My baby
Fox Mulder Rich doin'
his Patriotic duty!
President Bush with
one of our K9 Heroes

Officer Cathi S. and K9 Kaiser
 Julie, Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience. You have done a great service for both me and my K9 partner, Kaiser. I am so very relieved to hear that he is not in pain and that other than his aches and pains, which is normal for his age, that he is happy, content and is settling into retirement better than I would have expected. I am relieved to know all this as it has been weighting on my mind for some time now. What you have done for me I can't even begin to explain, it was wonderful. I do not know how to thank you enough, but I will certainly reccommend you to everyone I know that has a pet. Your work is beyond belief and so very useful. On behalf of Kaiser and myself, we thank you for this communication that is so very important to both of us. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe to do the work you are doing. Thanx again.
~ Cathi & Kaiser (retired K9)

Katrina Rescues!

Click on this picture for some  special pet rescue videos!
Speakers on....

These rescued horses found shelter at the Lamar-Dixon staging area in Gonzales, LA


American Humane Society Animal Emergency Services

ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Project Starfish

Katrina Found Pets (still active September 2007!)
Best Friends

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Meals On Wheels For Pets!


Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund

The Salvation Army

Cantor Fitzgerald
Relief Fund

Mercy Corps

Disaster Relief Int'l

Habitat for Humanity

Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue