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(NOTE: All ordering information has been removed.)

My email address:  petcomm@aol.com
This includes three things: (A) Order Form, (B) Info writeup, (C) Picture(s).
A) Order Form (below) ~ It has been a simple "Input the info and click 'Send' " type of form but I no longer have the computer service I used to use to process the form and am currently looking for another service. For now, just you can just type the info into an email; utilize copy/paste if you know how and are so inclined.
(Geek note ~ if you have the html I can use for a form just as written, which I can run through my hosting site at godaddy, let me know. I've had problems making their boilerplate one work and I'm not savvy enough to fix it. I've tried! Just email me and let me know if you think you can help. Thanks!)
The "Info" I need for our talk is covered below ("B").
With either email, send with the pic(s) and I'll take it from there!
Notes regarding the Order Form:  
1. There's a part where I ask for the email address. Please take into account the following: Generally when I receive an mail I just hit "Reply" and the way my AOL software works, my new email goes back whence it came (to the originating email address -  i.e. the one you wrote me from). Whatever one I get is the one I'll enter into my AOL "address book" and when I go to write to you, on my own (not as a "reply") then, or soon after, or someday, it'll be the one that plugs into an email. If there's something I need to know about your email addresses, do let me know. That is, once in awhile a person has, for example, an email address at work which they cannot access at home, then they email me from work, forget to mention this or that this applies to just that one email sent, they go home, I've email them back but they don't "get" my response and it messes up scheduling or something like that. So if the email address you put on the Order Form is different than the one we have been using if already emailing back and forth, take a quick minute to drop me a line and explain things so I know what's up.
2. I DO need backup phone numbers just in case. If we're going to talk at your home, give me your cell number just in case. I may need to get ahold of you 2 hours before to change something in a pinch...and not be able to reach you. Whatever - there have been numerous quirky unpredicted circumstances where this has been needed and of course I can't think of the examples but each time, the person was very appreciative of being contacted and glad they'd given me that number, so please just provide the info as a just-in-case.
3. No, your info's nobody's business just as someone else's isn't your business. So don't worry about my giving out or selling my info about any of you. And if you're interested in acquiring it....don't ask.

Click here to go to the Order Form
B) The Separate Email which follows the guideline list of info Aunt Julie needs
Click here to go to the list Email me with a write-up covering those points...whichever points are applicable...whatever comes to mind while reading them. Some people copy and paste the questions into an email. It's not necessary but is also nice when it's done that way. Either way is equally fine with me.
C) The Picture or pictures of the animal ~ attach to or embed in the Info EMail just described (using Drag and Drop, or Copy and Paste into the body of the email) , or send separately via email.  It should be either an internet-viewable picture (.jpeg or .gif format), or a .tif if this is what you have, as I can view .tifs using other software and convert to other file formats. Pictures such as tiffs which cannot be viewed in email should not be embedded into the mail, but attached so I can download them and  view them with the appropriate software. Pictures which can be internet-viewed can go right into the email (or attached). If you're scratching your head right about now, ask someone for help with this who does understand. I know computer things can be confusing and irritating when they don't make sense!  This particular request for pictures being sent is unto itself very simple so they shouldn't mind helping you (or try a Kinkos or similar place for helping scanning, emailing, etc. pictures).  
You can also direct me to a web site that has a picture of the animal, as applicable. Just remember if it's an album that has a slew of pictures, I need some notes or annotations or some other way to identify the correct animal(s), gender (like for a litter of pups), age, whatever else may be applicable to the Consult's situation (or my just knowing who is who!)
If you only have hard copy photos but no scanner of your own, once again Kinkos or a similar place or a friend can help you get the picture(s) scanned and sent to me. Walgreens and similar drug stores often have machine where you can scan a picture and save the image onto a diskette; you bring the diskette home and have your email software locate the image on that disk to send to me. You could also try a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker; you'd be surprised how many people have a scanner, and it's a very fast and easy process to scan a picture for email transmission.
You can mail me the photo(s), too. I have a scanner and if you mail me the pix, I'll scan them right away and if you want them back, I'll mail them a day or two later (I'm very good about this), but remember it adds the snail-mail time to things while I wait to receive the pictures. Just email me about this to set it up.
To recap, basically you're sending me the image file which was created (usually!) by scanning a photo. You scan it and email it diredtly to me, or more commonly, you scan it and save it for future use (including emailing it to me) somewhere on your computer's hard drive (know where you have saved it!), naming it hopefully some logical name like fido1 or fidoonporch or fidoaugust06. (Digital cameras create their own names which are usually 0001, 0002 and so on.You can change this name at any time.)
Your computer adds the filename extension to it such as .jpg or .bmp etc.
Now, attach that or those picture files to your email to me
Send it to me embedded into the body of the email itself. I'll see it/them when I open the email, and I can right-mouse click onto each picture and save them to my hard drive and print them out. (Sometimes you do this and your email software will zip the photo files up and attach this zip file to your software as an attachment, anyway. No difference at my end.)
Your email software will have its own "Help" write-up on how to do the above, if you do not already know how to do it.

Name, nickname(s). Who named them?
Date of birth (or estimated) and current age
Your relationship to the animal (owner, neighbor, your sister's dog, it's the bird who comes by every morning to use the bird feeder, etc.) / same with your spouse, bf, gf, whoever.
How long have you had them? Are you the original owner? How old were they went you got them (Example: dog is 5, you have had him for 2 years, was from a Shelter)
Type of animal (dog, cat, bird, lizard) + breed / type (Great Dane, Gopher Snake, Siamese Cat, Betta fish, stray cat, ferret, captured wild squirrel, etc.)
Spayed/neutered? Had babies before? (If known)
Any physical peculiarities (such as missing a limb), current acute problems or situations (such as recent injury or accident), known ailments (Diabetes, Hip Dysplasia, allergic to the grass outside your home, etc.)
House, apartment, mobile home living? Describe; also include if somehow "unusual"......(overlooks a lake. By railroad tracks. Being renovated right now. Live-in Alzheimer's parent. On a farm with cows visible outside the window.)
Any other pets in the home? How do they get along? 
Who interacts with the animal besides you on a regular basis? (spouse, best friend, significant other, weekly apartment cleaning person, your kid's best friend, etc.). Include names and any other details such as you would if introducing a human to another human ("Mike walks Rover every day. He's a neighborhood teenager who loves animals." 'My partner Sally. She walks Fifi daily and I do all the other care such as feeding, vet visits, etc.". "My husband Steve. He's an accountant who works long hours but when he's home, FiFi's his princess! He hand feeds her. I'm at home all day with her and we have fun lazy time together."). Not just a name - see this point for clarification
Description of average living environment of animal (hangs out in the house a lot; zoo animal; neighborhood tomcat; lives by a lake but won't go near it; lots of fresh air; cooped up; etc.)
What is their "normal" elimination procedure, schedule, etc. Dog door? Inside/outside? Traumatized? Normal? Shared? A "big deal"? ... especiallly, but not limited to, if this is part of "the issue"
Any details that are likely relevant (another pet just died; you just moved; animal had recent injury, accident, surgery, etc.; fighting in household; thinking of changing something which is "no big deal" but could unstabilize the animal such as job,  residence or relationship); known abuse in the past; unknown past; etc.)
When was their last vet visit? Include when & results of annual exam, well-visit, etc.
If Missing or Lost refer to this FAQ and you can also read the page on the subject (highly recommended!).  
If Passed over (dead), click here
If Passing over is imminent, click here
Imminent Euthanasia / passing over from other causes click here now
What would you like to find out? (likes, dislikes, upsets, behavior changes or problems, not feeling well, etc.)
What, if anything, would you like addressed? (incessant barking, fear of people, etc.) What's been done about it?
And then for those last two points, please refer to this list as well. When done, return to this page.
If you think this is a lot of ground to cover, and/or if you have come across others who say that "Animal Communicators don't ask for information" or "shouldn't ask for information" and this concerns or confuses you, please see Why do you ask so many questions? on my FAQs page. Then come back and get ready to start typing!
You may find the Consultation including your pet talking about subjects not touched on above. These things spring up as a natural by-product of conversing, just as with human conversations.
I will contact you after reviewing your email, and if I need anything clarified before starting, I will let you know. Remember, the more details I have to start with, the more "angles" I have with which to "dig", to approach subjects and concerns with, etc. Compare "My Golden gets upset occasionally", "My Golden gets upset occasionally when the window pane slaps loudly", and "My Golden gets upset occasionally when the window pane slaps loudly and she pees when the poodle barks and this has been going on for 2 weeks now." With the first, I ask about it and get "Yeah?. Mmm. Well, I think Mom's got a lot on her mind, she's been worried about work things. And the poodle's kind of a bother." The second might yield "Oh, well, hmmm. The weather's warmer so Mommy opened the window and I hate the slapping sound!". With the last I'd probably be able to get "The weather's warmer so Mommy opened the window and I hate the slapping sound and not only that, but the poodle's a real pain but you know what? Mommy changed the food 2 weeks ago and the poodle really likes it and that's not fair so can you ask Mommy to change the food back or at least mix some of the old food back in so I feel like I'm special too? Then I won't be so on edge all the time and the whapping sound won't make me so upset!"
Now, which is of more value to Mommy? To the pet - if Mommy listens to her?
We're dealing with a living being here. Communication is KEY.
