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Our house consists of 5 Yorkie dogs and one cat. Over the last several years we had lost 2 cats and the remaining cat felt alone. We also "adopted" one of the Yorkies when his mommy got sick and passed away. We had moved 3 times in 2 years, my mother had passed away and we were now "adopting" a stray kitten ~ Lily ~ that we had found.
For Christmas last year 2003, my husband gave me the best present in the world...the gift of "talking" to my babies. It is now September of 2004 and with Aunt Julie's help, our family is one fine unit. We understand their concerns and fears and they understand that we won't abandon them. The kitten Lily was gradually brought into their lives and our adult cat accepted her tepidly at first, and then really started playing like a kitten again. The Yorkies still chased the cat and kitten, but it became a game, instead of having to worry about them killing each other. Two of the Yorkies became "canine mom and dad" to the kitten.
The kitten got sick two weeks ago and had to be put to sleep....not only were we able to talk the kitten through the process and essentially get her blessing but she then described the new kitten body her spirit wants to come back as and to our loving household as well. The cat and Yorkies have been mourning her loss as we are and have pulled together even tighter....hanging onto each other.
I really don't know what else to say. It's because of Aunt Julie that we have a "REAL UNIFIED" family. It's because of her communication skills that we have been able to find out what kind of pain these guys are in and get them treated appropriately (we've had BAD VET experiences). It's a real gift from God that she has and it's a gift to our family that she has shared with us.
If you have doubts; you are normal. I never really thought it possible to advocate pet communications. Sure, it's fascinating on TV and reading books. But to actually experience the breakthroughs, the heartbreaks, the abuse that animals have or may have suffered is so helpful and bonding for them and for us humans. Aunt Julie...thank you so much for everything.
We love you, Terry and Gary and All the babies
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Have had thoughts all day of sending a huge long Thank-you to you. I think about Dusty, Annie and me and all of us are so different than before and it's all for the better and I certainly have to ascribe a lot of it to you. You've made such a huge change in my girls, if you only knew. Dusty was not socialized with humans, wouldn't look at me, cowered, was very fearful (this you know!!) about many things. And now look, she's got a positive outlook, has made friends, has bonded with me and won't drop her connection to me (this is the biggest change). I mean, my head's been swirling with all these things that are so much better now and it's way beyond comm'ing with Dusty and Annie. You know a lot about what motivates a being, about the power of love, about forgiveness, and so many other things I just can't stop to think of them all. You just have no idea how you are, I mean the full total impact of who and how you are. You don't know the depth of the impact that you have, and again, this goes way beyond animal comm. Oh god...I got tears in my eyes now that's how grateful I am to you for all you've done. I just wanted you to know this.
~ NJ, CA
More on Annie

I am a true fan of Julie’s abilities. I have had the opportunity to talk to 5 of my furkids and have been blessed with each conversation. I have learned how smart they are and what wonderful personalities they have. They have made requests of me that I have been easily able to follow through on. They have responded to me in kind with special attention letting me know they appreciate me doing what they ask. Maggie May asked for a white cross near her water bowl because she used to be a Nun in a past life. I did what she asked and when I came home from work she went over and rubbed her face on the cross and then came over to me and rubbed my leg. True affirmation that she appreciated the efforts. I also experience a stronger relationship with all my babies. It is has been a true blessing for me. I have regretfully lost 2 furkids and been able to talk with them immediately after they were gone. They were able to have a better transition to their death and I was assured they were ok with what happened and know that I love them and miss them. The entire experience has been incredible. I look forward to being able to talk with my last baby Charlie Ann. Thank you Julie.
~ Deb D. in NC
Aunt Julie adds: Avoiding violating the privacy Maggie May enjoys, let me just say that this particular Consult was verrrry interesting...she kept coming up with the most startling things. Very spot-on observations, very spiritual concepts, etc. She then let us in a the above "detail" and it all started to come together....
