Lost Pet Testimonials 
"Why wasn't he like those cats I had read about that had traveled thousands of miles across the country to find their owners?"

I do not specialize in, enjoy or basically any longer deal with lost animals as a Communicator.
As I can communicate with animals, it has happened that I have had successes in the area of an animal returning home as a result of my comm with them. There have also been instances where clues the animal gave me to pass along have yielded if nothing else the knowledge that the owners should keep their search in this or that area, and as a result, others were able to get the pets recovered for the owners (via searching, seeing a flyer, whatever).
I therefore decided to post these Testimonials about Lost Pets. You may enjoy reading them and for folks with missing pets, they may serve as a hope or perhaps inspiration regarding whatever your situation is.
If nothing else the write-ups unto themselves serve as Testimonials regarding me as a Pet Communicator, and what you might expect from me regarding that particular ability.  To me, that's their main value as Testimonials: Yes, she can and did communicate with my pet.
Folks want to know if I can communicate with animals. I can, and do.
I do NOT however do lost or missing pet Consults anymore and have not for quite some time.
No exceptions.
I cover this in great detail on another page on this site. That page also has some ideas and tips one may be able to utilize if their pet has gone missing. I have literally received emails from folks I do not even know who read that page and applied this or that tip and recovered their pet. This was not, however, "due to" my being a Pet Communicator in those cases.
If you or anyone you know has a missing pet and you are looking to find help from a Communicator about the situation, please do read my page on Lost and Missing Pets.

It was 10 p.m on a Friday night and it had become apparent to me that Ben was not coming home.  
Ben, our 14 year-old “indoor” cat, had scooted past me when I was bringing in the groceries and disappeared down the street at approximately 6 pm.  “No problem”, I thought.  He had done this before and had come back shortly after.
But not this time.
That night was cold and wet and very windy and I feared the worst.  I didn't sleep all night, blaming myself for not running after him.  He depended on me to take care of him and I had let him down.
By the next morning I was frantic.  I began the daunting task of driving up and down the streets of my heavily populated neighborhood, calling his name.  Intermittently, I would stop the car, get out and walk up and down the streets-again, calling his name, hoping he would hear me and come out from wherever he was hiding.
Night after night after work I repeated the search.  I couldn't concentrate on anything else.  I felt so guilty that he was out there somewhere-lost and scared.  Somehow he had lost the scent of home-become disoriented.  Why wasn't he like those cats I had read about that had traveled thousands of miles across the country to find their owners?
I posted his picture all over Salt Lake City.  We went door-to-door handing out flyers.  I called and visited every shelter and animal rescue within a 20-mile radius.  I was sad and frustrated and angry.
Then a friend recommended Aunt Julie.  So I went to her website and requested an appointment.  She definitely connected with Ben-I know because his personality really came through.  There were things that she couldn't have known any other way.  One strange thing though  he kept saying his name was Sam - that I could call him Ben but his real name was Sam.  He seemed more excited to tell me about this than about where he was.  And it made no sense.  Sam?  Where the heck did that come from?
“Ben, tell Aunt Julie where you are, honey!”
“I don't know”, he replied.  “There's some kind of fence thing with a hole in it and I can sit here and look out and that's what I spend most of my time doing.  No, I'm not hungry--I've eaten, thank you.  And no, I'm not cold-just a little scared of the people and cars and dogs.  No, I don't want to come out from where I am.  I don't know how to get home.”
I wanted to tell him to read the street sign nearest to where he was.  Or to look around for something that would help me to identify his location.  How far away from home was he?  What was he eating?  And what about water-could he find a supply to drink?  Was he hurt?  Was he sick?  I wanted him to tell me about his adventure so far!  But he just wasn't being specific enough.  He really wanted me to know that he was fine and not to worry.
Okay, so I thanked Julie for her help and returned to the search.  I was leaving in a few days for New York to visit my granddaughter.  I wanted so badly for him to come home before I left.  I also wanted to start living again.
So I sent out a very powerful intention to the Universe.  “I said, “Okay, I can't do this any more.  I'm done.  This is consuming my life.  So I'm handing it all over to you and if Ben is supposed to come home, please plan some synchronistic event to bring him back. I totally give this up to you and I trust that it will be done.”
And that was it-I let it go.  I sent him all the love I could muster up and just let it go.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
A week later, while visiting my son and his family, my cell phone rang and when I answered it, a man said, “I think I have your cat.”  I said, “No, you don't.  I'm sure it's just a cat that looks like Ben.  It's been sixteen days.  Ben is gone.”  The man said his name was Chris, he lived 8 miles from me and he was quite positive he had my cat.  He was in the laundromat near my house doing his laundry and saw the picture I had posted two weeks earlier.
So the next day when I arrived back In Salt Lake, I drove straight from the airport to pick up Ben.  However, I still wasn't totally convinced it WAS Ben.  What if it wasn't?  Why get my hopes up?  But a part of me was jumping out of my skin with excitement!
When I arrived, I walked in the house and sure enough-there was Ben, lounging on Chris' bed like he didn't have a care in the world.  As soon as he saw me, he ran to me, purring.  I had tears in my eyes as I thanked this wonderful man who could very well have kept his mouth shut and just kept Ben to himself.  
