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It took me a while to process everything. It's an incredible feeling to communicate with your pet. I love Sheba so much and I view my relationship with her as sacred. To hear how she felt about me left me speechless (in a good way). I always ASSUMED she loved me, I ASSUMED she cared deeply for me but I never knew. Knowing is a beautiful thing. I feel even closer to her and if you could believe it, I love her even more. It's because of Sheba that my life is so rich. I want for nothing. Maybe at times, Sheba may "feel like a lowly cat." But she has taught me more, loved me more, and been there for me then any human. She is my greatest joy. Sometimes terrible things happen to us whether we're kittens or children. Sheba's love has provided a safe environment for this little girl to heal.
Julie you have helped make the unknown known. Both Sheba and I don't have the words to express our gratitude and you will hold a special place in our hearts.
~ Nancy in CA

Julie, Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience. You have done a great service for both me and my K9 partner, Kaiser. I am so very relieved to hear that he is not in pain and that other than his aches and pains, which is normal for his age, that he is happy, content and is settling into retirement better than I would have expected. I am relieved to know all this as it has been weighting on my mind for some time now. What you have done for me I can't even begin to explain, it was wonderful. I do not know how to thank you enough, but I will certainly reccommend you to everyone I know that has a pet. Your work is beyond belief and so very useful. On behalf of Kaiser and myself, we thank you for this communication that is so very important to both of us. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe to do the work you are doing. Thanx again.
~ Cathi & Kaiser (retired K9)

Thank you so much for the reading with Maggie! This gives me so much to go on. I feel like I've been wallowing in "too much information" and so much of it conflicting, and this really clarified it for me.  Thank you! I'll look forward to having you talk with the rest of the crew sometime.
~ Kim C in CA

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful conversations I have had the privilege of having with my furkids. My relationships with them have been incredible. I can talk to them and they know I know they understand me. My dog Max has tried to pull some things on me and I have let him know that I am aware he knows what I am saying. It is such a kick. I just wish they could talk to me more easily to tell me what they want from day to day. My cats are also much more cooperative. You have opened up a life with my animals that I never thought possible and am thankful for each and every day. Thank you Julie.
~ D.D.

(Client's title! J)
We have added a new member to our family. In addition to Weekie, the conure, Rosie the 5 year old Shih Tzu and Bogart, the 2 year old Standard Poodle, we now have a "baby puppy" named Rocky who is 3 months old. He is a terrier type mix and is very lively.
My son, Eric really wanted "a dog of his own", and at first I was reluctant. For one thing, I have never raised a "baby puppy" before, so I didn't know what to expect. For another, I wasn't sure that Queen Rosie would be able to deal with a rambunctious puppy.
Well, I needn't have worried. As our latest family comm shows, things are well in hand!
Rosie just lets him BE a rambunctious little puppy (even around her!) and when he gets too wild or tries to eat her food, she just tells him to back off.
Bogart is a great older brother for Rocky and is fascinated by him.
Weekie the conure surveys everything and squawks his head off if the puppy does anything bad (like peeing on the carpet).
Having a new puppy has brought life and new energy into our household. Eric is happy, Diane is happy (and she was a sullen teenager before we got Rocky!) and I am happy. Most of all, all of the bay-bees are happy and enjoying their lives.
I couldn't do it without you, Aunt Julie! I can't IMAGINE how multi-pet households survive without having open communication. It must be a real challenge. But with everybody's input, my multi-pet household is the happiest in town!
Thanks for all of the time you spent with everybody and making sure that everyone was okay with our new family member.
~ Jackie and Company, July 2007