Maggie also had had another request during her Consult. She was fine on not having kittens, but wanted a "baby" for herself. She described a stuffed toy animal, how she'd like it to be and look (kind of like what we might call a "Mini Me"), and said it should be named "Baby May". She just wanted to have it around - just .. know that it was there. Deb got this for her...emailed me:
I am so glad Maggie is so unique. Oh I picked up Baby May and the cross. I showed them to Maggie and I think she was happy. She sniffed Baby May, a cute little stuffed kitten. I found it in the Christian Store. Please let her know that. We will put the cross near the water dish as soon as we can. I was so excited to find such a perrfect kitten and cross.
and subsequently,
She licked Baby May, which is the name she came up with, as though it was a kitten of hers. I am so glad it is working for her. ~ Deb

Recently, Annie has taken to being un-housetrained and has been peeing on the carpet. I figured it had something to do with settling in to our new apartment as we moved two months ago. When I first noticed the wet spots, I wasn't certain she was the one doing it. It took a process of elimination to figure it out, but it seemed it was being done to get my attention. Once I knew it was Annie I didn't scold her or make her feel ashamed, I just cleaned it up; Annie is not the type of dog that should be scolded or harshly reminded of what she did. Annie was rescued three years ago from a puppy mill where she  was forced to breed and had multiple litters each year for the little more than five years she was there. She has overcome so much and I figured whatever was bothering her would clear itself up. The peeing went on for weeks until I contacted Aunt Julie and arranged to have her talk to my pets. During the talk, Annie admitted she was peeing on the carpet to get my attention but she wouldn't say why. It took some time before Annie opened up to Aunt Julie and said what was bothering her, she was able to open up and share without us judging her. When the talk was over, I was excited to have work be over so I could go home and see my pets, especially since they had talked with Aunt Julie. When I got home, much to my surprise
Annie didn't pee on the carpet, instead she went pee outside! This is what she used to do before this recent incident. I was amazed that merely by talking about what bothered Annie was enough to get her to start going outside again rather than pee on the carpet. It's now been two days since Aunt Julie talked with Annie and I'm proud to say she is accident free! What
I've learned from this is that animals need to be heard and understood just as much as humans. Letting my dogs have a voice through Aunt Julie has made all the difference in correcting their behavior. I'm so grateful someone like Aunt Julie helps animals be heard.
~ NJ in C A
Julie's note: The above was the result of a one-hour Consult. Things were fine for a bit, then some days later I got the report that she was peeing in the "wrong" place again.....we did two more hours of Consult time with her and a few days later I received this email:
Just a quick note to say all is good over here. so far Annie either goes out on the patio or she waits for me to take her outside. There’s not been one accident at all! plus…her fun loving energy is back, she and Dusty (the owner's other dog) are as close as ever, she and I are back to being best buddies, she comes when called, and it feels like she’s stepped back into her role as being Dusty’s mentor. it not only feels like things are back to normal, but things feel clearer and cleaner. Were it not for you giving them a voice, and delivering their message unalterted, we’d not be doing as well as we are. You’ve done so much, from cleaning up Dusty and helping to bring her home (this still brings big teardrops to my eyes), to helping me understand why my girls do something or don’t do something. I can’t imagine my life with the girls without you in it.
Much love and thanks,
~ NJ in C A
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I share my life with five rescued basset hounds. All of which I love unconditionally. I have one that is somewhat overweight. She is the sweetest thing on four legs or two. She came as a foster and stayed as a permanent foster. I adopted her sister so they would never be separated. She never answered to her name so I just started calling her Tubbye Tub. I changed her to a food that I thought would help, it did not. It made her just blow up. Then she got real sick with her liver and had to be on chicken and rice for a month or so. Now, my little girl weighed in at 80 lbs. She is not a big basset. She should probably only be about 45 lbs. I have tried diets and everything I can think of. I finally decided to give Aunt Julie a try and see if she could reach her. Well, reach her she did. First my little one changed her name. She prefers Gabriella (long a). She has ear problems and cannot hear but I promise you, she answers to her new name. Now, she is getting to go to some Waddles (a fun & games Basset activities fundraiser events) because she wants to and my little girl is working with me on this diet. We walk every day, a little, until her legs can hold her up better. Her eyes shine when she looks at me and she doesn't beg for food like she used to. We went to the vet's last week and Miss Gabriella has lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks. I am so proud of her and I know she is proud of herself. If it weren't for Julie helping us, she would not have her new name or the pink blanket she wanted. She is going to the Waddle too and she gets around better already. Aunt Julie has saved my little girl's life and made it so easy to work with her on this diet. I am very thankful for this.
