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I thought your chat with Noki was awesome.
I was really glad to hear how happy he is with me.
I was also really blown away by the "6 Feet Under" references.  We watch it every week.
~ Venus K, GA
Aunt Julie: I won't go specifically into the references made, but Noki was quite exact about things; he referred to the TV show by name, and described the interactions of two of the show's characters in order to give an example of something in real life which he was trying to get across to me and his owner.
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Just wanted to let you know how things went with Champion today. He was quietly waiting for me in his stall. I opened the door and gave him the grass I brought from my yard. After he ate it, he then ran past me out into the yard to graze. I let him have some time alone while I cleaned out his stall. After that, we took a walk into the woods. I sat on a log and was holding him on his lead. Usually horses will eat if they have the opportunity, but he stood there and listened to me talking to him. He even came up to me for hugs and cuddling. I tried to explain to him that coming to the stable to see him gave me the opportunity to get far away from all the problems I leave behind at home. He seemed very mellow.
I wanted to give you an update on Champion. We were on a trail ride last week – part of the trail goes up a long driveway. The property owner was mowing with a tractor. As he was turning it off, it backfired.
Champion and I were right beside him when it happened. He did a little jump, but stayed calm. I really think he’s feeling more secure since the Consult – a year ago he would have ran blindly back to the barn.
~ MM, PA '03
Aunt Julie's comment: This horse has so much love for his owner that it took my breath away. I actually had the experience of...whenever I'd get an email from her, I'd pick right up on him and boom! my throat would get tight and I'd get all choked up and moved and teary. He just wanted to be with her all the time, live at her residence, see her every morning - so she brought him things from home that would smell like her, remind him of her, and she spent more "together time" with him. He's proud and thrilled, and this also takes the edge off of his anxiety while being apart from her.
This is straight from our emails (ok'd by her).
Her email to me is the first I'd heard of Piccolo's problem.
English is her second language so please take that into account when reading what she wrote:
Hello dear Julie:
I hope I don't come with this right in the middle of busy busy times. I seem to have a knack for that.
But Pico is sick.
He was tired last Monday afternoon and just slept. I wasn't too worried, By Tuesday his eyes were a bit covered and he didn't want to eat or drink. By Wed the same. I tried coaxing him but to no avail. Thursday still the same, but I got a bit of tuna fish water which he licked.
Its impossible to give him supplements or dropperfulls of anything. Its impossible to touch or get near his face. That has been just about all his life like that.
Otherwise I would give him something to make him better.
Friday and Saturday I was very busy, long hours, should have maybe gone with him the vet, but just no time.
He took a bit of fish-water, maybe a few drops each day. That is all. Today he doesn't even want fish-water.
I tried to talk to him, coax him, etc. He seems angry, turns away. He is angry at all the othr cats, and though he is very weak, he still will put out a strong paw to swipe anybody.
His symptons are that he is very congested. His nose seems to be dripping because he licks it, but then has his mouth a bit open so he can breath.
If I take him tomorrow to the Vet, the vet will keep him for some days. I just haven't the maney to get a big vet bill. Maybe Pico wants to go, and I should leave him in peace.
Julie: could you talk to old Pico to tell him to drink a bit of water of fish water???
He can get better that way. He is so pigheaded and won't even try. He turns his head  way if I come with a bowl of water or fish water. What to do with him.
Does he want to die?
I told him he should stay with me, and petted him, but he seems angry. This maybe because he feels so miserable, I don't know.
Julie, could you contact him? Does he want to get better or not. Can he please drink some water??
HELP and thank you if you can take the time to speak to him.
Big hugs
I contacted her right away and we had a talk with Pico to see what was what here.
Yes, he was angry, and we got what that was about etc. And we established No, he didn't want to die. Yes, he was being pigheaded about drinking - except his not drinking was also a symptom of his feeling very poorly. I know this cat, and he can be very - well - pigheaded, that's a good word for it. Well, so be it, he is who he is and I and she love him all the same! And here was this strong, assertive boy all overwhelmed, and asking her for help, letting it be known that it was her job to taek him to the vet and get him diagnosed/fixed. Well, he was right!
I also insisted that he get taken to the vet NOW as dehydration alone could kill him and this had been going on for some time now.
The owner understood and decided she wished to get water down him herself, and take him to the vet the next morning.
The next morning I received this email:
Good Morning dear Julie:
My biggest THANK YOU for calling me yesterday. I think it saved Pico. He was really considering to die.