I will contact you to let you know that all is received. I check my email as frequently as possible. You and I then just need to coordinate our schedule for the Consultation.
Consultations are always scheduled in with an "as soon as possible" basis, and I am as attentive to "time sensitive" matters ranging from a missing animal to "I'm getting married tomorrow ~ does Fifi really like my fiance?!!?" as I possibly can!
I try to have your Consultation done within a few days of my receipt of the final bits of info/pix, but we have to coordinate our schedules so sometimes it can take as much as a week or so to do this.
I need to know what your schedule is like. Do you work during the day? Would you like to do the Consult on the more-casual  weekend day, perhaps? This type of thing. At my end, please take into account that I am on Eastern time (Florida) and we do have Daylight Savings here.
NOTE that when I email you and mention "I have a 2:00 and a 4:00 Consult scheduled", this is communicated in my time zone. There's no way I can keep track of everyone's time zones as many states not only have 2 time zones, some do and others do not have Daylight Savings - eek!
I do Consults any day of the week. I'm best with late mornings (10, 10:30, 11ish - EST). Afternoons can be fine as well (3, 4). I don't like to start too late (6, 7) as I can get kind of fried, that's my dinner time for the furkids, etc.  Sundays I try to skip evenings altogether if possible (unless it's an emerg or time sensitive issue for your pet). Sunday days are usually just fine.
This includes Holidays most of the time (no extra charge, either). Just depends if I've got any plans.
NOTE for outside the U.S., please know that I can do my services across the miles. The animal's/your location is of no importance.* I won't be paying for the phone call, though. But guess what? As of December 2009 I switched from my landline to cable (internet) phone. Yup, folks, they said she'd never do it - but I did, and SO far, so good..... Now with regards to International calls, when I make one, there's a flat fee and this includes 100 minutes call time, which is great because most calls do NOT go over that amount of time. IF we do, the next phone bill will reflect the amount due and I'll let you know, but again, this should be pretty darned rare! (And the minute rates are low.)
I call Australia, China, Great Britain, Singapore, France, etc. Let others know that this is available, and spread the word to your friends, family, posting boards, etc.
* If you'd like, you can read this Testimonial for one example: Across the Miles
Quirks: I have to spread out the scheduling to some degree as (1) what we think will be an hour occasionally runs an hour and a half and we can't just leave the animal hanging, and (2) I need a break between Consults. I have to eat, visit the loo, whatever, once in awhile! and I sometimes need naps as my sleep schedule is pretty bizarre. Also, for health reasons I have to go to the pool minimally 4 times a week for Aqua Therapy. This is not "a nice idea" or luxury. There is no set time, however, as I have to work around the Florida weather here as well as clamorings for Consultation time slots. (When it's not the rainy season, I can just say "Pool time starts at 3:00 today so the closed window is 2:30 - 5". If/when I mention this in during the scheduling process, I'm not being a princess J  I really do need to take this into account. It only comes up once in awhile in whatever context during scheduling, but I wanted to mention it. Hey - it's very, very easy for me to neglect as I really want to help you with your pet and I always seem to do that at my own physical expense. I've been neglecting it for years now and am paying the price. Note readers: it's real easy for you to say, "Julie! I got it. Hey, go ahead and go to the pool - that's important! I can do it Wednesday instead of Tuesday"...until it's Your pet you're worried about because of out-of-the-blue occurrence X. That of course is legit. However, multiply that by ?? how many clients?, many with more than one pet, and you get the randomness of my schedule.
Scheduling with Aunt Julie is NOT as crazy as it sounds. I just wanted to make sure you understand how it is at my end. I'm not a corporate employee or a robot, and this is shall we say sensitive work. It's just Me trying to coordinate (and do) it all and I do a pretty good job, all things considered! Just - send me the info and let me know at least the broadstrokes of your schedule and how your life runs, perhaps some suggested time slots - and take into account that I'm in Florida and the time is Eastern Standard - and I'll email back with a time slot or some suggestions and we'll nail it down from there!
In scheduling, take into account that you should allocate an hour or two, I mean, the $90 covers the first Initial Consultation hour (give or take a few minutes) but you should pad your window of time for first-time indoctrination, a bit of chit-chat, and, well, sometimes the Consultation simply goes over: they have a lot to say, unforseen or lengthy issues, etc.