Love and prayers,
Diane and the hounds in VA
"I went back and read my words again and there is no way that they can get across the miracles that you work with these precious innocent souls that need us so much. You are my hero and I intend to tell the world about you." ~ Diane Weatherford

From the initial email about Sheeba:
Sheeba came to us about hmmm....maybe 4 years ago.  She is very anti social and does come in the house alot but really doesn't have anything to do with anyone and she goes up to the front of the house in the living room that no one ever goes and I have put a cat bed in the window seat and that is where she lives most of the time...all by herself...pretty much a recluse....
After the Consultation:
I met Aunt Julie about a month ago and she has been a real Godsend. She has helped me in so many ways and my latest reading with her was about my cat named Sheeba. Sheeba came to me about 4 years ago and is a beautiful black cat. I noticed that she had been declawed and looked well fed so couldn't figure out how she just appeared at my house. We decided to keep her but she has always been a recluse and not wanting anyone to pay any attention to her. When she comes into the house, she eats and then always goes up to our formal living room where none ever goes and stays in a  cat bed in the windowsill there. I have always wondered why she wasn't sociable and what could we do. Aunt Julie cleared up so many answers yesterday....I now feel like maybe I have a long road in front of me but it's workable. Sheeba's previous family had died and she was left in an apartment until neighbors had come in to take things out and with the door open...she flew and not even knowing where she was going to go. It seems that she has been very angry that she lost her family and she just wanted to spend the rest of her life safe and having food but didn't want to get close to anyone. In fact she has been hating mankind for what happened to her. It's really sad that this happened but now that I know, I'm thinking maybe I can help her become part of our family and I know she will always miss and love her old family but maybe moving on will heal that!! Thanks Julie so much for coming "into" our house and communicating with Sheeba for us!
Last nite after talking to you...I was shocked as I left my bedroom to find Sheeba standing there!  I mean she actually left her bedroom up front. Anyways she let me pet her and you could tell she was happy that we had communicated.
~ Sally, Angleton, TX

I have to say the we were skeptics until our reading today; we will never be the same! Thank goodness there are people like you that can open a door for us to communicate with our babies. We had several things we wanted to discuss today with Nicky. Why does he chase Lucky Charm (the cat); why does he constantly bark at Lily (the kitten); how do we deal with his abandonment issues over losing his first mommy....etc. And you gave us the portal to communicate with him and to understand what we (as parents) can do better and what Nicky's needs are. And may I say that Gary and I still can't get over today! Wow! Nicky (and we) have already changed our behaviors a little. I let him see "Little Valley," (Nicky's pet name for Lily the kitten as we found out in the Consultation) and he licked her a lot...and then he started getting a little too intense and I just talked to him and told him that he was scaring Lily and we had to take it slow....I could tell that he was trying hard to not bite her. She is playing / teasing Nicky through her little cage. He also made a concerted effort not to chase or corner Lucky Charm tonight....and I rewarded JUST him!* Anyway....lots to digest....I almost cried a few times when Nicky was describing the death of his first mommy. I can tell you my heart is still breaking over all this! How can we ever say thank you! Keep in touch.
Terry/Gary/and all the babies!
(*Finding a way to praise "just Nicky" is something the owner and I worked out which seeemed appropriate for him. He wanted a way to feel noticed, validated, set apart from all of the other "faces" - but without their being neglected for things they had done right as well. She just needed to notice things he did "right" as well as things he did not do "wrong" (easy to overlook), and praise him for these, but per him, not at the expense of any other praise some other pet might deserve. Animals in a multi-pet environment are often more thoughtful of the other pets than you may suspect! Anyway, the owner jumped right on it as you can see! It's not hard to help your pet by simply listening to their simple requests. ~ Aunt Julie
Aunt Julie's note:  Mommy (Samantha) gave me the green light to use her emails and later she emailed her Testimonial. I edited the mails for content (length) only.
Things begin with some her initial write-up about Bosko and continue from there:
I am a total believer and we are at the end of our possibilities to resolve our difficulties with Bosko using our own "communication".
