get close to the office door without freaking out. I didnít want to get hurt again.
Well my mommy and Doc Doo Rich were talking about this Monday Dec 9th, 2002. Then there was Doc, I got to tell her all about it. She totally understood the situation and why I was afraid to go back into my mommyís office. After I told her what happened, I didnít seem to be as afraid of the office or house anymore.
My mommy came home and let me out of my room, and I went straight for her office. I stayed in her office for about 5 minutes. I noticed my mommy was looking at me with amazement of me comfortably being in her office wanting some affection and sniffing around. She even thanked me for visiting her. Boy was I excited, she noticed and validated me. I have been in her office daily now, I come and go as I please, this is my house too, all of it, and I not afraid anymore.
Now I can talk to and understand my mommy better now. She was eating lunch Tuesday and I got a little bite of her sandwich. I got mayo on my nose. My mommy pointed to her nose and told me I had mayo on my nose. I licked the wrong side, so she pointed to the other side and I licked the mayo off my nose. Before I would have been too nervous to sit there and understand what she was telling me, because the table is very close to the office and it used to be a dangerous place for me.
Thank you Doc for all you help, I hope other animals get a chance to be helped by you. Sometimes we animals get over looked with what we need and want and what is going on with us. We have thoughts, feelings, and try our hardest to communicate to humans, but most of the time were are unsuccessful, so this is why I love Doc Doo Rich. Nothing personal Mommy, but Doc is the greatest person in the world!
Thanks Doc,
Lots of Doggy kisses and licks
Love, Snoopy
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