When at all possible, let the animal know what you are planning. Generally it's best to ignore any idea you may have that they "don't understand words" (and don't ever judge their understanding by facial expressions, they're listening even if they're staring at the wall, OK?) and tell them in simple terms that you've found someone who wants to have a talk with them. This person is called "Aunt Julie". She is very good at communicating with animals. She will listen to whatever they say and tell Mommy (Daddy, whoever) whatever they want passed along. You can tell Aunt Julie anything you want. She might ask you some questions for me. OK? And let them know that you just have to do a couple of things to set this up, and you'll let them know when it's time. Don't get them so excited that they get frazzed, unduly impatient and upset about the subject. You may wish to wait until the day of the Consult to bring it up; usually, the owner tells the pet a few days before. Old Salts (veteran clients) sometimes like play "daily countdown" games with their pets, I found out, but that can be kind of tricky! so be careful with that.
As the time approaches, I by then will have everything I need.  I'll call you. I don't mind saving your dime, as I've got unlimited local and long distance for U.S. and Canada). We'll have our appointment time slotted.
Know that the animal does not necessarily have to be around. Hopefully they are accessible to you for the call just in case but if it's not possible, we'll go with it anyway. Contrary to popular belief, the Consultation will go on just fine even if Rover's zomming out staring at the wall, chewing on his favorite treat, at a neighbor's house or even sleeping! When the time comes, just set things up to be distraction-free for yourself and your pet. (S)he should not be hungry, tired, or overly stressed by something going on right then and there (e.g. kids fighting). Just have things be "normal". It's not the time for hubby to take Rover to the Dog Park! Have them doing "the usual" including hanging out, chewing on a toy, is fine. And YES, let me reiterate that they can be asleep. Sometimes that's the best time! As long as they're not mentally tired. There is a difference; they will tell me if they're not mentally up to it.
 Testimonials ~ Follow-Up ~ More Pets (aka "Hey - It's My Turn!") ~
Gift Certificates and Referrals ~ Facebook and Twitter?

