I used some type fonts in creating this site that not all computers commonly have. You can best view my site if your computer has all of those fonts installed. Now, most computers have a lot of these, but some fonts are a bit scarcer (such as Murray Hill).
This page is written with Arial and each font's name in the following sentence should look different (except Arial). The more uncommon fonts used on my site, and contained in the file I am providing for you to download, are Bell MT, Comic Sans MS, Elementary, Eras Demi ITC, Eras Light ITC, Gill Sans MT, Glowworm, Murray Hill, Wingdings 3 (looks like a bunch of symbols) and Two Cent MT.  

To install these fonts:
Download  the     file. Download here:    Download Fonts (If the download doesn't work, email me and I'll just send you the file. Every third or fourth time I check it, the link doesn't work. It's weird but what can I say - I fix it and it recurs.)

If it does download / when you get the file from me via email, here's what you do:

Unzip it into some Temporary directory (just make sure you know where it is).
Go to the Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel is one way to get there). Open up Fonts. Go to File-Install New Font, and under "Folders" direct the computer to the directory in which you unzipped the fonts. It will find the fonts. Select the ones you wish, or just use Select All; hit OK and the fonts will install.
Review my site - things ought to look a lot different here and there!

NOTE Please do not email me and ask me all about how to do the above, such as how to download, how to select, and so on. I don't do computer Tech Support, teach how to do basic Windows functions, etc. Sorry! Others can help you with this.
But .... I do deliver a meeeeeean Pet Consultation!



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