I am Bosko's "mommy". ...   I picked Bosko up at the shelter while my husband was at work, and fostered him to see how he fit in to our mix at home. He loves his sisters, and they had absolutely no problem with him.  ...  They all do wonderfully.
But that is not the problem, when my husband came home, Bosko started barking at him and if Bill came up to him he would try to snap. He won't get near Bill when I am home ---- this has been going on for a year. However, when I leave and the 3 dogs are home with Bill, Bosko goes into Bill's office, lets him touch him, etc.
(Aunt Julie's note: There were other notes about home life, so on - nothing unusual except this problem with Daddy.)
Task At Hand:
My husband is getting tired of being barked at and treated like an intruder in his own house and I am at the end of my emotional rope dealing with the barking and my husband's constant mantra, "We HAVE to do something about him?" Since my husband did not grow up with dogs like I did, he thinks we can just give a "problem" back to the shelter or someone else. NOT. These are my children.  ...
I have even introduced St. John's Wort in Bosko's food.
The barking and defensiveness against my husband, first, and then other males in general must stop.
Can you help us?
Thanks so much, Samantha.
Aunt Julie's notes:
When we got on the phone to start the actual Consultation, I found out a ot more about how severe this barking at Daddy situation really was!
I did the Consultation with all parties: Samantha, Bill and Bosko. It went well and Bosko was very forthcoming about his concerns, angers, worries, everything. He didn't pull any punches. Without going into all of his details, the following emails will give you an idea of the things he needed and/or wanted implemented. Daddy, a bit of a skeptic (as is usually the case) decided to give it the ol' college try - he really worked to apply what he had learned from Bosko and surprise! it worked! because, well, it was what Bosko had wanted and had said!
Bill went out of town (part of the "problem" - no consulting with Bosko about this, no real "good-bye's", no understanding of where Daddy was going or why, this type of thing...) and I got this email:
Thank you so much. Bosko is working on trusting Bill. It has really improved. Bill has even invited Bosko to sleep in our bed (the girls like their own room).
I made the airport run this morning. Took Bosko so he could see where Dad was going. Bill was so cute. When we go there he leaned into the car to say goodbye to Bosko, personally and told him he would be coming home in a couple of days.
Bosko didn't even cry in the car. .
I'll keep you posted, Samantha.
From there:
Bill called last night and before he got off with me he asked if Bosko was in the bed with me, and could he say good night.  This time when I put the receiver up to Bosko's ear, he didn't flinch. I could almost hear him say, "OK, very good. Night to you."  
When Bill called last night I had him speak to Bosko.  Wow, that was a riot --- that little guy cocks his head different for every different emotion. Bill told him he was safely in D.C. and that he would see him Friday.  Bill even said I should bring him to the airport and pick him up at baggage. Now that is a real improvement - Bill gets down in the mouth if I don't meet him inside the terminal.  He said he is not really sure how your Consult works, but it is working for us so we will go with it.
Julie, you have taken a load off my emotions -- and that has been affecting Bosko, too. He has felt responsible and then it went around in circles with Bill's attitude re his barking. We are going to work and work on it.
Dear Julie,
Miracles of miracles (of course we know it is because of your facilitation), when Bill returned Friday night, BOSKO DID NOT BARK!!!! I was going to take the dogs to the airport, but I was already at my daughter's helping out with my grandson and basically I was half way to the Jacksonville airport.
But, when I opened the back door as Bill was getting out of the car, I announced to "everyone" that Dad was home. Bosko danced around (wiggling his behind!!) and when Bill BENT DOWN (a first for him) to greet Bosko, he let Bill pet him.
Yea!!!! Things are doing well. He does forget, but stops when he realizes what he is doing!! Thank you, thank you.
Aunt Julie:  Need I say more? OK, OK, there's one more thing ~ Samantha said that on his business trip, Bill was telling folks about his experience and successes using a Pet Communicator with his dog. J
Here's the Testimonial...
"Aunt 'Julie' is the 'John Edwards' of the canine world! For years I have read about Angels, Psychics and Dogs because it brought balance to my life -- hoping I could have a better connection with my own three dogs. Although my husband has more or less humored me when it came to my avocations, I was therefore very, very surprised when he suggested we find a Pet Communicator as HIS last resort with Bosko, our mini dappled dauschund.