NOTE: This dog's issues were a bit sensitive so I have abbreviated her name. She's fine on this being presented this way so that her message can get across but she doesn't feel that folks are honing exactly in on her. I was concerned but so I actually checked with her. She was just concerned that she'd be doodlin' along living life and out of the blue pick up on someone who was reading the write-up and might be going Ohhhh! or Awwww! or something and S-'s attention would "suddenly" snap onto herself - and she did not like that idea. She did however like the idea that others could read about her and she'd be a bit more "anonymous". Very smart girl, that one.
A few things referenced here:
Her owner had noticed some odd behavior which began recently while doing her agility training.
S- was not yet fixed, but voiced that she had a fear of being raped by another dog and also did not want puppies. She felt she'd be a bad mother. She also did not wish to pursue the agility traning she was doing (for certain voiced reasons)
Her owner was concerned that S- be happy and able to follow her heart in life, and really, really listened to what her little girl had to say. She knew of an incident which may have brought about S-'s fear of being raped; also, in the course of the talk, S- spotted a loss she'd had on her puppy-brother which tied in a bit with her own feeling that she didn't want puppies, she'd be a bad mother, etc. She did not happen to wish to have puppies when the Consult was done but she felt much better about that subject.  She was it turns out quite interested in helping ill human kids, within a certain age band. Voicing this and hearing from her Mommy that they would in fact pursue this brought her way up!
Just wanted to send you an update on S-. She's doing so well...I see changes in her every day...
I had her spayed last Friday. I had every intention of setting up a meeting with you before it happened but it sort of happened faster than I expected. I expected a wait of a couple of weeks but they had an opening in two days...so no time...BUT I sat S- down in front of me, holding her little head in my hands and looking in her eyes, and told her what was going to happen. I also explained to her the results that there would never be pups, and she would never have to worry about sex or being raped... I appear to have a much happier little girl coming out at day five after surgery.....
I'm working to get her enrolled in some pet therapy (training) ... and eventually we will be able to go visit sick kids...
We are no longer doing agiilty classes and will start the obedience again in January, in order to keep her on her toes for the therapy evals...
All in all, I think our consult has made a huge difference in S- and she's much happier these days...I really appreciate your help with sorting out her issues and getting us headed in a new direction...one where she's going to be happy....
~ Jeanette S.
Dear Julie: I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing Angel and I to communicate with each other. It is really a treat. The last "conversation" that we had in December 2004, we had discussed that she didn't like to talk about my mom but had agreed to "make my mom laugh more". Well it has been 2 months. My mom said that she has even noticed a "change" in Angel. It is like she is more perceptive and my mom also feels Angel is making her laugh more.She said that the funny things that Angel does, make her feel good. Angel, to me, seems to be more intuitive as well. She seems to know exactly what is being said to her, and I know she does, but I ALSO seem to know what she wants. She makes herself understood. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of Angel's world. She is a special little dog and we all love her. She seems much more attentive and wants to be around us. When we say to her that we are calling "Aunt Julie" she almost seems to be smiling. Thank you so much for all of your help, and for helping us to understand Angel. The bridge has been crossed and the door is open for both of us to communicate. God bless you and your talent.
~ Pat Soan and Angel, Canada
I don't know if you have experienced really good communication with an animal or even thought it was possible. I have, and I want to share one of my own experiences with you.
I have a dear friend named Julie Rich who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that communication between humans and animals is not only possible but is a reality.
Here is a shining example of how Julie's ability helped to handle a situation that could have been traumatic for both Simon (my doggie) and myself.
Last summer I was scheduled to have surgery and I knew when Simon saw me return from the surgery center with bandages on that I would look different than when I left the house that day. Simon is a beautiful 81 lb Golden Retriever. I also knew that he would not be able to jump on me like he usually does when I come into the house because he gets so very excited to see me.
When I returned from the surgery center that morning, Julie was with me. She walked in first and I followed. Just as I had expected he knew something had happened to Mommy, something was different. He was all upset and worried and he took one look at me and immediately started barking and screaming at Julie.  She spent a bit of time calming him down, and when he was ready, she began to explain to him what had occurred with his "mommy". She also got his thoughts on the situation and communicated with him until he understood and was not upset and worried any longer. He knew his mommy was going to be okay. Julie also pointed out that it was important that we find a way for him to help - not just feel he was helping, but actually find something he could do to contribute to my recovery. She communicated that Mommy needed him not to jump on her and that was his way of helping his mommy get better. This worked, as he was noticeably careful with me during my recovery period.
Simon was happy and calm and thanks to Julie and her ability to communicate with animals Simon really got the message!!! I was relieved and happy. And now Simon always gets excited when I tell him he's going to get to talk to Aunt Julie again! I really appreciate all that Julie did that day. Thank you Aunt Julie!
~ Janice B in FL

Wow! What an amazing conversation you had with Maggie! I never realized dogs/animals had such DEEP feelings... AMAZING!!!!!!! I never put much thought into the fast that animals cry and have emotions! WOW...This sheds a new light for me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for a wonderful experience! I have a completely new outlook on my relationship with Maggie Mags and truly appreciate your gift to communicate with animals! AMAZING!
The PROOF that you really are a "genuine" Pet Psychic is with Maggie....and how she was acting today. She was obviously deep in thought and preoccupied today ~ Never saw her this way.
You are welcome to use my name & email address.
~ Chrissy Ponce, Lakeland, FL ~ bargainlady@mindspring.com

Annie had some minor surgery. We talked to her the day before, and then afterwards. We talked once again the next day while Mommy was at work and Annie was at home chillin'. Annie was in a great mood but commented, with some intention!, that one particular area was bothering her. She described what it felt like and so on... This is the email I got later from Mommy:
Well, once again you are right on. I come home and Annie's spot with stiches on her elbow is broken open a bit on the top part of the stitches. The stitches are still intact but the whole thing is in a cross shape and the upper bit is what is open and exposed. It almost looks like a blister once the blister pops, you know how the skin looks all owie underneath? Well it looks like that. So I found some tape and used the flexible bandage I bought and taped her up for the night. Just looking at it I can only imagine the open skin did feel hot.
An email I got the very same day from another client in California. She was getting to know a Katrina rescue dog and took the time to check in with him, using Aunt Julie, about many things. One was checking out any health issues. He had a few that were known about, but smart girl! she knew to ask if there was anything else (undetected or unnoticed by the humans). He described in great detail the location and sensation of something which was bothering him. This is the email I got later:
I can't tell you in words how important your talking to L- turned out to be. I told the vet that L- had complained of something there under the skin, on his right side in between his sack & his penis. Turns out on the right side there is no sack which means he could still have a ball inside his body "cooking", which could turn into cancer in time. A simple testosterone blood panel will let us know if he's still got a ball or even odder he could never have been fixed. In either case he would be neutered.
I used "L-" as he's shy about the content, but he was fine on my posting it as is, that is, anonymously for him. I DO check with them on delicate matters.

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