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What is Passed Over?

"Thank you so much Julie for all of your help. Your service is one of the most valuable I can ever imagine for healing broken hearts. You have a true gift."
(For Consultations with living animals who you do not anticipate will be passing soon, you want the other "Ordering Page", so click on THIS link.)

I offer Owner-Animal Consultations for Passed Over Pets, and a special Service for pets whose Passing Over is imminent (from upcoming euthanasia, injury, ailing, etc.) with an accompanying "Post"- Consultation for Communication, and help with Relief and Closure.
I also have an additional Transition Service to assist with getting your pet back to you as another pet, if this is what is decided all around.
PLEASE take the time to look over this whole page, not just the relevant ordering parts. There are helpful some things you should read, at least the first time.
As well as reading things on this page, you may wish to read up a little bit on passing over, for example this FAQ: Why do they think they're dead when not?

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Aunt Julie's Services are Available exclusively Over the Phone

International calls now available - good phone rates.

Basic How-to:
Pay for the appropriate Consultation using the PayPal payment link (links are below).
Fill out the Order Form (below) to order your Pet Consultation, and send a separate email describing all that you would like covered. Attach a picture of the animal to that email if possible.  
I will contact you to let you know that all is received. You and I then just need to coordinate our schedule for the Consultation.
(Gift Certificate recipients do all the steps except the payment.)
NOTES About How To Order:
The Consultation will include as well basic discussions which naturally arise (things they bring up with me that they want me to know or tell you, general "How are you?", etc.)
I will contact you after reviewing your email, and if I need anything clarified before starting, I will let you know. Remember, the more details I have to start with, the more "angles" I have with which to "dig", to approach subjects and concerns with, etc.
We're actually dealing with a living being here. Communication is KEY.
Clarification of the type of info needed in the Form / your "Info" email
Email me with the needed details (as described in the below guidlines), attaching a picture of your pet to that email if possible. Just do it however is comfortable for you: point by applicable point, or a little "narrative" (I got Fifi in 2001 when she was 3 months old. I was the second owner. We lived in Peoria for 2 years then moved to Albany with my new husband blah blah. She this and she that...etc...diagnosed with xyz....)
Tell me about:
Your relationship to the animal (owner, neighbor, your sister's dog, it's the bird who comes by every morning to use the bird feeder, etc.)
When alive / while alive:
Were you the original owner? How old were they went you got them?
Type of animal (dog, cat, bird, lizard) + breed / type (Great Dane, Gopher Snake, Betta fish, Siamese Cat, stray cat, Ferret, mutt, horse, etc.)
Spayed/neutered? Had babies before? (If known)
Any other pets in the home? How did they get along? 
Who interacted with the animal besides you on a regular basis? (spouse, best friend, significant other, weekly apartment cleaning person, your kid's best friend, etc.)? Not just a name.
Description of average living environment of animal (hung out in the house a lot; zoo animal; neighborhood tomcat; lived by a lake but wouldn't go near it; lots of fresh air; cooped up; etc.)
Any physical peculiarities or abnormalities such as missing a limb, Diabetes, Hip Dysplasia, etc. (regardless of whether contributed to their death), or injuries, accidents, surgeries, severe traumas, etc.
      Regarding passing over:
Date of passing / their age at that time (estimate if need be)
Details relevant to the passing over (how, why, events or health matters that led up to it)
Was it euthanasia?
If not, was the cause of death actually known? What did the vet say (as applicable)?
Were there final good-byes?
Who took them to the vet? Was "in the room"? / similar
What was done with your pet's body?
Any other details that are likely relevant?
Would you like to know what they're "up to" now?
I do not do lost or missing pets. See my page on this, if need be.
If this is for imminent Euthanasia and Planning: Preparatory conversation for their requests, questions, messages, possible fears, etc.and your chance to know of and respond to same
What would you like to say? Find out?