Chris told me that a friend of his had noticed Ben hiding out under his back porch and he had started feeding him.  (Ben had actually wandered about a mile and a half to get to this point.  It was way past the boundaries we had set when we went door-to-door with the flyers.)  Being allergic to cats, the friend hesitated taking him inside.  So he told Chris about him and Chris said he would take him.  He gave him food and a nice warm house to stay in and as the days went by, Chris grew to really love Ben.  He installed a “kitty door” so Ben could come in and out of the fenced in backyard whenever he wanted.
Then he told me something that knocked my socks off-he told me that he had named Ben “Sam”.  My jaw dropped to the floor.
And Chris had told me that he had NEVER been to that particular laundromat.  He just happened to be doing some errands in my neighborhood and decided to do his laundry there instead of the one he usually frequents closer to his house.  He said as soon as he walked in, he saw Ben's poster and called me right away.
I thanked Chris repeatedly and then Ben and I were off-I was taking him home to his two cat “brothers” who also missed him terribly.  It was truly a miracle.  The first thing I did when I arrived home was to call Aunt Julie.  Together, we figured out that the “hole in the fence” that Ben kept talking about was actually the “kitty door” that Chris had installed.  And when I told her that Chris had named him “Sam”, even she was amazed.
What I want to let all of you know is that when an Animal Communicator is trying to help you find your lost pet, it's not all black and white-there's a lot of gray area in between.  They can't just say, “Oh, okay Mommy - I'm on Main Street near the courthouse.”  OR “I'm in Memorial Park next to the playground hiding in an old storage shed.  You can come and get me now.”  Folks, it just doesn't work that way.  This isn't an old episode of Lassie.  
And why was he more excited to talk about his “real” name?  For heaven's sake - I wanted him to FOCUS!  And he was just flitting about with all this foolish talk - kind of like a child would act.  No regard for the seriousness of the situation, not to mention the fact that I was half out of my mind with worry.
In trying to understand all of this, I have decided that animals have their own agendas, their own journeys--just as we do.  All of this “adventure” was a part of Ben's life lesson, as well as mine.  It just so happens that I have the unique ability (I believe we all have it) of communicating with the deceased.  It never fails - Spirit always comes through with amazing and comforting messages for their loved ones.  Yet most of the time, they will be more excited to talk about the car they used to drive rather than discussing where they hid the money before they passed.  I don't know why they do it-but I always tell people to keep an open mind.  People ask, “Why didn't he talk about such and such?”  “I don't know”, I tell them.  I just pass along the messages as they come.  It's the same with an Animal Communicator.  They are just the connection - the conduit - the messenger.
Sometimes I think that maybe we just don't need to know certain things-sometimes it just doesn't serve us to know any more than what they are telling us.  Again, it's all part of the journey.  Theirs as well as ours.
So please understand that this process is never easy, but if you approach it with love, patience and trust, you are more likely to be reunited with your lost pet.  At the very least, the experience will be less stressful.
And never give up-take it from someone who's been through it.  Miracles do happen every day!
~ W. Woods, Salt Lake City
You are totally fantastic! People can have their doubts about telepathic, psychic, and in general "the unexplained" kind of abilities, but today you proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are very good at what you do and I would recommend your help to any and all very highly.
You are several miles from my home, have never been here, yet you accurately described exactly where my missing cat was. Let me backtrack here a bit.
I'm never my best in the morning and today was no exception. I took the bathroom trash out to the curb today and failed to close the second (outside) garage door. I may have taken a whole 15 seconds to make that round trip, but that's enough for a kitty to escape if they want to. When I got back in the house and was working for a while, I realized my special furball, Sweetie, was missing from her usual sleeping spots. Realize that this cat and I are very close. Where ever I am, she is. She sleeps with me, licks my face good night every night. "Kisses" me frequently during the day, just because I'm there. It's true love on both our parts. I started to look for her and ended up tearing the house apart in absolute panic when I couldn't find her. I thought that she may have gotten outside and being an indoor cat, I knew she would be panicked. I was so out of it that if she had scooted out the inside garage door, I wouldn't have noticed. Then I thought of you. I was nearly sprouting ulcers when I called you. You described, exactly, an entertainment unit that was in the bedroom. The one place I didn't look at closely so as not to wake up my roommate. I had already torn through the rest of the bedroom as it wasn't noisy to do that kind of inspection. But, with that unit, I'd have had to move a box and that would get very noisy indeed. Well, guess where she was? In that entertainment unit, sleeping safe and sound. Julie, you were spot on. You made my day. I don't know how to thank you enough for helping me find her so fast thus enabling me to relax and avoid the pending eruption of ulcers galore. You are the best!
Much love,
JoAnn C (FL) July 2005
Pets like to create effects, such as "worrying" their owners. "I know where I am - I ain't tellin'!" and when they're comfortably settled in, "I'm around - and I'm snoozin'!"  The effect created can backfire unexpectedly for them; they often have to ride their own fine lines between the fun of being an imp, and their own sudden shock or "Oh, no, what have I done!?" horror when an owner gets rapidly and truly upset.
They love and need to please their owners, so if the owner starts to get truly upset or frantic, the animal can feel badly. Timing matters; it's often important to catch things before the animal's overwhelmed by a potpourri of emotions and unable to focus well.