Bosko was a pound puppy that we adopted a year ago. From the moment he came home, he barked at my husband. It wasn't just once or twice a day, it was every time he laid eyes on my husband. Last week, Bill gave me the ultimatum, either we solve this problem, or Bosko goes -- 'even if you have to find a dog psychic'. That was music to my ears. I asked my guardian angels for help and got on the internet.
Our session, three days later, revealed abuse and feelings of fear that Bosko needed to communicate. I experienced Julie tapping into energy I knew was there, with both Bosko and Bill. You know, like when you go into marital counseling to find you can say things in front of your therapist about your husband that you couldn't one on one. Julie was the catalyst for Bill and Bosko. After the one-hour session I could begin to feel the connection mend between these two. Believe it or not, that very day, Bosko STOPPED BARKING. Bosko has slipped up 2 or 3 times, but all I have to do is ask him to try to help Mommy and it stops. In the session I asked Julie to communicate to Bosko that the barking caused great upset for Mommy because she loves Daddy and wanted him happy, too. That seemed to be a concept Bosko could understand.
We are a very happy and hopeful family now. I am also using Julie with my 8 year old Border Collie, Brandy, who was very upset over a health issue we are getting ready to face. It was almost immediate that I saw Brandy perk up. She has that old bounce back into her step when she walks. We both KNOW she is going to get better. I believe our canine babies are just like humans that if you hold on to a negative thought, body follows mind and you could be the cause of your own premature death. I will use Julie whenever I sense something is out of balance with my dogs. I love my dogs. And, I know I was led to Julie.
~ Samantha
I did a Consultation with Gabby some time ago. Months later I did one with Simba, another dog in the same household. During our conversation she mentioned calmly that Gabby had not been feeling well. This was rather out of the blue and not sent with emotional "alarm", simply - this is the way it is,  get it. "She adds that Gabby is not feeling as well as she used to. She wants me to tell you this!" and "She's a bit concerned, a very little bit she adds, about Gabby and now she feels. She's just 'offering' I let her know that I definitely have passed that along..."
So yes, I passed it along to their owner and received the following email:
Dear Julie!
You amaze me! You have powers or something that most of us don't even dream about!
I took Gabby to the vet as I found a small lump, I already knew from its size and where it was it was not cancer. I also took a urine sample. Thank you Julie because he found something he didn't like and then took another test. What he called a sterile test to get more urine from her bladder, he stuck a needle through her skin into the bladder. He won't know the results of this for a few days. But he says her bladder infection from about a month ago is still slightly there and he doesn't want this to go on as it will eventually go into her kidneys.
Julie, if you had not told me that Simba told you Gabby wasn't feeling well I never would have brought in the urine sample. Wouldn't even have considered it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are just amazing.
Thank you again,
RW - Tucson, AZ
P.S.  Please feel free to put any of what I wrote on your web page.
Incredible it was and even though it is only one word it says it all.  You were just incredible getting through to her. I was thoroughly pleased and it is incredible how you tuned in to her like that.
RW - Tucson, AZ
A little side note: - When I first went to start the Consultation with Gabby, I had been juggling scheduling so was "working her in". Well, she knew she wasn't "an emergency" and refused to do the Consultation until I finished with another dog I had been waiting for more information on. I decided to slip her in, got that other info, and still figured I'd get with her anyway and tried to start. WRONG! I found this very moving and eye-opening. She waited her turn patiently...I can only hope that I gave her back just a little of what she gave to me that day.
Note almost 2 months later: In the original Consultation, Gabby had been discussing lumps she sometimes gets in her body. Bold parts are my emphasis... <Re: checking for lumps, she thinks that there are some or one under her right breast area/"deep in" like to her might be ½- ¾" type of thing, like, if it were a human female, like under the right breast about ½" down, ½" in or ¾" in, and one slightly to the left of it. Left from her nose, right if you are facing her. ...she says there's one "lumpie' that's "nothing" which you may not be able to feel, low down near bottom of that area, "just a little thing". ...> and later on, same Consult <She feels that - she has not offered enough about her "condition". She is concerned, not sure how to help. She says to look for what you (want to) look starting to worry slightly again so I tell her that Mommy will read and Mommy will understand and Mommy will check the spots she said to check and she will check all over her body anyway to "be sure" and to "be safe".> (Reprinted with persmission.)