So I tried to give him water by the dropperfulls. He was fighting me as I knew he would. Took me nearly 2 hours to get a few spoonfulls into him. He is so strong. And you wonder: He is dying?
This morning he looked better and I wanted to give him more water. He was so "grateful" I got badly hurt on the finger. I got mad with him and hit him with the towel, and he got yelled at.
An hour later he wanted out of the Bathroom (thats where I kept him and its the only place to administer him) and guess what? He went to the waterbowl in the kitchen and drank!!!!!
I praised him, and then he wanted out into the garden. And I let him. He likes to have the sun on him.
I have an appointment at 10:30 with the vet. Will let you know how all goes.
Oh, dear Julie: I don't know how fast you got onto my e-mail yesterday. Must have been instantly. As if you knew. That was something to get you so fast, and even on the phone.
I am very lucky to have found you. And my cats should be very thankful too.
I don't know how it would have gone without you.
Have to rush now.
Much love
and later that day:
My dear Julie:
I am back from the vet. He got thoroughly examined and had lost 3 pounds. He was very much dehydrated and the vet gave him a fluid injection under the skin. And I got some liquid stuff to give him twice daily. If that proves to be too difficult I have to go back for a shot daily.
But I think after I got yesterday some spoonfulls in, I should get a dropperful in.
Apart from the very very stuffy nose/face area, his mouth is sore and very slimy. Lungs are okay. He was purring during most of the exam!
His eyes were actually pretty clear by the time I went, so in addition to his good morning drink, all that attention, and you talking to him, that must have made a big difference to him, though he might not admit it.
Looking at him right now, he looks not too bad at all, and one wouldn't guess he was close to dying.
Dear Julie:
Just a quick note on Pico.
He is doing amazingly well. He ate even several times today. I feared he might throw up again, but didn't. He drank well, and was also a short while in the garden.
Gave him his medicine twice. He hates that. But got it down somehow.
Thank you for your e-mail and all your concern and help!!! Without your support I wouldn't have tried so hard to get water down his throat.
And in all honesty, nor would he have accepted it. I just thank goodness - and him! - for listening and really getting that he needed to drink (kickin' and screamin' or not!) to live, and for hanging in there long enough to get proper treatment. ~ Julie
Aunt Julie writes about Kody (Dakoda): This little girl's had a confusion and upset regarding being called "Kody Bear" as one of her nicknames. She literally thought this meant she was a bear - but this didn't ring true to her! You and I may think of this as silly...but just imagine what it would be like to genuinely wonder about this type of thing. It was good to get this cleared up for her...
She's a hearty shedder, and her owner and she worked together to sort out a situation with her ingesting hair...there had been a lot of accumulated upset there as well, but now Kody feels like it's more of a team activity!
And she has a huge affinity for the Northwest, Indians, Alaska, and the like. Her history and understanding in these areas was startling. Private, but....startling.
Kody did also understand that perhaps it was not workable for Mommy to take her (and only her) on a road trip cross country so that the two of them could be together in Alaska and view the sights, but it had quite the soothing and bonding effect for her to be able to tell Mommy that she wished for this. From the following mail, it looks like Mommy surprised Kody and Aunt Julie by a very touching display of...well, you'll see. Read on...
Hi Julie,
Well, I am totally blown away by Dakoda's reading. I am in awe of what an awesome spirit Dakoda has AND your ability to communicate with her. Kody seems really relaxed and cuddly since her reading. I think she and I shared a lot, and I got good information for making her life better. I will keep you posted on the progress "Team Fight the Hair" makes. I gave her a picture of the NW mountains and blue sky taped at dog height on the refrigerator.
I shared some of Dakoda's reading with M-. M- said she never called her "Kody Bear" then caught herself saying it and we both promised not to say that again.
You've made an impression on us all. Can't wait to see what the others have to say. Certainly couldn't have predicted what Kody said. Thank you so much.
~ LK, Annapolis
In readings for 2 of my dogs, it seems Julie is actually communicating with them. Through Julie my dogs and I were able to communicate in words and become closer. Some things were funny and some were surprising. Immediately after the Consultation with Julie, I saw positive changes in both dogs behavior, mood, and interaction with me and the family. They told Julie little things and big concerns. And, how could Julie have simply guessed that my pet names for Darcy are "Darcietta" and "Darcerella"?