Fortunately JoAnn contacted me very soon after Sweetie had gone missing.
I picked up on Sweetie right away, and while JoAnn was talking to me, wondering for example if Sweetie had gotten outside, Sweetie was quick to throw me the concept, "I'm outside!" (this was what "Mommy wanted to hear"). Some of the concepts connected to "being outside" initially seemed to add up but Sweetie couldn't quite follow through with her charade, being, well, a sweetie. She decided to give it up (all the while maintaining the attitude that she wasn't going to "tell" us), and suddenly sent me an accurate mental sketching, you might say, of where she was curled up and being warm. I described what I saw and JoAnn figured out where that was. Right on the money and everyone won - JoAnn got to find her cat, and Sweetie got to "not tell us" where she was (but answered the question anyway) and got to make Mommy feel relieved. Guilt-free fun for a cat! ~ Julie
Abbey is a very loved Bernese Mountain dog! She is only a year old and is spoiled rotten, lives in the house and rides with us in the car whenever possible. We live on a 200 acre farm on a dead end road (we are at the end) and are surrounded by hundreds of acres of other farmland. So we have dogs that stay loose all the time. Abbey would come in and out and sometimes we would just leave her out. Well our adventure started on Dec 15, 2002 and in the morning Abbey rode with me to take my son to work. Later that day when it was time to go pick him up she ran out the door and we told her she couldn't go because we had other places to go as well and didn't want to just leave her in the car all that time. So we drove off leaving her in the front yard as we have many times before. It was about 3 hours later when we came back and we couldn't find her. At first we didn't worry because we thought she was out with the other dogs on the farm. Then it started to get dark and the other dogs were home and Abbey still wasn't. We yelled and called neighbors and did everything we could and still no Abbey. Days went by and still no signs of her. She had a collar on with a name tag and phone number on it and as friendly as she was I thought for sure she would find someone and they would call but it never happened. Finally I started contacting psychics and kept getting the same story that someone had her and she couldn't get away. Then I contacted Aunt Julie for help and she contacted Abbey. She talked to Abbey and at first Abbey was like ok so you are another psychic trying to find out where I am. Her attitude wasn't the best. Aunt Julie kept talking to her and told her that we loved her and missed her and needed her to be strong and find a way to come home. This conversation was very lengthy and Abbey became excited and determined to get home. It was several days later but my husband came home early on Jan 13, 2003 and Abbey was in the front yard. She had lost 20 lbs and had a sore on her muzzle but other than that she was ok. I was very angry because it was evident that someone did have her hostage. She wasn't even dirty! But the main thing was that with Aunt Julie's help Abbey was able to realize how much we wanted her back and that gave her the strength and stamina to escape and run and get here!
We will always be thankful for our conversations with Aunt Julie!
Debbie W. ~ LaGrange, KY
Note: This was a wild one! I had Abbey doing some behind-the-scenes telepathic "work" with the kidnapper...he didn't know what hit him! Some animals are real good at this. She is one of those animals. Abbey worked on him while he slept and "suddenly" he kept finding himself struggling between keeping her and "doing the right thing" (which did not come easily for him). He eventually came up with his own scheme on how he could "accidentally on purpose" let her run away from his house s This was a wild one! I had Abbey doing some behind-the-scenes telepathic "work" with the kidnapper...he didn't know what hit him! She worked on him while he slept and "suddenly" he kept finding himself struggling between keeping her and "doing the right thing" (which did not come easily for him). He eventually came up with his own scheme on how he could "accidentally on purpose" let her run away from his house without his family knowing that he'd been responsible for losing "their" new dog. (In doing this, he even knowingly sacrificed a large reward he could have gotten for her "return" - two souls "saved"?.) He then had to pretend to go "look for her" when the family noticed she was gone. He found Abbey going down the road, almost got her back right into his truck again, then decided not to and our girl returned home on her own.
And then...
Just wanted to let you know that Abbey is just fine and is a mommie now! She has 8 beautiful puppies that are only a week old.
I really appreciate all your help in getting her home a year and a half ago. I just don't know what we would do with out her. She's just the best!
Debbie W. ~ LaGrange, KY
Who is Aunt Julie? Aunt Julie is a Pet Communicator. And in my opinion, she is for real!
My personal experience with Aunt Julie:
On the night of Tuesday, October 14, 2003 we had terrible storms in MD where I live. I opened the door and my cat, Trooper, ran out the door. I spent the rest of the night looking for him - with no luck.
The next morning I did all those things we do when our pet is lost. I distributed flyers, visited shelters and vets, and continued my search both on foot and by car. I saw no signs of Trooper.
On Thursday night I received a message about Aunt Julie. I visited her web site and although I was a skeptic, I contacted her.
The last line in my email to her was, "can you bring him home to me"? Her reply was honest and she offered no guarantees. She did tell me she could not bring him home but she could communicate with him and perhaps get some information from him.
I could go on and on about my conversation with Aunt Julie but to make a very long story short, she most certainly communicated with my boy. She relayed messages from him about things she could not have known about him. As she was relaying his comments to me I was amazed. Trooper told her, among other things, that I should look for him in the morning. He was trying to find his way home and thought he was close.
Aunt Julie cautioned me that he might not show up in the morning. Something might happen to distract him, or frighten him, and he could lose his way again. The next morning Trooper was home, just like he told Aunt Julie he would be!