Mommy emailed me today:
I just checked the word in the dictionary and there was not another word that beats it. So here I go again.......
I found a "lumpie" on Gabby's chest just where you said it would be. Our vet won't be back till Tuesday so I will let you know what happens.
Thank you because I had been checking where you said.
I found it last week and tried to find it again and couldn't as I thought it was just fatty stuff. Then last night when she turned over and I was petting her chest I started "looking" and there it really was.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
~ R and Gabby
So Mommy listened to her, checked and checked, and finally found the bugger! It was there, just as Gabby had told her.
Aunt Julie is truly amazing! She told me things that no one but my 17 year old cat would know, and my jaw was on the ground for at least a week afterwards. I don't doubt her abilities to really listen to our beloved pets and give us their thoughts directly. I feel very close to my cat, Jeff. After Aunt Julie helped my cat and I communicate, I just feel that much closer to him. She's a listener and not putting her opinions in, like other "pet psychics" would, and do.
~ KN, CA
This boy found his own way to Aunt Julie. His owner contacted me and said she had found me via a link in an article on a web site...I knew nothing about this article, the site, the context, any of it - and when we went to find it, it did not exist. We finally decided Jeff had pulled this off himself.....but how? Why? Turns out, he had been looking for someone to "hear" and pass along to Mommy some things he really wanted to say, and another cat I've been working with had picked up on this, and told Jeff about me. Jeff mentioned this cat to me by name and with exact identifying details. I confirmed it with that cat, thanking her for "the referral". These two cats live in different parts of the country and have "never met".
Jeff found a "way" to put the referral there for his Mommy to stumble onto and contact me, and the rest is history. - Julie
I first met Julie Rich when my family and I were given the opportunity to take in a Golden Retriever who needed a new family. We had never had a dog before in our family so this was a new experience. Although our new family member was friendly and seemed to like us, we weren't sure. She had some trouble adjusting in her new surroundings. So, Julie came over and "talked" to Sophie. She was able to tell us what was troubling Sophie. Basically, she liked us very much but was afraid we weren't going to keep her like the last family she had been with.
All it took was for us to tell Sophie that she was ours and she wasn't going anywhere and she was going to stay with us. She was MUCH better after this conversation and appeared happier and more relaxed. Sophie also had an issue with our backyard. We don't have a fence in our backyard and Sophie was used to a fence at her other home. Again, it just took letting her know where her boundaries were.
I guess what I am saying here that I want others to know and what I learned from Julie is that animals need communication, direction, love and support just like people do! Sophie is doing very well in our family now. Julie helped us get her adjusted in her new home with us and although we probably would have gotten there by ourselves, we were able to quickly get to the bottom of several issues with Sophie a lot faster with Julie's help. The amazing thing is that Julie doesn't even have to be in the physical presence of the animal. She can "tune in" to my dog by just thinking about her.
Give Julie a try! You WON'T be disappointed. We never were and she has helped us numerous times!
BJM - Clearwater, FL
I really want to thank you for talking to Twister. I have noticed a HUGE change in him and the other animals in the house, after the Consultation. They have all been extremely affectionate since then! Twister even sat down and let some children pet him while he was on a walk, which has NEVER happened before. I am truly amazed! It's almost like all of my animals realize that you spoke to Twister, and are trying to thank me for it!
I was very skeptical before you talked to Twister. I'm definitely a believer in psychics, but there was no way for me to know you were for real. Honestly, even after the Consult, I wasn't 100% convinced. But the things you said started making COMPLETE sense 2-3 days afterward. In addition, Twister and his sisters were noticeably happier! You absolutely proved to me that you have the sacred ability to communicate with animals!
Thank you so much again for sharing your gift with others. I'm so glad I found you!
S P - Goodyear, AZ
Note: details private, but suffice it say that Twister or "T", as he let us know he likes to be called as a nickname, was one of the sweetest and gentlest I've talked to of late. His love for babies was as tender as any mother's...I was almost overwhelmed with the pure, loving emotion he felt when sharing it with me and his owners.
