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When I first spoke with Chilly the Chinchilla, one of the very first things "he" said was that he was a "she". This was thrown out there to me before I even had an chance to introduce myself! But it was said lightly - the point was not pressed, and he was onto other things right away.
Well, this has come up before where, since a being literally has no gender (not being a body), where they say they are the other gender. He certainly presented it like this was the angle he was "coming from". And in this case it was so mentioned in such a way that I could tell it was a "non-issue" for Chilly so I certainly didn't press the point. I don't invalidate what they say or it becomes very unsafe for them to communicate!
Little did I know that that this "non-issue", this lack of upset, was just Chilly's good-natured personality. Pets get used to  "humoring humans", so talk during his life of how he was a boy I guess simply didn't bother him. The subject certainly never came up again; we proceeded with the Consultation as planned, and that was that.
3 months later I got this email:
Hi Julie, just wanted to update you. We found out that Chilly is a GIRL!! I had a person who raises chinchillas swear it was a male. I questioned it from what I knew but figured someone who raises them should know. You are really good! How much more proof would anyone need that you really did talk to Chilly. Not that I ever doubted it. But I let people know about this when they think I am crazy!
Thanks again for the opportunity to talk to her.
~ Joyce W., IA
I am not in the habit of writing Testimonials, but in this case I feel it is a MUST. On October 24, 2004, Aunt Julie spoke with our horses in a sort of forum discussion. Speaking with the horses – hearing their perspective – is what it’s all about, but the dynamics of each horse during this forum was totally awesome.
Julie arranged to call me at 2:00 PM. I wanted everything to be as natural (normal) as possible, but also wanted to "see" any reaction to the communication. I put on my headset, had the phone on my belt, and walked out into the pasture. The horses were all standing at the far end of the field, grazing happily. I wandered farther away from them as I heard voices coming from the woods and needed to investigate. Then something made me turn around and there were our five horses walking down the field, shoulder to shoulder in almost perfect formation towards me. They stopped and almost instantly the phone rang. I answered the phone and said “Julie, what did you do/say to the horses?” She told me she had touched each one to let them know what she was doing so they would know what to expect. Julie told me that at the time she introduced herself to the horses, our newest addition, a mare named Star, said “She’s invading our privacy and I will not participate.” But then Star began walking towards me, stopping only when her face was inches from mine. (Star is not a people horse, so this response was almost scary. I have been bitten by her…) When I told Julie that Star was standing in front of me, she said that Star had decided she wanted to speak first. Star remained with me the entire time she talked with Julie. When Star turned to walk away, I told Julie she was leaving and Julie said “Yes. She told me she doesn’t want to talk anymore.” As she walked away, Sheridan walked up and stood next to me. At this point he told Julie he wanted to be next. As each horse finished talking with Julie, the next one would come forward. Even when my husband came out to the field, all concentration was on Julie and me.
Julie said that there was ‘bantering’ in the background – the kind you hear from children in a group when they want to be heard. Yes, there was name calling (childish, immature) but in the end each horse commented that they feel like a family – not just 5 horses sharing the same field. They look out for each other. They torment each other. They are just like any other family. <G>
Experiencing, first-hand, the horse’s reaction to the communication was awesome. THEIR focus was on the communication, and listening to each other’s responses. There were no angry squeals. No one seemed to be upset. I think this allowed them to work through some issues themselves! Just as with humans, sometimes a comment or reaction is misinterpreted, so this communication allowed us, and them, to mend some fences (no pun intended).
There is Speedy, 35 years old with a vast background that includes a racing career in his young years. He would love to tell someone his stories, but feels everyone thinks him a foolish old horse and no one wants to hear them (I do!)
Virgil, 15 years old. His life began badly - he was a breeding stallion for 5 years, was abused and starved. Went to a home that healed him, then was ‘adopted’ by a family who beat, stabbed, and starved him. Was rescued once again, chose me as his person and has been in our home for 5 ½ years. He is my special man. Very confident and sure of himself - the leader. According to him “it makes sense that they look to me because I am the most level headed of them all. I would protect them all, especially the mares, against any predator.”