"We were a little nervous at first, but quickly realized that this wasn't scary at all! You helped us feel at ease and we found that this was in fact a very pleasant and fulfilling experience!" ~ McD's

(Already) Passed Over Consultation OVER THE PHONE:  $90 for up to / one hour SALE! $60, not $90, at this time
Simply pay (link below), email me with the details (and a picture of the animal if possible), and I will email you to arrange a time for the call. (If an emergency, I'll either call you or we'll just work things out on a case-by-case, I can't predict here for this site all the types of scenarios which can arise.)
NOTE for outside the U.S., please know that I can do my services across the miles. The animal's/your location is of no importance.* International calling is available with only a nominal surcharge.
* See this Testimonial for one example: Across the Miles
Payment Link Here
Please click here for details!!
then come back to this page to continue ordering.

B. PASSING OVER Preparatory AND Post Consultation  $125
This service is twofold: before-the-fact Preparatory discussion and agreements made between you and your pet, and my consulting the pet after-the-fact to let them say what they feel they need to, as well as letting you know how they are and what they are up to. Included is the "Pre-" part @ up to / an hour 1/2 and the "Post-" time @ up to / an hour.
Please read on.
"It's funny, after I cried myself to sleep after waking up I feel fine about the whole thing.
Other than looking for her on my bed when I walk in my room expecting her to be there, it hasn't been a huge adjustment. I mean I miss her as much as possible but I had time to prepare for this and it helped so much to be able to talk to her right after." ~ MM

"I knew he was clearly letting me know he was understanding the need for the conversation and validating that he was indeed telling Julie some key points to let me know he was there and participating. Julie kept us both at ease as we worked through the questions and the future plans. I was pleased with his wishes at this point, I will check back in the future to see if he has any changes. I no longer feel devastated thinking about the future we can work through it together." DC