Julie's note: This is the email I received after he returned:
Trooper is home!!!! And he is OK. I walked all around the neighborhood this morning at dawn and didn't see any signs of him. I came back home, took one last walk around the yard, and came inside to feed the dogs. Bug gobbled her food down and immediately ran to the door - crying. I went outside with her and she ran right to the back of the shed which is in the back corner of the yard. I looked behind the shed and Troop was there!!!!!!!!!!
You told me that Troop said to look for him to be home by morning....and Bug found him for me.
I'm going to cuddle with my boy now. Thank you so much!
~ Jacki from IMOM.org in MD, 17 Oct 03
Who is Aunt Julie? Aunt Julie is a pet communicator. And in my opinion, she is for real!
On the night of Tuesday, October 14, 2003 we had terrible storms in MD where I live. I opened the door and my cat, Trooper, ran out the door. I spent the rest of the night looking for him - with no luck.
The next morning I did all those things we do when our pet is lost. I distributed flyers, visited shelters and vets, and continued my search both on foot and by car. I saw no signs of Trooper.
On Thursday night I received a message about Aunt Julie. I visited her web site and although I was a skeptic, I contacted her.
The last line in my email to her was, "can you bring him home to me"? Her reply was honest and she offered no guarantees. She did tell me she could not bring him home but she could communicate with him and perhaps get some information from him.
I could go on and on about my conversation with Aunt Julie but to make a very long story short, she most certainly communicated with my boy. She relayed messages from him about things she could not have known about him. As she was relaying his comments to me I was amazed. Trooper told her, among other things, that I should look for him in the morning. He was trying to find his way home and thought he was close.
Aunt Julie cautioned me that he might not show up in the morning. Something might happen to distract him, or frighten him, and he could lose his way again. The next morning Trooper was home, just like he told Aunt Julie he would be!
Aunt Julie: Trooper is every Pet Communicator - and Owner's - dream. Yes, he "got out" and "ran away" (during a storm - the thunder was very scary to him) but when contacted, he said when he would come home, and DID so. No mysterious elements came into play resulting in a no-show, none of that "I'm feral and wild now", no empty promises, no "Oops! I forgot!". You don't know how many times a pet swears up and down he'll come home and then no-shows.
The owner was sharp enough to try a Communicator early on, and her cat had excellent communication with no real "issues". The things on his mind stripped off rather easily and it was easy for him to simply decide to come home, even though it was on his "own terms" time-wise. With many of them it's important that they don't "lose face" and the owner was tolerant and understanding of his comments alluding to this, and did not "react" and get upset with or about him, demand he come home now, whine about how could he do this to her etc. Her pain was obvious and intense - but she let him be him, and he came right back to his beloved Mommy right when he said he would. ~ Aunt Julie
Our cat Daisy arrived at our doorstep 3 years ago and had decided we were going to be her new home. In other words, she meowed and meowed for hours until we finally gave in and took her in.
Daisy is a hunter which is to say she loves her freedom and comes and goes as she pleases. (We have bells attached to our doorknob which she rings to let us know she wants to go out). At times, she will be gone all night and return in the morning for her "breakfast" and a snooze in her basket.
When she did not come home for 5 days a little while ago, I got very concerned. We called and called her name (in the past she would eventually show up).
I told all this to my friend who advised me to give her sister Julie a call. She said she has the ability to communicate with animals at a distance.
I gave Julie a call and she asked me to describe Daisy and her habits for she had never met Daisy. As we were talking on the phone she told me that she sensed her but was not certain were she was. Julie said that Daisy wanted me to know that she was O.K. and not to worry.  I told Julie to tell Daisy that we miss her and that she should come home NOW.
The next morning, she arrived on our front doorsteps, tattered and very hungry.
Daisy ate, cleaned herself, slept all day and then left again for her night stroll.
Daisy's Keepers
Julie:  That's what Whitney wrote me in an email after she got Daffy back, so I asked her to write up something for my site J
I got a call from a client who told me her friend's dog had just been stolen out of a car. Her friend, Whitney, was very, very upset. The dog, Daffy, was with Whitney's husband, on the road, they'd made a quick pizza stop, and when he came out, Daffy was gone. Whitney was quite some ways away from where he was (approx hour 1/2 drive) and desparate for help. I had to wrap up with another client, and got to Whitney as soon as I could. We got in comm with Daffy, who was very much in a state of shock, and his crusty "I don't talk to anyone but Mommy!" personality also shone through. I love it - I love feisty animals who don't want to talk to me. Their communication about how they don't want to communicate is usually on the order of just that: "What I have to say to you is - that I'm not saying anything to you". And once said, when they see that Aunt Julie doesn't get upset about this, they open up.
So yes, Daffy was then willing to talk and also wanted Mommy to somehow magically show up and rescue him. He was in a bit of rough shape. Scared, shell-shocked, numb and also cold, he still was able to provide some images and concepts which acted as clues for the humans. Tumbling out of the car had not been comfortable for his sore body.
One thing which was extremely strong was this rolling-along image of him inside of a pick-up truck, sittin' on his haunches on the front passenger seat, his hips were sore (but nothing else), he was "younger" and they were ridin' along in the crisp, clear night with the sound of the wheels on the smooth pavement vmp-VMP, vmp-VMP. I mean, this was one of those "you are there" type mental movies. We did not know if this was something from his past, he was riding in a truck right then, or a daydreaming fantasy created to occupy his mind while he crouched under the foliage area he showed me that (at that time) he was under (for shelter). Now, according to the owner, he's got a bad back, but in this "incident" it was only one area hurting, his hips (as in...the bad back was not yet a developed condition). He also had the mental concept of himself as being "younger", so this may very well have been a recall. This recall could have been conjured up by seeing a pick-up truck by a residence - and the familiarity of a pickup truck may well have been what lured him to this particular house (having a "safe" sense about it, for him). Who knows? I'd have to ask him....but here's the Testimonial...
On Monday, March 21, 2004, my senior baby Daffy (a chihuahua/doxie mix) went missing from my car in a state away. I run a small animal Rescue from my home in Pittsburgh, PA and my husband was picking up 3 puppies coming from a shelter in Cambridge Ohio. The transport was running an hour late so he stopped for something to eat and to take a bathroom break. At some point in the next 5-10 minutes Daffy seemingly "disappeared." The car window was cracked and the doors were unlocked. So we really didn't know what had happened. My husband jumped out of the car and started looking. Meanwhile he called me and I was panicking! Since I do dog rescue I immediately called all the people in the Cambridge area who were also in my line of work. I also called the radio stations and newspapers and made my flyers. My other key thing is I e-mailed EVERYONE I knew! You see - that's where the amazing Aunt Julie comes in.
You see a friend of mine (her testimonial is probably on here somewhere!) had recently lost her cat and found Aunt Julie. She said "I am going to have Julie call you". I just said "okay." And waited as the time went by. I was waiting for my husband to come back (2 hours mind you) and for Aunt Julie to call. The phone finally rings and it's Aunt Julie. Well, we talked for at least an hour. The first thing she said to me is I am not per se a psychic - I am here to pull away the layers and try and get Daffy to give us some clues.
Basically we learned that he was NOT going to be very open. Typical Daffy. It took a while for him to even start to tell Aunt Julie anything. We then learned he was still alive and mad at me for letting this happen to him. Fair enough. We HAD to overcome this. I basically just had her let Daffy know that I was coming for him and I was not going to come back home without him. There were many things said, but the one thing she kept coming back to was a pickup truck and the sounds of the road underneath. Aunt Julie wasn't sure if this was like a daydream or what. I kept saying that I didn't even know anyone with a pickup, but she persisted that she was seeing this - so vividly. I didn't know what to think, but this was constantly in the back of my mind.
So I finally got into Cambridge. It was now dark and I was searching basically alone in the dark in a strange town. A couple of hours went by and I was at the brink of insanity.
I picked up the phone and I dial Julie's number. She was waiting for my call. I was between hysterically crying and laughing. I think I had run through every emotion. Julie said he was SO close. He's cold, but not freezing (it was 19 degrees out). He seems to be sleeping. Again, the pickup truck image and the sounds of the road. Trust me Julie is VERY generous with her time so we talked about many things over the next hour. She said you talk to him. Tell him you are there.
I looked a little while longer and then decided I couldn't take anymore emotionally so I checked into a hotel.
I got up at daybreak and went looking again. I took a break and went back to the hotel to get a shower. I am in the shower and all of a sudden my cell phone and the hotel room phone start ringing off the hook. It was my husband, "Daffy's been found and he is 100% safe and fine". I nearly fainted. I didn't think he was coming back to me. I thought this "pickup truck" had been driving away with him all night.
A very kind woman had found Daffy sleeping outside her back door on an old couch that was out there. He didn't come easily' she had to bribe him with barbecue chicken and some water...then she gently swooped him in her arms and took him into her home. She called her husband to say she just had found a little dog - thank GOD he had remembered hearing the lost dog on the radio the day before!!!!!!
Okay, so I grabbed all my things and drove like a maniac to her home. She lives in the back of a house so I pulled down the alley-like driveway and the first thing I saw was a pickup truck. Yup - can you even believe it. Beside the pickup truck, almost touching it, was the old couch where Daffy was found. I walk in and needless to say it was an amazing reunion.
So we got in the car and started our drive home. Daffy was on my lap the sun was shining and there was total silence. Only the sound of the road...literally...it was so surreal.
So I am sure if you read all this you will see how right on "Aunt Julie" was. She was feeding me all the clues I just needed to connect the dots. Julie was my strength and guidance through this ordeal. She is absolutely wonderful and amazing. I truly believe she has an amazing gift and thank GOD she is sharing it with the world. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
We will be eternally grateful.
~ Whitney Sanders and Daffy, Pittsburgh, PA
Julie!!! Sylvester decided he had had enough of the great outdoors.  I heard him after work today, behind the shed, crying and staring right at me asking for my help.  I carried him inside and have been feeding and grooming him to his delight.  He is rolling around and purring and thoroughly enjoying being home.  He and the dog have nuzzled.  Its great to be a family again.   Thank you so much for helping me keep the faith and to keep talking to him and not giving up.  
~ Stephanie and Sly, CA
I am happy to say I can sing Aunt Julie's praises within days of asking for her help. We can all say that Aunt Julie's gift is unusual and there are people out there who don't believe. I was one person who has been open to it but not sure it was absolutely true. After having her talk with my cat Domino I am a true 100% believer.