When I contacted "Aunt" Julie I had a few issues concerning my 9 month old Border Collie, Cody. We corresponded through e-mail several times and Julie was not hesitant to write and tell me where she was with Cody (making contact, will continue tomorrow, etc.), which was very comforting.
Julie brought up all of my concerns to my puppy softly and compassionately. She was able to help us (Cody and I) determine the root of a problem Cody was having, which has gotten significantly better. Not only did she confirm a few ideas and concerns we had with our dog, but also was able to tell us several things that made Cody's bonding and communication with the family much stronger.
The Consultation with Julie and Cody was extensive, insightful, compassionate, uplifting, and very beneficial. Cody enjoyed talking with "Aunt" Julie the entire time and left the conversation feeling warm, peaceful, and rewarded. When, and if, the time arises, I'd look forward to a Follow-up Consultation with Julie; I know Cody certainly would! Thank you "Aunt" Julie for everything.
~ D.C. and Cody, Hopatcong, N.J.

Recently, Aunt Julie was in our apartment and there was noise coming from the elevator nearby. Our dog began barking loudly which the neighbors on our floor could hear. We were afraid we'd get complaints so we asked Aunt Julie what we might do to stop the constant barking. Aunt Julie got into communication with the dog and let him know it was okay to bark outdoors but not indoors. She also gave him an alternative: he could "moof" but no "bark". She did this by demonstrating the quiet sounds of these alternative words. At first he looked at her in disbelief but he must have understood what she said to him because he stopped short in the middle of the next bark and came out with a quiet "moof". What I really appreciated about Aunt Julie's ability as a pet psychic is that she "explained" it to my dog and that he understood that he could still have his dignity and role as the watchdog of our family without upsetting the neighbors. It's now weeks later and he still does not bark in the house like he used to. Thanks for your help in handling a potentially bad situation in our apartment building!
SL - Manhattan
The results from the reading that Julie did for me and my bird Tiko were awesome. Some of the things Julie said she could only know if she'd been in my home, or in this case Tiko told her. Since her reading on my bird there has been a great change in his personality. And for the best I might add. For those thinking of getting a reading but are thinking "yeah right" trust me this lady is no fake. Take my advice and if you need help with a pet talk to Julie. It will make a difference for you and your pet. Thanks Julie. Doreen and Tiko
Recently I visited a friend who was scheduled to go into the hospital in a couple days. The family had a pet dog who was friendly but I sensed an anxiety underneath. She was too quiet, too reserved, and her eyes were piercing mine with unanswered questions. I went home and thought about it but I am not very good at dealing with animal thoughts so I called on "Aunt" Julie for some help in this area. I gave her a summary of what I had seen and how the dog was acting. Within a minute or two, Julie responded with amazing calmness and assured me that the dog was now back to her own self again. All the pent-up emotion and fear had dissipated, her questions answered. Next day, I dropped by to see how things were coming along. I was greeted at the threshold of the front door by a frolicky, bubbly dog eager to lick my face and hands in a kind of a "thank you" way that brought tears to my eyes. That "thank you" really belongs to you, Aunt Julie, so I'm writing to tell you so.
You have many grateful friends! Thanks for being there for us!!
- FF from Florida
My mother, I and my dog Fox Mulder were visiting some friends. This couple has a dog, cat and a finch named, well, Finch. I wasn't there in a Pet Communicator "capacity", just a social call. I did meet the animals and took to them but we didn't "chat".
Finch's cage was rather small, about the size of an average fish aquarium, and hung from the ceiling. The dog was friendly and roamed about with my dog , the cat stayed back because of my dog, and Finch, well, Finch just hung out in his cage overseeing all and occasionally singing a bit.
When we were about to leave, good-byes were being said all around and all of a sudden I got a very intent communication from Finch. He had a lot to say to me! So I listened and then asked almost sheepishly if they (owners) wanted to know what he had to say, he had some things to pass along. Curious, they said Sure, what is it?