Preparatory encompasses a Consultation which can and should cover any variations of the following (your questions and/or I will address as needed): It includes up to / an hour 1/2 "Pre-" time.
Euthanasia and Natural Death
They know this is coming. They don't know this is coming. They suspect this is coming. You have been considering/discussing it. What do they think it means? Their choice (or not) in the matter. What questions they have about it. Their fears. Your emotions, thoughts etc which you wish to pass along at this point in time. What plans or goals do they have? Or not...or would like to discuss. What details do they wish to pass along (bring this blanket, that person, one last walk around the yard, please cremate/don't cremate the body etc.
Your initial input should include your ideas and feelings about their suffering and so on as applicable. If you feel guilty in advance, tell them. Tell them everything you want to say. Let them know. Let them help you. Soothe you.
I need to pass something along here which is tricky to say, so bear with me. I've found the following from experience with already passed over pets. The owner contacts me to help them reconnect. Besides the obvious other trauma and loss involved, one very common source of great upset for the owner has been the struggle they went through about when to euthanise the pet - should they have let them hang on? When was the right time? They were never sure.
These are owners who had already decided to do it. They had consulted the vet, done what they could, whatever the circumstances. It was not a matter of if, only when. Since no one can predict the exact time of a natural death, they felt that they perhaps or surely must have "killed their pet prematurely". Conceptually, they had come to terms with euthanasia as best they could, but this one angle always haunted them.
I am NOT stating any opinion whatsoever about euthanasia. I am only pointing out what has come up. The following is is the best I can offer to help this tragic dilemma:  
The Preparatory aspect of my service gives you the opportunity to consult with your pet before the fact. See what they have to say about it.
You might say, the animal doesn't know their time of death either, so how can I go by what they say? It might be tomorrow, next week or maybe they can hang in there for a month. Well, you're already going by what the vet says, what you think, what others have said, aren't you? Give the animal being themself the chance to speak for themself.
Let's face facts: if it's inevitable, and you know it's inevitable, and you are going to euthanise your pet, then chances are excellent you are going to feel bad about it whenever it occurs so at least you can rest assured that you let them offer their ideas about the time concept. It's a small offering but can make a huge difference in easing your mind and your pet's as well. They follow your lead a bit on the emotions of the matter. Often the pet is nowhere near as upset as the owner, and is very rattled by the owner being upset. Just a fact.
Generally, a pet's requests can be carried out to the letter; and obviously being able to follow through is facilitated by contacting them in advance of the passing. Sometimes the wishes and requests are not as easy to fulfill, due to circumstances (such as they say they really want the torn blanket they recall from puppyhood to be buried with them, but the owner threw it away 5 years earlier, type of thing) or logistics (other people's schedules, or the like).
Please note that quite often pet owners mention that they are planning on keeping their pet(s)' ashes for when they themselves die and they're going to "all be buried together". I understand this desire and sentiment and don't disasgree but at the time I'm being told, generally it's part of the Consult and even if not, the pet picks up on this. You should note that this, as well as your or their desire to be "buried outside" (with or without a casket) both are subject to variances such as legalities. I don't "care" one way or the other (so to speak) but I'm quite adverse to telling a pet something that I know is not true or cannot happen, and I'm never sure what you (or they) say along those lines can happen unless we address it. If it's iffy, we need to tell them.
Example: Rover wants to be buried in your back yard. Ordinaces / laws prevent this, or, you're planning on moving in a year and want to bring his remains with you, or you're planning on moving in a year and it's fine to leave him buried there but you feel he should know this in case it matters to him, to be "left" there.
Example: You're going to have your cats' ashes buried with you / mixed with yours when you die. Okay, let's examine this. Sometime, hopefully waaaay up the line, 20, 30, 40, 50 years hence, you die. Who at that time knows about these wishes? Your family, if they are themselves still alive, let's say, go through your things and find the kitties' ashes. They do whatever they do with them. Perhaps they, knowing your love for the kitties, scatter them along with yours by your favorite beach. Okay... but that's not what you originally said. Or you left instructions that you want your ashes mixed in with your dog's. Folks have mentioned this. Ok, but your heirs or the Executor of your estate or the lawyer or whoever read that and go, Oh, well, that's nice but Eternal Peace Funeral Home does not allow for that as it's illegal. You and no one may not care at that time, but... we don't know that here and now when doing the Consult, so if you're thinking along those lines, you need to do whatever you need to do to research this and plan appropriately.  You could fit your wishes into your Estate planning, write it in your Will etc., and what you request may still for some reason not be allowed to be honored. I have no idea about your local laws, where you're going to be living and dying, when, who's going to be around to tend to things - and neither do your pets.