My Domino left us after being with us 12 years. We took him into our family as a kitten. His leaving was a complete shock. He left on February 16, 2004. We didn't realize he was gone until the next morning when we went to feed him. He spends a lot of time sleeping. So we didn't worry until breakfast the next morning. We searched everywhere. I left notices around my mailbox, begging for people to let me know if they see a silver and black tabby with a pink nose, white snout feet, and belly. I got a few calls.
None of the cats seen were him. I was scared, and my husband was scared. He is our son and we were so very worried.  My sister was wonderful and let me know about Aunt Julie. I was skeptical but open to trying anything to get my baby back. I had read other Testimonies and some said their babies came back the same night of the conversation with their babies. I prayed that would be my experience also. Well Sunday, February 29th, at 2pm I got to talk to my baby Domino. It was exciting to be able to tell him how I felt about him and his being gone. Most especially hearing his words and finding out how he felt in our home.
The best part was finding out what had caused him to leave. Well we found out that the house we live in has many spirits. A number of them are animal spirits. One in particular is a orange cat. My baby wants it known that cats DO SEE COLOR!! :).  
Well this spirit cat has been enticing my baby, and tempted him out of the house. The spirit and he have been keeping each other company. The spirit cat didn't want him to go home because the spirit cat didn't think he was welcome to stay too. Well I ensured the spirit cat and my baby that as long as the spirit cat was behaved he is welcome. I don't want him enticing my baby outside any more. If it happened again or if any of my babies is upset by the spirit being there he would have to go. The spirit cat was there first and has a right to continue living in our home.
After all of that and further discussion we ended the conversation. Aunt Julie said that Domino agreed to come home. She said that it may take a few days and continue to go to the Humane Society and put up fliers. He may get side tracked or lose his way, but he may still make it home since he knew where it was. I was on pins and needles the rest of the day. FIve hours later my husband went outside for some tools. To his surprise Domino was outside at the door. They surprised each other. Domino ran to the shed and hid under a table. My husband was able to reassure him who it was and bring him in the house. I gave him the tuna fish I had promised in the conversation with Aunt Julie, and later the treats he requested. MY DOMINO IS HOME AND SAFE AGAIN!!! Aunt Julie IS the real deal. You can talk with your furkids!
You can try to get your furkids to come home! You can find out what is upsetting them and be able to make life much happier for them! You can get to know your furkids!!
Aunt Julie has a wonderful gift!! I thank her and my sister for helping my bring my baby home. I am so thankful for the experience and the safety of my furbabies. They are my heart and Aunt Julie gave Domino back to me, and brought me closer to all of them. Thank You SO much Aunt Julie for sharing your gift. It is worth every penny.
~ Mrs. Deb Dunham, NC
Subsequent email:
Domino is doing very well healing. I think he has even talked with the other cats. My cat Chica is taking her medicine without any problem. I have even developed a better relationship with my other furkids too. What an experience!!! I am definitely giong to have to take my time in absorbing all of this. Thank you again. ~ Deb
I was contacted by a doctor up in New York who had heard of my services. She was afraid that someone had harmed her kitty Kibibi. Kibibi had been missing for a day now. She owned a house and was having some problems with some of the tenants there and for whatever reason, feared they may have hurt her kitty. There was also some repair construction going on at this large house, and she thought perhaps Kibibi may have been frightened by that. She mentioned that there were holes in the wall  perhaps Kibibi was in there somewhere? She did not know if the cat was inside or outside of the house.
I had a hard time envisioning a house so large that you could not find your pet, and the visual concept of these wall holes kind of eluded me as well, but I do know cats and I know how well they can hide. I got in comm with Kibibi. She said she was Mommy's BeeBee! (nickname confirmed by the owner). and told me that she was alive but didn't know what to do, was afraid of the noises, this type of thing. Was she inside? Was she outside? She was confused and scared. She wanted Mommy to bring the dog to try and find her.
I got her to calm down and describe what her immediate surroundings looked like. It was indeed inside the residence but in some tiny, odd shaped enclosed area. Not living there, I had of course no idea where exactly she was. What she described was simply an inside part of, well, something. It was like there was a wall in front of and behind her, in some sort of seemingly triangular area which was very closed in. Then the owner said it was possible that she was inside one of the walls. I still couldn't quite imagine what this would look like but BeeBee's own description seemed to jive with this concept and in fact seemed to make some sort of sense to the owner.  Yes, there was a possibility that BeeBee could have gone into one of these wall holes, and thank goodness her owner discussed this possibility with me; my description of what she told me BeeBee's surroundings were like would have made no sense otherwise. BeeBee didn't know nor could she say, "I went through a wall"; she just described what she saw right around her as she cowered inside this hiding place. Her Mommy listened to the description and set about to find her - and did indeed find her in another part of the house and she had gone through this hole in the wall!
The other night I got a desparate phone call about a missing kitty. She had gotten upset about a new dog being introduced into the household (and had chased her!) and taken off. I did not know her or the owners, it was late, I had no photo or any other type of indoctrination to this little girl - it was just like - Help! It's rare that this type of scenario comes up as Aunt Julie's prettttttty good about scheduling, and it can be quite a challenge as although it's easy for me to find the being, that doesn't mean that they'll just open up to a stranger (me) who also knows nothing about them. However, I eased into it with some chatting with her owner and so on.