What's it normally like right after the Consult?
See this FAQ

Writing a Testimonial is an important part of the process for many. When they go to "put the pen to paper", so to speak, they reflect on what has really happened and the impact it has had in their life. It also gives them the opportunity to share with others the unique experience of Animal Communication and pass along this little gem to those who may not have had this experience. Remember, in most cases, someone only used my services because they read the Testimonials already posted (or were referred by another...but then they probably read the Testimonials too!)
To submit a Testimonial, just write up what you would like to say and send it to me by email. I should already have a picture of your pet(s) on file, and will post the pix as well and link them to the Testimonial. If for some reason I do not have a picture, or there is one you would prefer I use and you would like to send it to me, go ahead and email it with the write-up or even a bit afterwards as I can add it very rapidly in the future.
Link to send the Testimonial         How to email me the picture
See this FAQ regarding Follow-Ups. But basically, any Consult with an animal after his Initial Consult is a Follow-Up, unless there is a new and significant issue. (You've finally enrolled Princess in agility classes and she needs some "work". You're getting a divorce. Fido is diagnosed with cancer. Your daughter's getting married and they'll be taking Rascal the ferret with them to their new home. Etc.)

More Pets (aka "Hey - It's My Turn!") 
After we've done an Aunt Julie Pet Consultation with your pet, your other pets and animal friends will want to take advantage of the fun, benefits and experience of it all. They know what's up! and don't think they don't.
Contact me so we can best line up who goes next, and get them all done one by one! Soon they'll be able to do the type of Consultation where I "Go 'round the room", we check in with two, three, four - however many we wish to fit in within whatever time range you arrange. But first, each gets their own Initial Consultation, their initial "say".
REFERRALS or How to Get "Aunt Julie" Comm time without "cash outlay"!
THANK YOU for your referrals! I offer something others do not: Refer a new person to my site who uses my services and you earn Consultation time with Aunt Julie!
Here's how it works:
You earn ONE FREE Consultation ("Comm") Hour for your animal! One referral, one Hour. Two = two hours. Etc.
You can use these for a new pet or a pet we've talked to before, a whole room of pets we've talked to before (i.e. Follow-up time) - whoever!
If you've already got some unused time "on account", this adds to it.
It's got no "cash value" but it IS Consult time value, if you choose to use it.
You CAN gift it out or donate it to someone else for their use, if you'd like. Or save it for when you most or suddenly need it or when it's just... time to talk to 'em.
Everyone wins! You can save money (and you're probably already mentioning your Aunt Julie experiences here and there anyway), I meet new folks and their bay-bees and "business-wise", I get new clientele, and best of all, more animals get to be heard!
(1) This applies to regular rates. That is, your friend buys an Initial Consult for the full regular price of $90. Your sister does active kitty rescues and buys her first Consult for the full Fosterer/Rescuer price of $55. Just - regular site rates. It doesn't apply to a loss leader I might have going for NEW people only such as an eBay auction which when I do run them, start at $25.
(2) This does not include if you buy someone a Consultation or Gift Certificate as a present, gift out your money or "time" on account to them, re-giftor your own Gift Certificate to them (all of which are fine but again, do not then earn you a referral credit, even if your person is "new" for Aunt Julie). And no, it does not apply to every future Consult your referral does. YES, a couple of folks actually asked me that. It's just that first one your referral actually pays for.
(3) The credit comes when your referral actually pays to do the Consult, not when you refer them, not when you tell me you've referred them, not when they first contact me to inquire or even to schedule, not when they've sent me info or scheduled. When they pay, you get your referral credit. This is because folks DO do a lot of referring and talking up the incredible experiences and adventures they have talking with their pets with Aunt Julie and their friends may act or even truly be interested, but life, a social "face" and/or other factors every so often prevent them from following through. It's gone as far as a person (referred or out of the blue) contacts me,we correspond, they're all excited and send me all the info and pix and Order Form and scheduling info and then I never hear from them again no matter what. Odd but true! I've spent all that time and caring and effort and ?? So in the case of a referral, I love 'em! but they do need to actually DO it for the referring person to get the Referral Credit.
(4) Last but not least, to my old salts: NO, you haven't lost your mind. My referral system used to be slightly different. One referral credit got you one Follow-Up hour and it took two referrals to add up to one Initial Consult. Things got a bit confusing so now it's just one for one.
Can you Gift out or Transfer your money on account or time on account or your own Gift Certificate?
YES, Your monies, time on account and/or earned Consultations are "transferable". If you have paid for a Consultation and suddenly your neighbor has an emergency with their pet and you would like to use or have them use your monies for that, this is fine with me. If you receive a Gift Certificate and for some reason wish for someone else to be able to use it, that's fine with me. And so on. Hey, all animals need someone to talk to and sometimes there's no one to help them achieve this but you!
So just remember that buying someone a Gift Cert (see write-up just below on Gift Certificates), or referring someone who doesn't use my services, don't earn you a referral credit. Seem obvious? You'd be surprised.
But referring someone new who does use my services, DOES. And as of this writing, I'm the only Pet Commuincator I know of who ever offers any referral credit as it is. Please take advantage of it liberally! Everybody wins - including and top of the list, the animals!