The only point is, express your wishes but try to have your homework done if these wishes are quite important to you so that we can tell the pet how we think it might actually go. It's totally fine to tell them what you have in mind and see what they think. They may not care, they may think it's sweet, or fitting, they may not agree with it in the first place, etc. but as with any "kid", the most important thing is that even when expressed, these plans should be presented as probable or desired and not "in stone" necessarily.
This last part may not be that important to some readers, but it is important to others. so I felt I should write a bit about it.
In a similar vein, you may be interested in this article from the Humane Society: Free Kit: Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You. This does not have to do with Passed Over Pets but rather if you die first, but often this comes to mind while reading about the reverse so I have included it for reference.
To recap, I have found that owners basically always do as much as they can to fulfill their pet's wishes on the subject.  Sometimes, however, the pet takes a turn for the worse and one can only do what one can do. I want to point out - and this is a very important point, that when one cannot follow through on this or that point, but wanted to, tried to, had to re-prioritize, etc., just the Consultation itself, the communication they had already had with the animal being, takes care of a very large part of the emotional aspects of it all for the animal. Know this: If you can't do every single thing they asked, it has been my experience that they do not get upset, since they know you heard them, and they know you tried. Do not underestimate the power of having gone over things with them in advance. Animals are just as perceptive as we, often more: they know you, and they know your intentions. They pick up on what's lip service and what's "for real", and when an owner hears that Rover wants you to take his torn gray raggy toy to the vet, or that Fifi does not wish to be cremated, or Uncle Bob has to come in the car so Riley can have him around in the final time but Uncle Bob is not to be in the room, only Mommy, or whatever it is, they know you're going to try to follow what they said. Even then, pets know certain things can suddenly take precedence such as if they take a turn for the worse.
So like I said, generally, a pet's requests can be carried out to the letter; and obviously being able to follow through is facilitated by contacting them in advance of the passing. In this Testimonial, the owner did do just that, and despite her not being able to follow through on all of the arrangements, the fact of having done the Consult beforehand made a huge difference in peace of mind.
It's always worth a shot, and the main thing is that you did talk with them and things are established between you and your pet, which sets the tone for all future occurences.
Depending on Your Pet's Health and Circumstances...if at all possible:
As soon as possible following the Preparatory Consultation, please take the time to spend some "fun and familiar" time with your pet. You will wish to spend a lot of time holding them sharing emotions, and the like. Well, make sure you also mix in some fun play time, outdoors time, games and the like. They need to be distracted, to extrovert, get some fresh air and space, and to be completely blunt, they are not dead yet. Help them rejoice in day-to-day life!
Post (after-the-fact) Consultation: Included in the service, this is where I contact your pet and let them, well, talk. They tell us how it went. What it was like for them. Their fears or joys. What they found it to be like once it really happened. Any new or residual trauma or upsets they may wish to now get off their chest and be free from. Messages to you. Their plans, or what may have changed with their plans or ideas, so this can be discussed or known. The rest of the Pre- and Post- service includes up to / an hour of this after-the-fact time. (If need be, further $60/hr hourly rates will apply.)
I do this Consult the same day whenever possible.
Testimonial from someone who used Aunt Julie's Pre- and Post- service. (There are more, I just selected this one to give you an idea of how it can work.)
Payment Link Here
Sometimes your pet would like to come back to your household as another pet after they pass on. This comes up during the Preparatory Consultation, the Post-Passing Consultation or during a re-connecting done even years later in the Initial Consultation. If this is what you want and it is agreed all around, there are a few factors which must be handled "just so". The factors vary from household to household but the basics are the same. There is more detailed information on Transitions on my FAQs page, but if this circumstance applies to you, this service is available above and beyond the above-named services.
Payment Link here
D. FOLLOW-UP SERVICE (and Hourly rates)  $60/hr
A Follow-Up for a Passed Over pet is rare, but it does happen. I call it Follow-Up because it applies to a pet we've already talked to, as contrasted to "Initial Consult" for first-timers. When it comes to Passed Over pets, the Follow-Up service has to do with sometimes you want to check in with them again and see what they're up to. This is available to you and there's no reason why not!  Use this link as it's pre-set for $60/hr increments. Use it as well for add-on hours, that is, you do an Initial Consultation for $90 and it goes two hours instead of one. You would have paid the $90 already; so you use this payment link to add on the additional $60 for that second hour.
E. FOSTER AND/OR RESCUE folks are charged a flat hourly fee of $55 for any and all animals including their own (as those babies also donate and sacrifice their time with Mommy and Daddy to help with the effort). This applies to their own passed over pets (though not for any and all placed pets who have had new owners and then passed. That new client/animal is a regular client at regular rates.) There is a one hour minimum per Consultation and time is billed in hourly increments. Please read over the FAQ on this point so you know who this applies to and who this does not apply to, then return to this page. Use the Open Payment Link below, as applicable.