Emma got to vent and talk about her upsets and ideas on things.Once calmed down, this cat knew exactly what she wanted. No more of that dog in the house. She would come back when the dog was gone, and that was that. This dog was a temporary, fostered dog, but she was not interested in the fact that that meant that she (the dog) would be gone "soon". Nope! Emma was like....When she's gone, I'll come back, and not before.
To be "safe", she sent me 3 different versions of where she was. She was quite adament that the owner knew that she was fine, alive and well, but that was it. At first she was cold, then she let us know she was warm. Her hints made it seem that she was in one of 2 or 3 places. I kept getting that she was extremely cowered back so that she could not be seen. We even talked with another kitty in the household who concurred that she was OK and close by and would come forward as soon as she felt safe and trusting that that dog was gone - but he also would not "tell" where she was. He himself was a lot of fun - Mr. Kitty who told us how veddy British he is! and so on.
It came down to Emma nicely but firmly dug in her heels and would go no further with the conversation regarding where she reallly was. I didn't mind as I knew she was being on the up and up, and that she was close by and was fine and unharmed, but it was understandably difficult for the owner. Eventually there was no more that could be done - Emma made it very, very clear that they (owner and her husband) needed to just "do other things" and take their attention off of her and then after a bit, anywhere from say 20 minutes to the middle of the night or so, she would come creeping out. That was it - end of story - there was no more to say or ask. She was done talking.
We got off the phone. I hoped that these new folks really got that they needed to listen to their cat and do what she asked. I hoped that they simply forced themselves to take their attention off of her and "do other things". This is simply what Emma wanted.
Here is the email I woke up to the next day:
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for taking my call so late at night. Emma came back... everything worked just like you said it would. I was so upset that I began having heart problems and that hasn't happened in 8 years. If it wasn't for you calming me down, I think I might have ended up in the ER tonight.
I honestly don't know where she was. All I know is that I left the garage door open to the house and then set about re-establishing a routine. I fed Mr. Kitty catnip (the sound of that container always brings her running). I put ice cubes in her water bowl (she loves icewater). Nothing brought her out. Finally, I sat down and tried to read the paper. My husband was flipping the channels on TV. Within 30 minutes, my husband glanced over at the basement door and just happened to see her gray behind disappearing within.
She was heading to the litter boxes. He thought he was hallucinating, so he flipped on the light and she was climbing into one of the boxes. By the time we got there, she was hiding inside the couch. He flipped the couch for me and I got her out.
I never thought I would hug an animal so tight I was afraid to break her ribs.... she let me snuggle her as much as I needed.
Thank you again for your compassion and for communicating with Emma. She is my baby and I don't know what I'd have done tonight if she didn't come back from wherever she was. You have a wonderful gift and when it is combined with such a compassionate soul, it is truly a gift to the pet owners who need you.
~ Rada & Paul in PA
And with reference to Mr. Kitty:
Oh, and the British Mr. Kitty deal is so on the money with him by the way. He is just an all around refined chap ~ Rada
An email about a month later reveals...
I don't know if I told you. I kept meaning to do so.  Emma has become a lot less shy and a whole lot more loving since that scary incident. I don't know what kind of sense you talked into the silly kitty, but she is now sleeping through the night in the crook of my arm. She also comes over when I call her and she forgives me such mean things like going to the vet. She also stopped using the grip of death around my neck every time I try to carry her through the house. She purrs at just about everything. She is just so cute about it lately.
~ Rada
Dontcha love it?? ~ Julie
From a client who contacted me about her friend's missing dog:
I finally had a chance to explain to her what you had written to me about your initial contact with Kaylee. Immediately she knew exactly where she was. She knew what you had described as the ground being cool and moist and a barn or "barnish" type place with men coming and going all the time. The fact that Kaylee wished they would leave some food once in a while. D- said she was at a cemetery very, very close to where she lives and there was such a "barn" there and that the groundkeepers are men that obviously never have food around.
The next morning she called me to say she stopped by the place to bring Kaylee's food and water bowls to the exact place she thought she might be and had time to speak with a few of the groundkeepers. They did tell her they had on several occasions seen a red dog briefly run in and out of the area, never stopping long enough for them to get a good look.Boy, if anyone ever had any doubt about your ability to communicate with the animals ~ after something like this, there is NO way they could EVER doubt it again!!!! I swear when I started reading your message to D- and she started to cry because she just "knew" where she was, I got chills all over and I started to cry as well!
~ CP in KS
A client contacted me because one of her friend's pet dogs was missing. The client, A, wanted to know if I could help and enlisted my aid, buying a Consultation for her friend (who would not have done this on her own).
Someone had broken into her friend's fenced yard and her three dogs had gotten out. Two of the dogs returned on their own but "B" was still missing.
With sufficient description and basic orientation as to who he was, I found him. He was inside a parked van, about 15 miles away from his home. I could see from what he was viewing that it was dark outside, so I verified that it was indeed dark there (halfway across the country) as it was evening so could have still been light. This point verified for me that B was definitely focused enough and sufficiently connected to communicate what was happening, as it was happening (as opposed to some other incident that may have been on his mind).