Well. Finch wanted to know if he could be in a larger cage. He wanted to be able to fly from one end to the other, even if it was a short flight. He didn't want to be out of the cage and fly around the room, he didn't feel safe doing that, but he wanted to be able to fly within his cage, which was not possible in his current cage. He gave me a strong picture of the cage he wanted so I described it as best I could and even opened my arms to show the approximate length and height he was describing. He wasn't even saying he would fly in the cage, he just wanted to be able to. This was very important to him. He wanted to know if they would do this for him, just this one thing. Finch, too, could then feel as important as all the other members of this household as all had a "voice" except him, the other two animals were catered to and of course the humans did whatever they wanted, but it never occurred to anyone that Finch might want something done or changed, type of thing. He wasn't upset, per se, but he was ardently appealing for this one thing!
I passed it along. The husband told me that Finch used to be in a finch cage and the description of the dimensions fit that type of cage exactly! There had been other finches in that cage, and they could flit about (mini-flights) easily. This was what Finch was missing! The owner and his wife discussed how to get Finch another cage, wasn't there a larger one in the garage?, etc.
Mom, Fox and I said our Good-byes to all and left. The next day my mother was visiting them and called me on my cell phone. She said that the owners were a bit concerned as they had come up with a larger cage, put Finch inside, and now Finch was no longer singing and just kind of standing around doing nothing! Great "result", huh. Hmmm. Mom knew to call me right away so I could get things sorted out. She asked me to get a line in with Finch right there while we were on the phone. I did and there was instantaneous feedback which was quite interesting: First, he had gone into a little bit of "shock" at the increased size of the cage. It wasn't that much bigger, but to a little guy, this was a lot more space. He'd had this whole thing envisioned in his mind but it had been so long since he'd had enough space to actually flit about that it was a tiny bit scary. Further, someone had actually listened to him. He'd asked for a larger cage, and once it really happened, it was almost too good to be true! He had made that cage materialize by communication alone! Even that would have been fine, but he had no one to tell and just kind of sat there, frozen by the overall experience of it all and simply did not know what to do! His life had dramatically changed! (Yes, this was a big deal to him, don't forget!) As I talked out to my Mom - and she to the owners - what he was telling me in concepts, it was just that the whole experience was still unacknowledged for him! He hadn't gotten to share his BIG SUCCESS with me! (It was almost as though he was frozen in the moment of the change and needed to just tell it to someone who could hear him - kind of like you've finally gotten that big promotion or raise at work and it's no fun because you haven't yet reached anyone on the phone to tell.)
What he told me was that he was so thrilled that his chest was swelled up (jutting out like a bird will do when they're prancing) from the pride & excitement and he could barely breathe (exact concept given me), let alone sing! He'd gotten his cage! They did it! They listened to him! They listened to what HE "the BIRD" had to say and he had actually gotten the humans to do something on his behalf, and just because he had asked!
He was blown away. So I passed this along to my mother on the phone (with his input to me happening simultaneously), and he started singing right away, my Mom started laughing, things perked right up, and now whenever my mother visits them she's noticed that Finch is not only always singing but now he comes up with new songs! He's changed and then some!
I went by one subsequent time and made sure I gushed about his BIG NEW CAGE to reinforce his success, and he was so proud!
This is by the way one of the reasons I expect and value a little feedback from you after I have emailed you how our Initial Consultation has gone. Your pet needs to know that you have read what I have passed along, understood it, and any fine points tweaked, taken up or clarified, and their comm acknowledged.
The above experience with Finch was "just another day" in the life of a Pet Communicator ~ this type of thing happens all the time and is really fun & rewarding. This may also give you an idea of how these things work and the types of things you can expect from our talk with your pet!
"Aunt" Julie Rich
In the course of a Phone Consultation, M-, a lovely American Eskimo dog, had some concerns about aging and the like. She had a few requests; one thing she requested of her parents was that they take her to the vet for a well care visit, just to get a "once over", assurances that all was well and a heads up (if applicable) on possible developing conditions. She was quite definite about wanting to be told all the details, too.  
I spoke with you about our dog, M, just after Christmas. We have been trying to do everything mentioned in our conversation! Today I took her to the vet and she was told that everything looked good...
Also, I just want you to know that we saw a very positive difference in M- after our conversation. She was constantly loving on all of us and truly seemed happy. Thanks again!
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