If these rates are confusing, just ask. I'll go over them with you and we'll see what applies. The bottom line is that an Initial Consult is $90, additional hours / hours "over" the time you bought and we just used over the phone, $60/hr. Foster/Rescue guys are $55/hr regardless. The Pre- and Post- service is a special rate.

F. SPECIAL RATES (DISCOUNTS, AGREED-UPON RATES, ETC.) TO PAY, PLEASE JUST USE THE "OPEN LINK" ON THE "REGULAR" ORDERING PAGE (that is, the page designed for ordering Consult time for pets other than passing over or passed over pets). Then just come back to this page for the rest of your ordering steps.
Here is the link to the relevant part of that page..

You can and should email a picture.  Insert it in or attach it to an email. It should be either an internet-viewable picture (.jpeg or .gif format), or a .tif if this is what you have, as I can view .tifs using other software.  Send to: (and of course reference who you are and so on). This is helpful as I have found it to be just as true for animals as it is for humans that one's body is a very, very important part of one's "self-identification" so it makes the transmit of ideas (from them to me) much more honed from their end if they detect that I "identify" them fully, that is, see or otherwise detect their physical form. I don't know how else to explain it - it's just that way. (Plus most of them love that I can see what they looked like - they're very proud and self-conscious, just as we are, so my having their picture to hand is a great ice breaker.)
Here is a more comprehensive write-up on how to send me a picture or pictures, if you need more info on how to do so. When you are done reading it, click on the "Return" link. 
Here's all you do:
1. Select and pay for desired service. Payment via the Internet is done via PayPal. I have pre-set amount links on this page, or you can pay directly to my email address at the PayPal site. PayPal emails me as soon as payment is received by them. (If you're not already signed up with them, you would do so at this time.)
2. The following form used to be automated but at this time I need to solve why it is not that way; meanwhile, it's shows the "Order Form" info I need so just copy/paste it into an email and "fill it in" so to speak. It doesn't have to be all beautiful, just whatever communicates.
3. Separately email me with all the details (as covered above) and a picture or pictures of your pet. How to send a picture
4. I'll call you at the time you and I agree upon. Remember I'm on Eastern Standard Time. I have unlimited long distance and a very low-cost plan for International.
~ Notes regarding the "Order Form" ~
1. There's a part where I ask for the email address. Please take into account the following: Generally when I receive an mail I just hit "Reply" and the way my AOL software works, my new email goes back whence it came (to the originating email address -  i.e. the one you wrote me from). Whatever one I get is the one I'll enter into my AOL "address book" and when I go to write to you, on my own (not as a "reply") then, or soon after, or someday, it'll be the one that plugs into an email. If there's something I need to know about your email addresses, do let me know. That is, once in awhile a person has, for example, an email address at work which they cannot access at home, then they email me from work, forget to mention this or that this applies to just that one email sent, they go home, I've email them back but they don't "get" my response and it messes up scheduling or something like that. So if the email address you put on the Order Form is different than the one we have been using if already emailing back and forth, take a quick minute to drop me a line and explain things so I know what's up.
2. I DO need backup phone numbers just in case. If we're going to talk at your home, give me your cell number just in case. I may need to get ahold of you 2 hours before to change something in a pinch...and not be able to reach you. Whatever - there have been numerous quirky unpredicted circumstances where this has been needed and of course I can't think of the examples but each time, the person was very appreciative of being contacted and glad they'd given me that number, so please just provide the info as a just-in-case. You'd be surprised how often this oddity comes up.
3. No, your info's nobody's business just as someone else's isn't your business. So don't worry about my giving out or selling my info about any of you. And if you're interested in acquiring it....don't ask.
 Aunt Julie Passed Over Pet Consultation Order Form

One Order Form and  Payment per pet.

If you are ordering Consultations for more than one pet, information and pictures can be combined as needed (e.g. you only have a photo with both pets in it), but the more separated out the info is, the better.


First and Last Name:



Address Line 1:

Address Line 2 (as applicable):

Phone Hm and Time Zone:

Phone Work:

Phone Cell:

Your Relationship to Pet (e.g. "owner" "Mommy"  etc.)

When are you available for the Consultation:

How Did You Hear Of Aunt Julie's Services:

Pets name:

Pet Age Type (Species Breed) Gender:

Date of Passing and their age at that time:

Passed Over Consult or Pre and Post Consult?