Gift Certificates 
You can purchase Consultations for another on the site as well! Just pay for a Consult and email me with the info as who will be using it. I have nice Gift Cert templates and will fill in the person's name and pet's name as applicable. You just need to let me know how to proceed (I email them directly, or it's a Surprise and you will info them, email it to you and you print it out and give to them, etc.). Please SEE ALSO the Gift Certificates page.
Gift Certificates are (1) good for one year from date of purchase (except Christmas-holidaytime ones that you buy in advance, e.g. you get it in November for your sister's Christmas gift and that's the time period in which you present it to her. Her Gift Cert would be good from December 25th of that year through December 25th of the following year) , (2) transferable, (3) not redeemable for cash, and (4) cannot be used with any other "special" or "offer", including, as covered just above, your referring someone new to me who uses my services which unto itself earns you free Consult time.

Facebook and Twitter notes 
I'm on both but won't be soliciting you to "join". If you'd like to be one of my Friends on Facebook, I'd love it! Just send me a Friend request. If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'd love it! Just do the Follow routine.
I don't like to be pesty.
At some point in time I may do some sort of mailing to those who haven't hooked up with me on these, but really, right now, it's not what I'm into doing and do NOT take that like I don't want you for them! I do! Ijust don't want to pound at your door asking - we ALL get too much of that type of traffic anyway. Hey, I don't USE Facebook or Twitter very much, by the way, and don't engage in any of the games, holiday cards, Mafia wars etc. I can't take the time or spare the attention. (Sorry!) BUT I do check it here and there and like I said, I like to be hooked up on it as much as I can. I can't rely on it for general announcements (e.g. a sale) as not everyone's on it, that's another reason I don't use it more.. I don't want to start to depend upon it when in fact someone might get left out.  
My Facebook name is Julie Rich and my link is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1382215820      
               Twitter name is Petcomm. Link: http://twitter.com/petcomm

I look forward to hearing from you about your pet or the animal you wish to help or know better, and working with the both of you to improve communication, resolve issues, answer questions, handle upsets, and the like! It's fast, effective and one of the most rewarding experiences around for all involved!
Let's Do It!
Click here...

a  Aunt Julie Pet Communicator Consultation Order Form
One Order Form and Payment per pet.
If you are ordering Consultations for more than one pet, information and pictures can be combined as needed (e.g. you only have a photo with both pets in it), but the more separated out the info is, the better.


First and Last Name:


Email alternative:

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2 (as applicable):

Phone Hm and Time Zone:

Phone Work:

Phone Cell:

Your Relationship to Pet (e.g. "owner" "Mommy" "foster" etc.)

When are you available for the Consultation:

How Did You Hear Of Aunt Julie's Services:

Pet's name:

Pet's Age Type (Species Breed), Gender, SpayedNeutered Babies:

Back to Step 2, as applicable. / Top

Still not sure? Feel free to browse my site, read some Testimonials, Testimonial Tidbits, read about how I do what I do for your and your animal, and see if you think I offer what you need. And please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at petcomm@aol.com.


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