Becka, 3 years old, confiscated by the SPCA from an abusive/starvation situation. Stunted from lack of nutrition, she has been in our care since April and has flourished. When we call her our Little Princess she perks up. Becka (we feel) is looking to Star for guidance (big sister). Becka lost her mother shortly after being born so had no female figure to help her through her early years.
Sheridan, 8 years old and, although was in a home that cared for him, did not have the attention he required. Headstrong and bold, he is now a quiet and gentle man. He told Julie he is a magical horse and considers it a ‘divine privilege’ to carry a person on his strong back. He is a clown, loves to get into mischief (very intelligent), and makes me laugh. He was upset with Speedy because he felt Speedy was ‘bragging’ about his past accomplishments and he has none to talk about.
Star, 5 years old and in 7 homes in that period of time. Uncertain of who she is (she hates being a horse) and her role in this life. She wants to make a difference in the world and feels she cannot do that as a horse. Star feels Becka is childish and immature.
Very distinct personalities, different backgrounds, but (I feel) all with the same needs – to be heard, wanted, and loved. They need to find some permanence. They need each other, but just like some families they don’t understand that YET. Give them time. We’re not going anywhere … and neither are they.
Thank you, Julie. We’ll be talking with you again soon.
~ JI in VA
A note a month 1/2 or so later...
Wanted to give you a quick update.
Star is making improvement daily. She now looks AT me rather than away from me with ears pinned. This is very good because you don't have a horse's respect if they don't look AT you. I call her 'beautiful' and she loves it. Every morning I say "hello beautiful" and she comes to me for a quick smooze. Now I can't get carried away with hugs yet because her tolerance is still low, but give me time!
We will have to talk to Speedy again. I would love to hear some of his stories.
The bickering between Star and Becka has calmed considerably. They are closer now - more like big and little sister. I had a long talk with them both one morning and explained to Star that Becka is looking for guidance from a 'big sister' and told Becka that she shouldn't pester Star so much. Explained to Becka that Star would be more willing to bud with her if she stopped chomping her butt <G>
Magical Sheridan - what a guy. Makes me smile - such a transformation. He is just so sweet and mellow. Has become quite the love bug.
Virgil - my man. Remains steady and true. We are truly a team!
~ JL in VA
Just two weeks ago I had Aunt Julie "talk" to Drew. Drew likes to growl a lot - especially on the show table and he gets car sick ALL the time. Julie did a fantastic job communicating with Drew. I had a friend, Nancy being the go-between as I do not hear well on the phone. At one point Drew told Julie that Nancy had something in her right ear that was missing in her left. Sure enough Nancy was only wearing one earring on her right side and had no earrings on her left. That was rather spooky. Needless to say Julie told me how to talk to Drew and ease his concerns with regard to the car. Sure enough we left that same morning for a 5 hour drive to Alamogordo and what do you know - he curled right up and settled right in and did not get car sick once during the whole trip. This is a dog that religiously gets car sick 10 minutes after we pull out of the driveway. Then we talked about his growling on the table in the show ring. I promised that this was the last weekend and he promised to behave even though he did not like showing. Sure enough - he took Best of Breed and was rock solid - the best he has ever been in the group ring. He was retired, as promised, that very day.
Her take on Drew was spot on in many different areas and I will not hesitate to use her again.
~ Linda S, Tucson, AZ
Regarding that last part, I should add that Linda was very understanding of everything Drew had to say and he really appreciated her letting him "be himself". Some owners are like "stage mothers" and get a bit, well, huffy or disappointed if it turns out the animal doesn't really want to be on stage, showing and the like. Not so with Linda; furthermore, she was up-front with Drew, letting him know that it did mean a lot to her if he finished and finished well, and, it was truly OK with her if he retired. Well, he loved the idea of "doing this for Mommy" and both kept of their ends of the "bargain"! ~ Julie
I am happy to report that Steelie is a different dog since the two of you communicated! She has not been digging since that one "minor" episode, she has not even seemed to "think" about chewing the carpet, and she has not peed in the house. She also seems to be much happier and relaxed now. I think she feels better now that her thoughts and feelings have been able to be expressed and understood by you so you could pass them on to me. Her and I spend much more "special quiet time" together without even realizing it now. We both find ourselves looking at each other and feeling extreme warmth and love for each other. LOL!!
~ Jody Olesen - San Angelo, TX

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