Direct PayPal link CONSULTATION $90:  
 Direct PayPal link for TRANSITIONAL CONSULTATION SERVICE $60/hr ) NOTE an Initial Consult must have been done first with this pet. The Transitional is an "add-on" as necessary. If you are a new client and do the Initial Consult with your passed over pet, most likely the entire Transitional Consult will occur during that time anyway!. What I'm saying is, if you're new, use the Initial Consult. If we need to do a Transitional Consult afterwards, this link would apply.):
Direct PayPal link for FOLLOW-UP $60/hr:
Direct PayPal Payment GENERAL PAYMENT "OPEN LINK". You enter in the amount. Use for special rate for Foster/Rescuers, payment for a tape ($5), time gone "over" (past the hour's time, add-on times and/or any Agreed-Upon Amount):

(If you are not yet signed up with PayPal, use the link appropriate for your Order and you will be able to do so right away at PayPal's site, and then carry on with your payment. If you need help with PayPal, their toll-free number is 888-221-1161. They're very helpful and knowledgeable! If you ever wish to pay directly at PayPal and not use my links fo some reason, just go to and pay to the email address

Consultations are always scheduled in with an "as soon as possible" basis.
A  lot of Consultations are performed the same day as paid/ordered or the very next day.  The average is about 2-3 days. I try to do them as fast as I can!
Phone consults of course must be coordinated with our mutual schedules.
I look forward to hearing from you about your pet or the animal you wish to reconnect with. We will get those questions answered and those issues resolved, and you will know what happened, is happening, and what can now happen with your pet.  

"Thanks to you Julie, I am now at peace, relaxed and happy. (Of course I will always want her back,
but in a way you did give her back to me)." ~ SP
After the Consultation
Here are some things that generally naturally evolve after a Consultation. In your unique case, you'll have a better idea of how you wish to proceed, once we're done with the Initial Consultation.  

Still not sure? Feel free to browse the Testimonials, and see if you think I offer what you need. And please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at

How to send a picture or pictures 
The Picture or pictures of the animal ~ Attach to or embed in the Info EMail described on this page (using Drag and Drop, or, Copying and Pasting into the body of the email) , or, send separately via email.  It should be either an internet-viewable picture (.jpeg or .gif format), or a .tif if this is what you have, as I can view .tifs using other software and convert to other file formats. Pictures such as tiffs which cannot be viewed in email should not be embedded into the mail, but attached so I can download them and  view them with the appropriate software. Pictures which can be internet-viewed can go right into the email (or attached). If you're scratching your head right about now, ask someone for help with this who does understand. I know computer things can be confusing and irritating when they don't make sense!  This particular request for pictures being sent is unto itself very simple so they shouldn't mind helping you (or try a Kinkos or similar place for helping scanning, emailing, etc. pictures).  
You can also direct me to a web site that has a picture of the animal, as applicable. Just remember if it's an album that has a slew of pictures, I need some notes or annotations or some other way to identify the correct animal(s), gender (like for a litter of pups), age, whatever else may be applicable to the Consult's situation (or my just knowing who is who!)
If you only have hard copy photos but no scanner of your own, once again Kinkos or a similar place or a friend can help you get the picture(s) scanned and sent to me. Walgreens and similar drug stores often have machine where you can scan a picture and save the image onto a diskette; you bring the diskette home and have your email software locate the image on that disk to send to me. You could also try a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker; you'd be surprised how many people have a scanner, and it's a very fast and easy process to scan a picture for email transmission.
You can mail me the photo(s), too. I have a scanner and if you mail me the pix, I'll scan them right away and if you want them back, I'll mail them a day or two later (I'm very good about this), but remember it adds the snail-mail time to things while I wait to receive the pictures. Just email me about this to set it up.
To recap, basically you're sending me the image file which was created (usually!) by scanning a photo. You scan it and email it diredtly to me, or more commonly, you scan it and save it for future use (including emailing it to me) somewhere on your computer's hard drive (know where you have saved it!), naming it hopefully some logical name like fido1 or fidoonporch or fidoaugust06. (Digital cameras create their own names which are usually 0001, 0002 and so on.You can change this name at any time.)
Your computer adds the filename extension to it such as .jpg or .bmp etc.
Now, attach that or those picture files to your email to me
Send it to me embedded into the body of the email itself. I'll see it/them when I open the email, and I can right-mouse click onto each picture and save them to my hard drive and print them out. (Somestimes you do this and your email software will zip the photo files up and attach this zip file to your software as an attachment, anyway. No difference at my end - no sweat.)
Your email software will have its own "Help" write-up on how to do the above, if you do not already know how to do it.


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