~ LK, Annapolis
Aunt Julie: You may wonder why I'm putting this rare type of mail up on my Testimonials page or on my site at all!
Because animals are living, dynamic, changing Beings, and this is the real world.
First email (after the Initial Consultation)
Well, I haven't seen any real change in Bilbo since our talk. It's been pretty much like everything else I've tried - better some days, worse some. I've attached pictures of S- and D-, the two he has consistent problems with. He growls when they come in the house (no matter what room he is in), he growls if they come near me, and he especially growls when they try to get on the bed. This morning, for the first time, Bilbo actually jumped of the bed and started a fight with them. (S- and D- had gone outside when my husband got up and were trying to come back to bed after he left.)
I want to be totally honest with you. I keep wondering if I'm expecting too much from your service or if this communicating really doesn't work. I guess I'll try a Follow-up and see what happens.
Then after we invested more time in Bilbo (and you should know, Dear Reader, that the Initial Consultation was in no way, shape or form a "skimp" job, either) -
Things are better!! As soon as Bilbo starts to growl, I ask if he needs crate time. If he stops, no crate, if he continues I order him in the crate and he goes 90% of the time with little fuss and almost no snarling at me!*
I'm just real careful the other 10% of the time in picking him up and putting him in. He really appears more relaxed much of the time.
~ MT in TN
Aunt Julie: Remember, though this may not seem like a "big deal" to you, those of you who have frustrating "problem pets" can appreciate the magnitude of what MT is saying here.
And if nothing else, there was and is a lot more that neither she nor I have written about here, including his pleas during the Follow-Up Consultation to her to help him, that she was his last and only hope. I'm just including what I did include to make an obvious point - they don't all change, but even so, some who do, take a little more time and patience than some others.
* The part about the crating came directly from Bilbo. He requested specifically that if he did not control himself well enough, Mommy was to toss 'im in "the box" (crate) until he snapped out of it, and she was to exclaim "Shut the hell up!" at him. His words, his idea (Yup, they are their own harshest judges!), and I know MT well enough to know she's not like this! In her mail, I could see that MT handled things quite a bit more diplomatically than he himself was asking for!
Back to question on Why Doesn't He Improve?
Hi Julie, Twinkie is great. She seemed somehow calmer....if that's possible. I don't know, can't put my finger on it yet. Really looking forward to hearing the tapes, see if I pick up something I missed. I really want to do this with all my dogs.
~ TM in TN
Hi Julie,
Omigosh, I had to tell you this. Sadie must be psychic in addition to being beautiful, soft & impy...
She had this whole idea about my older daughter M- needing to move from her apartment in the grey city and us helping her move with nice boxes and moving to a suburban area with more grass & trees.
WELL, M- just called to tell me that she is planning to move from her apartment north of Baltimore back into our community (suburban, grass, trees, safe) in with her old roommates in February. !!!!!!!!!!
It's not the cushy, lush apartment Sadie had in mind for M-, but the setting is what Sadie wanted AND the idea that we would help her move AND M- asked me for boxes (which is unlike her) !!!!!! And it's only 4 blocks from our home. :) Sadie will be so happy to have M- closer & safer.
 ~ LK, Annapolis
After having an opportunity several months ago to rescue a 7-year-old terrier mix named Mickey, I made an appointment with Aunt Julie to look into his background and see what I could do to make him a “happy camper.”  
The one major problem for Mickey was his anxiety while riding in a moving vehicle.  Mickey would have a panic attack and race from window to window panting like there was no tomorrow.  If I opened the window for him, he was fine.  But being in the Northeast and having extremely cold and windy weather with snow, the window solution was out of the question.  
After having Aunt Julie talk to Mickey, we discovered that he thought he was “inside a monster's stomach.”  The sound of the engine and movement of the car were associated or interpreted to be the “groans and moans” of the monster.  Aunt Julie assured Mickey that there was “no monster” because Mickey “drove the monster away.”  The every next day I reassured Mickey that the monster was gone forever because Mickey was so brave and the monster wouldn't be back.  Mickey jumped into the car and sat between the two front seats proud as could be.  During the entire half hour trip, Mickey remained calm and sat there like a “triumphant warrior.”
Thanks again to Aunt Julie for finding the reason for the problem and supplying such a simple solution of reassurance for a very terrified dog.  Mickey is a joy to have by my side when we “run the roads.”
~ RB in NY

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