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Fox using his car restraint extrordinaire!
Fox with his Penta Water

What do you really think of the Oscars without Billy Crystal?
"Bringback Billy" - the ultimate play on words!

Pet Tags
"YOU, AUNT JULIE, have once again saved two lives. Where would we both be without you."

Pet Temp Digital Thermometer

Great Pet Bandanas and other products

Bugs "R" Done non-toxic pesticide
THE Pet Urine Experts!

Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty


Pet Tent

Skamper Ramp
Can save pets from drowning!

Pet Friendly Ice Melter
Veterinarian Pet Insurance

Shelter Care Pet Insurance

Pet First Healthcare Insurance

Pets Best Insuranc

Dot of
Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue
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"What I've learned from this is that animals need to be heard and understood just as much as humans."