The van was dirty white, with that classic "van" shape, and junk and carpeting strewn about in the back where B had been put. The side door was slid open and there was a girl who had been told to watch him "so that he doesn't get away". She was white, dirty blond hair loosely tied, white tank top, etc - description was as viewed by B and seen by me. B could see the two guys walking around (one more distinctly than the other; this was also her boyfriend).  They were excuse my bluntness stupid criminal types (a bit "duh"), both I'd say about "22 going on 16", white, Boyfriend also having blond hair.
B was scared and upset and knew he'd been abducted; he wanted badly to get away but was too terrorized by circumstances to jump out of the van for fear they'd "get" him, and he also didn't know where to go once he started running and the idea of running blindly down the street was, for him, understandingly scary unto itself. He was for all intents and purposes a bit frozen in fear.  I could feel his anxiety as he looked longingly out the side door while simply too scared to make his body move.
I worked hard to keep him focused and had to continuously calm him. He had almost gotten the nerve up to jump out and make a run for it but was hemming and hawing, and we were almost there...then Boyfriend came back, slammed the side door shut, opened the front door, and climbed up into the driver's seat while his buddy got in the other side. He glanced back at B, then off they went. B picked up that the girl was slightly saddened by the fact that these guys had actually done this, and mildly disappointed by their taking off again as she was by then already entertaining the idea of keeping this dog.
Keep in mind pets are telepathic and as such can get the thoughts and ideas of surrounding humans so this can be of use as well - if I can keep them sufficiently focused! In this case, I was also able to keep B calm by giving him something to "do" (of value) right away, which was to let me know what was on their minds.  
They did not intend him harm. They had gotten their "criminal trophy" (Boyfriend/driver thought was "cool"), and now wanted to return him to his neighborhood.
They also didn't mistreat or hurt him (phew!) though he was of course traumatized by having been picked up (physically) when this was not of his volition.
Their intentions, per B's reading of their thoughts, were to take him back to his neighborhood, let him go a few blocks or so away, then scare him a bit for good measure (screech off, veer the van at him to scare him but not hurt him) since merely dropping him off was "too nice", therefore not qualifying as "cool" enough. They were then going to leave him to find his own way home.
I told my client A to make sure B's owner went outside and put any scent(s) B would associate specifically with her all over the place, such as if she smoked or had a favorite perfume or drank lemonade a lot, well then go outside on the porch doused in that perfume, smoking and drinking a nice pungent batch of lemonade - for quite some time. Anything to make it easier for B to identify his home turf.
A and I also both had some attention on his collar and tags for some reason, but we couldn't put our finger on why.
Part of the ongoing emotional coaching, as it were, that I used with B was getting and keeping him focused on getting home. He was starting to lose faith and beginning to get a little apathetic, figuring he was now "theirs" and he'd never go to his "old" home. I also knew that once released into his general neighborhood, he still wouldn't necessarily be as analytical as an adult human might be, he'd be more like a scared and traumatized kid wandering around. But B also had the advantage of animal survival skills (such as sense of smell) and now a few friends guiding him home. I made sure A also put it out there mentally that B should stay focused on getting home. We made sure B knew he wasn't alone in this!
Based on what he had told us, we estimated how long it might be before B made it home and left it at that, as that's all we could do at that point in time.
The next morning when I got up I thought of B right away, and he responded. He was exhausted and sleeping off the traumatic events of the night before, but he opened a figurative "sleepy eye" when I tapped on his mental door to check on him. There was a sleepy, quick picture of two hands fumbling with something under his chin (seemed to be his collar) and also let me know the events which had followed the last time we had been "in touch".
Prior to dropping B off, the two abductors had driven around for a few hours cruising the neighborhood, including going to a convenience store, buying some beer, hooting out the van window, etc. This added some definite time to our estimate, and interestingly enough, when I found out what had happened, not only had B showed up at home very late (about 1:30 a.m., their time which is also a few hours earlier than where I am), but oddly, his collar was still on but his ID tag had been taken off!
This is a story with a happy ending and I was thankful and moved to have been allowed to be part of it. Once again, missing animals don't necessarily know "where" they are by human concepts (Main Street. 4 blocks to the left. At 5E on the map. Etc.) but whatever I can get out of them can possibly be of value. In B's case, we learned that he was not only unharmed, but on his way home. As you can imagine or perhaps know, this alone can be a great relief. And if B never made it home, we would at least known what had happened - and not happened - to him, thank goodness. Perhaps with another pet this is all that would have come of it. But in B's case, the outcome was all that could be hoped for: home safe and sound!
He had a part in this, too, I made darned sure of that! It should be noted that the "reason" these nuts took him was because out of the three dogs, B was the one that barked at them when they broke into his yard. So it was also key to keep him calm enough throughout this ordeal so that he did not react to their every move and further trigger more psychotic behavior, including at the very least simply not bringing him back home!


"The next morning T- was home, just like he told Aunt Julie he would be!"

If a pet goes missing, be prepared for the worst, decide and intend for the best, steadily put it out mentally that they're going to make it home, and ACT FAST, aggressively, and without any concern about what "others might think". Who cares? It's your pet, your bond, your friend. You want to know how they are, where they are, and that you've done every single thing you can to get them back where they belong.


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